NE1. What God knows already, and what God still does NOT know
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NE1. What God knows already, and what God still does NOT know

If we try to describe what God already knows, then our list would be infinitively long, and probably still would miss various vital items. Even if we describe only what God knows in addition (and above) to what is known to all people taken together, still the knowledge listed e.g. in the Biblical "Job" 38:4-27 would turn out to be a small droplet in a huge ocean. So in general we could state that God knows everything about which He is aware that it can be known.
From the above definition of what God already knows stems also the definition of what God still does NOT know. It is rather simple. This is because it states that "God does NOT know only this knowledge, about which He still does NOT know that it can be learned". But in order to learn "what He still does NOT know", God needs someone to realise to Him that this something can also be learned. This function of "hinters what God still does NOT know" is to be performed by people. It is just for this purpose that God created people, so the humans would keep realising to Him what He still does NOT know. In turn when people hint to God (usually in an unaware manner - means just by a "pure coincidence") that He still does NOT know something, then God finds methods and manners to learn this. So after certain time elapses God already begins to know it. Such a process of hinting to God that something requires learning, and subsequent learning this by God, is continuous. In this manner, due to the inspiring functions of people, God continually increases His knowledge.

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