ND. Personalities and "character" of God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk


Us (people) are used to believe, that everyone has just a single personality. After all, we remember that one our relative, known as a grumpy person, the only thing that he could do is to be grumpy. In turn our friend a joker, the only thing that he can do is to make jokes from practically everything. However, the number of drastically different personalities utilised and imitated by God reaches around 100. Only that these personalities are formed into a hierarchical structure of like a pyramid. From the empirical research carried out by totalizm on these personalities of God it stems, that their complete description which seems to be closest to the reality, is provided by the Hinduism religion - see item #B6.1 below. This is because apart from the most perfect personality of God, that resides on the apex of that pyramid, all other personalities of God display having human-like imperfections. In turn these personalities which are close to the basis of that pyramid sometimes display even evilness. Many of these personalities of God we encounter in our lives repetitively and sometimes we can even recognise them from their characteristics, behaviours, voice, favourite sayings, etc. After all, these are so designed, that they possibly in a best manner illustrate unique attributes and behaviours of specific religious figures. For example, in areas where Christianity dominates, frequently met such personalities are Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Satan. In turn on the area where Chinese Taoism prevails, a frequently encountered personality is so-called "Monkey God". On the area of Hinduism, frequently seen are practically all personalities of the main deities of Hinduism. What even more interesting, these different personalities of God look as if they fight with each other to take the control over our life. Thus we have periods in our life when we are tortured by some sadistic personality, then the control over our life takes e.g. a joker, then e.g. we have a period of getting clear help and successes, etc., etc. For me these different personalities of God that "fight" with each other to take control over our life, resemble a Pantheon of quarrelling Greek or Roman gods, or different deities (representations) of the only God of Hinduism. Interestingly, the most superior in the hierarchy of these imperfect personalities of God is a kind of perfect creature which has NO personality on its own, which stands like in a shadow, which does NOT maintain direct contacts with living people, and which decides with which imperfect personalities in which period of our lives we supposed to be treated. This perfect superior godly creature deprived a personality seems also to control over the entire our life - although it always works like from hiding and in a manner that is unrecognisable to us.

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