NC1. Which facts confirm that the Bible is really authorised by God Himself
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NC1. Which facts confirm that the Bible is really authorised by God Himself

In many areas the knowledge locked in the Bible is highly futuristic and it exceeds the level of knowledge that prevailed on the Earth at times when the Bible was written. Actually, in many areas this knowledge not only evens with the present level of official knowledge on the Earth (means with the level of knowledge that prevails almost 2000 years after the Bible was written), but sometimes also exceeds this present level. Of course, shepherds and wonderers from the ancient world to whom the authorship of the Bible is attributed, were unable to accumulate such huge futuristic knowledge. But God surely was able. So this futuristic knowledge is another proof for the indirect authorisation of the Bible by God Himself. Let us now provide some examples of the knowledge which is already contained in the Bible, but could NOT be known by people at times when the Bible was written.
(1) Microorganisms and most modern findings of microbiology. When specific examples of advanced knowledge contained in the Bible are concerned, I was mostly impressed by an article which compared the most recent discoveries in microbiology - especially this concerning microbes, with the content of the Bible. After all, microbes were discovered by the official human science relatively recent. But in the Bible people are warned about them already for around 2000 years. In this article it was proven that practically everything that present microbiologists know about bacteria and viruses, is already described in the Bible. Interestingly, the Bible had even more information which we still seem to not know about. For appropriate examples see the Biblical Leviticus, 12:1 to 17:16.
(2) Shifting back in time and time travel. Another examples of advanced knowledge contained in the Bible, are presentations of effects of the use of time vehicles. Such biblical ideas as the "final judgment", "everlasting happiness", "everlasting hell", "resurrection of dead" are actually explainable as futuristic outcomes of the use of time vehicles - for details see subsections N6.2 to N6.6 from volume 11 of the monograph [1/5] /? chapter N only as NA to NK exists and this in volume 12 ?/.
(3) Laws of the counter-world. It took around 2000 years after the Bible was written, before the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has revealed and proven to people in 1985 that another world, scientifically called the "counter-world", in fact do exist and that this world is ruled by its own set of laws. However, from the very beginning the Bible asks "Do you know the laws of the heavens?..." (Job 38:33) It means that the Bible reveals to us the knowledge that humans would not have known at the time when the Bible was written. For example, the verse above points our attention to the fact that the heavens are ran by "laws", something not generally known by people nor scientists even at the present time.
(4) The appearance of the Earth when viewed from the space. Another example of the futuristic knowledge is a view of the Earth from out in space. As I frequently bring to people's attention, around 2000 years before the time of satellites and space travel, and when there were all kinds of mythological descriptions concerning the Earth, a Hebrew prophet wrote in Isaiah 40:22, "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth,...". The Hebrew word used here for "circle" is "hhug" which according to some Hebrew scholars also has the meaning of "sphere". (For example see: "A Concordance of the Hebrew and Chaldee Scriptures by B. Davidson".) Thus, some other Bible translations say, "the globe of the earth" (Douay Version) and, "the round earth" (Moffatt). But there is more. Also out of the Book of Job comes the gem at Job 26:7, "He stretches out the north over the void, and hangs the earth upon nothing." Even many of hundreds of years later from the writing of the book of Job, the wise man Aristotle still believed things in the heavens were attached to supports, not just floating there. Yet the Bible said the Earth "hangs...upon nothing." Pretty good 'guess' about such things, if the Bible is only a fabrication of men, is it not? So the Bible in its ancient wording, describes the Earth as a circular sphere 'hanging' upon "nothing" (floating) in a "void" (space). Since orbital flights were not around back then, while common people believed that the Earth is flat, how could they insert into the Bible such information? Fantastic guesses, or really the information provided (inspired) by the Superior Being which is much greater than humans?
(5) The creation of visible matter and visible part of the physical world, from an invisible counter-matter contained in the invisible counter-world. The Bible states in Hebrews 11:3 "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen." In other words, already since around 2000 years the Bible tells us what people could learn only very recently from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (and what the official human science still refuses to acknowledge even today). Namely, that with the aid of appropriate "program", the invisible for humans "liquid computer" called "counter-matter" was so pre-programmed, that it forms from itself the visible matter and all visible objects of the physical world. (Notice that because of the lack of more precise terminology in ancient times, the present term "program" or "algorithm" or "information", the Bible needed to call with the nearest similar term "word".) The manner in which these programs of the universe transform the invisible counter-matter into visible matter and physical world, is described in subsection I1.4.1 /?/ from volume 5. How more logical and correct is the above Biblical description of the creation of physical world and man, in comparison to the absurdly claims of present official human science which insists that "the universe originates from nothing". After all, the official human science claims that the universe supposed to come to the existence in the result of a "big bang" before which NOTHING existed. Means, before the "big bang" did NOT exist neither mater, nor time, nor space. But after this "big bang", from this "nothing" rapidly a whole universe was formed. To make this absurdly claim of science even more absurd, the same official science overlooks that in many other areas it tells people that from "nothing" never can "something" be formed.

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