NB6. A compendium of evidence from the area of physical sciences...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NB6. A compendium of evidence from the area of physical sciences for the existence of God

Let us review now examples of evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., about which physicists know jolly well, but do NOT inform the society about these, nor teach these to their students. Most vital examples of this evidence are as follows:
1. Transverse character of electromagnetic waves. As we know, transverse waves propagate exclusively on the border between two media. This in turn means, that electromagnetic waves have such a transverse character only because (and also exist only because) apart from our visible world there is another invisible world in which God lives and our souls reside. In turn these transverse electromagnetic waves propagate just along the border of our visible physical world, and this another invisible "counter-world". It is why electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, not any other type. For more information on this subject see the formal scientific proof for the existence of counter-world published in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4.
2. Corpuscular and wave nature of light and matter. This one is jolly well known to physicists. In turn the existence of it means, that light and matter exist simultaneously in two separate worlds. Namely these exist in our visible world of matter (in which light and matter are corpuscles). Also duplicates of these simultaneously exist in the "counter-world", which is closed to our senses, but in which God lives while our souls land after we die. (In the counter-world light and matter behave like waves.) For more information on this subject - see subsection I5.1 from volume 5.
3. The quantum nature of energy. If one analyses the transfer of energy at the elementary level, e.g. in the micro-scale, then it turns out that in mutual interaction of objects the energy is transferred in a "portioned" or "stepped" manner. This means that the amount of energy that is transferred in a single portion is NOT a random, but it is passed in strictly predefined portions of energy named "quant". This in turn confirms, that energy in fact is a kind of like "natural program", while transferring of it obeys laws of information processing - means that it is exactly as it is described in subsection H9.2 from volume 4. Furthermore, the quantum nature of energy confirms also the "quantum nature of time" (i.e. confirms also the existence of micro-jumps of time, which are so small that we do NOT notice them) - as the elapse of time is described in subsection NB5 from this volume, and also in subsection H9.1 from volume 4. Since this quantum nature of energy and time confirms the existence of natural programs of the type of energy and time, it also confirms that in the universe must exist and function all other similar programs that are postulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, such as God, timespace, physical world, gravity, whirls of counter-matter, etc., etc.
4. Ether (i.e. "counter-matter from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity). Towards the "ether" physicists show double standards. On one hand, they deny the existence of it, although for the counter-world in which this "ether" (i.e. "counter-matter") prevails, the experiment of Michelson-Morley of 1887 (which supposedly proved the non-existence of "ether") in fact looses its validity. On the other hand physicists keep introducing the existence of this substance under different names, e.g. vacuum, energy, etc. This is pity, as the intelligent ether is a kind of "liquid computer" which actually forms what the Christian religion calls "God Father", and from what God formed the entire physical world. For more information about "counter-matter" (ether) see subsection H2 from volume 4.
5. The symmetric structure of the universe, combined with the actual lack of "antimatter" or "antiworld". In 1924 the great French physicist, Louis De Broglie, published his important discovery which sometimes is called the "Principle of the symmetry of nature". According to this principle in the universe everything is highly symmetric. For example, every elementary particle has its own antiparticle, while every phenomenon has its own antiphenomenon. This principle postulates, and matter and physical world also must have their symmetric opposites. These symmetric opposites to matter and to physical world scientists named "antimatter" and "antiworld". In turn to find these in the universe, the humans science poured a huge amount of research, efforts, and financial resources. In spite of all these, scientifically it never was confirmed that "antimatter" nor "antiworld" in fact do exist. This in turn means that these symmetric opposites to matter and to physical world are intentionally hidden from people. The relatively new scientific theory described earlier and named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains why these are hidden and where one should seek them. The reason of their hiding is, that the opposite to matter, means the intelligent liquid substance by this concept called the "counter-matter", is in fact the carrier of God. In turn the opposite of the physical world, means the so-called "counter-world", is the place in which God lives. Counter-matter turns out to be this continually moving liquid the existence of which was postulated in past by pioneers of human science under the name of "ether". Only that otherwise than this is with ether, counter-matter occupies a separate counter-world. In turn this counter-world is shown, e.g. by "Kirlian photography".
6. Kirlian Photography. This one directly shows "ghosts" ("spirits") of every physical object. For example, if one photographs with the Kirlian camera a place where a lost finger is missing, the whole finger is still visible in this place. This phenomenon is known as the "ghost- leaf effect". The description of it is provided in chapter C of treatise [7/2]
7. Reversal of friction. The De Broglie's symmetry of the universe states, amongst others, that "every phenomenon has its own counter-phenomenon". But physicists stubbornly refuse to research the counter-phenomenon for friction, means the so-called "telekinesis". Reversely to friction causing a spontaneous absorption of motion and generation of heat, telekinesis causes a spontaneous absorption of heat and generation of motion. Why physicists refuse to research the phenomenon that is a reversal of friction? Well, because it directly confirms the existence of "spirits" (ghosts). Telekinesis depends on causing the motion of physical objects by catching spirits (ghosts) of these objects and moving these spirits (ghosts) - while only later these spirits through the gravitational forces pull behind them the physical objects to which they belong. More about the mechanism of telekinesis is provided in subsection H6.1 from volume 4.
8. The existence of magnetic field and electric field. If one considers the energy flows, NO field is able to exists in the absolute "nothing". If fields could exist in the absolute "nothing", then with the elapse of time all the energy from our part of the universe would flow out into the infinitive emptiness that must exist beyond the visible part of the universe. So after some time, the universe would loose all its energy and cease to exist. In turn if fields can only exist in "something", then this something must also be present wherever magnetic and electric fields interact with each other, means also in the physical vacuum. But since this physical vacuum in the physical world does NOT contain anything, than this means that the "something" which is the carrier of magnetic and electric fields (this "something" scientifically is called "counter-matter"), must exist in a world that is separate from our physical world. Thus the existence of magnetic field and electric field is a proof, that there is also another world apart from our physical world. This another world is called the "counter-world". It is it where God lives in, and where our spirits reside. More about the mechanism of operation of magnetic field and electrical field is explained in subsections H5.1 and H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. Serpents who supervise the development of Earth's physics know jolly well that our learning of mechanism of operation of magnetic field and electric field leads to the confirmation of the existence of the counter-world in which God lives. Therefore these serpents do not allow that human physics describes these two fields in the sense of mechanism of their formation and interaction, but only allow that physicists describe these two fields in the sense of consequences which these fields cause. Therefore the present physical definitions of these two fields in fact tell us nothing about the mechanism of the formation of these fields.
9. The existence and dipolar character of gravity field. Gravity field displays all attributes of a dipolar field. This dipolar character of gravity field was already proven formally by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So why present physics controlled by serpents still insists to describe the gravity field as a monopolar field? It turns out that the reason is this another world in which God lives. When gravity field is dipolar, then one pole of gravity must disappear from our physical world and reappear in a separate world, in which God lives. More about the dipolar character of gravity field is explained in subsections H1 and H1.1 from volume 4 of this monograph.
10. Telepathy. Telepathy is a kind of "speech" which propagate through another world (i.e. through the "counter-world"). Thus the research on telepathy directly confirms the existence of another world in which God lives and our souls reside. Therefore physicists refuse to research telepathy. More about telepathy and mechanism of it, is provided subsection KB3.5 /?/ from volume 7 /chapter KB = volume 9 ?/.
11. Intelligence of elementary particles. Physicists with a great reluctance admit that the behaviour of elementary particles displays intelligence. After all, intelligence supposedly is an attribute of living creatures only, not "inanimate" nature. In turn physicists panic completely when someone asks them about the meaning of intelligence of elementary particles. After all, intelligent elementary particles means that these particles are actually formed from the intelligent substance called "counter-matter" (in past called "ether"). In turn this another world filled up entirely with such intelligent substance in fact constitutes God. More about intelligence of counter-matter is explained in subsection H2 of monograph [1/5]. In turn the formation of intelligent elementary particles from this intelligent counter-matter, is explained in subsection I1.3 /?/ of monograph [1/5].
12. The ability of matter to transform (e.g. the equivalence of energy and matter).
In order anything could transform into something else, there must exist an algorithm which describes and executes the course and outcomes of this transformation. For example, in our computers the transformation of a disk file into a photograph on the screen is described by appropriate computer programs. In turn in our car the transformation of motion of pistons in the engine into the motion of the entire car is carried out by algorithm which is described geometrically in the design of subsequent parts of this car. (Means, as this would be expressed by computer scientists, it is carried out by the algorithm which is "hardwired" into the components of the car.) Thus the fact that in our physical world many substances, forms, and energies, can transform in another ones (e.g. matter can transform into energy, water can transform into ice, etc.) means, that somewhere "living" algorithms which define the course and outcomes of these transformations must be written. In turn, if such algorithms are written somewhere, this means that there can also be written another kinds of algorithms, e.g. these ones which form the superior intelligent being called God. More information about the storing of algorithms which control the operation of the universe is explained in subsection I1.2 /?/ from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
13. The existence of physical laws and the superior logic of these laws. Similarly as algorithms of transformations described in previous item, also "alive" algorithms which define the action of physical laws, must be written on some medium. Thus, this medium is also able to be the medium that carries programs of the superior intelligence of God. That in fact this medium contains the intelligence of the superior being, such as God, is proven by an exceptional logic and consistency of physical laws which operate in our physical world. The logic of these laws indicates that laws of physics were invented and programmed by some intelligent being of the exceptionally superior ability to think logically. If laws of physics are shaped spontaneously at random, their content would be completely accidental, and thus in many cases they would mutually contradict each other. More information about the God's logic in the formation of physical world is explained in subsection I1.5 /?/ from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
14. The existence of phenomena which are contradictive to laws of the physical world. From time to time our science encounters phenomena which are contradictive to laws of the physical world, although they remain in agreement with laws of the "counter-world" in which God resides and which is described in subsection H1 from volume 4. In order to provide here several examples of such phenomena, they include, amongst others: a) the so-called "jet stream" (means a powerful wind in upper parts of the atmosphere which always blows from west to east - although according to laws of the physical world it should blow from east to west), b) closed circulation of ocean currents (which currents circulate around the entire globe along a closed loop, in some parts of the globe flowing next to itself in two opposite directions - while according to laws of our physical world the stream of water in a gravity field has no right to circulate continually along a closed circuit), c) the "ozone hole" (which supposed to appear above the Northern Hemisphere which "eats ozone", while it appears above the Southern Hemisphere), d) cold air in the upper atmosphere while warm by the surface of the Earth (while cold air, as heavier, should drop down to the surface of the Earth, when the warm air - escape to the upper atmosphere), e) the rotational motion of the Earth (if this motion is propelled just by inertia of the Earth's mass, without an assistance from invisible whirls of counter-matter, then it should cease already a long ago because of the friction caused by various phenomena, such as sea tides generated by the gravity of the Moon, solar winds, action of the magnetic field of the Earth as a magnetic gear, etc. - in order to understand how this friction should suppress the rotations of the Earth, one just needs to consider where the energy comes from which propels the perpetual motion that works on principles of the "Coriolis effect" and that is described in item #F1 of the web page “free_energy.htm” (about telekinetic generators of free energy), f) sea tides that occur also on the opposite side of the Earth which is NOT turned towards the Moon - while according to laws of Physics the sea tides should happen only on the side of the Earth that faces the Moon, g) lightning bolts that happen in the area where is lack of clouds, thus which can be described with the known saying "bolt from the blue sky" (formation of such bolts cannot be explained by present science); such bolts e.g. in Australia cause bush fires, h) the so-called "perpetual motion" (which according to claims of the human science to-date supposedly cannot be build, but the working design of which is described in chapter K from volume 10 of monograph [1/4], i) whirls of water let out of bath tub (which according to physical laws should whirl in opposite directions than they do), j) the flow of blood (flow resistances in mini-arteries are too large for blood to flow as it flows - if we base just on laws of physics), k) so-called "capillaries" (which according to known laws should not act as they act), l) bumble-bee (which according to aerodynamics should not be able to fly), m) tornadoes (which according to the outward directed action of centrifugal forces have no right to be formed in nature), etc., etc. All above phenomena contradictive to laws of the physical world prove that independently from the physical world and its laws, there is also another counter-world with completely different laws (i.e. laws which are reversals of laws from the physical world).
15. The so-called "unexplained phenomena", i.e. ghosts, UFOs, shifting of people to different times, miracles, etc. The true reason for which physicists decisively refuse to research these phenomena, is that after solid investigations of these, it always turns out that each one of them in fact does exist. Also each one of them leads to the confirmation of either the existence of UFOs, or the existence of God. Serpents-UFOnauts do know about this, thus they make it impossible for people to research such phenomena. Instead of researching these, UFOnauts order people to believe that such phenomena are imaginations of drunks, balloons, mesmerizing, etc. In other words, they order to tell to all people experiencing these phenomena, that such people are liars. In turn physicists thoroughly obey this order.
16. Our ability to explain everything logically as different manifestations of the same intelligent "counter-matter". A relatively new scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has a vital reason to be called the theory of everything. Namely it explains practically everything whatever requires an explanation - using for this explaining just different states, behaviours, and manifestations of a single liquid called "counter-matter". This "counter- matter" is a kind of "liquid computer" which obediently implements programs introduced to it, in this way forming everything that requires to be formed, starting from elementary particles and energy, and finishing on the entire our physical world and the so-called "spacetime". It is the entire body of this intelligent substance that forms what we call God. On other hand, entire present human science is unable to provide even a small fraction of the explanations that results from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, only because that this science forcefully avoids in its explanations the use of the idea of such intelligent, programmable substance which would become simultaneously an explanation for the nature of God. If one analyses the reasons for both above facts, it turns out that without considering God actually nothing can be explained completely. In turn after considering God, everything becomes easily explainable. Just only this in itself is a sufficient proof, that God does exist after all, and He is the beginning and end of practically everything.
Very interesting are fates of research and discoveries of each of the above items of evidence. These fates are full of persecution, sabotages, discrimination, prejudices, scoffing, intentional silencing, etc. As this is clearly visible, the dark force which enslaves the Earth, makes everything in its power to prevent the dissemination of knowledge about the above evidence amongst people.
So why physicists conceal from people the existence of this wealth of evidence about God, soul, another world, etc. After all, they themselves also loose a lot because of it. It turns out that the reason is very simple. Fear. They are afraid to write and to talk about it. As it turns out, our planet is secretly occupied by evil creatures, which the Bible calls "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while present people call them "UFOnauts". These creatures looks almost identical to people - after all they are close relatives of humans. So these creatures take all key positions in the human society - including positions of decision making in science.
Extensive descriptions of these diabolic creatures are provided in chapter O from monograph [1/4]. Well, these evil creatures have a bad habit to persistently persecute, torment, scoff, slander, defame, etc., every scientists who tries to point the attention of society at evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. How such a slander, etc., looks like, readers can check in the Internet. For example in relation to myself examples of it are contained at addresses of the Google group sci.physics or another google group talk.origins. Thus when any scientist tries to present something that is a truth, he is immediately pounced at by these "serpents-UFOnauts" and viciously destroyed. Very rarely anyone has a courage to stand up again in public with the same topic. And if he stands up again, he is again attacked, slandered, defamed, scoffed at, accused of lies, tormented, persecuted, sabotaged, etc.
The concealing from the society the information about evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., causes enormous social mischief and harm. One kind of this harm results from the depriving people of the chance for taking an "informed decision" in matters of God, means from practically pushing people into atheism. How dangerous and harmful is such pushing people into atheism I know from my own fate. As a young boy I used to believe in claims of physicists, that there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. Thus, until 39-th year of my own age, I was an atheist myself. Only in 1985 I discovered myself, that everything that my teachers and lecturers told me on this subject is an absolute lie. If I would not discover this lie myself, probably I would die as an atheist. I am horrified to even think what would happen then. After all, God emphasizes many times in the Bible which He authorizes, that every person is solely responsible for finding and embracing God, and that every person is severely judged for fulfilling this responsibility. Thus, this first kind of social harm resulting from the collaboration of physicists with serpents- UFOnauts, depends on the fact, that similarly to myself, millions of other people on Earth are misled and lied to by their teachers and lecturers of physics. It is scary to think what happens to these people if they persevere in these lies and do not find their own path to God. Another kind of social harm, results from the social immorality which always goes together with atheism. People who do not believe in God typically have no motivations nor inclinations to act morally in their lives. In this way present society goes increasingly deeper into the spiral of immorality from which there may not be exit. Thus, the fact that e.g. in present times almost each one of us is scared to go to streets at night, is one amongst numerous consequences of concealing by physicists the information about availability of vast evidence on God.
Is there any defence against these malicious "serpents-UFOnauts" who force scientists to conceal the truth. Yes, it is. These serpents needs to be exposed consequently and the knowledge about their actual existence, appearance, features, methods of acting, etc., should be disseminated amongst people. As the final goal we also need to assume the removal of these evil creatures from our planet into the bottomless pit of the cosmic space from which they crawled secretly to the Earth.

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