NB5. "Proving through the contradiction"...
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NB5. "Proving through the contradiction" - i.e. since there is no even a smallest shred of evidence for the non-existence of God, this means that God does exist

Adoption of the totaliztic principle in our thinking, that everything which can appear in our thoughts, and which does NOT require the change in principles on which the universe work, exists already now, or existed in past, or will exist in the future introduces quite a meaningful side effect. Namely, this side effect is that: the majority of quantities and phenomena which by the official science to-date were considered to be non- existent, in fact do exist, existed, or will exist. It is just because of this, that the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity created the philosophical foundations for the introduction to science a completely different period, namely when "science and ordinary people are going to rely on evidence of the existence, on the assumption that every statement of others is true, and on the premise that everything that is claimed in fact does exist". From the philosophical point of view this new period will be an exact opposite of the previous period described at the beginning of this item, when "the official human science, and also common people in their mutual interactions, relied mainly on the evidence for non-existence, on the assumption that every claim of others is untrue, and on the premise that the majority of what is claimed and what is thought in fact does NOT exist and thus everything requires continuous confirmation of the existence". For ordinary people this new period of "relying on the existence and on the assumption of truth" is going to manifest itself, amongst others, by accepting that "every claim of others is going to be taken as the truth without forcing others to prove it." As an example of differences which this new period introduces to science, let us illustrate now how the "theory of everything" proves the existence of quantities and phenomena described at the beginning of this item, which so-far the official human science considered to be non-existent. And so:
- The theoretical "proof" of Albert Einstein, that the speed of light is an unsurpassable barrier, was abolished by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This abolishing was accomplished through the introduction of the instant telekinetic motion described, amongst others, in subsections H6.1 and KB3.3 /?/ of this monograph.
- In subsection H2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5] it is proven that the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity invalidates the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 for the non-existence of "ether". It turns out that "ether" actually does exist, because the "counter-matter" (in past called with the name "ether") is contained in a separate world than the world in which this experiment was carried out. Thus the counter-matter cannot be detected remotely from our physical world.
- According to the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telekinetic generators of free energy, which are a modern implementation of the old idea of "perpetual motion", do exist and can be build, while the working prototypes of these generators are described in chapter K from volume 11 of monograph [1/4]. So perpetual motion devices are already build, only under a different name.
- The significance of the "red shift" as an evidence for the initial non-existence of the universe, was abolished in subsection I2.1.1 /?/ from volume 5 of this monograph, where it was documented that the "red shift" is a consequence of the beaming of light against the current of "flows of gravity programs" - similarly as a "blue sky" is a consequence of the beaming of light along the current of such programs. Thus the entire "big bang" theory described in subsection NH2 below, was constructed on faulty evidence.
- The existence of ability to shift time back and to build time vehicles is summarised in subsection KB3.4 /?/ of this monograph, while described more comprehensively in chapter N from volume 11 of monograph [1/5] /chapter N = volume 12 ?/. The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines time as the passage of execution control through the natural program that controls our life. (More exact explanation how this execution control passes through natural programs of our life is provided in subsections N1.5 and N1.4 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5] /chapter N = volume 12 ?/.) According to this definition, time is simply a sequence of discrete commands in the program of our life. In turn, being such a sequence of commands, time can be shifted forward or backward, skipped through, slowed down or accelerated, etc. So according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity travelling in time is possible, realistic, and even quite easy. Of course, if time is really a discrete program combined from a sequence of individual commands, in which the execution control can be shifted back or forth, then there must be some physical evidence which documents this fact. As it turns out one example of physical evidence for the discrete nature of time, many amongst us saw with their own eyes. This evidence is the interference that occurs between a discrete pulses of time, and fast rotating objects which flicker with the frequency of completion of individual execution commands. It is described comprehensively, amongst others, in item #A1 of the totaliztic web page “timevehicle.htm” (about the work of time, time travel, and about time vehicles), but for the consistency of presentation I am going to explain it here as well. The existence of this interference proves that time does NOT flow continually, but it elapses in fast jumps when individual commands from our program of life are executed - similarly like individual frames used to flow through screens in old movies, or similarly like the execution of individual commands is carried out in every long computer program. This proof can be noticed with naked eyes in the daylight - if one visually watches the gradual acceleration of a wheel with spokes, so that the velocity of flickering of these spokes changes from almost zero to in excess of at least 1200 spokes/min (i.e. so that spokes flicker within the range from almost zero to the frequency of at least 20 Hz). (For example, this can be seen on wheels of cars of motorbikes when these are accelerating while driving parallel to our own car.) Namely, watching these spokes that rotate increasingly faster, at the beginning we see in which direction they are accelerating. But at some stage of their acceleration we are going to notice, that these spokes look as if they stopped in their rotation, and then they begin to make an impression that they begin to rotate increasingly faster in an opposite direction than they really rotate. The moment when these spokes look as if they stopped, is just the moment when their frequency of flickering coincides with the frequency of completion of individual commands in our programs of life. In turn the fact that in our eyes these spokes seem to start the rotation in an opposite direction, is a visual proof that the elapse of time have a discrete nature (means that time elapses in jumps). After all, if we analyse principles of this reversal rotation, then we are going to realise, that nothing except of a discrete nature of time can allow to form an impression of rotation of spokes in a direction that is opposite to their actual direction of rotation. This is because only the time elapsing in jumps can create the situation when looking at spinning spokes we form a picture which is similar to the image that is formed in darkness by series of flashes of so-called "stroboscopic lamp" shining at whirling objects. Thus the actual existence of this phenomenon is another physical evidence for the jumping (discrete) character of the elapse of time. (So also another evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) Highly promising is also the awareness, that this physical proof for a jumping (discrete) character of time provides us simultaneously with a principle for measuring the speed of elapse of time in individual people, as well as provides us with a first instrument for measuring this speed. As the philosophy of totalizm explains this, time does NOT elapse with the same speed for every person and for every situation. For example, this speed changes with age, thus e.g. for older people time flows much faster than for youngsters. Also in situations that release powerful feelings time clearly changes the speed of flow. Therefore, if we construct a kind of propeller which is to measure precisely for a given person the frequency (speed) of flickering at which this person notices that the propeller apparently changes the direction of rotation into an opposite one, then we obtain an instrument for measuring the speed of elapse of time in individual people. In turn measurements of this speed may lead people to shocking discoveries, e.g. that some people are obese NOT because of their genetics or amount of calories that they eat, but e.g. because their day is much shorter than a day of slim people - thus some obese people may have not enough time to burn all calories that they eat. I do NOT wish to extend this description by proving here also that every evidence for the elapse of time in small jumps, is simultaneously another proof for the existence of God. After all, the reader should be able to deduce by himself or herself, that time which elapses in jumps, and thus which can be shifted backward, could be implemented only in case when God does exist and thus when He intentionally designed time just in such an extraordinary manner. (For details see the description of so-called "timespace" constructed by God and explained in subsection I1.5 /?/ from volume 5.)
At this point it is worth to mention, that in addition to numerous ideas for the non- existence of which scientists managed to present some sort of highly stretched "evidence", by inertia and by habit various "scientists" claim also the non-existence of a large number of further quantities and phenomena in support of the non-existence of which these official debunkers have no even a shred of evidence. The key position on the list of these ideas, objects, quantities, and phenomena that are announced by scientists as non-existing without presenting even a slightest evidence, takes (of course) God. Examples most known amongst further such ideas that are officially denounced and authoritatively condemned by the official science without presenting any evidence, include: telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, radiesthesia, UFOs, life after death, souls, spirits, other world, walking on fire, healing, capability of humans to decrease the entropy of the universe, and many other. Numerous scientists deny even that there is still left anything in the universe that would NOT be discovered and researched so-far. As this illustrates, many professional scientists instead of doing what they originally were employed for, means "explaining ALL mysteries of the universe and learning how to control the nature so that it works for the benefit of mankind", they specialise in denying that such mysteries of the universe and nature still exist at all.

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