NB3. God wants that we "know" that He does exist, not just "believe"...
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NB3. God wants that we "know" that He does exist, not just "believe" in His existence - means let us learn the reason for which God forces each one amongst us to contribute in person the significant effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning of the cognitive certainty that God does exist

Whatever God does, He always has for this a whole array of very important reasons. The most vital reason for which God forces everyone amongst us individually to contribute a huge effort and labour into gaining the cognitive certainty that God does exist, is the plan of God to bring up on the Earth a new kind of people who "know" that God does exist, not just "believe" in His existence. As we know, an old kind of religious people, were people who just believed in God "on feelings" instead of knowing about God "on the intelligence". But such people "emotionally believing" in God do NOT help God in accomplishing the goal for which God created humans, means in the "clearing the white skeleton of knowledge from the dark mass of ignorance". As this is explained in subsection NG2 of this volume, such people who "emotionally believe" in God, do NOT contribute their own input into the development of knowledge and technology on the Earth. So if all people deeply just "believe emotionally" in God, the humanity would still live in caves and probably it would still NOT know about the existence of fire.
Through forcing us to contribute a heavy work in gaining the certainty that God exists, this God tries to develop in people who know about His existence several very desirable qualities, habits, principles of acting, attributes of character, etc., which so-far were the domain of mainly atheists. Let us list here at least the most vital amongst these attributes and qualities which God clearly wants to see in people knowing about His existence:
1. Pedantically moral actions. The cognitive certainty of the existence of God accomplish only these people who act in a pedantically moral manner. This in turn is another indicator that a moral behaviour is the most vital criterion with which God judges the value of every human.
2. The thrust for knowledge and the habit of researching everything until the smallest detail. Typical people who "believe emotionally" in God are satisfied with a general awareness that "God created this" - thus they cease to research further details. However, God asks that religious people do NOT be satisfied at all with the awareness that "God created this", but researched scientifically everything on the subject of this creation, e.g. "how and from what God created this", "what evidence confirms that it was really created by God", "when and where this creation took place", "how it works", "what phenomena it generates", "how people can utilise it for their needs and goals", "how it can be transformed into something else", "how it can be improved", etc., etc.
3. Taking everything on the logic, not just on faith. God clearly does NOT want that people take anything just on faith. Even in the Bible God wrote that everything should be based on empirical confirmations gained from at least two different sources - for details of this God's recommendation see item #C5 on the web page “Bible” (about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself). So God clearly wishes also that people who know about God's existence carry out a cognitive research and studies on God Himself - means that people research God.
4. The awareness of the God's wish that people study Him instead of just worshiping Him. God never provides people with complete and unambiguous guidelines as to how people suppose to carry out their lives. But simultaneously God punishes severely all these people who act against His intentions. This situation expresses a non-written commandment of God that is coded in His behaviours, namely that people have duties to study God and to learn scientifically His intentions, laws, commandments, methods of acting, etc. Of course, in order to be able to research and learn God, it is necessary to finish with the to-date habit of just worshiping Him and being afraid of Him. To express the above in other words, in principles of dealing with people God coded the commend that He wishes people scientifically research Him and learn about Him, instead of just worshiping Him and being afraid of Him.
5. Determination, stubbornness, consistency, etc., in the gaining knowledge. God clearly tries to develop in believers the unstoppable "thrust for knowledge". Means God wishes that people who believe in God acquired knowledge with the high determination, stubbornness, perseverance, consistency, etc.
6. Undeterred by obstacles. Another important habit that God clearly tries to develop in people is the "not giving up". Means, instead of to-date ceasing all efforts after meeting a first difficulties "because God clearly wants so", God tries to realise to people that obstacles which appear on their paths are actually "tests" and "exams" which are aimed at checking the value of every person. So every believer should overcome these obstacles with stubbornness and perseverance in order to prove to God his or her own value.

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