NB1. Which people and in what manner God typically maintains...
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NB1. Which people and in what manner God typically maintains in the uncertainty of His existence
Motto: "The existence and operation of the moral field causes that always it is necessary to contribute our personal effort and labour into learning truths and into earning whatever is moral and beneficial for people - if in turn something comes by itself without putting any effort into it, or it disseminates by itself without requiring any labour, then for sure it contains untruth, does NOT represent a moral behaviour, and with the elapse of time it is going to turn out detrimental for people who are affected by it."

We all know the proverb "no pain, no gain" (or "no sweat, no sweet"). In fact, this proverb expresses the empirical finding of our ancestors that the so-called moral field really influences human lives. This moral field is equally invisible like gravitational field. But it still causes that accomplishing anything in the human lives that is moral, comes only with a great effort and with a significant contribution of our own labour - because it requires the climbing upwards in this invisible "moral field". Of course, the cognitive knowledge and assurance of the existence of God is the most moral accomplishment of humans that anyone amongst us can only earn. Therefore the accomplishment of cognitive knowledge and assurance that God does exist requires from each one amongst us the contribution of a huge effort of climbing upwards in this "moral field". This in turn means, that the evidence for the existence of God does NOT hit us in eyes just by itself - like it is done by advertisements from television or from streets. In order to see the evidence regarding God we must first work hard and earn it with our own labour - in spite that there is a wealth of this evidence present in practically every place into which we may look.
Between us, the sole fact that there is and that works such a thing as this "moral field", is also a direct and a clear evidence for the existence of God. After all, without the intelligence of God the stupid universe would NOT be able to develop such a situation that everything moral and beneficial for people requires the contribution of effort of climbing uphill in this moral field, while everything that is immoral and detrimental for people comes with an easiness of slipping down in this moral field. Thus, in order to gain the certainty of the existence of God just from the existence and action of this "moral field", it is enough to watch what happens to our contribution of labour during carrying out moral and immoral actions. (But it is worth to remember, that these "moral" and "immoral" actions must fulfil the totaliztic definition of "morality" - as e.g. religions define morality in a different way than the philosophy of totalizm does it.)
From the practical point of view it is quite vital to become aware how actually God causes that the evidence about His existence must be discovered and earned with our personal effort by each one amongst us separately - and all this in spite that there is a huge body of this evidence available in practically every subject area. As it turns out God utilised for this purpose a whole array of various means and manners. The most important amongst these is the continual maintaining of every person in the uncertainty of the God's existence. About why and how God Himself keeps intentionally all people in the uncertainty of His own existence, is already written comprehensively in subsections NG2.1 and NH1 of this volume. I am NOT going to repeat here these descriptions. This volume is rather devoted to making the reader aware, that because of this our uncertainty about the God's existence, and because of this our inborn lack of trust towards every claim concerning God, each one of us must contribute a huge amount of effort and work to be able to notice and to recognise the first evidence for the existence of God which he or she encounters, and then to acquire the certainty that God really does exist.
It is also worth to emphasize here that NOT all people must always put a huge effort in acknowledging the evidence for the existence of God, means in acquiring the cognitive certainty that God does exist. A reasons why it is so, includes, amongst others, the fact that knowledge since once gained remain with us forever. For example, these people who learned such evidence during one amongst their previous reincarnations, and who during that reincarnation acquired the certainty that God does exist, in the present life do NOT need to put again the effort into such learning. This is because in the present life they can just remind themselves these previous items of evidence and remind this previous certainty. The reason is that the knowledge and certainty which we earned with heavy labour during one amongst our previous reincarnations remains to our disposal forever. So in the present life it is enough to just remind to ourselves this knowledge and certainty. Therefore for some readers it will suffice that e.g. they just read this volume, and whatever is contained in it will remind them their own knowledge and certainty, which they earned already a long time before, e.g. during one amongst their previous reincarnations.

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