NB. Evidence that confirms the existence of God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Motto: "If someone does NOT believe in God, it is just his or her private matter. But if someone hide from others any evidence for the existence of God, or if in any other way make impossible for others to learn the truth about God, then NOT only this is an immoral crime, but also an ordinary piggery."

If one considers it thoroughly, there is NO other question of more vital consequences for people that the old query "does God exist?". During my scientific research I encountered a huge body of evidence which confirms the fact that "YES, God really does exist!". Unfortunately, both the official human science, as well as my professional colleagues - other scientists, vigorously avoid informing the society about the existence of this ocean of conclusive evidence. In many cases they even deny the existence of such evidence. This is why in this volume I decided to present for the use of all interested readers the reliable and unbiased information about the body of evidence which confirms the God's existence.

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