NA3. Whether God is really composed of "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son"...
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NA3. Whether God is really composed of "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son" - as the Christian religion states this, or from „God Creator”, „God Sustainer”, and „God Destructor” according to teachings of Hinduism

Yes! Totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity confirm, that the most superior being in the universe, whom we usually describe with the use of a single word God, actually is composition of three basic components. What is even more interesting, names "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son", given to these components by ancient Israelites to describe them, really reflect their essence extremely well. Of course, in present days we already have a miniature model of the structure and operation of the universe in form of a computer, so we can afford to describe and define these three components of God in a much more precise manner. And so, according to totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the component which ancient Israelites named God Father, presently we can name much more precisely with a term "liquid (universal) computer" (or "UC"). This is because it represents the entire volume of the intelligent liquid called "counter-matter" which is capable of thinking in a natural state, and thus which is the provider of intelligence to this superior-being called God. At present this liquid is contained in a separate world called the "counter-world". In turn the component of God which by ancient Israelites was called Holy Ghost, presently we can describe much more precisely with the name "universal intellect" (or "UI"). This is because it is a kind of the "operating system" for the universe, means the most superior natural program which controls the operation of "universal computer". Finally the component of God which by ancient Israelites was called God Son, presently can be described much more precisely with the term "our physical world". This is because it is our physical world separated from the "counter-world" by impenetrable barrier, which is controlled by God indirectly via laws which he established. Each individual person is a basic unit or a basic part of this physical world (world of matter).
It is worth to notice from subsection NA1.1 above, that there is a strict hierarchy amongst these three components of God. The first and the most primary component of God is the God Father - who exists since infinity, and will exist forever. The second component of God is this female Holy Ghost - the existence of which has its beginning, because She appeared as the outcome of natural self-evolution. The third component of God is the God Son - who was created by the Holy Ghost through appropriate programming of shapes taken by various manifestations of this intelligent "liquid computer" called the God Father.
It is worth to add here, that Hinduism also distinguishes a similar "Holy Trinity". Only that this (1) "liquid computer" means the Christian "God Father" or the "Ancient of Days" it calls the "creator" - means the God Brahma. In turn (2) the "universal intellect" means the Christian "Holy Ghost" it calls the "sustenance" - means the god Visnu. Finally (3) our "physical world" means the Christian "God Son" it calls the "destroyer" - means the god Siva.)
The extensive descriptions of all three basic components of God, are provided in subsections I3.2, I2 and I1 from volume 5 of this monograph. In turn ”counter-matter” is described comprehensively in volume 4 of this monograph – see in there subsection H2. In addition to this, basic information about these three components, and also about counter- matter and the counter-world, are presented on a whole range of web pages, e.g. on web pages about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (“Dipolar Gravity”), about intelligent evolution (“evolution.htm”), or about scientific evidence for the existence of God (“God Proof”).

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