NA2. Let us define the appearance of God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NA2. Let us define the appearance of God

God actually is NOT a person, as we were made to believe. (I should stress here again that by the term "God" this monograph understands the most superior source of intelligence and self-awareness of the entire universe, means the self-aware combination of three components to which the Bible and the Christian religion refers under the name "Holy Trinity" - composed of "God Father", "Holy Ghost", and "God Son".) Namely God is the thinking combination of three components, such as: (1) intelligent "counter-matter", (which of a kind of natural "liquid computer" contained in a separate world called the counter- world), (2) natural, self-aware "program" that resides in this counter-matter, and (3) all "manifestations" that this "program" forms dynamically from this intelligent "counter- matter" - such as atoms, planets, human body, light, etc. It happens this way because this intelligent liquid substance from the counter-world called "counter-matter" is the carrier of the intellectual attributes that allowed the evolution and activity of the self-aware program that forms the thinking component of God. This counter-matter in the natural state is able to execute the process of thinking and memorizing information. In turn being such a volume of thinking substance and natural programs contained in it, God does NOT have shape that would be possible to define at our present level of knowledge. Or more strictly - the shape of God is simultaneously the shape of the entire universe. (Unfortunately, on the present level of our knowledge we do not know what exact shape has the entire universe.) But all data indicate, that the shape of the universe does NOT resemble outlines of a human figure. Rather opposite, according to deductions carried out according to the philosophy of totalizm and derived from the definition of energy, it appears for example that most probably the shape of an entire universe is close to a carelessly squashed by someone, a thin, folded "pancake". (Deductions about the shape of the entire universe are published in subsection JG3.7.1 from volume 8 of this monograph.)
The fact that God really is a gigantic, natural, self-aware program contained in the kind of like a "liquid computer" - means in the intelligent substance called "counter-matter", is explained in subsections I1.1 /?/ and I1.2 /?/ from volume 5 of this monograph. In next subsections of that volume is also explained "down-to-earth", how through the appropriate pre-programming of this "liquid computer" God created "matter" from our physical world - in turn from this "matter" He then created, amongst others, humans. According to these descriptions, and to totaliztic definitions of God, "we really live in the body of God". Exactly the same fact of our "living in the body of God" is also clearly confirmed by the Bible (which, according to item #B10 below, is a kind of "autobiography" of God). Namely, in the Biblical "Acts" 17:27-28 a statement is contained, quote: "... so that they would look for him, and perhaps find him as they felt around for him. Yet God is actually not far from any one of us. In him we live and move and exist. ..." These verses confirm the truth which totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity established about the appearance and nature of God, and what is explained in this item.
At this point the reader may be interested to know "who" and why is interested in making us believe, that God looks like a human. Well, there is such "someone". And he does it for vital reasons. By making people believe that God looks like a person, only that He has special powers, this someone accomplishes that he can repetitively impersonate God. This is because of his impersonations of God that so many people see God. (True God does NOT show openly himself to people who are still alive. After all, He lives in a separate world, has size and shape of the entire universe, while people like inside of His "body". He shows himself in the form of a beam of light, and talks to people, after their physical death.) These supposed sworn adversaries of God, which pretend that they like to impersonate God, are evil creatures which for important reasons in reality are "simulated by God Himself" - as this is described in items #F3 and #F5 below. These creatures in past were called "devils", "serpents", or "dragons". But presently they are called "UFOnauts". More about these evil creatures which for important reasons are simulated by God Himself is explained in chapter NJ from this volume of the monograph, as well as in separate web pages of totalizm named “Evil” (about origins of all evil on the Earth), “UFO” (about UFOnauts), “Day 26” (about deadly tsunami induced technically by UFOnauts), “Cloud UFO” (about clouds that hide UFOs), and on many other similar web pages.

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