NA1.4. How many Gods actually is there
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NA1.4. How many Gods actually is there

The world of living creatures which surround us, revealed to us a interesting truth. Namely, if on a common ground there is more than one creature of a given kind, then with the elapse of time this becomes a source of competition. Namely, sooner or later these creatures begin to compete for some kind of resource, e.g. for food, females, slaves, crude oil, etc. In turn this competition always leads to a fight or to a war.
If competing are some weak animals, then only sometimes they can slightly damage each other. But if competing are creatures of a huge power, then for the defeated one this means a death.
As we know, God has immense powers. So if there are numerous Gods and there was a competition between them, then in the final effect this competition would always lead to a war. Because of the immense powers that are in disposal of Gods, a war between them would always be noticeable for people. In turn as a result of a war between Gods, the defeated Gods would need to die. So at the very end of such a war between Gods, only a single God would be left. Expressing this in other words, because we do NOT see any war between Gods, this means that in the entire universe only one God remains.
Let us summarise this vital deduction from the above. An excellent evidence which confirms the existence of just the single God, is the lack of fights and wars between Gods. As this is documented by the reality which surrounds us, whenever more than one being competes for the access to the same resource, then these beings with the elapse of time begin to fight amongst themselves. So if there are more than one God, then these Gods would be forced to compete between themselves e.g. for borders of their influences at people, for specific subdivisions of the world, etc. In the result, with the elapse of time inevitably there would be a war between these Gods. In turn a war between Gods would be very destructive and we, people, for sure would notice it. Therefore, because we do NOT see such a war, this means, that for sure at present must exist just a single God.

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