NA1.2. What is the age of God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NA1.2. What is the age of God

According to data from the Bible, presented and discussed more thoroughly in subsections A10 and A10.1 from volume 1 of this monograph, the physical world and man was created by God just only around 6000 years ago. Thus, on the basis of data contained in the Bible, the age of God, or more strictly the age of logically thinking component of God by the Bible called the "Holy Ghost", is only slightly higher than six thousands years. But according to the "body of evidence" that was dug out by the Earthly scientists, our universe is already around 14 billions years old. So one out of these two ages of the world must be untrue. This monograph is based on the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which has this advantage over the conclusions of the atheistic science, that it not only proves the existence of God, but it also allows to deduce what are the most significant goals and motivations of God. Therefore, this monograph confirms decisively, that the untrue age of the physical world and man is this one provided by the present official science. The main reason of such a stand of this monograph is, that the official human science does NOT take under the consideration the fact, that God has vital motivations to "simulate" His own age, as well as "simulate" the age of physical world, Earth and man, as being much older than their true ages.

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