NA1. Let us define God and also analyse factors...
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NA1. Let us define God and also analyse factors which decide about His interactions with people
Motto: "According to totalizm we live in God, according to religions God lives in us."

God actually is NOT a person and supernatural powers - as we were made to believe. Actually God is exactly as He is explained to us in the Bible. Means He is a self-aware combination of three components to which the Bible and Christian religion refers under the name of name "Holy Trinity" – means composed of the "God Father", the "Holy Ghost", and the "God Son". Only in such a combination “God” can represent the most superior source of intelligence and self-awareness of the entire universe – similarly like in present computers the logical operation is only possible when computers are composed of three main components, namely of (1) "hardware", (2) "software", and (3) "peripherals". Thus in reality the existence of God in the universe is the outcome of putting together in a single whole the three components, such as: (1) intelligent "counter-matter", (which of a kind of natural "liquid computer" contained in a separate, parallel, and invisible for people world called the “counter-world”), (2) natural, self-aware "program" that self-evolved in this counter-matter and now resides in this substance, and (3) all "manifestations" that this "program" forms dynamically from this intelligent "counter-matter" - such as atoms, planets, human body, light, etc. Of course, in this combination of three components the carrier of the awareness, logic, and intelligent action is this natural self-aware program that resides in the counter-matter. For as long as this program does NOT evolve, in fact WE DID NOT HAVE GOD in the universe.
The factor that allowed the self-evolution of God, is this intelligent liquid substance from the counter-world called "counter-matter". This is it that is the carrier of the intellectual attributes that allowed the evolution and activity of the self-aware program that forms the thinking component of God. This counter-matter in the natural state is able to execute the process of thinking and memorizing information. In turn being such a volume of thinking substance and natural programs contained in it, God does NOT have shape that would be possible to define at our present level of knowledge. Or more strictly - the shape of God is simultaneously the shape of the entire universe. (Unfortunately, on the present level of our knowledge we do not know what exact shape has the entire universe.) But all data indicate, that the shape of the universe does NOT resemble outlines of a human figure. Rather opposite, according to deductions carried out according to the philosophy of totalizm and derived from the definition of energy, it appears for example that most probably the shape of an entire universe is close to a carelessly squashed by someone, a thin, folded "pancake". (Deductions about the shape of the entire universe are published in subsection JG3.7.1 from volume 8 of this monograph.)
Of course, this monograph does NOT describe the same God which is described to people by various religions. Means, under the name “God” this monograph does NOT understand a being of the human statue, which lived on the Earth in ancient times, and which has the knowledge and capabilities that many times exceed the knowledge and capabilities of people. This monograph describes a different God that is omni-powerful, omni-knowledgeable, and omni-present - the nature, capabilities, and characteristics of which are described by the theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This omni-powerful "totaliztic God" can be defined in the following manner:
God is the gigantic, self-aware, thinking, and intelligent program, which evolved naturally in "counter-matter" (means in the primary carrier of intelligence of the universe), which resides in this counter-matter, which in a software, dynamic, and hierarchical manner forms from this counter-matter everything that manifests itself in the entire universe, and which intelligently governs everything that happens in the entire universe.
There are huge differences between the image of God disseminated by religions, and God defined above which is disclosed to us by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by the philosophy of moral totalizm which stems from this concept. These differences are going to be explained gradually in this monograph. However, if we would like to indicate here the most vital of these, it is that religions describe God as a "being" with human-like shapes and attributes. In turn totalizm defines God as a gigantic "program" which self-evolved awareness, which resides in a kind of "liquid computer" called "counter-matter", which in a software manner forms from this "liquid computer" practically everything that exists in the entire universe, which itself has no shape although it forms from itself all shapes of the universe, which knows everything about everything that He is aware it can be known, and which is the source of everything. Thus, according to totalizm everything that exists in the entire universe is just one amongst infinitive manifestations of this intelligent counter-matter and these natural programs which are parts (or components) of God. Furthermore, for that reason, the existence of this totaliztic God can be formally proven with the use of scientific methods. (A presentation of such a formal scientific proof for the existence of God is provided in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of this monograph. In turn the compendium of additional evidence in support of that formal proof, is presented here in a separate chapter NB from further part of this volume.)

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