NA. Let us get to know better our young god
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Motto of this chapter: "In order to live in harmony with God, one needs to learn His nature, goals, requirements, limitations, methods, and mechanisms through which God interacts with us."

In present times many people make the use of excuse, that official Earth's science - popularly called the "orthodox science", was unable to prove the existence of God. They utilize this incompetence of the science, to completely cease the observing of moral obligations and requirements which religions placed on our lives in the name of God. But these people forget, that the orthodox science has a long tradition of making errors and telling untruth. After all, this science is famous that it is forced to deny every now and again everything that it stated before. What even more interesting, the philosophy of totalizm managed to catch the orthodox science on one of such fundamental errors of inexpressible consequences. This error is pinpointed by a relatively new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, described in volumes 4 and 5 of this monograph. In turn this Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicates unambiguously that God in fact does exist. In addition, it allows to prove formally the existence of God. The philosophy of totalizm, that stems from this relatively new theory, is actually the philosophy which undermines the truthfulness and competence of the orthodox science in matters of God, and even formally proves the existence of God. Therefore it is worth to learn the statements of this philosophy - if not for anything else, then just because many claims of religions into which the orthodox science stopped us to believe lately, can actually be true. Therefore if someone confused by present orthodox science stops taking these statements under consideration, then it may have very serious consequence for the future of this person, and one day such a person may be very sorry. In other words, it is worth to learn statements of totalizm about God at least to have a chance of make decisions about God on basis of reliable knowledge and research which totalizm explains, not just on base of someone's one-sided opinions or denying, which sometimes originate from irresponsible propaganda programs shown in biased television.
If anyone amongst us knows already something about God, typically his or her knowledge originates from a religion. In turn religions idealise God. After all, only when God is idealized, these religions can order to us to worship Him blindly and unconditionally. However, God is neither ideal nor perfect. He Himself confirms this indirectly in the Biblical Book of Genesis 1:27, when He wrote, quote: "And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him, male and female he created them." After all, if highly imperfect man is created on the similarity and image of God, then this means, that the imperfections of the man represent reflection of imperfections of God Himself. In the meantime God grew above the period when He sought just a blind worshipping and devotion. But religions still are bogged in this blind adoration. But currently God wants that people started to get to know Him as he really is. This is why, in spite that God still implements on people experiments concerning evilness and its consequences, increasingly more open He tolerates totalizm – as this is explained in subsection NK1 of this volume. So in order to give to people the possibility to get to know God as he really is, God allowed that this objective and secular descriptions of God were formulated on the basis of unbiased scientific research. By reading these descriptions, the reader has a better chance of understanding how God really is, and thus such aligning his or her own life that it is NOT going to be in a continuous collision with the true goals of God.
A rational approach suggests, that in all very important matters we should always seek a so-called "second opinion". For example, when one doctor recommends an operation and cutting, it is always worth to ask the opinion of another doctor so that this other explains to us the matter from his or her point of view. The matter of the existence of God and obeying in our lives moral laws which this God imposed on us, belong to such very important matters. After all, God is this superior being who with a single blink may create or destroy entire galaxies. In addition He is this superior being who one day is going to judge us and to prepare a verdict designating our fate. It is a bit risky and unwise to ignore someone like that. Yet, a large majority of people in matters concerning God relies exclusively on opinions of a single "expert" of a human origin (i.e. either the orthodox science, or their own religion). But such a single human "expert" may be at wrong, or in some matters may have a hidden agenda. For example, people can be intentionally manipulated by some powers, that independently from the level of development, humanity is NOT allowed to disseminate officially a definitive truth about God. After all, due to such a lack of knowledge about God, individual people can be subjected by God to various "tests" on their devotion and on their ability to personally acquire the truth about God. The philosophy of totalizm represents just such a second independent "expert", the opinion of which is also worth to learn. So for this "second opinion" it is really worth to learn what totalizm have to say, and then to consider in one's own mind what one thinks of it. This volume presents a summary of the most essential findings of totalizm about God.

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