Abstract volume 12
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

ABSTRACT of this monograph no 12 from the series [1/5E] "Advanced magnetic devices", ISBN 978-1-877458-92-7.

Present official science claims that God does NOT exist. But the previous volume 5 of this monograph has proven that this official science is in a shocking error already from very foundations of it – means from the understanding of gravity field by human scientists. This is because only after taking an erroneous assumption that gravity field is a monopolar field, it becomes impossible to find the place where God resides, not define the nature of God. But if this error is repaired and one recognises proofs presented in previous volumes 4 and 5 of this monograph, which document that gravity field is a dipolar one, then rapidly it turns out, that God does exist and that the existence of God can be formally proven. Furthermore, then it is possible to define precisely the nature and character of God, His attributes, methods and mechanisms with the use of which He interacts with our physical world (which, by the way, this God created), and also evidence of the absolute rules of God over fates of people and over all events that take place in the physical world.
As this was explained in the previous volume 5 about so-called "Virtual World", God with an iron hand controls all events which affect each individual person. This control of fate and life of each one of us is carried out by God according to a set of rigid rules and principles, which are defines through the action of so-called "moral field", "moral laws", and "moral energy". So in order our lives become better and gain the course that is desirable for us, we people must consider in every our action the influence of these three factors, means influence of "moral field", "moral laws", and "moral energy". How to do it, teaches us the philosophy of totalizm described in volumes 1 to 3 of this monograph, But it turns out, that these three basic factors are NOT the only source of specific consequences for our fates. For example, fates of people depend also on the age of God, means on the goals that this God has on the present stage of the Godly existence - or more strictly on the roles that God designated for people in order to accomplish goals that currently are vital for God. These fates also depend also on constraints which limit the freedom of God’s actions, such as our “free will”, or the “canon of ambiguity”. Fate of people is also influenced by so-called “relative imperfection of God” and imperfection of methods that God uses to govern people which result from it - for example the imperfection of the method “stick and carrot” the use of which God clearly prefers, or imperfection of so-called “curse of inventors”.
About all the above we are NOT going to learn from religions. After all, religions were formed when people still did NOT knew what is “energy” or “field”. Furthermore, religions idealise God - after all only then they are able to impose onto us the blind worshiping Him. Therefore, religions do NOT reveal to us an objective picture of God, such as on the basis of secular scientific research was developed for us by totalizm and now is presented in this volume.
"Knowledge is responsibility". So to be a human and to lead a happy and fulfilled life is quite difficult. After all, in our actions it is necessary to consider all these factors which have the influence on our fate. Of course, over this influence we can exert our control only when we know it and we are aware of its mechanisms of action. So in order to give ourselves the chance of improving our lives and gaining an access to searched for qualities of life, such as happiness, feeling of fulfilment, the lack of stress, health, peace of mind, etc., etc., it is necessary to get to know God thoroughly. This volume is entirely devoted to such getting Him know.
This volume was written in the style "let us learn everything about God that influences our fate". Means, in this volume we assume that the reader already learned and accepted information provided in previous volume 5 which revealed formal proofs for the existence of God, the course of self-evolution of God, and nature of God. So in this volume the reader learns only information which allow him or her to gain the knowledge "how" and "with the use of what" this God described before influences the life of each one of us.
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