M1.1. The principle of operation of time vehicles
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M1.1. The principle of operation of time vehicles

From the point of view of the principle of operation, “time vehicles” are very simple devices. After all, the time through which we are just living is pre-programmed in our bodies in the natural program called the "program of life and fate". This program is stored in a software form in DNA double helixes from our genetic system. In turn, the execution control which runs this program, is accomplished through shifting the resonance point of vibrations of these DNA helixes. In other words, these double helixes of DNA are like the most simple and elementary forms of natural computers which run special “control programs” called the “programs of life and fate” that are stored in the software form in memory of the “counter-matter” from which these DNA are formed. Therefore, in order to just shift us to a different time, it suffices that our "time vehicle" (this vehicle is marked as "TV" in part a) from "Fig. M1") surrounds all DNA helixes contained in our body, with a sphere of very strong pulsating magnetic field (this field is marked "E" in part a) from "Fig. M1"). The frequency of pulsations of this field must be equal to the resonance frequency of the helixes. Then, by controlling the frequency of vibrations of this sphere of powerful field, it suffices to shift the resonance points into a different area of our "program of life and fate" coded into our DNA helixes. This in turn shifts us to a different point in time, e.g. again to years of our youth. How exactly this shifting in time is carried out, is demonstrated to us already today by "time vehicles" shown below on photographs from parts b), c) and d) of "Fig. M1".
If we would like to explain illustratively what role perform these double helixes of DNA, then the closest comparison would be the memory and CPU (i.e. Central Processing Unit) with the base clock in present computers. Namely, in the memory of the counter-matter which forms helixes of DNA the “program of life and fate” is stored. In turn the physical structure of these DNA, similar to a spring, is a simplest possible mechanism for a rhythmical count-down of time and for the execution of subsequent commands from that “program of life and fate”. The time is counter-down in it with the use of mechanism of vibrations and gradual motion of the resonance point along the structure of that DNA helixes. In turn the execution of subsequent commands of the “program of life and fate” is carried out through introduction of the resonance to these portions of the counter-matter, which store commands in their memory which just supposed to be executed.

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