M1. The practical side of time travel
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M1. The practical side of time travel

The majority of us believes that defeating the death and accomplishing immortality will be obtained through advances in medicine. They do NOT see, however, that medical extending of lives requires the undertaking of immoral activities described in item #B2 of the web page named ”Immortality”. Furthermore, judging from the speed of medical progress, it can elapse even several thousands of years before the humanity defeats death and accomplishes the access to immortality. Even then though, only a few individuals is going to use it, as it requires making highly immoral decisions (e.g. taking lives from other people or creatures to extend our own life). Furthermore, as such, it also is going to be very costly. On the other hand, the philosophy called “totalizm”, explains to us that actually there is also a morally correct path to immortality, and that we could live forever already at present. This is because immortality can be also accomplished in a moral manner with the use of technology - means through the construction of technical devices called “time vehicles”. In turn when we have such devices, then each time when we arrive to the old age we could repetitively shift in time back to years of our youth. In this way everyone could keep extending his or her life infinitively long. But to get access to time vehicles, we need to start accepting that such devices are technologically feasible, and we need to start building these devices as soon as we can. To be honest, if I received the assistance that is required from the very beginning of my research, means from 1985 - when I discovered how time works and when I developed the design of time vehicles, then until today - means after a quarter of century, I would already build time vehicles. In turn, in such a case, the humanity would already defeat death and each one of us would receive the access to immortality - thus being able to live forever. As it turns out, constructing these time vehicles is relatively simple. But in order to accomplish it, we all need to change our attitudes and manners of thinking. We need to start thinking in categories of the philosophy of totalizm. For example, we must understand that our universe is so designed by God that "everything that we can think of, we can also accomplish", only that for it we need to fulfil specific conditions. This subsection is to point out for us such a correct direction in our thinking regarding the access of humans to immortality through the technology of shifting us back in time.

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