M. Magnocraft of the third generation (time vehicle)
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Motto of this chapter: "Intellect prevails even over time".

After explaining the Magnocrafts of the second generation in chapter LA, it is also worth to realise, that the development of our vehicles with magnetic propulsion systems is NOT going to conclude with the telekinetic vehicle. The Cyclic Table developed for Earth’s vehicles (see the example of it shown as Tables B1 and LA1) indicates, that even if no a technical genius is born which would be able to accomplish it earlier, still at latest in around 200 years after Magnocrafts of the second generation our civilisation will earn even a more advanced space vehicle, which can be named the “time vehicle”, or the “Magnocraft of the third generation”. The Table B1 reveals, that the time travel in these most perfect amongst all Magnocrafts, is going to be based on effects of the deformation of spacetime caused by the “deformation” of magnetic fields. Apart from introducing changes to the elapse of time, Magnocrafts of the third generation will also be able to carry out telekinetic flights, using exactly the same principle of operation as the one discussed in chapter LC for telekinetic vehicles, and even carry out purely magnetic flights utilising exactly the same principle of operation as the one discussed in chapter G for Magnocrafts of the first generation.
The “magnetic interpretation of time” that stems from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has this consequence, that actually it postulates the construction of time vehicles in a near future. After all, it explains that time - similarly to the execution control in any program, can be technically and mentally shifted forward or backward, can be delayed or accelerated, etc.
Time vehicles are going to be technical devices capable of a rapid disappearance from a given point in time, and shifting in time to either their own past, or to their own future. Furthermore, they are able to change the normal elapse of time, or cause that the elapse of time is slow down or accelerated by a specific number of times.
Time vehicles in future are going to be build in two basic versions, namely (1) flying vehicles of the Magnocraft of third generation type, that is described in subsections M2 and M7 of this monograph, and (2) miniaturized "personal propulsion systems" that are inserted surgically into bodies of their users (described in subsection M6). These personal time vehicles will allow their users to shift in time completely without the use of any vehicle that is visible for outside observers.
The phenomena applied by the time vehicles will be revealed and learned exactly when our civilization masters the formation of magnetic field that causes the release of the Telekinetic Effect. Although in the present time we still know rather little about this phenomenon, the so-called "Cyclic Table" which is described in subsections B1 and LA1 (see also table B1 in monographs [1e] and [2e]), reveals that the travel in time is going to depends on effects of the deformation of timespace caused by the "deformation" of magnetic fields.

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