LA3. Telekinetic devices for the conversion of biological, chemical and...
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LA3. Telekinetic devices for the conversion of biological, chemical and thermal energy

Independently from all applications listed before, the Telekinetic Effect allows also to induce telekinetic phenomena that run along the "line of the highest resistance" (as this is described in subsection LB3 /?/). From the energy point of view, the most interesting amongst these phenomena are: the regeneration of living organisms, changes of phase in substances from states of lower energy into states of higher energy (e.g. the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen), and causing heat to flow from an area of lower temperature to an area of higher temperature. Examples of these types of phenomena that appear in nature, can be the action of healers, or the so-called Spontaneous Human Combustion – described in many books. Technical versions of these phenomena already found applications in operation of newly-developed devices for the telekinetic production of medicines, for the telekinetic dissociation of water, and for telekinetic heating. Such devices were constructed already, and they proved themselves highly effective in action. This subsection is going to review briefly the most interesting amongst them.

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