LA2.4.3. History of invention of telekinetic batteries
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

LA2.4.3. History of invention of telekinetic batteries

I invented the device named here a "telekinetic battery" in 1989 (I also call it the "telekinetic cell"). Here is the brief description of history of this invention.
Theoretically I was aware of enormous potentials that the Telekinetic Effect introduces to the production of free energy, from the very moment when I discovered this effect and realized that it represents the exact reversal of friction - i.e. since 1985. But the technical idea which explained how practically we can utilise this effect for the generation of free energy come to my mind only in 1989. In the time of conceiving this idea I was working on the scientific paper [1LA2.4.3] entitled "Premises for the feasibility of motors utilizing principles of telekinesis" which I was to present at the ANZAAS Congress (session on Energy and the Greenhouse Effect), University of Tasmania, Hobart, 14-16 February 1990. (Address of the organizers of that Congress: Organising Secretary, 1990 ANZAAS Congress, University of Tasmania, GPO Box 252C, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7001.) I already had guaranteed finances for my participation in that congress by the Otago University from Dunedin, New Zealand, in which I then worked as a senior lecturer. Also my paper was already accepted by the organisers of that congress.
My paper was attempting to explain on the basis of the Telekinetic Effect, principles of operation of three free energy devices that already existed at that time (i.e. in 1989), but the operation of which remained then unexplained. Namely it explained principles of the Johnson's "permanent magnet motor" - i.e. a motor which uses only permanent magnets, the De Palma's "N-Machine" - i.e. a generator which utilises a solid magnetic disk firstly introduced by M. Faraday, and the Methernitha's "Thesta-Distatica" - i.e. a telekinetic free energy device which utilises electrostatic force interactions. However, during writing it I realized that the Telekinetic Effect can also be released inside of a coil composed of conductive wires. In case of such a release, all free electrons that saturate this coil, would be pushed to flow in one direction, and this would produce a significant electric current. In this way the telekinetic battery was invented. (The coils in which the telekinetic generation of electricity takes place are inductors (I1) and (I2) shown in Figures LA7 and K1.) At the time when I invented the telekinetic battery, I was the first scientist on Earth, who invented and who described this earlier unknown manner of generation of free electricity.
The first description of the "telekinetic battery" I already provided the in the content of my Tasmania paper [1LA2.4.3]. The paper received a positive reference and was included into the congress' program. However, the Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand, in which I was employed at that time, in the last moment refused the financial support for attending this congress, in spite that this support was promised to me from the first moment I proposed my paper. This is because the timing of the Tasmania congress was coinciding with the culmination point of the hysteric outcry that my scientific colleagues at the Otago University were carrying out in the response to my discovery of the UFO explosion site near Tapanui - as described in subsection W4. As my scholarly superiors and colleagues were telling it to me verbally at that time, they were refusing to finance my participation in that congress because my paper, similarly to monograph [5E] describing the Tapanui explosion, "are contradictive to the existing knowledge", and the presentation of this paper at the congress would introduce a threat for the authority of the Otago University. (Interesting that the referees working on behalf of the organisers of that congress did not share this opinion, and accepted my paper on its own merit, to be presented at the congress.)
After I realised that I am not able to participate in that congress, I turned to the only person from New Zealand who was also attending it. (This person was then a director for research and development in "Electricorp" corporation of New Zealand - i.e. an institution that should be specially interested to learn and promote the idea of telekinetic generation of electricity.) I asked him to present my paper on my behalf, providing him will all slides, copies of the paper, and other materials plus explanations necessary for this purpose. But instead of presenting my paper, he - without any prior consultations with me, withdrawn the paper from the congress' program. In this way the person who actually was drawing his salary for promoting the progress in the area of electricity generation, judged my newly born "telekinetic batteries", and convicted them to be burned on stake.
Shortly after these incidents with my breakthrough paper, I was also fired from my lecturing job at the Otago University in Dunedin. This firing had a suppressing effect on the completion of telekinetic batteries and other free energy devices described in this chapter. The reason was, that if I continued to work at the Otago University, most probably I would complete a prototype of one of these devices. Just before being fired from the job I already purchased all components needed for the construction of these devices, and I prepared myself for initiating their physical completion. Unfortunately, after being fired from the job, I was unemployed for next two years, so the first priority for me became then to survive and to find another job, not to build telekinetic batteries.
The total failure of this my first attempt at presenting the "telekinetic batteries" to scientific fraternity, inspired my searches for the explanation why my breakthrough discoveries and inventions got this oppressive treatment from the Otago University, which they got. In the result of these searches, I gradually started to discover the fact that our planet is occupied by the parasitic UFOnauts - as this is described in subsection W4. This discovery was rather a lengthy process. Because it was so revolutionary and so shocking, even with my open-minded philosophy it still required a lot of time to get through, as it firstly needed to shatter totally my entire old believe system. With the elapse of time I also gradually discovered that these our cosmic parasites are intensively blocking our knowledge in every area that could significantly advance our civilisation. So I come to the conclusion that there is no way I could present such a revolutionary idea at any official scientific forum, and I decided to present my battery through other channel, namely via my "resistance literature" - i.e. treatises and monographs that I publish privately outside of the scientific mainstream and disseminate through the Internet. Thus, since I invented the "telekinetic battery", I am describing this invention in almost all my treatises and monographs that are published after 1990 - see monographs [6] and [6E], monographs [2E], [3], [3/2], [1/2], [1/3], and the present [1/4] one. The most comprehensive and the most up-to-date description of the telekinetic battery is provided in this chapter.
The principles of the telekinetic battery are employing the phenomenon which takes place only in the counter-world, namely the reversal of friction named the "Telekinetic Effect" and described in subsection H6.1. The discovery of this Telekinetic Effect introduced significant implications to all heat and motion related sciences. This is because mastery of the reversal of friction could be compared to a capability of eliminating friction itself. For example, this new phenomenon allows to abandon the to-date principles of conventional heat machines which must build-up a significant gradient of temperature in order to convert a flow of thermal energy into motion. Machines utilizing the Telekinetic Effect, including the telekinetic batteries described here, do not require any temperature gradient, and still are able to extract thermal energy from the environment and convert this energy directly into motion. (Means such machines work exactly like this hypothetical “Maxwell Demon” described in literature of classical physics.) The operation of these new machines involves: (1) the technical release of the Telekinetic Effect, (2) the absorption of thermal energy contained in the environment and its transformation into a useful form of motion, (3) the channelling of the produced motion so that it moves a stream of electrons inside of coils made of a conductive wire. In turn this stream of electrons, in our world constitutes a technically useful flow of electric current. The application of this current allows to obtain a free source of unlimited electrical energy (hence the expression that the telekinetic batteries are "free energy generators").

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