LA2.3.2. Excuses of Methernitha for withdrawal of dissemination of Influenzmaschines
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

LA2.3.2. Excuses of Methernitha for withdrawal of dissemination of Influenzmaschines

When in 1991 I visited Methernitha, one of the questions that I asked my hosts was: why they do not undertake the serial production and dissemination of their wonder machine. In my personal opinion, this machine could save our civilisation from a self-destruction, and also could accelerate the freeing of humanity from claws of evil parasites from UFOs. As an answer the representative of Methernitha explained to me an excuse, which according to what I wrote in chapter VB /?/, UFOnauts most probably manipulated into minds of this commune, to motivate them for an infinitively long holding back the dissemination of their devices. According to this excuse, in case of dissemination of this wonder device already now, it is going to introduce more bad than good to our civilisation. For this reason, according to Methernitha, there is not yet the right time to initiate the production and sale of this machine. (This right time supposedly is to come only when our civilisation falls a victim of a global catastrophe that UFOnauts are foretelling to us for a long time.) When I started to ask for details of this strange view – i.e. that this wonder devices is going to cause more bad than good, several negative consequences of the introduction of this machine to use was presented to me. Knowing the current situation in the world, the builders of the influennzmachine are convinced, that apart from the commonly known and easy to predict desirable consequences of this device, it is also going to introduce much greater number of highly undesirable such consequences. On these negative consequences Methernitha concentrates the entire its attention, while it completely ignores the desirable consequences of this machine. Although I do not share the decision of Methernitha, because I believe that never there is going to be a situation that any invention is to introduce exclusively positive consequences (see the moral “Principle of Counterpolarity” described in subsection I4.1.1), for a scientific exactitude I decided to describe here and publish these predicted negative consequences that this machine is to introduce. After all, we must be fully aware not only the advantages, but also disadvantages of this wonder machine. So this subsection is to explain these undesirable consequences of the introduction of telekinetic free energy devices.
Although the reservations and arguments of the Methernitha constitute the major component of these negative consequences, in this subsection I have not limited myself to repeating only what I heard from Methernitha. After all, I know about the philosophical fact of the existence of good and bad consequences for practically everything. Also, being an inventor myself, I am well familiar with the internal doubts and tortures that every creator of a device with breakthrough implications for our civilization faces while making decisions concerning the dissemination of his or her invention. In order to appreciate the responsibility and moral weight attached to such a decision, I suggest to you (i.e. the reader) to think for a moment what you would do if you would be the inventor of, let us say, the Magnocraft, and know that only one such vehicle is required to totally annihilate a country of the size of England in around 12 hours, and that no present weapon can oppose this vehicle. Would you promote this invention risking that the Magnocraft may fall into the hands of some irresponsible group or individual, who could utilize it for the destruction of the mankind, or would you rather forget about the Magnocraft completely? The above is reinforced by the fact that I know perfectly the principles of operation and phenomena that free energy devices induce. So I am able to predict further negative and destructive implications of these machines, which other people simply overlooked. So I additionally introduced and explained here also the predictions of negative implication of the use of free energy devices that stem from my own analyses and from my own knowledge of the operation of this device. This is because, if I am presenting here negative consequences of this device, I should make sure that this presentation is as complete as possible. After all, it is good to know in advance, that if misused or improperly used, instead of being a blessing, these devices could turn also into a curse of our civilization.
An example of the most obvious of the negative implications of building the telekinetic influenzmaschine, on which the Methernitha concentrates the most of its attention, is opening the way for the abuse of this device in military purposes. It is not difficult to imagine the military advantage that one side would gain over the other, if its army would have aeroplanes that have no limits to the range of their flights, submarines that do not need to emerge to the surface, tanks that do not require fuel, torpedoes that are capable of crossing entire oceans, missiles (e.g. telekinetic equivalents of present “cruise missiles”) that are capable of reaching every distant target and the range of which is not limited by the amount of fuel, etc.
The other equally negative implication connected with the introduction of these machines to use, is the creation of an unexpected and rapid economic advantage that a country, or a block of countries, having such machine as a first, would gain over the rest of the world. As the cost of energy can constitute even up to 80% of the total cost of some products, having energy for free would allow the winning country to eliminate all its competition and in the matter of a few years to become the world's leading economic power and monopoly.
However, independently of these military and monopolistic threats, the completion of telekinetic influenzmaschines would also introduce various hazards during their exclusive civil and unpreferencial utilization. So let us now analyse briefly the most important out of these non-military effects, that the wide dissemination of free energy devices may cause. During learning about these hazards it is worth to remember, that their appearance in the manner and extend described here can take place only when our civilisation is to maintain the present philosophy of parasitism. But if there is a change of the commonly practiced philosophy, from the present immoral parasitism into the futuristic moral totalizm, then many of the consequences described below may not appear at all, or appear – but be easily taken under control. (Note that such a global change of the prevailing philosophy can be triggered just by the introduction of telekinetic free energy devices.) Here is a list of the most important out of these undesirable effects that can be brought about by the wide non-military utilization of telekinetic free energy devices:
#1. The cooling of the Earth's climate. There are certain chemical reactions which bind heat of our atmosphere and convert this heat into various flammable substances. Examples of products obtained during such heat-binding reactions are coal and crude oil. In the event of the wide utilization of telekinetic influenzmaschines, the production of this type of substances would rapidly grow. The reasons for this would be as follows:
- In order to boost food production, farmers would heat the soil, converting in this way the thermal energy from our atmosphere into raw organic matter.
- The free energy would encourage heating of water. This would be done not only for industrial purposes, and in homes (e.g. in swimming pools with flowing water), but also in natural water reservoirs (e.g. for farming tropical fish species). The subsequent flow of such warmed water to seas would cause the growth of plankton and organisms which would bound the atmospheric heat into their organic matter.
- To increase the fertility of the soil, most of the organic matter currently burnt would be recycled into the soil (to produce humus).
- In order to decrease pollution of the air, and also because of the inconvenience of present combustion devices, the burning of fossil fuels and organic matter (wood) would be stopped.
- The lack of a need for conventional energy sources would eliminate the present mining and burning of fossil fuels which release significant amounts of thermal energy bound in such substances as coal and oil.
In this manner the widespread use of influenzmaschines would cause the subsequent binding and elimination of increasingly large amounts of heat from our atmosphere, thus gradually cooling the climate of Earth. This cooling in turn would disturb the ecological equilibrium, bringing about the return of the ice age with all its cataclysmic consequences (e.g. geological changes).
#2. The pollution of our atmosphere with huge amounts of undesirable, highly- active ozone. The effect of this pollution would be a reversal of the action of present "ozone hole". Apart from such obvious results as holding back the photosynthesis in vegetation, killing some needed micro-organisms, this could also accelerate the ageing process in people, intensify the corrosion of metals, rapidly wearing out and tearing of solid objects, undermining the processes that keep people healthy, etc. In the case of especially intensive emission of ozone, it could even happen that the very life-giving conditions of our planet can be undermined.
#3. The triggering of the explosion of unneeded production. Presently the production of any goods is limited by the costs of energy required for their manufacture. However, when energy will be for free, producers will be limited only by the absorption of the market. In order to increase this absorption, they will apply various tricks, for example:
- The production of a disposable packaging which requires more energy and materials than the product itself.
- Convincing the population (via advertisements, fashion, social role models, new customs) of needs which in fact do not exist. An example of how this is already being done is the multiplying of various commercially oriented events (e.g. fathers day, mothers day, valentine's day) and then putting social pressures on people forcing them to purchase various unneeded goods made especially for these occasions.
- The intensification of production which serves exclusively for entertainment, shows, advertisements.
- The production of increasingly large proportion of disposable goods prepared for one use only.
In turn such marketing strategy will quickly convert our planet into a large rubbish dump overflowing with used packaging, disposable products, one-time entertainment goods, etc.
#4. The increase of poorness of the so-called “third world” and the lengthening of the distance between rich and poor countries. In the present circumstances of expensive energy, the production of many goods at the spot is not profitable and it is more economic to bring these goods from other countries. Because of this bringing, poor countries are still able to offer to the rest of world at least a part of the resources that they have. But in situation, when energy is going to be for free, many rich countries will not be prepared to put us with the lack of reliability, with constant problems, with dangers, and with inconvenience of the trade with poor countries. Thus they are rather going to produce the required goods on their own soil. For example, instead of importing bananas from dangerous and unreliable “banana republics”, it become much easier to build heated glasshouses on the own soil and to produce bananas in own country with a higher efficiency, higher success ratio, and in a manner that fulfils all standards and requirements of the local market.
#5. The fall and disintegration of the present concepts of worth, quality, good versus bad, etc. Because of the to-date high costs of the production of some goods, our civilization established the system of values in which such attributes as permanency, reliability, unchangeability, productivity, diligence, are appreciated the most. However, in the case of decrease in costs of production, these old values will inevitably be replaced by new ones, more compatible with human nature. Thus with the elapse of time the production of disposable, one-use goods will increase. The system of value of these goods will be described by a different set of attributes, such as: appearance, pleasantness, convenience, instantaneity, etc. This tendency is already observed in many products such as milk containers, napkins, handkerchiefs, syringes, shavers, toothbrushes, etc. In the final effect all products will probably be made for single use only, as it is more pleasant to always use entirely new things than second-hand ones. Of course these changes in the material domain will be transferred also into the philosophical domain. Thus, instead of being faithful to an old friendship, partnership, lover, employer, country, etc., society will display tendencies for changing everything into a newer one (it is interesting that already now, the more technologically advanced a given nation is, the greater such tendency seems to be displayed). In turn the lack of permanency and stability is the beginning of chaos. The above will be additionally amplified by the desire of producers to increase the sale of their goods, which will result in the promotion of a consuming, graspy, lazy, and egoistic lifestyle.
#6. The unimaginable migration of people, instability of populations, and demographic explosion. The fact that people currently spend most of their life in the place of their residence mainly results from the costs and inconvenience of travelling. But when travelling becomes almost free, and when people can travel with their whole house and possessions then everyone will be on the move. Instead of the nearest shop people will go shopping to the next city or even country. When they become bored with one place, they will move to another. Bad weather will initiate the shifting. In the final effect, the whole population of our planet will be in a state of continuous move, disorganizing production, choking highways and transport facilities, and making any control over crime, conduct, morality, health, epidemics, etc., almost impossible. Contributing to the above would be a demographic explosion which would be the effect of reducing the costs of bringing up children (these costs today are one of the main breaks that limit the number of children).
#7. The devaluation and fall of the present structures of power. The organization of countries and societies on the present principles will not be possible any longer after the introduction of these machines. The main reasons for this are as follows:
- The telekinetic free energy devices make very difficult, if not impossible, the execution of payments for the energy they produce. Even if the authorities introduced the law enforcing that newly-sold influenzmaschines must be provided with electricity meters, these machines are simple enough for many people to make them on their own, and enough small to be secretly used. Payments for the energy used in most of the countries lie at the foundations of the present system of taxes. In turn the system of taxes is the backbone of almost every country. Therefore, in the face of impossibility of charging for the energy consumed, the whole present structure of countries and governments may collapse.
- The influenzmaschine undermines the present orthodox scientific and educational establishment. Contemporary societies raise numerous objections against philosophical and moral foundations of present orthodox science and education. For example these objections state that science in the current form leads our civilization to destruction. By intentional removal of the spiritual element science introduces a growing disproportion between technological and spiritual development. Therefore, an increasingly growing number of people in the world call for the reformation of science and education. The reason for which this reformation was not forced upon science as yet, is the lack of an obvious proof that present science is wrong. But the influenzmaschine and other free energy devices provide just such a proof. Therefore the wide introduction of these machines will probably release the long suppressed need for the total reformation of orthodox science and education.
- The Concept of Dipolar Gravity, from which the explanation for the operation of influenzmaschines is derived, reforms also the foundation of religion. It is because in this concept, the substance which prevails in the other world and from which the counter-material copies of all objects are made, in its natural state is capable of thinking. Therefore, in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the entire universe is a kind of a huge brain (i.e. the "universal intellect" by religions called God), in which we all are submerged and which "hears" all our thoughts. Apart from the physical laws, this intellect also introduces and executes a set of "moral laws" (e.g. the "Boomerang Principle" which states approximately that "whatsoever a given person does to others, after a purposely delayed time exactly the same will be done to this person") which is a component of every religion. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity also teaches that the universal intellect can be objectively investigated with the use of tools which currently are domain of science (not religion). In this way, the dissemination of influenzmaschines which represent a physical proof for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, may cause the fall of present religious institutions and structures, and the adoption of this new concept as a new scientific-technical-religious philosophy of the mankind.
The country, science, education, and religion are the foundations of present societies. Their possible undermining could cause a revolution of the extend unknown in the history of mankind. In the course of this revolution chaos and anarchy could begin to prevail which could mark the end of our civilization as we know it.

Being aware of the majority of the above negative consequences of the introduction of
telekinetic influenzmaschines to a commercial use, Paul Baumann and his developmental team made the decision of delaying the spreading out of the Thesta-Distatica's technology. When I talked to them in 1991, they told me that in their opinion after the next ten years the conditions on our planet will prevail which will be more favourable towards the release of this revolutionary invention. (I should stress, that already 13 years passed since that discussion, and the Thesta-Distatica machine still is not allowed to begin its service for the humanity.) In the meantime, while waiting for the arrival of these more favourable times, the gradual improvement and perfecting of the Thesta-Distatica should be undertaken.
Readers have probably realized by now that myself, although having the highest respect and admiration for Baumann's technical genius, I do not approve of the decision of the Methernitha to delay the commercialization of the Thesta-Distatica (if I did approve, I would not have published the principles of this device in this monograph). I agree that all the changes in societies described above will in fact be triggered to some extent by the introduction of this wonder machine. However, I also believe (although I do not exclude the possibility that I may be wrong) that:
#I. These changes are to be induced by the thoughtless nature of people and by their philosophy, not by free energy devices. Thus, if only the favourable conditions begin to prevail, similar changes will appear even if people do not have access to free energy devices.
#II. The appearance of these changes will release appropriate reactions within the mentality and philosophies of people. These reactions will in turn neutralize the majority of undesirable consequences described above. In the final effect, the changes described here will actually facilitate the evolution of the future society whose lifestyle and principles will be much better than ours.
#III. According to the Law of Counterpolarity, it is never going to be possible to build a machine or a device, which would introduce exclusively positive consequences.
Furthermore, according to the action of moral laws, the inventor, discoverer, creator, or supplier of a given device does not bear the moral responsibility for the manner in which his or her creation is going to be used, but only for the fact of making it available to humanity and for providing people with all information that he or she gathered about this creation. In addition to these moral factors that argue for the fast dissemination of telekinetic influenzmaschines, it is also sure that these telekinetic free energy devices at the same time create the chance for saving our civilization from gradual self-destruction caused by currently prevailing plagues (such as poisoning of the natural environment, diminishing of natural resources, the devaluation of authority, the moral decay, etc.). Furthermore, they open new horizons which possibly are going to wake up our civilisation from the present illusion, and convince it to begin defending itself from these morally decadent UFOnauts that occupy our planet. For example, the introduction of telekinetic free energy devices to wide use, is going to provide a visual proof that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity – which forecasted them and explained their operation, is absolutely correct. This in turn should make think even the most devoted worshipers of TV sets, letting them know that practically everything that this concept states is true and correct. This means that not only free energy devices do exist and work - as this concept describes them, but that also moral laws do exist and work, that there is the superior being called the “universal intellect” which judges every single our action, that totalizm is the correct philosophy of life, etc. So these people, who after the spread of telekinetic free energy devices would still murder others, would live immoral lives, and would break moral laws, would be simply stupid idiots that ask for consequences which without doubt are going to get them. Thus, in order to act accordingly to my own principles, I decided to support all efforts aimed at the completion of other working prototypes of telekinetic influenzmaschines, and aimed at putting this wonder device into the service of our civilization. (Note that in my extremely difficult personal circumstances, I am unable to build myself the devices that I invented.) Thus, the publishing in this monograph exact descriptions of the design and operation of these devices, and making these descriptions available to every potential builder, is my contribution, as well as the first and the most important step, to these efforts. 

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