LA2. Review of the main types of telekinetic power-stations built so far
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

LA2. Review of the main types of telekinetic power-stations built so far

A number of prototypes of telekinetic power-stations have already been completed by dedicated inventors who arrived at their construction empirically. But so far there has been no theory which would explain the operation of these extraordinary devices. This has made their improvement and manufacture even more difficult, and it has also impeded formal recognition of these devices by the scientific establishment. Only after the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the discovery that the Telekinetic Effect operates as the reversal of friction, was such a theory created. Its existence allows for the rational explanation of the principles of telekinetic free energy devices, and formulates a theoretical foundation that allows for the systematic improvement of these devices.
During the analysis of subsequent telekinetic free energy devices it is worth noticing that although these devices are designed to produce electrical energy, their structure and operation are typical for mechanical (not electrical) machinery. Such an apparent contradiction results from the fact that at our level of knowledge, the release of the Telekinetic Effect requires the motion and dynamic interactions of parts in a complex mechanism - i.e. the phenomena studied by mechanical engineers.

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