LA. Telekinetic power-stations (or "free energy devices")
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LA. TELEKINETIC POWER-STATIONS (or "free energy devices")
Motto of this chapter: "The Universe is so designed, that accomplishing every goal is possible in it - we only need to find how to achieve this goal"
(see subsections JB7.3 and I5.4).

The rocketing prices for fuels and energy, diminishing natural resources, pollution of the environment, holes in the ozone layer, glass-house effect, and a few other reasons motivate pioneer research on unique magnetic devices popularly called "free energy devices" to be advanced in a number of countries by devoted inventors. Because the operation of these devices employs mainly the unique phenomena which in subsection H6.1 is called the "Telekinetic Effect", they will also be called "telekinetic power-stations" in this monograph. The general purpose of these devices is to employ the reversal of friction capability of the Telekinetic Effect to extract thermal energy contained in the environment, and to convert this energy into a useful form (most frequently into electricity). Thus the operation of these new devices is drastically different from that of present sources of power. As is already known, present power supply devices utilize the difference (gradient) between two energy levels. Through causing a flow of energy from a higher to a lower level, they re-direct a part of this flow, and subsequently force it to convert into a useful form (e.g. into electricity). But the operation of free energy devices does not require differences in energy levels. They simply employ the reversal of friction to spontaneously absorb thermal energy which is always present in the environment, and then just transform this energy into a consumable form (e.g. into electricity). Therefore the use of these new devices does not depend on the availability of any external fuel or energy supply, such as combustible substances, wind, water flow, muscle power, electricity, etc. In this way the final outcome of free energy devices is very close to that implied by the ancient idea of "perpetuum mobile" called also “perpetual motion devices”, although the mechanism and philosophy behind the achieving of this outcome is entirely different. (I.e. free energy devices do not create energy as this was assumed for "perpetuum mobile", but they simply "tap" to vast amounts of thermal energy always present around them and absorb this thermal energy by operating as a kind of self-sustainable heat pumps.)
The discovery that the Telekinetic Effect represents a reversal of friction, and subsequent discovery of the technological ways of activating this effect, provide the theoretical foundation for the building of telekinetic free energy devices. According to this newly gained knowledge about such devices, the extraction of energy from the environment requires only: (1) the building of devices that technologically release the reversal of friction capability of the Telekinetic Effect, (2) the absorbing of thermal energy from the environment and than its transformation into a useful motion, and (3) such channelling of the motion which is produced that it is finally converted into electricity.
According to common opinion of orthodox scientists, the operation of such free energy devices should not be possible, because according to these scientists they would appear to run against the Conservation of Energy Principle. Fortunately their devoted inventors have disagreed with standard beliefs and continued their research. After the first prototypes of these devices were built and proved themselves in action, common opinion again proved to be wrong - like so often before. It turned out that the completion of free energy devices is possible, and their operation doesn't contradict the Conservation of Energy Principle. The detail overlooked by those who disagreed was that these devices do not "create" energy - they only spontaneously extract heat from the environment. Therefore, they produce electricity during their operation, but at the same time they also decrease the environmental temperature.
To illustrate the current state of these free energy devices, it is worth mentioning that a generator called "N-Machine" already exists (described in the later part of this monograph) whose overall efficiency is proven by strict empirical measurements to reach 104.5%. Of course the prototype of this generator, which has been investigated thoroughly, is still rather crude, and its numerous technical details can be subjected to further modifications. The 104.5% efficiency means that after re-directing back to this generator the amount of energy (100%) necessary to sustain its motion, 4.5% of its output still remains. This 4.5% constitutes "free energy" that the generator supplies to its user. The other device, presently operational in Switzerland, called the telekinetic INFLUENZMASCHINE, according to reports of the developers and several outside investigators, produces up to 3 kW of AC electric power (at 700-900 Volts) without any external fuel or energy supply.
The main goal of this chapter is to formulate scientific foundations for the systematic research and development of such devices which would allow for the construction of a working prototype of the currently most effective model of telekinetic free energy devices (i.e. the Swiss influenzmaschine). The auxiliary goal is to provide a basic textbook for people who currently conduct their own research on these extraordinary devices. To achieve these goals, the monograph in subsection H6.1 provides my theory explaining the phenomena and mechanisms behind the operation of these devices, while in this chapter it reviews the results of the most significant theoretical research and experimental findings concerning free energy devices, provides literature sources and contacts with other researchers in this field, and most of all supplies the technical documentation and detailed descriptions of a telekinetic influenzmaschine which is the first highly effective free energy device build on Earth, and already operational.

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