KB2. Telekinetic farming
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

KB2. Telekinetic farming

From times of my first encounters with the shocking effects of biological activeness of the Telekinetic Effect, I was constantly thinking how the effects of life-giving telekinesis turn into the intensification of the production of food on Earth. In this manner an idea of the "telekinetic farming" was gradually clarifying in my mind. The first illustrations of the enormous potentials of this new method of food production, were giving me the measurements of the growth of grass and other vegetation, that I completed on former landings of telekinetic UFO vehicles (i.e. landings of UFOs of the second or third generation - see descriptions of these two generations of UFOs provided in subsection M6 of this monograph). Results of these measurements I presented in item 5.2 from subsection G2.2 of monograph [5/3]. According to these my first measurements, grass and other vegetation that grow in areas strongly telekinetised by UFOs, were showing up to 12 times faster and higher growth, than identical vegetation that grows in areas distant just by a few centimetres from these affected by the telekinetic field of UFO vehicles. But otherwise to the cases of using mineral fertilisers or growth hormones, such vegetation that was telekinetically stimulated by propulsors of UFO vehicles, was growing proportionally, showing greater than in the surrounding vegetation strength, stiffness, and resistance to bending of their stems. It also demonstrated higher health, vitality and natural resistance to illnesses and insects than the surrounding vegetation. The 12 times higher speed and strength of growth displayed also measurements completed by Russian researchers on the former area of UFO explosion in Tunguska, Siberia - see item #D1 in subsection I1 of monograph [5/3]. In New Zealand, i.e. the country which was swept by a powerful telekinetic flash during the explosion of UFO vehicles in Tapanui in 1178 AD, even today - means over 800 years after the moment of telekinetisation of the environment in New Zealand, still oaks and pine trees grow around 5 times faster than in Europe (see item #D1 in chapter H of monograph [5/3]). (Descriptions of Tapanui explosion are presented in all monographs from series [5], and in subsection O5.2 of this monograph [1/4].) In turn people who were born and grown in New Zealand, according to my estimates are around 10% more heavy and more athletic than people of the same race born in Europe or in Asia. The above my observations suggest, that the implementation of the idea of telekinetic farming, in case of vegetation it can bring as much as 12 times higher yield, practically without any mineral fertilisers, chemicals, growth hormones, or genetic engineering, but only in return for planting this vegetation in a telekinetised environment.
The reason which so-far was holding back the practical implementation of the idea of telekinetic farming, depended on the initial lack of knowledge how to telekinetise effectively the environment in which the telekinetic farming of vegetation would take place. After all, presently we do not have such efficient sources of telekinetic field, as propulsors of telekinetic Magnocraft (described in subsection K1 of this monograph), or propulsors of telekinetic UFOs. The lacking hint as to how accomplish this telekinetising of the environment, I accidentally received during the analysis of mysteries of Tiwanaku empire that occupied the highland plateau, which currently lies on the area of present Bolivia in the South America (see subsection D2 of monograph [5/3]). The puzzling findings archaeological from this area revealed, that in spite of a harsh climate, and very poor soil, in years that proceeded the Tapanui explosion of 1178 AD, this empire developed an impressive culture and a high standard of living. The basis for the existence and wealth of this empire, was a very efficient farming, based on the irrigational watering of vegetation exclusively with water that flown through focal points of numerous stony pyramids that were erected by this empire. This water was then distributed into fields via the system of canals, which always began in such a stony pyramid. The irrigation channels of this empire were placed so densely, that vegetation planted in their vicinity was watered exclusively with water that flown through these stony pyramids. Unfortunately, soon after the explosion in Tapanui of 1178 AD, the Tiwanaku Empire fell down. Signs of the drought that unexpectedly prevailed in their previously fertile highland plateau, are visible even today. This drought scorched their plants, dried their fields, forced people that survived to give human sacrifices to bribe the hostile gods, etc. From the picture of situation that presently emerges, I deduced that the direct reason for the fall down of this empire was a rapid break in the watering of their plants with water that flown through focal points of their stone pyramids. This break was causes by changes in sources and directions of flow of streams, that cut through their high plateau.
The above historic conclusion about reasons for the raise and fell down of the Tiwanaku empire, had for me a huge inspiring significance. In connection with my knowledge about biological activity of telekinetic field, and telekinetic activeness of telepathic vibrations (see subsection H7.1), it allowed me to develop a practical way of implementing "telekinetic farming". This means, that the fate of Tiwanaku empire realised to me, that a practical implementation of telekinetic farming, in a simplest case requires only the watering of plants (or animals) with water which was permanently saturated with telekinetic field (means which is permanently telekinetised as described in subsection H8.1). In turn this water, in living organisms that absorb it, activates telekinetically many biological processes that are unachievable in any other way, such as the synthesis of elements and compounds that are lacking in these organisms, as the intensification of the force and speed of growth, as self-elimination of imperfections, as the resistance to illnesses, increase of resistance to changes of temperature and to frost, etc.
Of course, according to what was explained in subsection JE9.3 /?/, the telekinetic intensification of growth can be accomplished only in these living organisms, the evolution of which took place in gravitation other than the gravitation of Earth. The border value of this increase is described by the equation (1JE9.3). The reason is that the telekinetic increase of size, involves a mechanism that triggers the program of growth which is formed in the counter-body of a given organism, and which depends on the gravitation of a planet on which this growth takes place. (E.g. in people this program makes possible to grow to the gigantic heights of around 5 meters.) But because, according to what is explained in subsections JE9.1 /?/, A3, and V3, almost all living organisms were brought to Earth from a planet of a higher gravity from ours, thus practically almost all living organisms on Earth are prone to the telekinetic stimulation of growth.
According to my research concerning landings of UFOs of the second generation (described in subsection K3), telekinetic farming, in case of growth of plants, should give at least several times higher yield of crops. During the most effective and complete implementation of this farming, such increase of yield may reach the level of 12 times higher than normal. Of course, practical level of this increase depends on: (1) the efficiency of telekinetisation of the environment in which given plants grow, or more strictly on the level of saturation with telekinetic field of all the ingredients that vegetation cultivated in this manner is going to absorb, (2) the percentage of telekinetised ingredients (e.g. water) to non-telekinetised ingredients absorbed by this vegetation (means ingredients that originate from non-telekinetised soil and air), (3) the manner of telekinetisation (i.e. axial, transverse, torsional, rotational, etc. - see subsection H8.1), and also on (4) the susceptibility of given plants on the telekinetic stimulation of growth. But the cultivation of plants with the use of telekinetic farming does not require fertile soil, full scale mineral base, fertilisers, nor chemicals, hormones, pesticides, or genetic engineering (thus, it meets the requirements of the so-called "organic farming" qualifying the products to increased prices). The vegetation that is grown in this manner should mature several times faster, thus allowing harvesting more times a year, give higher yields, be healthier, show the resistance to rapid changes of temperature and to frosts, etc. In turn for adult consumers, the food that grow in such telekinetised environment should stimulate the increase of health and good mood (see the final part of subsection KB2), stimulate faster healing of wounds, activate telekinetic powers of their pineal glands, wake up paranormal capabilities, improve the intuitive understanding of good and evil - thus causing more moral behaviour of people - and thus also the quality of life of the entire society, etc.
Theoretically speaking, telekinetic farming should also provide the intensification of yield in animal raising. Although the direct experiments in this area still await to be completed, there are various observations and premises which suggest, that giving to animals effectively telekinetised feed, their watering with telekinetised water, or just only washing with telekinetised water, should increase the speed of increase of their weight, decrease the volume of fat in comparison to the volume of muscles, cause the higher from normal and more athletic statue, increase resistance to illnesses and speed of healing of wounds, increase the length of life and length of reproductive activeness, etc. The level of increase in yield of telekinetic raising of animals at this stage is difficult to be estimated precisely. This is because, otherwise to vegetation, animals or people who are saturated with telekinetic field of UFOs are rather difficult to be identified. (Although a lot of cases of animals and people who reached non-typical height or weight is known, but it is not known whether this was caused by their exposure at youth to the action of telekinetic propulsors of a UFO, or by some other factors.) But for a rough estimation of this increase in yield, the effects of telekinetic explosion in Tapanui, New Zealand, could be used. I estimate for this explosion, that after around 800 years, it still causes around 10% higher growth of animals, and around 5 times higher growth of some vegetation (e.g. pines or oaks). Through comparing this to the 12 times higher growth of organic mass in vegetation at most effectively telekinetised landings of UFOs, it can be deducted, that the top border of increase of weight of animals for telekinetic farming probably is at around 25% in comparison to their normal weight. Unfortunately, this value hides so many simplifying assumptions, that it should not be considered to be binding. The only thing that it is useful for, is to realise, that in case of telekinetic raising of animals, most probably effects are not going to be so spectacular, as in case of telekinetic growth of vegetation.
On basis of the above premises I would like to recommend to farmers, gardeners, fruit growers (especially from areas of low-fertile soils), to try this new manner of farming. The only activities that initially are required for practical implementation of telekinetic farming include: a) construction a small pyramid, b) flowing the water destined for watering through a stony tank located somewhere along the central axis (a specific focal point) of this pyramid, and c) watering the plants (or animals) only with this water which was telekinetised through exposure to the action of telepathic vibrations that are concentrated on a specific focal point of this pyramid. Of course, during the realisation of such installation (pyramid) for telekinetising water, initially there will be a lot of questions that require answers. For example: (1) what should be the proportion of area of walls of pyramid to the output of water that flows through a given focal point of this pyramid, (2) what should be the time of telekinetisation of water (and thus also the capacity of a stony container located in a given focal point of the pyramid), (3) how to check whether the dimensions (or materials) of this pyramid are not selected so that it concentrates in a given focal point predominantly telepathic vibrations type "negative green" ("negative green" impedes the growth and health, instead of boosting it). (In case a given pyramid focuses mainly such "negative green" vibrations on a chosen focal point, the pyramid perhaps may need to be build again with different dimensions, or a different focal point, so that at the container mainly "positive green" vibrations are focused - see subsection KB2.)
People who are not connected with food production are also encouraged to experiment with telekinetic farming. After all, almost everyone has in his/her house some vegetation that requires watering. Thus almost everyone can cut a small pyramid from a cartoon or from wood, inside of which, a small container made of a natural material is placed, with water inside. Water in this container is subjected to telepathic vibrations that are focused by this pyramid, thus is telekinetised by these vibrations. There are numerous aspects of this new idea of farming, that could be experimentally determined, measured, or discovered in this manner. They include: practical manners of the most effective way of telekinetising water; the level of telekinetisation of water that can be accomplished with the use of pyramid, and the influence of telekinetisation of only water - in comparison to the telekinetisation of the entire environment (this influence could be estimated by the comparison of effects accomplished in such telekinetic farming, with 12-times of the normal growth effects observed on landings of telekinetic UFOs); minimal and the most optimal time of exposure to the action of telepathic vibrations for producing telekinetised water; materials for the water container and for the pyramid - i.e. these which are the best for concentration or for propagation of telepathic waves (e.g. it is known that metals, and plastics, are not good for such applications); shapes and ratio of dimensions that form telepathic vibrations that are the most beneficial for telekinetic farming (e.g. whether in this application, the stepped pyramid from Central America is better than the regular pyramid from Egypt); the relationship between the growth of vegetation and the frequency (colour) of the telepathic waves that resonate in a given focal point of the pyramid; the checks possibilities of appearing of negative effects, in case of telekinetising with so-called "negative green" vibrations; the simplest methods of determining frequency (colour) of telepathic vibrations that resonate in a given point of the pyramid; the influence of the shape and dimensions of a pyramid at the frequency (colour) of telepathic vibrations that resonate in it; etc. Of course, hobbyists could also carry out experiments not connected with the growth of vegetation. An example of such experiment could be to compare the growth of the same number of identical aquarium fish in two identical aquariums, from which only one uses the telekinetised water (i.e. uses water that is circulated through the focal point of a pyramid). Experiments carried out by devoted hobbyists could allow to explain many of the above matters, thus preparing the right conditions for a wide introduction of telekinetic farming. In turn, final effects of such introduction will influence each one of us, as everyone must eat and everyone would prefer to eat healthy food that is deprived destructive fertilisers, chemicals, growth hormones, or genetic pollutants. 
The growth of production of telekinetic farming depends on: (1) the level of telekinetisation of the environment, in which given vegetation is growing (i.e. on the average amount of telekinetic energy that is absorbed by each single atom of matter from this environment - see subsection H8.1), (2) the percentage of the ratio of telekinetised matter of this environment, to non-telekinetised matter, and also (3) the manner of telekinetisation of this environment (e.g. some manners of telekinetisation, especially with the use of telepathic noise that induces torsional or rotational vibrations - see subsection H7.1, may hinder the growth instead of boosting it). This in turn means, that if - for example, the highest possible level of telekinetisation of the environment may give the 12 times increase of the yield, the telekinetisation only to the half of accomplishable level is going cause the growth of only around 6 times. In turn if the ratio of completely telekinetised components absorbed by vegetation from the environment is 100%, and it causes the 12 times higher yield, than the absorption of water only may cause, let say, 4 times higher yield (notice that values provided here are illustrative, and they need to be experimentally verified). The above deductions suggest, that the simplest manner of telekinetisation of the environment, i.e. the flowing of water destined for watering, through a focal point of a pyramid, is not going to be the most effective. It does not allow the highest possible level of telekinetisation, nor 100% ratio of the components that vegetation absorbs from the environment. Theoretically, it also raises the possibility of negative consequences in case of telekinetisation of water with wrong telepathic vibrations, e.g. with the so-called "negative green" vibrations that are described in next paragraph. (This possibility also requires experimental verification.) Much better effects should be accomplished with other manners of telekinetisation, which directly utilise telekinetic field instead of telepathic vibrations. Their example could be the use of constant field from spinning magnets, as described in subsection K2.2, or to use deformed pulses of field generated in telekinetic batteries, also described in subsection K2.4. This type of practical problems, require urgent addressing in further stages of the development of telekinetic farming. Their full solving probably is going to be accomplished when people build their first telekinetic propulsor, similar to propulsors with which UFOs of the second generation telekinetise the environment so effectively in areas of their landings. Of course, in order to not be forced to wait with practical implementation of telekinetic farming until this future times, initially it would be desirable to implement this farming in the simplest version possible, namely in the "Tiwanaku empire version". It telekinetises water designated for watering of plants, in focal points of appropriately designed pyramids.
However, there is a problem which needs to be signalised here. It results from the utilisation of telepathic vibrations for telekinetisation of the environment, and the utilisation of sources of vibratory telekinetic field (means sources other than permanent magnets or stationary output from propulsors of telekinetic vehicles). This problem results from the so- called "telepathic noise" discussed in subsection H7.1. As this is shown by the existing evidence presented in subsection D4 of monograph [5/3], some versions of telepathic noise, for example vibrations that radiesthesia calls "negative green", have very destructive influence on human health. Thus theoretically speaking, the environment that is telekinetised with these destructive noise, probably instead of stimulating the growth, is
going to suppress this growth. This destructive telekinetic field would cause degeneration and dying of some animals and vegetation in the area on which it would act. Both, from theoretical analyses and from practical experiments, it is already known that pyramids concentrate along their central vertical axes the telepathic vibrations of varying frequencies and characteristics. Thus, after samples of telekinetised water are placed in them, the type of telepathic vibrations that are concentrated on these samples theoretically speaking is going to depend on such parameters as: dimensions of the entire pyramid and shape of this pyramid (e.g. whether it is American or Egyptian pyramid), the apex angle, the angle of orientation towards magnetic poles of Earth (or more strictly, towards so- called "Swiss grid" which resonates in this pyramid and which is described in subsection H5.3), material out of which the pyramid is made, and also from the height of placement of the container with water in the pyramid and from the shape, dimension, and material of this container. Thus, during the implementation of telekinetic farming based on water that is telekinetised in focal point of pyramids, all these parameters may play vital roles. In case of their wrong selection, instead of stimulation of growth of vegetation, a given pyramid may cause completely reversed effect. Therefore, before one implements the telekinetic farming, it is necessary to complete appropriate trials and experiments, in which pyramids of various shapes, dimensions, and various containers for water, are used.
Already at the present stage of research it can be predicted, that a regular Egyptian pyramid, probably turns out to be less useful for productive versions of telekinetic farming, than stepped American pyramid. (Although, because of being easier to build, Egyptian pyramid may be better suited for experimenting.) Regular pyramids concentrate along their central axis an entire spectrum of telepathic vibrations, including into this number also the destructive vibrations by radiesthesia called "negative green" (in Egyptian pyramids the presence of these "negative green" vibrations was detected with experimental means). In turn "negative green" almost for sure is going to exert harmful effect on living organisms. In turn stepped American pyramids, through utilising the breaks in their dimensions, cut out from the spectrum of vibrations being concentrated in their focal point, these ones which are carriers of "negative green". The action of their stepped walls boils down to concentrating in the focal point only selected fragments of telepathic spectrum (means not the entire spectrum as this is the case with the regular Egyptian pyramid). Thus, if their designer selected appropriately position and dimensions of their steps in side walls, then just these harmful vibrations from the area of "negative green" are subjected to being "cut out" and eliminated from the spectrum. My personal believe is that the main reason why American pyramids were build as stepped ones (i.e. were build in a manner that they "cut out" the "negative green" from their spectrum), is that they were constructed especially for needs of the telekinetic farming (see previous descriptions of pyramids of Tiwanaku empire). This in turn means, that their design was carried out by someone who exactly knew what is doing (i.e. they were NOT designed by primitive Indians - as the present orthodox science claims it). In turn Egyptian pyramids were build mainly for the purpose of telepathic communication (i.e. NOT for the telekinetic farming - see descriptions from chapter D of treatise [7/2]). Therefore, they do not required steps.
In case one decides to undertake attempts to build an American pyramid for experiments with the telekinetic farming, I would recommend the following procedure of actions. (1) Find in a book, or a journal, a photograph of such stepped American pyramid (the best one would be the "pyramid of water" from Tiwanaku empire, about which it is known for sure, that is was used for telekinetising agricultural water; but for the lack of this one, any other stepped American pyramid should do; for scientific reason it would be beneficial to notice all its dimensions and data). (2) Find out dimensions of this pyramid from the text that accompanies this photograph. (3) Exactly measure from the photograph the dimensional proportions of this pyramid. (4) Build a model of this pyramid in one of scales listed below, which (the model) is going to exactly reflect proportions of all its dimensions. The final success of this construction will depend from fulfilling at least two conditions: (a) accuracy in which shape/steps of the model are going to copy the shape and proportions of the real Tiwanaku pyramid, and (b) harmonic ratio of the dimensions of the model to the dimensions of the original pyramid from Tiwanaku. The fulfilment of condition (b) may turn a bit tricky, as today it is not known exactly what ratio of dimensions turns out to be harmonic for telepathic waves. The knowledge to-date about waves and vibrations states that "harmonic" is the one that can be described by proportions of a binary sequence, i.e. when the decrease (or increase) amounts to e.g. 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, etc. But from my latest observations it seems to stem, that this is not a complete truth, but only a rough approximation. For example in "Swiss grid" (described in subsection H5.3) the double thickness have each second ripple, but then the thicker is every seventh (not every eight) ripple - this is probably the reason for beliefs of sailors, that each seventh wave is much more powerful from all others. However, for the initial experiments, the construction of the model of American pyramid in a binary proportion should initially be a sufficiently exact approximation. If later it is established experimentally, that vegetation watered with water from such a pyramid are dying instead of growing faster, this will be an indication, that probably the ratio of dimensions is not right and that instead of cutting out the "negative green", a given pyramid actually cuts off the vibrations that are beneficial for the growth. In such a case, of course, it is recommended to build another pyramid - this time with a slightly different ratio of dimensions.
In experimenting on pyramid of large dimensions, one of the vital aspects is to position them correctly. I would recommend to try to position them exactly in the centre of a cell of "Swiss grid" described in subsection H5.3. According to my research to-date, pyramids reflect (resonate) with their side walls the stationary telepathic waves, the picks of which are forming this Swiss grid. Furthermore, two side walls of such a pyramid should coincide with the direction of geographic North-South, because in such a case they are going to be perpendicular to the latitudinal components of the vibration of this Swiss grid.
During experimenting with American pyramid, it would be a good idea to use at least three sets of identical vegetation and soil. One of them would serve for comparisons - for judging the effects of telekinetic farming. Therefore it would be watered with an ordinary water (means with water which is NOT telekinetised). The second would be watered with the telekinetised water that originates from the Egyptian pyramid. Only the third set of identical vegetation that grows on identical soil, would be watered with telekinetised water that originates from the investigated American pyramid.
Unfortunately, our physical world is somehow so designed, that everything that in given conditions is desirable and represents an advantage, simultaneously in different conditions it is undesirable and represents a drawbacks. This special operation of physical world is agreeable with the fundamental moral law, which I called the "law of double-sided sword" - see subsection I4.1.1 of this monograph. The best illustration of this law is an ancient legend about the king Midas, who was changing into gold everything that he touched, including into this also the food that he tried to eat. According to this law, in the universe does not exist anything that would have only positive or only negative action. The sum of positive and negative consequences of every event is always zero. Thus also the ability of telekinetic farming to induce the accelerated growth, bring health, or induce an accelerated fertility, according to this law in some circumstances must of course become highly undesirable, or even dangerous. In order to save us unnecessary problems and worries, already at this stage of the development of telekinetic farming we should bear in mind the action of this "law of double-sided sword", and should try to identify/emphasize the most obvious sources of potential problems that may stem from the biological activeness of the telekinetic field. Of course, at the present stage it is possible to indicate only where sources of such potential problems are hiding, although without the completion of appropriate quantitative research, it is impossible to determine how big the total influence of these problems is going to be. Such quantitative research are rather difficult, and thus they were not entirely completed for even the most known methods of increase of efficiency of farming, such as the use of pesticides, mineral fertilisers, growth hormones, or recently the genetic engineering objected so strongly. For example, even in relation to the chemicals and mineral fertilisers longest used on Earth, still no-one actually fully identified and quantified all the negative consequences that they have for consumers. Therefore, in spite that the explanations provided below, at the first glance may look rather serious, the sum of undesirable consequences of the action of telekinetic field, in the quantitative sense almost for certain will turn out to be significantly lower than the negative consequences of e.g. the use of pesticides, growth hormones, or genetic modifications. 
Probably the most vital one, out of all potential problems of the telekinetic farming, is that the food products that are yield from this farming, are going to be saturated with the biologically active telekinetic field for certain period of time since the harvest is done. Therefore such food products should NOT be given for consumption e.g. to children and young people that currently are still growing, as well as to pregnant women. They can be given to people who are still growing only after the period of time, when the telekinetic field that is frozen in them, reached the required level of extinguishing, according to the curve of half-life. Because without carrying out appropriate research, presently it is not known after what time the required level of diminishing of this field is reached, during the first trials and experiments with this farming we should completely refry from giving the telekinetised products to children and to youngsters for consumption. There is several reasons for which it is desirable to avoid giving the telekinetically saturated food to children. Let us discuss here these out of them, which at the present level of knowledge could already be identified.
#A. Uncontrolled growth. This is a most important reason for avoiding exposure of children and pregnant woman to food saturated with a telekinetic field. Although such a field probably would not be able to cause, that children would grow to the height of 5-meter tall human giants described in subsections JG9.3 and W4 of this monograph, or in subsection C7.1 of monograph [5/3], almost every over-average increase of height could turn into a source of problems and life inconveniences. Especially that in case when telekinetised food was consumed for a longer period of time, their changes of height could be written into the genetic code (i.e. their children could also later reach a similar height, even if they would not eat a telekinetised food).
#B. Folk beliefs. A next field of possible negative influence of telekinetised food on children results from a popular folk belief, that the accelerated growth of body is occurring at the cost of development of mind. (An expression of this belief are popular sayings of a type of English "all brawn and no brain" or Polish "zdrowe ciele w zdrowym ciele" - meaning "a big body hosts a big cow"; the Polish folklore tries to state with this saying that the "bodies that are as big as these of cows are inhabited by small minds like these in cows"). If one day it turns out that this folk belief is supported by facts, then giving telekinetised food to children could cause their faster physical growth at the cost of intellectual attributes.
#C. Reverse of tendencies. A next undesirable effect of long-term exposure to the action of telekinetic field, is the ability of this field to reverse the normal direction of changes of "along the line of least resistance" into the direction "opposite to the line of least resistance". It is especially undesirable, if this ability is related to various sexual attributes. Independently from many desirable effects of such a reversal, such as return of health, vigour, or vitality, some its aspects may not be desired. For example this field may cause in both sexes the reversal of their instinctive behaviours, i.e. women who are subjected to it, may start to behave like males, while men - like females. (These reversed behaviours, written permanently into genetic system of legendary New Zealand giants described in subsections C7.1 of monographs [5/3] and [5/4], most probably were responsible for their gradual extinction. Perhaps the action of these behaviours hides behind very low birth ratio in countries with high level of saturation of the environment with telekinetic field, e.g. caused by the intensive use of electric appliances in households.)
Other example of undesirable consequences of this reversed action of telekinetic field on sexual attributes, can be the ability to increase fertility. In case of sexually active women, who do not want to have too much children, probably it is desirable for them to keep far from the exposure to this field - including refrying from eating the telekinetised food.
The above list of potential problems with telekinetised food should also serve as a warning against exposing ourselves, or our children, to processes similar to those that are occurring in the telekinetic farming. Unfortunately, some literature recommends meditations, or even sleeping, inside of pyramids, while on the West many people build small pyramids in their gardens, some of them even designing their houses into this shape. But this does not means, that subjecting ourselves to doses of concentrated telepathic vibrations is always desirable. After all, the Chinese concept of "feng schui" warns that sometimes the influence of such vibrations is highly damaging - see the end of subsection H7.1. Perhaps the growth of physical force and athletic build up, that are going to be stimulated by the telekinetic field, combined with the present lack of detection of telekinetised food in a manner similar to the detection of e.g. steroids in this food, could also incline some people to experiment with this field on themselves. However, as this is revealed by the content of this monograph, especially content of subsections H6.1 and KB3, in the telekinetic field much more secrets hides than we are able to imagine today. Therefore, much safer is to wait with subjecting people to it, until appropriate experiments and tests are completed.
At the end of this subsection it should be added, that various experiments with pyramids were carried out by numerous people. Also many researchers analysed secrets of Tiwanaku empire. A lot of people sees landings of UFO vehicles (usually without noticing them). Unfortunately, the lack of the knowledge about mechanism and consequences of telekinetic phenomena in these people, and their lack of knowledge about the telekinetic field induced with telepathic waves, makes impossible for them to notice the most important aspect, to correctly interpret the results that they receive, and to derive the useful conclusions for the future. Thus, actually I am the first person who noticed, realised, understood, developed, and now is disseminating the idea of telekinetic farming described here. As such I reserve the intellectual property of this idea, and all consequences that result from it (e.g. see the moral obligation described in subsection AB3 of this monograph.
The idea of telekinetic farming that is presented in this subsection, has also many applications outside of farming. Let us list here some representative examples of these applications.
#1. Mass mutations of living organisms. Telekinetic farming explains exactly why in the history of Earth to-date, on specific areas rapidly mass mutations of living organisms appeared, the height and weight of which many times exceeded the height and weight of relatives of these organisms. Present orthodox science is unable to explain satisfactorily the reasons for such rapid mass mutations, because these are contradictive to our knowledge about the genetic system. In turn telekinetic farming explains them as an effect of temporary telekinetisation of the natural environment in which these organisms lived, and the break in their genetic code caused by this telekinetisation - see subsection JE9.3 /?/. This telekinetisation in turn could be caused by a rapid acceleration of Earth's magnetic field, triggered - let us say, due to the dislocation of magnetic poles. An example of mutations of huge living organisms that were caused in such a manner, is the appearance of a super-bird "Moa" in New Zealand, explained in subsection C7 of monographs [5/3] and [5/4].
#2. Differences in national characteristics. Another example of non-agricultural significance of telekinetic farming, is the ability of it to explain differences in national characteristics in countries that have very similar cultural roots (e.g. in New Zealand and in Australia). These differences, amongst others, could be caused by a different level of background saturation of the environment of these countries with the telekinetic field. This
would explain for example why the national attribute of New Zealanders is much higher than in any other place caution about natural environment, the elimination of cruelty towards animals, exceptional care assigned to criminals (frequently exceeding many times the care for victims of these criminals, and the care for law obeying citizens), the lack of approval for corporal punishment for even the most spoiled brats, etc.
#3. Similarities of attributes of non-related countrymen. A next example would be the explanation for the fact that similar national characteristics appear in non-related people that inhabit the same territory, in spite that their genetic system originates from different sources (i.e. from different races or countries). For example, all people who for a longer time live on the territory of Poland, are showing a higher than usual level of heroism, while all people who live for a longer time in Switzerland, show higher than usual feeling for precision and for technical capabilities. Some national attributes can originate not from a genetical system of people, but from a type and characteristics of the background telekinetic field that dominates in a given country. In turn this telekinetic field can be caused by the natural telepathic vibrations that are characteristic for the geographic location of a given country, for its topography, distance from magnetic poles, vegetation, mineral composition, level of watering, etc. - see descriptions of telepathic vibrations provided in subsection H7.1, descriptions of "Swiss grid" from subsection H5.3, and explanation for the mechanism of telekinetisation from subsection H8.1.
The readers who are especially interested in the topic of telekinetic farming, are recommended to additionally study publications that are concerning the telekinetic effect and telepathic waves, especially monographs [5/3], [6], and [1/3], treatises [7/2] and [7]. They reveal further aspects of biological consequences of the telekinetic field action, that were not elaborated here.

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