I4.3. Intelligent moral energy
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I4.3. Intelligent moral energy

Moral energy is the intelligent form of energy which is either generated in our counter- body, or is reduced in this counter-body, during our motion within the range of moral field. Moral energy differs from physical energy or life energy by having intelligence. (As we know, physical energy is "stupid".) Therefore moral energy completes our mental orders, obeys moral laws, etc. This energy is discussed in details in subsections JA1, JA5 to JA7, and JB3.3. But the best understanding of its nature one accomplishes after reading subsection I5.5, which describes the mechanism of our feelings.
From the point of view of intellects, intelligent moral energy is the "life-giving fluid", which decides about the entire well-being of this intellect (see subsection JD1.6.3 /?/).

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