W5. Let us speculate about the future
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W5. Let us speculate about the future

In spite that our present orthodox science is not recognising officially the possibility of time travel, actually we are continually bombarded with the information regarding our future. If we consider this thoroughly, the majority of prophecies, visions, fortunetelling, interpretation of dreams, foreseeing, cases of déjavu, etc., are nothing else, but various versions of our insights into the future. In order to be even more funny, in spite that many people treat all these events as the folk drivel, and officially deny their merit, actually the majority of incoming events foretelling, that is obtained in this manner, in the final count always turns out to be correct. Only that, in order to recognise the actual correctness of the foretelling on a given topic, usually it is necessary to analyse the events that concern it, only after they took the place (i.e. before the events take place, and also during they are occurring, people usually have no the ability to notice and to recognise their link with prophecies). So how, according to totalizm, we should treat these "insights into the future"? Should we ignore them, or take them seriously? What they state about totalizm? The goal of this chapter is to provide an answer to these, and to similar, questions.
Totalizm teaches, that we should pay attention to various information sources about our future, including into this also all prophecies. After all, this advanced information performs the significant role as one of the components of the universal justice - see explanations in subsection JB7.4. This justice requires, that in some cases victims of the universal justice should receive earlier warnings and time for a chance to change their behaviour. Only that, in order to not remove their “free will”, these warnings about the future must take the unclear form, which introduces the element of uncertainty about what they state (means these warnings must obey the "canon of ambiguity" described in subsection JB7.4). Thus, instead of treating all prophecies as someone's senseless drivel, we rather should accept them as a kind of intellectual challenge, and try to read directives which are coded into them.
From almost every information about the future, a picture emerges that what happens currently on Earth, is the most decisive stage in the fate of humanity. Thus in spite, that the changes that we observe around us, may look innocently - just someone "talks" and a next set of troubles for ordinary people generated by politicians, actually on our sight a powerful wave of energy is gradually piled up, which in not too distant future is going to wash away the present order of our world. As this is foretold to us for a long time, soon our planet is going to be shaken by a next decisive transformation. This transformation in various sources is called differently. But all these prophecies state, that it is mainly going to boil down to changes in the philosophy of people.
Probably the most commonly known old Polish prophecy which foretells the massive transformation of humanity that is just coming, is the prophecy which states that "the spark is to emerge from Poland". This particular prophecy directly links incoming transformations in people's views of the world with something that eventuates in Poland - as I believe with the raise of the philosophy of totalizm. This direct link between the old prophecy and the new philosophy of totalizm can be deducted from the use of words in this prophecy. Namely, the prophecy uses the word "spark", not for example the word "leader", or "defender", or "liberator", or "hurricane", or "horse", or "ship", etc. In turn we know that a "spark" is always an igniter and a seed for a "flame" and for "light". On the other hand "flame" and "light" are always associated with knowledge and intellectual "enlightenment" - means with a better, newer, more true and more correct view of the world. This is why the expression "a spark is to emerge from Poland" is referring to the seed of revolutionary changes in philosophies, sciences, and religions of the entire humanity, that are just coming to the Earth. So this prophecy perfectly fits in the role that is performed by "totalizm" described in this monograph, as well as it well matches the role that is performed by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained in volumes 4 and 5 of this monograph. As an example of these believes in the prophecy that "the spark is to emerge from Poland" see following words that express the essence of this prophecy (in my free translation to English): "for the astonishment of all nations of the world, from Poland is to emerge the hope of tormented humanity" (in the original Polish wording: "ku zdumieniu wszystkich narodów świata z Polski wyjdzie nadzieja udręczonej ludzkości") - repeated from page 29 of the book [1W5] by Jan Kwaśniewski, Marek Chyliński, "Dieta Optymalna", second edition, Prasa Śląska, Katowice, Poland, 1997.
This old Polish prophecy, that "the spark emerges from Poland" is NOT the only prophecy which seems to support the breakthrough significance of ideas outlined in this monograph. Another such a prophecy, which also may have significance to what this monograph is presenting, is the old Polish prophecy stating that "Firstly a Polish pope will come, then a black pope will come, while after the black pope the end of Christianity is to take place" - see Figure W3 below. After all, this old Polish prophecy did NOT claim that people completely loose interest in God, but claimed, that the religions to-date are to be replaced by something completely different and new. In turn this monograph actually offers such something new - namely it offers that the believing in God is to replaced by the knowledge of God. Means it allows to replace religions by a kind of scientific discipline which is to research God with the use of scientific methods – as this is explained in subsection A1.1 from volume 1 of this monograph. About benefits of such a replacement of religions by a scientific discipline I do not need to write here. After all, we all know that e.g. a scientific discipline never started a war, but the history knows a lot of wars started by religions.

=> Figure W1a, W1b

Fig. W1.
UFO landing sites under my windows. This illustration presents photographs of UFO landing sites that were left under my windows, by UFO vehicles that constantly watch my every single movement.

a) The rhomboidal scorching of grass that originates from the inner chamber of the main propulsor of a K6 type UFO. It was left under windows of my flat on 13 Princess Street, Timaru, New Zealand. This photograph was taken on 10 February 2001, but then the landing was already several months old. Both diagonal axes of this rhomb were around 46x72 cm. The long axis (72 cm) was oriented in a magnetic North-South direction, while the short axis (46 cm) was oriented in an East-West direction. This means that the square outlet from the inner chamber in the main propulsor of UFOs type K6 has the side dimension equal to around a=46 cm. (This dimension is also confirmed by the square scorching with the side dimension around a=46 cm, which I found in 1992 in the centre of a K6 UFO landing from Alford Forest near Ashburton – I described this UFO landing in subsection VB4.3.1. /?/) But when the above K6 UFO hovered above my flat in Timaru, the main propulsor was slated at the angle of almost 45 degrees in a North-South direction in relationship to the ground level (My bedroom was around 10 meters to the North from this scorched mark.) This is why the scorched mark is rhomboidal, not square.

b) Numerous landing sites scorched by UFOs under windows of my flat at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 1992 to 1996. While staying in Kuala Lumpur I was seeking UFO landing sites in every place where I expected these vehicles could land. But so many of them, and so clearly scorched, appeared only under my widows. It seems that in Kuala Lumpur I was constantly being watched by an entire fleet of UFOs. Although I managed to locate several further such landings in other areas of Kuala Lumpur, these further UFO landings were only from individual vehicles, and in all cases not so clearly marked as these from under my own windows. (Note that unclear scorching of UFO landing sites certifies for very short stopping of UFO vehicles.)

=> Figure W2a, W2b

Fig. W2:
Details of the central "Cathedral Square" in Christchurch, New Zealand (locally called just "Square"). In 1999 this square was completely renewed and paved with beautiful (and rather expensive) "tiles of Jesus", in order to prepare it for the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch. It was believed that after the arrival to Christchurch in fire and lightning flashes, Second Jesus is going to have a holy mass on this square for people from surrounding areas. In addition to this central "Square", in that year a huge roofed swimming pool was prepared for the arrival of Second Jesus (because it was believed that Second Jesus will carry out numerous christenings in this pool), and a road from Timaru was modernised - because it was believed that Second Jesus is going to arrive triumphal by this road.

Unfortunately, the majority of people is unaware of the existence and action of the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - described, amongst others, in subsection JG1.2 /?/ from volume 6 /? chapter JG = volume 8 ?/ of this monograph (and also in subsection B7.2 /?/ from volume 2 of this monograph, as well as in item #B9 of the web page “God”). Therefore, these people are unable to realise, that even if Second Jesus had to His disposal all powers of God, still He would obey this "canon of ambiguity" - means He would act humbly and privately (like every other person). Thus, even if Second Jesus really visited Christchurch in 1999, He still arrived there exactly as the Bible foretold this to us - means humbly and unrecognised "like a thief" (see Bible, 2 Peter 3:10). In turn, if in 1999 Second Jesus arrived to Christchurch "like a thief", then through inhabitants of Christchurch He again gave the humanity exactly the same lesson, which 2000 years earlier Jesus gave people via inhabitants of Israel. (As it is known, Israelites until today await for the prophesised Messiah, because Jesus who was sent to them by God over 2000 years ago, and whom they crucified instead of welcoming, still they consider to be too humble and too "human" to be the Messiah that was foretold for them.)

Fig. W2a: The appearance of the central "Cathedral Square" from Christchurch in New Zealand. Visible are "tiles of Jesus" with which this square is paved. Also visible is "marihuana joint" which was erected later to divert the attention of people from these famous "tiles of Jesus". At the left edge of this photo is visible a section of the old Cathedral from Christchurch (in stone masonry), by the entrance of which an altar was to be erected from which Second Jesus would conduct His holy mass. If you (the reader) ever arrive to Christchurch, perhaps just in case you should take a photograph on this "Square". After all, there is no other place in the world which would be confirmed with a divine revelation experienced by a crowd of people, that it is going to be visited by Second Jesus. So practically the above square today is of what 2000 years ago was Jerusalem.

Fig. W2b: Close up of beautiful (and expensive) "tiles of Jesus" with which the central square of Christchurch was paved to be prepared for the arrival of Second Jesus to this city. Many inhabitants of Christchurch presently would like to get rid of these tiles from their city, but they cost too much to be simply ripped off and thrown to rubbish. For more information about these tiles and their noisy persecution - see items #84 and #94 from subsection A4 in volume 1 of monograph [1/4].

Prophecies about the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch in 1999, as well as fate of tiles of Jesus shown here, are also discussed in #84 and #94 from subsection L4 above in this volume.

=> Figure W3

Fig. W3.
The head of a black person of an African from the coat of arms of Ratzinger. This coat of arms, adopted by the 265th pope, Benedict XVI, illustrates that perhaps on our eyes the old Polish prophecy fulfills stating that "Firstly a Polish pope will come, then a black pope will come, while after the black pope the end of Christianity is to take place". After all, the 264-th pope was the Polish pope, John Paul the Second, while after him come the pope with the head of a black person in the coat of arms. I wonder whether this head is the prophesizing indication from God? After all, prophecy not always must spell the matter literally – is it possible that God coded it discretely into the coat of arms of the present pope? More information about this old Polish prophecy is provided on the totaliztic web page named “Prophecies”.

The above coat of arms may also have prophesizing significance for the content of this monograph – as this is explained in subsection W5 above. After all, this "end of Christianity" in past was interpreted in the understanding of a "beginning of something new" - means as a kind of drastic philosophical transformation of religious institutions, not as a disappearance of faith in God and the fall down of religions. It means that it supposed to be only an end of the old era of "believing in God" linked with a simultaneous initiation of a new era of "knowledge about God". In turn such a "beginning of new" would already took place if in the beliefs of people occurred three small transformations, for example (1) religions would adopt new scientific foundations of the kind of these ones that are provided to them by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which scientifically described God in a manner that remains consistent with the Bible and with other holy books (means which is NOT contradictive to Christianity, although which provides different interpretations of holy books than interpretations developed by Christianity thousands of years ago and thus not agreeable with modern knowledge concerning the "liquid computer" means "counter-matter", or "word" in meaning of "information" or a "program", etc. - for examples of such descriptions of God see volumes 5 and 6 from this monograph), (2) religions would start to accept the rights of God to differentiate His manifestations in every separate culture, and (3) the present celibate and preference of males would be abandoned by priests and religious institutions. Although from the point of view of their character such changes are purely "cosmetic in nature", from the point of view of their consequences these changes would turn to be revolutionary. For example, all religions would cease to be separate religions, and would begin to be united form of dissemination the knowledge about God and facilitation closeness to God, present religions would become kinds of scientific disciplines, etc.

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