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Motto of this chapter: "If something very evil happens to you, or to any other person, you can be sure that the most primary reason for this are the UFOnauts that occupy our planet. Thus do not waste your time and energy to determine whether UFOnauts have done it, but rather constructively establish how they accomplished it this time."

Although not always we are aware of this, our civilisation deeply entered an epoch of investigating the invisible. In our flats we have TV sets and radio receivers, which transform the invisible electromagnetic waves into the visible pictures and sounds. At work we use computers, which the invisible states of matter turn into working algorithms and logical results from programs. In communication and automation we use electronic devices, which invisible movements of electrons transform into the intended actions and effects. Etc., etc. The problem, however, with this epoch is that in order to learn comprehensively about the invisible and about undetectable to our senses, we are forced to increasingly depend on the power of our minds and logic, not on our senses or feelings. After all, in learning about the invisible, our senses and feelings become useless. Unfortunately, our practices are rather resistant to all attempts of relaying on logic more than on senses. In the cases of especially destructive and purposely deceitful invisible, this turns for us to be very fatal in consequences.

Amongst countless kinds of invisible, which surround us from all sides, and about which we should try to quickly learn for our own good, one kind purposely deceives us and intelligently tries to avoid our detection. This deceitful invisible, are intelligent parasites of humanity, who in spite of their high technological advancement, in the area of morality have deeply slipped down into the claws of evil parasitism. (This parasitic philosophy was already discussed in chapter OA - especially in subsections OA8 and OA9.) Because they adhere to a very degenerated philosophy, they are not able to live without slaves, who complete all works for them. Thus from the beginning of times they occupy Earth, and rob Earthlings from biological resources, which then they use to sustain their parasitic civilisation. Therefore at nights they abduct people onto their UFO vehicles, and over there they extract sperm from men and rob ovule from women. After an artificial insemination of these robbed human ovule with the extracted sperm, they then run an industrial production of a kind of genetically improved offspring of people, which they call "biorobots". These biorobots are then used on their planets to do almost all kinds of work. The parasites also rob people from everything that we have the most precious. In order to make impossible for people to realize that the humanity is constantly occupied and robbed, according to a classical model of operation of evil parasites they constantly push our civilisation down. They accomplish this pushing us down through murdering our best minds, spreading immorality, encouraging lawlessness and terrorism, instigating wars and catastrophes on Earth, and constantly committing the atrocities that one cannot even imagine.

These invisible occupants, which parasite on people, are UFOnauts. UFOnauts belong to the same evolutionary family as people from Earth. After all both, them and us, originate from the same planet called "Terra" - see the origin of humanity described in subsection V3. Thus it can be stated, that UFOnauts are people - as ourselves, or more strictly our close relatives, only that living on different star systems - as this is explained more exactly in the further parts of this chapter. They are similarly physical as we do, and have almost the same anatomy. Thus they can mix with people on street remaining unrecognised, and also can spread terror or propaganda amongst the unsuspected naive. However, as a civilisation, they are more technically advanced from us by around 600 million years. They were already on Earth before any life began here - see the imprint of their shoe shown in Figure V3 which is around 550 million years old. Thus they had enough time to learn perfectly how to deceive us. For example, when they abduct people to their UFO vehicles, in order to rob these abductees from the sperm and ovule, they make impossible to recognize them as relatives of humanity by putting on specially prepared slanted-eye masks and "cosmic" costumes. Their high technical advancement causes that they already mastered the technology of so-called "telekinetic flickering". This flickering is a very fast switching between the material state - that we already know well, and an invisible state - that our civilisation does not know yet well, although it is described in subsection LC2 of this monograph. (In this invisible state, which occurs during every telekinetic motion, the human body, and also every other material object, turns into an invisible for eyes concentration of energy.) Due to this technology, at every wish UFOnauts can become invisible to the human eyes, similarly as invisible for human eyes is the motion of subsequent frames in a motion picture from cinemas, or is a fast spinning propeller in an aeroplane. In spite of this invisibility, they can themselves perfectly see us and hear every sound that we produce. Only recently people started to notice this invisible presence of UFOnauts on Earth, although various sources are warning us about them for thousands of years. These sources present our invisible occupants as very immoral and deviated beings with evil habits, which are capable of doing the worst perversion, and also are capable of any possible "magical" tricks. Just a few names that our ancestors used to attribute to them, out of the countless multitude of their names, include: wizards and witches, hags, sorceress, magicians, dervish, devils and spooks, demons and demoness, gods and goddesses, succubes and incubes, mares, gnomes, dzins, fairies, pixies, brownies, elves, nymphs, sirens, gremlins, goblins, etc.

In order to learn the most elementary information about evil parasites from UFO, I was forced to go through a long and painful path. The most important milestones of this path I described in subsection W4 from volume 18 of the monograph. The basic reason why the accumulation of our knowledge about UFOs is so difficult and so painful, turns out to be the fact that UFOs themselves intensively obstruct our learning the truth about them. Of course now this become understandable - after all, they adhere to the philosophy called "evil parasitism" (which, by the way, was possible to be identified and described only because of my research on UFOs). This obstructing does not finish on me. As long as UFOnauts are going to stay on Earth and to occupy us, everyone who is going to carry out any rational research on them, is also going to meet enormous obstacles and cunning ways of deceiving. There is also a second quite important reason, why the accumulation of our knowledge about UFOs is so difficult and so painful. It is the false understanding of the idea of "development", which our orthodox science to-date disseminated amongst people. The Earth's orthodox science wrongly believes that a civilisation can develop, or fall down, in one area only, namely in "science and technology". In turn totalizm discloses, that every civilisation can develop, or fall down, in two different areas, namely in (1) "science and technology", and in (2) "morality". If there is a civilisation, like that of evil parasites, which develops in the area (1) "science and technology", but which simultaneously decays in the area (2) "morality", the result is the technological power combined with moral decadency - means a situation which we can observe currently on Earth, and which is described in this volume. But because orthodox Earth's official science has no idea about the possibility of such a combination of the development and the fall down, this science is not able to recognize the truth about the present situation on Earth (after all, normal people are somehow build in such a manner, that they "can only notice these things that are already known to them"). Fortunately, currently we have put together the basic foundations of the knowledge about these evil parasites from space. Thus all that we need to do now, is to master this knowledge, to complement it with further facts, and to implement practically in our defence. As the result, perhaps we can free our suffering civilisation from the slavery that these deviated cosmic degenerates and oppressors keep us in.

Our minds typically are so pre-programmed telepathically by these oppressors from space, that disallow us to believe in the existence of UFOs. Thus, even if we actually see a UFO vehicle, or an UFOnaut, we still do not accept this fact, and then we fast forget about it. Typically we also do not have the required knowledge about the technical capabilities of UFOs and UFOnauts. For example, we do not know that due to the "telekinetic flickering" a UFO vehicle is capable to become invisible to the human sight, and that it is capable to unnoticeably penetrate through walls of our houses straight into our flats or bedrooms. Also the philosophy which our minds are adhering to initially does not allow to even consider the possibility, that technically highly advanced UFOnauts, could simultaneously be so morally decadent, that without a blinking of an eye they can parasite on our planet and rob people from everything that humans have precious. In addition to this, even if we accept the existence of parasitic UFOnauts, and accept their bad intension, we still have difficulties with accepting that they are our close relatives, who look and behave exactly like us, who even can speak our language, and who were born on a different planet and adhere to the philosophy of evil parasitism. After all, even if we could accept the fact that evil aliens do exist, still someone managed to make us to believe, that they must look extremely ugly, and they must differ from us in every possible aspect. This chapter is to provide initial information and evidence, that the truth is totally different than we believe, and that the reality exactly corresponds to the picture, which due to the deceiving manipulations of UFOnauts themselves, so far seemed to be completely unacceptable for us. This chapter actually started in volume 13 from the illustrative revealing in subsection OC1, that the exploitation of less developed civilisations is a fully "natural" consequence of slipping down of a given civilisation into the claws of institutional parasitism. Then this chapter lists and explains these empirical phenomena and evidence, which prove that a given civilisation (e.g. currently our - human) is in fact occupied by a technically advanced, but morally decadent, civilisation of evil parasites from the space. Then this chapter illustrates with empirical examples that our own civilisation actually shows all signs of being occupied and exploited by such invisible evil parasites from UFOs. Finally this chapter describes aliens, who occupy us and who parasite on us. Amongst others, the matter of our defence is also addressed.

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