NG5.2. The method of "stick and carrot"
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NG5.2. The method of "stick and carrot"

Another method of control over the fate of living creatures, that is commonly used by God, can be called the method of "a carrot and a stick". In this method God utilizes two systems of rewards and punishments, namely (1) obviously noticeable rewards and punishments – which giving to someone is immediately obvious and well noticeable for everyone, and (2) the system of well hidden rewards and punishments – which noticing requires patience, long-term watching, logical thinking, life experience, etc. With the use of these two systems of rewards and punishments God promotes amongst people the behaviour which just God wishes to research – and thus wishes to promote amongst people. For example, the behaviour which God does NOT wish to promote in given times, God punishes in an obvious and well-visible manner – means for it God hits people with a big "stick" with ever increased force, and for as long until people start to notice that a given behaviour is promoted. In turn these behaviour which God wants to promote in given times, He rewards in an obvious and well visible manner, means God gives a "carrot" for it. In this method of "stick and carrot" hugely important is what God uses for a ”stick” and for a ”carrot”. For example, a “stick” typically is all kinds of evil which is simulated by God, and thus over which God has a full control. (This is why God “simulates” the existence of ”devils” and “UFOnauts” described in chapter NJ of this volume.) In turn a “carrot” in our times typically are intangible rewards, such as peaceful life, happy family, good neighbours, the lack of life problems, etc. Means, in present times God avoids giving a “carrot” in the form of whatever people typically consider to be a ”reward”, for example avoids giving material goods, prosperity, income, money, etc.
In present times, when - according to what explains subsection NF6 of this volume, God carries out on the Earth ”experiments with evilness and its consequences”, in return for someone’s correct morally behaviour God give to people obvious and well-visible punishments. Simultaneously, the same morally acting people receive from God well hidden and intangible rewards. In turn every behaviour which is immoral in present times is rewarded by God in a visible and obvious manner. Simultaneously, this immoral behaviour is secretly and in a hidden manner punished with the use of intangible and well hidden punishments. An excellent example of just such a system of punishment and rewarding by God are fates of Englishman from Titanic that stood politely in queues to the lifeboats – as this is described in subsection NK2 from this volume. Of course, the present system of obvious rewarding immorality and obvious punishing morality is NOT used by God since the beginning of times. In the initial stage of existence of humanity God used obvious punishments for immorality and obvious rewarding morality. Their examples are biblical descriptions of fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Great Deluge, Adam’s Apple, etc.

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