I4.1.2. Regularities and characteristics detectable in moral laws
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I4.1.2. Regularities and characteristics detectable in moral laws

Previous subsection listed moral laws that were identified so-far. For these readers, who already accepted the existence and operation of moral laws, the next important step is to learn basic regularities and attributes which characterize them, as well as to learn major differences between moral laws and laws of physics. Although these regularities and attributes are stemming directly from the deductions presented in previous subsections, for the better understanding of moral laws they require to be summarized and emphasized separately. Here they are:
#1. Moral laws are superior towards laws of physics. Their superiority results from the fact that the intelligent counter-world, in which these laws prevail, is superior in relationship to the physical world, in which laws of physics prevail. Practically this has the consequence, that moral laws are capable to rule the laws of physics and to trigger their operation. In order to use here some illustrative example, if - let say, two people during a duel in an identical manner release the action of laws of physics (i.e. they both press the triggers of their pistols the same precisely), the outcome of the duel is going to depend on the action of moral laws relating to people who are taking this duel (e.g. whose karma would not be able to fulfill if he was killed in this duel). This superiority of moral laws over laws of physics is so important, that in itself it represents one of the important moral laws listed in the previous subsection.
#2. There is a high symmetry between moral laws and laws of physics. Our universe is highly symmetrical. This symmetry also extends to mutual relationship between moral laws and laws of physics. As we already noted this in previous subsection, actually every law of physics is an equivalent of appropriate moral law, and vice versa. Only that moral laws are relating to the conditions of moral field and counter-matter, instead of relating to conditions gravity field and the world of matter.
Of course, by knowing about this symmetry, we can utilize it practically. For example, as this is already explained at the beginning of subsection I4.1.1, there is a possibility to learn new moral laws by just translating physical terminology from physical laws, into moral terminology used in moral laws. But we must also remember that there are various differences between both worlds in which both groups of these laws prevail. These differences one needs to take under account during such translation. The most important of these is the reversal of equivalents. The intelligent counter-world and the dumb physical world are reflecting each other on the principle of "reversed mirror images", not just by copying directly each other. This means, for example, that attraction from the physical world must be replaced by repulsion in the counter-world, and vice versa (thus in moral laws, like attract each other while unlike repel each other; while in physical laws like repels, and unlike attracts). Furthermore, every property must be reversed. For example physical inertia is replaced in the counter-world by self-mobility, weight - is replaced by weightlessness, stupidity - is replaced by intelligence. Finally, whatever in our world absorbs, the same in the counter-world must emit, and vice versa. For example, objects which in our world absorb light and thus are dark, in the counter-world emit light and thus glow, and vice versa.
#3. Moral laws guarantee leaving records of every action. Our universe is organized on purpose in such an intelligent manner, that every action of any possible law always leaves traces after it is completed. For this reason no activity can be carried out in complete secrecy, and it is possible to restore the course of every set of events. This general rule of "leaving traces" does not have any exception. Therefore also the action of moral laws lives appropriate traces, only that so far we had no idea what are these traces, and where to look for them. This monograph reveals two separate carriers of the traces of action of moral laws. These are: "karma" described in subsection I4.4, and "moral energy" described in subsection I4.3. Of course, it is my believe that there is much more such carriers of the traces, but it may take some time before we discover all of them. For example I am quite sure that there is also a natural carrier, which registers all changes to the natural elapse of time. Therefore, one day we will be able to discover what and why was changed in the course of events on Earth due to the introduction of technical changes to the natural elapse of time on our planet.
#4. Moral laws do not know "forgiveness". Therefore in relationship to every person they act "automatically" and in the exactly the same unavoidable manner. No-one can escape the effects of their action, no-one can count on "forgiveness" of his/her behavior, no-one is going to receive any preferential treatment, also no human being is able to release, change the course, or protect others from effects of these laws. The only situation, when the return of consequences of a given action can be suspended because of the action of these laws, thus which could be interpreted as "forgiveness", is the case when a given person forgiven previously someone else, and was appealing to the universal intellect to cancel for someone else the responsibility for harm that this someone else was causing. In such a case, according to the Boomerang Principle, also a return of the similar action can be annulated to this particular person. Although from the definition from subsection I3.6 behind the action of moral laws there is an omnipowerful intellect, the consequences of these laws are the same automatic, unavoidable, repetitive, and predictable, as consequences of starting a computer, or finding ourselves in the range of gravity field. The only difference is, that the effects of starting a computer or gravity pull usually can be noted immediately, while for the effects of operation of moral laws one needs to wait quite a substantial amount of time. (I.e. the returns from moral laws usually come only after the period of time which exceeds the range of short- term memory in people affected by these returns, so that such people usually forgotten in the meantime about their own actions, which caused given types of returns.)
#5. Differences in applicability of laws. There is a whole range of basic differences between the applicability of moral laws and the applicability of laws of physics. Let us summarize here the most important of these:
- Sphere of influence. Laws of physics rule the fate of physical objects. In turn moral laws rule the fate of intellects - including human intellects. From the above stems the recommendation regarding the most proper behavior in our life. It states that "we should learn to so utilize the laws of physics, which we know of, that they cause the possibly most beneficial fate of our body; and simultaneously we should learn to utilize the moral laws that are known to us, that they direct the fate of our intellect towards the course which is the most beneficial from the point of view of our wishes". Of course, the proper utilization of moral laws is only then possible, when one knows (in an aware or unaware manner) that they do exist and work in practice, and also when one knows the principles and procedures of using them in everyday life (i.e. when one knows "totalizm" described in chapters JA, JB and JC).
- Relationship to time. In the material world, in which laws of physics work, the elapse of time obliges. But in counter-world, in which moral laws work, time does not exist. Thus for laws of physics applies the rule of "time dependent causes and effects". This rule makes that in the physical matters causes and effects are always positioned towards each other in the chronological order (means the causes appear first, and the effects come later). For example, according to laws of the physical world, and along with content of subsection JB6.3 /?/, a person with a low level of moral energy most probably is going to be prone to illnesses of lungs, because the state of depression into which the low level of this energy puts such a person, inclines this person to breath incompletely, to sigh, and to produce other effects (or more strictly produce their lack) that strain his/her lungs. Thus the cause would be here the "low level of moral energy", while the time dependent effect would be an "illness of lungs". In turn for moral laws, because of the non-existence of the concept of time in the counter-world, this one-directional principle looses its validity. Therefore, in relationship to moral laws a different rule of "time independent cause and effect" obliges, in which the chronological order of events is not respected: i.e. where the effect is also the cause, and the cause is also the effect. Therefore, in everything, the outcome of which depends from the action of moral laws, there is a two-way relationship in which "cause rules the effect, but simultaneously effect rules the cause". Because, in the previous example of depression and the illness of lungs, someone's level of moral energy depends on the action of moral laws, thus also this two-way relationship applies to it. Therefore, for example, people who are depressed are going to be prone to illnesses of lungs, but also people whose lungs are ill, are going to be prone to depressions. In turn from this can result much more consequences. For example, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we can improve the state of health of our lungs both morally - by carrying out totaliztic good deeds, which are to eliminate the state of depression in us, and physically - by doing any possible actions (e.g. work, fast walks, or gymnastic exercises) which are to force us to deep breathing. Simultaneously these two prevention measures are going to be effective also for the low level of our moral energy, as well as for our tendency to fall into depressions. 
#6. The mechanism that executes the operation of moral laws is permanently build into us. Using the computer terminology "it is hard-wired into us". Thus we are not able to eliminate it from us, nor we can count that it is not going to work. The only thing that remains to us, is to accept the existence of this mechanism and to obey moral laws in our lives. Intellects, which have not accepted moral laws in their lives, are going to be reminded the existence of these laws in the increasingly powerful manner, until on the principle of "trials and errors" finally the action of these laws is going to get into their minds. In this aspect our lives we could compare to "a path through a long and dark, although logically formed tunnel". The regular corners and obstacles in this tunnel represent moral laws. Thus, if we do not respect their action, our trip over this tunnel is overflowing with bumps, tripping, breaking of our noses, scratches, and other unpleasant experiences. But after several experiences of this type, these more clever amongst us slowly are learning how one needs to move through such a tunnel. (Moral laws, proverbs, folk wisdom, and directions of religions, can be compared to good advices of our predecessors, who already walked through this tunnel, and who left for us the information how we should avoid repetition of their bruises and scratches.)
Independently from tradition, folk wisdom, and from religions, all of which more or less directly try to informal us, what is agreeable with moral laws, and what runs against them, the counter-material duplicate of every person has permanently build-in a special warning counter- organ. Commonly this counter-organ is called the "conscience". It is discussed also in subsection I5.3 of this monograph. As my research indicate this, in spite that the conscience is located in our own counter-body, actually this counter-organ is a part of the universal intellect. This belonging of the conscience to the universal intellect allows to compare us to a single living organism called "coral". Although each such individual coral carry out all its functions completely independently from others, in fact the skeleton that it uses is connected with the whole colony of other corals, thus forming a huge coral island. Therefore, whatever happens to this individual coral, it is known immediately to the whole colony. Because our counter- organ of conscience has a direct and constant connection with the universal intellect, this organ is obeying the intellect, not us, and it is also replying to the intellect's orders, not to ours. Thus, it is a kind of the direct "hot telephone line", permanently hard-wired into us, which links our own mind and the universal intellect. With the use of this hot telephone line, the communication in both directions takes place, i.e. every our question receives the direct response. (Notice that conscience is the only open channel of constant two-way communication between us and the universal intellect, that we have in our disposal. From this channel we always receive the clear response to every our question.) Even in very primitive creatures, their counter-organ of conscience is very complex and perfect. It is similarly real and reliable organ, as our heart, lungs, or kidneys are. Only that instead being located in our physical body, it occupies our counter-body. Also it performs moral functions, not physical functions. It constantly checks the moral legality of each our thought and action, and alarms our awareness is we are doing or thinking something that runs against moral laws and against intensions of the universal intellect. It also knows the future consequences of every single of our actions, and in the majority of cases it warns us against consequences that are going to come. Unfortunately, by following various temptations, desires, and life ambitions, with the elapse of time we learn how to quiet down the suggestions that this counter-organ is whispering to us.
The existence of the counter-organ of conscience that is hard-wired into us, is causing that the moral behavior is for everyone the skill with which we are born, while only the immoral behavior we need to learn in our lives. Thus people who are evil in a premeditated manner, usually must be older in age, as the acquiring of skills of purposeful suppression of conscience usually requires a long time to be developed (one should not confuse here the premeditated evil, with a spontaneous evil which is the outcome of stupidity, which frequently appears in young people). A good expression of this fact is the English proverb "No man ever became thoroughly bad all at once".
Interesting that the existing facts seem to confirm, that also animals have their organ of conscience, which is almost identical to human one. They demonstrate this with their behavior. For example a dog, which done something wrong, is almost looking the same guilty, as a guilty child. In turn parents of predatory animals must teach their youngsters how to suppress the conscience. This in turn means, that aggression in animals and attacking victims are learned - not genetic as the theory of evolution seems to postulate. Many domesticated animals clearly demonstrates the guilt and remorse each time, when they did something that is contradictory to orders of their conscience. It should be noted, that such manifestation of guilt by animals absolutely would not be possible is their conscience would not have an access to the moral laws and procedures of moral verification of every their action.
It is worth to notice practical consequences of the fact revealed above, that each single person has inside the permanent two-way communication channel with the universal intellect via the counter-organ of conscience. Let us list here the most important of these consequences.
#6a. The ability to identify criminals who suppressed their conscience. One of them is the possibility of experimental confirmation of the truth of what is stated in this section. Such counter-organ must produce characteristic outcomes of its operation, which should be registered during the monitoring of the electrical activity of the brain (see subsections I5.1 and I5.6). Therefore, for example effects of action of the brain in people, who suppressed their own conscience (e.g. in mass murderers) must be noticeably different than these in people who do not suppress their conscience. E.g. the exchange of signals in the brain between the centre that cooperates with the conscience, and the centre which cooperates with feelings, should be blocked or decreased in them. This in practice means that, after we find a model for the major methods, and reasons, of suppressing the conscience, a specific type of criminals (e.g. rapists or murderers) should be detectable and identifiable by an ordinary checking the model of electrical activities of their brain.
#6b. The possibility of two-directional communication with the universal intellect (God). So-far we used to believe that the communication with the universal intellect (God) is in one direction only - i.e. we do all the talking, while apart from extremely rare cases of miracles, He almost never replies back to us. But it turns out that the truth is such, that the communication between us and the universal intellect is actually two-way and continuous, only that it is carried out with the use of the so-called ULT language (means described in subsection I5.4 the "language of God"), which is incomprehensible for majority of us. This because the only manner to understand this language, is to learn to listen to whispers of our conscience. After all, these whispers are just carried out with the use of the ULT language. If, by constant tuning into our counter-organ of conscience, we finally learn to understand this unspoken language of the counter-world, than we start to understand every single reply, that we constantly are receiving from the universal intellect to everything that we ask Him. Actually, our communication with the universal intellect (God) is continually two-way one, only that to understand it we must firstly learn the ULT language which this intellect uses in its replies to our questions.
#6c. The only practical way of the aware learning of the ULT (i.e. the "Universal Language of Thoughts", or the "language of God"). This language can be learned at the aware level through the constant listening of our own conscience, similarly as people typically are learning other languages by the constant listening of those ones who use these languages everyday. Our conscience is the only human organ, with the use of which the expressions in this language are arriving to the conscientious level of people. Because the ULT is the "language of God", the learning of any of its fragments at the conscious level opens for the people who mastered it a whole range of very beneficial opportunities. For example, by knowing this language it is possible to receive the immediate and absolutely correct answer to practically every question that one may ask the universal intellect. This in turn means, that knowing that specialized language in a given area, one receives the access not only to the unlimited scientific and technical knowledge from this area, but also receives the access to knowledge about the future, about events that are going to happen, about music that still remains uncomposed, etc. Parts of this language were known not only to all geniuses, who based their creativity on the replies received from the universal intellect (God), but also to all people with visions, all prophets, etc. It is commonly believed that such people had some special capabilities or attributes. But, as it turns out, they were like each one of us, only that by the careful listening to their own conscience they learned the ULT, and in this manner they become capable of the aware understanding of the replies given to them by the universal intellect to their queries. Practically each one of us, with a bit of effort and good will, is capable of learning this "language of God". But this language is quit specialized and rather complicated. Therefore people usually learn at the aware level only a small fragment of it, which concerns the area of activity in which they constantly listen to their conscience. Although even learning some basic expressions of this language is giving to such people an enormous advantage over all other people.
As this is indicated in the above explanations, morality is not - as some people believe, human invention, which can be treated as anyone pleases. It is a complicated and extremely important mechanism of the universe, coded permanently into us and ruling our fate with the iron consequence. The sooner we accept the fact of operation of moral laws, the less unpleasant surprises is going to await us in further life.
#7. Manner of action. The action of moral laws depend on "attracting" the appropriate response of the environment, instead on forcing this response, as this is the case with laws of physics. This is the major difference between moral laws and laws of physics. It causes that moral reply of the environment to our behavior is going to come not immediately, but only when an appropriate situation is going to eventuate in our vicinity, and it can be "attracted" by us with the algorithms of karma that we generated previously. For example - according to this action, people who do not save others the words of support, are having higher chance of receiving support and the acknowledgement, if in their vicinity is someone who is going to emit them. In turn parents, who as children were obedient and disciplined, have much higher chance than others to have similar obedient and disciplines children. Finally people, who generously give to others, with their actions are writing into their registers the karma that supports their selection as subjects of receiving from others (i.e. "the more someone gives, the more is going to receive", but also "those who refry from giving, with the elapse of time stop to receive").
#8. Illustrative function of evil. One of the interesting implications of moral laws is, that in order for them to work effectively, it is necessary that in the society are people who do evil things to others. This is because such people are balancing evil in their environment, thus allowing victims, and victims' witnesses, to practically and in person experience what this evil is about and how it feels. Although according to moral laws people who do a lot of evil in the final effect always unavoidably are going to pay back for every bit of what they done, the mechanism of moral laws is going to act for them with a significant time delay, because in the absolute dimension the effects of their evil deeds are needed by other people to experience how such evil tastes. Thus, when the next time we are hurt by one of such people, instead of asking, "why mother Earth is carrying someone like this", we should rather realize, that because of the experience that we are receiving from this person, we are actually having the chance to understand morality and immorality better, and thus to turn our experience into a moral lesson that allows us to improve ourselves. 

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