H1.1.1. Proof via the method "all confirms, nothing denies"
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H1.1.1. Proof via the method "all confirms, nothing denies"

The logical principle, which we are going to use as our first scientific methodology for this proving, we are going to call here "everything proves, nothing denies". This basic principle of nature was not used previously for the purposes of formal proving, because the absolute validity of it extends only to the phenomena of nature, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the "primary phenomena". But this principle is used rather frequently in everyday life, where usually we relate it to "causes" from the cause-effect chains, and refer to it with slightly different and confusing names of "disclosing the fact" or "pointing out the obvious". (After all, in the cause-effect chains, "causes" always constitute the relative "primary phenomena" for everything that later comes out from these causes.) Because the gravity field is one of the primary phenomena of our universe, the discussed principle "everything proves, nothing denies" is perfectly suitable to be used in the proof discussed here. According to the principle "everything proves, nothing denies", whenever there is a correct description of any such a primary phenomenon, then everything that relates to this correct description, is going to confirm that this description is correct, and simultaneously there is impossible to find anything that would relate to this description, but would contradict its correctness. In relationship to the proof for the dipolar character of gravity, the above means, that for whatever we are able to establish that it has any connection with the dipolarity of this field, it will be always confirming as well, that the gravity field is a dipolar field. On the other hand, no-one is ever going to be able to find anything, that would have the connection with polarity of gravity, but it would contradict the dipolar character of this field.
At this point it should be explained that by a "primary phenomenon" one should understand "every phenomenon, which is placed at the very top of natural cause-effect hierarchy, and therefore for which the course of action that it takes is not influenced by any other phenomena of the lower level, representing an outcomes of it". Thus the outcome of primary phenomena is always independent of circumstances in which it is observed, as well as independent of other secondary and tertiary phenomena, which occur concurrently and which may interfere with it. Examples of primary phenomena include: the gravity field, the moral field, the existence of universal intellect, the existence of counter-world, the existence of physical world, moral energy, physical energy, counter-matter, matter, and several others.
It is worth noticing, that the principle "everything proves, nothing denies" does not extend its validity on the secondary, tertiary, and further levels of phenomena of nature. It happens so, simply because the course and outcomes of these phenomena of the lower levels, depend on the circumstances under which they are observed, and also depend on the of primary phenomena, which influence the course of these secondary or tertiary ones during such an observation. For example, if we would consider such a tertiary phenomenon, as the flow of current which generates heat, than in one set of circumstances, this flow of current would actually generate heat. But in other set of circumstances defined by different influences of phenomena of the higher level, it would not generate heat at all (e.g. consider superconductors), while in the third set of circumstances, the flow of current may even consume heat (e.g. consider the phenomenon of the so-called "magnetic cooling").
Let us now describe the methodology with the use of which the principle "everything proves, nothing denies" allows us to formally prove that "the gravity field has a dipolar character". This method is elementary simple, and it directly resulting from this principle. It boils down to the completion of following logical steps:
(1) Indicating and naming the category of evidence to which belongs a given evidence, that is subjected to consideration in subsequent phases of completion of this proof. The evidence used for the formal proof discussed here includes four categories, which cover the entire spectrum of evidence that is possible to consider of any formal proof. Namely it includes:
(1A) Theoretical premises and analogies, which relate to the polarity of gravitational field, and which decisively confirm that the gravity is a dipolar type of field, and simultaneously deny the monopolar character of gravity.
(1B) Natural phenomena the course of which directly results from the polarity of gravitational field, and thus which coincide with the dipolar gravity, but simultaneously contradict the monopolar character of gravity.
(1C) Experiments, the outcome of which depends on the polarity of gravitational field, and thus which confirm the dipolar character of gravity, but simultaneously deny the monopolar character of this field.
(1D) The models of the operation of our universe, which are developed on the basis of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and thus which are going to be exactly coinciding with the empirical findings regarding the actual operation of this universe, if the gravity is dipolar.
(2) Listing the evidence that belongs to each one of these basic categories. This evidence represents the cross-section through all secondary phenomena that belong to each of the categories, and about which I managed to determine, that they directly result from the polarity of gravitational field. Thus these phenomena represent a direct cause-effect connection with the polarity of gravitational field.
(3) Showing the connection with the polarity of gravitational field. For each one of the phenomena discussed here below is shown that in fact it represents an outcome of the polarity of gravitational field. For this I utilized the commonly known properties of dipolar fields.
(4) Throwing a challenge to scientists and to other researchers, to find a phenomenon which contradicts the dipolar character of gravity. I am issuing this challenge to every reader of this monograph. It challenges the possibility of finding even a simple example of a phenomenon, which would result from the polarity of gravitational field, and which simultaneously would contradict the dipolar character of this field. The reason for this throwing a challenge to readers is, that according to the principle "everything proves, nothing denies", such phenomena - which would contradict the dipolar character of gravity, simply do not exist in the entire universe, thus myself I would NOT be able to ever find them and describe in this subsection. Therefore the duty of finding such a phenomenon I am placing on all these skeptical readers, who are NOT ready to recognize the merit of the formal proof that I am presenting here, and thus would like to discredit this proof. After all, without them finding such a phenomenon, the proof presented here remains valid forever. Of course, the fact, that even the most sworn opponents of dipolar gravity are not going to be able to find such a phenomenon, additionally reinforces the correctness of the proof that I am presenting here.
Let us now analyze separately each one of the subsequent categories of this evidence.
1A. Theoretical premises and analogies, which decisively confirm that the gravity is a dipolar type of field, and which simultaneously deny the monopolar character of gravity. There are numerous theoretical premises and analogies, which all confirm the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. They include all these facts, which hitherto were ignored by scientists in their theoretical considerations regarding gravity, although they directly indicate that the gravity is a dipolar type of field, and also they disclose that all properties of gravitation are contradictive to the properties of monopolar fields. Below are summarized the most important of these facts. In each group of them, I marked as ['] facts which strongly negate that gravity is a monopolar field, and marked as ["] these facts, which simultaneously strongly confirm that the gravity has a dipolar character. Here are they:
#1A1. The kind of force interactions existing between the carriers of the gravitational field (i.e. between particles and clusters of matter). As we know, these particles seem to attract each other, forming the well known gravitational pull that prevails between all possible clusters of matter.
['] In all static MONOPOLAR fields, the carriers of the like poles repel one another. The best examples of such a repulsion are the interactions occurring between like electrical charges (e.g. positive charges repelling all other positive charges), as well as those occurring between particles of gases forming pressure fields (e.g. tendency to decompress). Therefore, if gravity would have a monopolar character, the particles of matter should repel one another, not attract one another. This lack of repulsion denies the monopolar character of gravity.
["] Around poles of all dynamic DIPOLAR fields, carriers of these fields exert a dynamic pressure (described by Bernoulli's Equation), which compresses them together. This pressure manifests itself in the form of forces that pull the field's carriers together, making an impression as if they attract each other. For example, there is a well known phenomenon of pulling a ping-pong ball into a fountain's water stream, and then holding this ball suspended within the stream. The forces that pull this ball inside of the stream of water are the same ones that we are talking about (i.e. Bernoulli's dynamic pressures prevailing at outlets from poles). The forces of gravitational pull seem to be an exact equivalent to this dynamic pressure directed inwards, that appears in all dipolar fields. This in turn confirms, that gravity behaves as a dipolar, not as a monopolar field.
#1A2. The complete lack of evidence for the existence of two opposite monopoles of gravity, combined with the simultaneous wealth of evidence confirming the existence of a gravitational dipole.
As we know, in all monopolar fields two opposite types of field carriers (e.g. positives and negatives) are separated by a space subjected to the action of these monopoles. But in dipolar fields the situation is reversed, i.e. two different spaces in which opposite field conditions prevail, are separated from each other by the field carriers (dipoles) being subjected to the action of these spaces.
['] If gravity has a static MONOPOLAR character, the second (opposite to matter) monopoles of gravity should be found. But so far our highly sophisticated nuclear experiments have revealed only particles and antiparticles, which differ electrically, but which are identical in gravitational understanding of their properties. Thus, all known particles and antiparticles represent only two main electrical components of the same matter, and do not constitute opposite monopoles of gravity. Our sophisticated science consistently fails to find monopoles of gravity. This in turn, in connection with the proof presented here, means that gravitational monopoles simply do not exist.
["] In dynamic DIPOLAR gravity, the Universe would be composed of two separate spaces, or worlds, in which two opposite types of gravitational interactions would prevail (e.g. attraction in our world and repulsion in this other one). Therefore, the same laws and phenomena, but observed within each one of these two worlds, would also display drastic differences, depending on which side of the gravitational dipole they are manifested. As a matter of fact, we already know from physics examples of such dual behaviours. These are registered under the name "wave-particle duality of nature". One of the manifestations of this duality is the contemporary coexistence of the corpuscular and wave theories of light. As it is perfectly quoted in the book [1H1.1] by O.H. Blackwood and others: "General Physics", 4th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1973 page 665, "Physicists have been jokingly accused of believing in light waves on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and in photons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays". {My own observation adds to this that "on Sundays in churches physicists display the complete negation of statements, which their own physics is making to- date".} One of the simplest, and at the same time the most satisfactory explanation of this duality, can be derived from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. According to it, the consequences of the corpuscular and wave theories of light originate from the simultaneous distribution of light signals within the two different worlds. Depending in which of these two worlds light signals are observed by a given instrument, the corpuscular or wave aspect of light is manifested (i.e. in dipolar gravity light is a bit like a fast fish under a calm surface of transparent water - the onlookers from above can see both, the motion of the fish, and the motion of waves that this fish steers up on the surface). This again confirms that the action of the gravitational dipole is already registered in physics, which simultaneously was so-far unable to interpret correctly the observations that it gathered.
#1A3. All attempts to detect the existence of two opposite monopolar worlds (i.e. our world and "antiworld") have failed, whereas there are already registered worlds from both sides of the gravitational dipole.
['] In static MONOPOLAR gravity the opposite world (called antiworld) is claimed to be repelled from our world, so according to present science it should be shifted into a remote corner of the Universe. (Note that this claim is completely wrong, because in reality all known unlike monopoles always attract one another.) Therefore, this world could be detected only in an astronomical manner. But almost two centuries of astronomical search has not revealed even a trace of the antiworld or antimatter from which it would be constituted. As it is stated on page 60 in the book [2H1.1], "Worlds - Antiworlds, Antimatter in Cosmology" (W.H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco and London), by Professor Hannes Alfven of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden - a widely recognized expert in antimatter, "There is no definite evidence for the existence of antimatter in the cosmos". This again denies the monopolar character of gravity.
["] If gravity has a dynamic DIPOLAR character, than the world from the other side of the gravitational dipole must occupy the parallel space to our world. In fact, a technique which reveals a parallel coexistence of the same object in two separate worlds, is already known. This technique is called "Kirlian photography". In this photography, some damaged objects display the so-called "ghost effect", means they still reveal parts, which in the physical world are separated from them (e.g. photographs of damaged leaves may show the outlines of the missing parts - see treatise [7/2]). Thus the photographic images from the counter-world are already recorded with the use of Kirlian cameras. This in turn provides further evidence that the behaviour of the Universe is governed by dipolar gravity.
#1A4. The lack of substance called "antimatter". In spite of countless attempts, so-far our science was unable to find for the old concept of monopolar gravity a substance called "antimatter", which according to that old concept represent the anti-substance for matter.
Simultaneously, the substance called "counter-matter", which according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity is prevailing in the counter-world, is continually detected and described by various researchers. Here is the summary of information about these two substances:
['] Attributes of antimatter, means the substance which in the old concept of MONOPOLAR gravity supposed to represent an anti-substance for matter, can be defined through the re-interpretation of carriers of the monopolar fields. According to this re- interpretation, antimatter supposed to be characterised by the following attributes: have negative mass, display inertia, react repulsively with itself, react attractively with ordinary matter (although many scientists groundlessly believe that it should act repulsively with matter, thus creating the so-called "antigravity"), form friction with particles of matter (although form no friction amongst particles of itself). In spite of countless searches, no such substance was ever found. Also no experimental evidence, or even slightest experimental premises, which would indicate that such a substance may exist, were ever discovered.
["] Attributes of counter-matter, means the substance, which according to the new Concept of DIPOLAR Gravity should prevail in the counter-world, and thus which represent a reversal for matter, also can be deducted through the extrapolation of properties of the dipolar fields. According to these deductions, counter-matter must display attributes, which are the exact reversal of attributes of matter. For example, it should be characterised by the: invisibility to human eyes and instruments, lack of mass (i.e. it must be weightless), it cannot display any inertia (i.e. it must display a property called in this monograph "self-mobility", means a property, which is an exact opposite of material inertia from our world), during the displacement it must also show a phenomenon which is the reversal of viscosity (i.e. it must display the property, which can be described as being "hyper-slippery"), in the natural state it also must show intelligence, etc. If one revise various literature sources, just such a substance is constantly postulated, introduced, or discovered by several mutually unrelated disciplines. (Unfortunately, the existence of this substance is stubbornly ignored or denied by the institutional science based on the old concept of monopolar gravity.) For example in past it was called "ether", physicists call it "energy", or "vacuum", medical fraternity describes it as the "energy body", or "bio-field", biologists refer to it as to "bio-plasma", occultists refer to it as "aura", various schools of martial art call it "chi", "reiki", "prime energy", "life energy", etc. More about these various names is explained in items #1H2 to #4H2 in subsection H2. What all these findings are indicating is, that under various names, counter-matter is already known to us for a very long time.
#1A5. The friction between particles of matter. As it is known from monopolar and dipolar field, elementary carriers of these two opposite fields always display two opposite behaviours relating to friction.
['] All static MONOPOLAR fields show no friction between particles of like carriers of these fields, which (the friction) would result from the field itself, independently to what pole of the field these carriers belong. For example, both types of electrical charges repel each other. Similarly particles of gas forming pressure repel each other. But particles of matter crate friction between themselves, thus behave contradictive to attributes of monopolar fields.
["] In dynamic DIPOLAR fields, only at the inlet "I" of the field carriers of this field create friction that results from the field itself, while at the outlet "O" pole carriers of the field create no friction. For example, such a friction is displayed at the inlets to vacuum cleaners (this is why vacuum cleaners is able to produce a suction), and at the inlets to fountains, while at outlets from these fields, the carriers simply disperse without any friction. Thus, out of all possible cases of behaviour of field carriers, matter displays friction, which is a phenomenon that is very unique to inlets in dynamic dipolar fields. This again confirms that gravity has a dipolar character.
1B. Natural phenomena, the course of which coincides with the dipolar gravity, but contradicts the monopolar gravity. There is a lot of these, and the explanations of the most evidential of these are provided in subsection H5.3. In order to list here at least some of such phenomena, they for example include amongst others: 
#1B1. The "wave-particle duality of nature", which was described in the item #1A2["] above. It belongs to the known for a long time category of phenomena, which confirm the dipolar character of gravity and contradict the monopolar character of this field.
#1B2. The circulation of the counter-matter along the force lines of the Earth's magnetic field. This circulation causes the well known effect of the northern lights looking as if they fall from the sky to Earth, and southern lights looking as they raise from the ground to sky (see subsection H5.3).
#1B3. Swirls on the water. These swirls in the northern hemisphere in a natural manner are initiated in the clockwise direction, while in the southern hemisphere they naturally are initiated counter-clockwise. As it is explained in subsection H5.3, these opposite directions of initiating the whirl pools of water results from the resistance, that the motionless counter- matter exerts on the liquid which follows the rotational motion of Earth.
1C. Experiments, which directly confirm the dipolar character of gravity. There are literally countless experiments, which already were completed, and which consistently are confirming the dipolar character of the gravity field, although the meaning and merit of which the human science would not recognize so-far. Let us name here some of this experiments.
#1C1. The "ghost effect" in Kirlian cameras. The most well-known of these experiments is the "Kirlian Photography" mentioned earlier, and described in more details in treatise [7/2]. It allows us to actually see images from the counter-world. For example the most famous such experiments is the one named "a ghost leaf". It depends on the cutting a leaf in half, and putting on the Kirlian camera only a half of the leaf, while the camera actually still shows the whole leaf, thus revealing the "ghost" of the leaf, which resides in the counter-world. In a similar manner such a camera shows images of an amputated finger.
#1C2. The so-called "extraction glow". Another example of such experiment, which confirms the dipolar character of gravity, is the photography of the "extraction glow". This glow is described in subsections H6.1 and H1.2 and presented in photographs from Figures H1 to H3.
#1C3. Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. A best example of such an old experiment, which conclusively confirmed the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the famous Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887, described in subsection H2.
Also various other old experiments can be classified to the same category of the experimental evidence, which consistently confirms the correctness of the dipolar gravity, and simultaneously denies the correctness of the old monopolar gravity.
1D. The models of the operation of our universe, which are developed on the basis of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and which exactly coincide with the empirical findings regarding the actual operation of this universe. Until the time of writing this monograph, on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity numerous models of operation of our universe were already based. These models are disseminated in my publications. Almost every single one of them already proved itself to work in practice. Therefore, their actual correctness and correspondence to reality confirms the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity on which they all are based. Here are some of them:
#1D1. The model of morality of the universe, expressed in the form of the philosophy of totalizm. Probably it is the most comprehensive of all these models based on the dipolar gravity. After all, it embraces a whole array of important componential models - see the description of philosophy of totalizm provided in chapters JA, JB, and JC of this series of monographs. Examples of such componential models of totalizm include, amongst others: moral field, moral polarity, moral laws, moral energy, karma, similarities between moral phenomena and phenomena of classical mechanics (these similarities are the basis for the formulation of so-called "totaliztic mechanics" described in chapter JE), and many more.
#1D2. Models that describe the operation of human organism. Examples of componential models from this group include: model of the brain as an input-output device (see subsection I5.4), model of the operation of human feelings described in subsection I5.5, model of operation of acupuncture described in subsection I5.6, explanation for the mechanism of nirvana, and many more.
#1D3. Models which describe physical phenomena. Examples of componential models include here: the explanation of magnetic field and electric field (see subsections H5.1 and H5.2), the explanation of mechanism of telekinesis (see subsection H6.1) and permanent telekinetising of matter, or the explanation of telepathy (see subsection H7.1).
Of course, examples of evidence which are used in the above formal proof do not exhaust all the evidence, which confirms the dipolar character of gravity, and which simultaneously denies the old monopolar understanding of this field that is still stubbornly adhered by our scientists. Further examples of this evidence may be found in various other areas and disciplines, such as religion, parapsychology, medicine, ornithology, etc.
In all verifications that I carried out, and that every other investigator can repeat, the logical principle "everything proves, nothing denies" consistently, decisively, and undeniably proves itself valid when it relates to the dipolar character of the gravity field. Therefore the process of formal proving that is presented here entitles us to draw the final conclusion that "the dipolar character of the gravity field is herewith proven formally".
The fact of this formal proving of the dipolar character of gravity introduces many practical consequences. One of such consequences is the power of applying this proof as a simultaneous formal proof for a whole number of other facts that directly result from the dipolar gravity. In order to realize the most important of these consequences, the proof for the dipolar character of gravity is simultaneously representing formal proofs that:
1. The counter-world does exist.
2. The universe is composed out of at least two separate worlds having a physical nature.
3. The descriptions and models of the operation of the universe, which are developed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, are based on very sound foundations, and thus they represent currently the most correct knowledge in this area, that is available on Earth.
4. Everything that is present in the counter-world, must be subjected to laws, which are opposite to laws from our world, and must also carry the attributes which are opposite to attributes from our world.
Descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity have already been disseminated for over 20 years (i.e. since 1985 until the time of the latest amending of this monograph in 2007), and were presented to numerous experts in gravity, physics, mechanics, and related disciplines. But so far no scientist was able to find any error in this concept, nor disprove any conclusion that results from this concept regarding the gravity field. This trial of time was withstand by the concept discussed here, in spite that all results of my research are constantly being attacked. After all, if there is any possibility to find an error in my deductions, immediately someone out of numerous adversaries of my theories makes a point from it. This practically means that the proof for the dipolar character of gravity discussed in this chapter is valid and remains all time in force. Thus everyone has now a duty to take it under consideration in his/her everyday life, and also in research and statements. People who are stubbornly refusing to acknowledge this proof, are simply demonstrating that they refuse to accept the truth about dipolar gravity.

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