A11. The fiasco of first attempts to control directly the development of humans...
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A11. The fiasco of first attempts to control directly the development of humans and further improvements which resulted from it

Soon after the creation of first people, i.e. Adam and Eve, God intended to manage their development in the direct and personal manner. For this purpose He created also for Himself two so-called “bodily representations of God”. These representations were simply bodies similar to these of humans, only that provided in minds which were directly linked to the mind of God. Because the mind of God is similar to present multiprocessor computers, i.e. is able to carry out millions and millions of different operations at once, for the better watching and teaching just created people, God make two such representations of Himself, which in Eden constantly interacted with Adam and Eve. One amongst these two representations symbolised everything that is good, while God introduced them to Adam and Eve under the name of "God". In turn the second symbolized evil, while God introduced it to Adam and Eve under the name of "Satan”. But both of them were created by God as the ”bodily representations” of the same true and only God. Also minds of both of them were linked directly to the mind of omni-knowledgeable God.
However, as it turned out, people exposed to the direct interaction with God and with Satan did not turn to be susceptible to learning and absorbing of knowledge. The only thing they were able to do, is to blindly obey whatever was ordered to them. Therefore God decided to change that His first strategy of interaction with people. Instead of directly interact with them and satisfy their needs, He "exiled" Adam and Eve from the Eden and caused that they were forced to take care of themselves. Simultaneously the managing and helping them He started to carry out in the hidden and invisible for them manner.
Not only inside of the Eden the God’s plan of direct management of people have failed. As this is explained thoroughly in subsection P5.2 /?/ from volume 14, in the first period after settling people on the Earth, God also attempted to directly manage the human civilisation. For this purpose the leaders of first cities-kingdoms on the Earth become God’s own “bodily representations” (later called “deities” or “Gods”) which He created especially for this purpose. But also these attempts of God turned out impossible to implement. Thus finally God was forced to verify His initial, theoretically deduced plans how He supposed to manage the human civilisation.

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