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How in Polish Katowice UFOs repeated the collapsing of WTC
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In 2007 I discovered with a huge surprise and almost a shock, that the so-called "UFOs" and "UFOnauts" are simply temporary "simulations" (or "fabrications") carried out on the Earth by God in order to stimulate people for a more intense and more effective "pursue of knowledge". More information on this subject is provided in numerous totaliztic web pages - for example, amongst others, in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named magnocraft.htm, or in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm. But before I accomplished this discovery, I adhered strongly to exactly the same views, which at present are adhered by a significant proportion of people - namely that UFOnauts are simply cosmic relatives of humans, which (relatives) practice a highly immoral philosophy called the evil parasitism (i.e. the philosophy which persuades to exploit and to harm everything that is around us - just in order to draw from it some material gains). Because of the practicing of this philosophy, these technically highly advanced (although decadent morally) UFOnauts supposed to secretly occupy and exploit the Earth and the humanity.
       This web page was prepared and published in 2006, i.e. in times when I still believed in the secretive occupation of the Earth and humanity by evil UFOnauts. Thus, the page still maintains its original (first) formulation. After the discovery that UFOnauts are just temporary "simulations" of God, I still left the original formulation of it to be able to demonstrate with it how high is the level of perfection of God's "simulations", and to what actions God is forced to resort in order to persuade people to undertake the "pursue of knowledge". This is because learning these facts, from one hand allows the reader to get to know better his or her God, while on the other hand it persuades, that we should start to treat very seriously and responsibly our duty to contribute in person to the goals in which God created people - and which (goals) are described more comprehensively, amongst others, in items #B1 and #B1.1 from the totaliztic web page named antichrist.htm. After all, the fulfilment of these goals God expects from each single one of us, while failing to fulfil them is linked to rather unpleasant consequences to all these unwise people who in that way disappoint their God. This is because from research of the so-called "totaliztic science" it stems, that these people who do NOT contribute towards the "pursue of knowledge" and who resist of upbringing into effective "soldiers of God" in any available for them manner, God turns into a meaningful "illustration" and "example" which allow other people to increase their own knowledge, but which are NOT too pleasant for the individuals that are used as such an illustration and example.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. What is the goal of this web page:
       The goal of the present wording of this web page (i.e. the wording which already includes my discovery of 2007, that UFOs and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations" of God) is to reveal to the reader various facts about our God, which facts are NOT disclosed by any amongst today's religions. However, these facts reveal God as a severe judge and parent, thus actually allow us to get to know our God much better than it is explained to us by present religions, and this way allow us to better respect and show our appreciation to God, and also to love Him more realistically.

Part #B: Circumstances in which our God is define the principles of God's relationships with people:
#B1. Characteristics and qualities of character that God is trying to develop in humans:
       In items #B1 and #B1.1 from the separate web page named antichrist.htm I explained to readers, that the most important character traits that God is trying to develop in people who are "knowledge" and the "voluntary obedience of our God that stem from the human love and respect for our God". The reason for which God seeks to develop in people these features and qualities is quite an unique situation in which our God is, and which is described in more details in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm.

Part #C: Methods and tools used by God to develop in humans the required traits of character:
#C1. The problem of God - how carry out upbringing without breaking the human so-called "free will":
       God knows well, that to get from people the volunteer submissions to His will, He cannot NOT the forcing of people. Therefore, everything that God does, He always carries out in such a way, that it does not break the so-called "free will" of humans - for details see items #B1 to #B3 and #C2 from the web page named will.htm.

#C2. Upbringing people with the use of so-called "principle of reversals" implemented on the Earth with the help of "omniplan":
       In item #F3 from a separate my web page named wszewilki_uk.htm I described a method which God commonly uses for upbringing people into tough and battle-hardened "soldiers of God". This method is described in there under the name "principle of reversals". This is because it boils down to passing people through the events and life experiences that are opposite to those that these people would themselves like to live through and to experience.
       In order to implement on the Earth this "principle of reversals" continuously for thousands of years and in spite that people strongly oppose it, God uses the capabilities of the software entity which He created and which is described under the name "omniplan" in item #C4 from my separate web page named immortality.htm. This "omniplan" has this advantage that it allows God for upbringing the people without violating their "free will". It is because it uses time control to obtain in humans effects which God desires.

Part #D: Vivid illustrating to people the effects of their disobedience of God:
#D1. Cataclysms as one amongst methods of vivid illustrating:
       One amongst methods which God commonly uses for vivid illustrating to what leads the immorality and disobedience of God's commandments, is the use of destructive "cataclysms". This is because nothing speaks so illustratively to people, like visual seeing and personal experiencing the first-hand effects of a devastating cataclysm.

#D2. While using natural disasters, God must make sure that they do NOT deprive people of their "free will":
       If people were sure that the destructive cataclysms are send to them by God, then their effect would be the "forcing of people" - that is, destroying their "free will" and depriving them a chance that whatever people do for their God - they do it on a voluntary basis and as an expression of their love for God. That is why God always so executes desytructive cataclysms that the evidence contained in them certifies for at least three different causes of their origins - one of which origins are God's "simulations" of UFOs or UFOnauts. These evidence for the three different origins of cataclysms are discussed in more detail in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm, and in item #K1 from the web page named landslips.htm.

#D3. Why God's "simulations" of UFOs and UFOnauts are one amongst explanations for the origins of cataclysms:
       If people were absolutely sure, that all calamities and disasters are send by God, then consequence of this knowledge would be the loss of their "free will". Therefore, God introduces other creations, which may take the responsibility for causing these evils. In the past God used for this purpose supernatural beings, such as "devils", "Lucifer", "Satan", "Snake", "Dragon", etc. However, the current people have ceased to believe in these creatures. Hence God introduced to the use other beings who are just as evil as those old, while they are more acceptable in today's intellectual climate of the humanity. These other beings are "UFOnauts". In order to create them, God "simulates" the Earth's the existence and operation of UFOs and UFOnauts.
       For more information on why and how UFOnauts are "simulated", is explained in a number of totaliztic publications, e.g. in item #F1 from the web page named katrina.htm, or in item #L2 from the web page named magnocraft.htm.

#D4. The collapses buildings described on this web page, are just one amongst a number of different kinds of cataclysms used by God for illustrative purposes:
       For illustrative purposes God uses a number of various cataclysms. To their descriptions is devoted many my web pages - for example see item #B4 from the web page named tornado.htm, item #I3 from the web page named petone.htm, or item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm. Thus, the described on this web page collapse of the hall in Katowice, Poland, is just one amongst many examples of natural disasters used by God for illustrative purposes.

Part #E: Notice that this web page was written in 2006, that is when I did NOT know that UFOs and UFOnauts are "simulated" by God, thus in furthr parts of it I keep the original formulations:
#E1. The maintaining of the original formulation of this web page perfectly illustrates how realistically and how perfectly God simulates the activities of UFOs on the Earth:
       I must admit here, that I have an enormous respect and admiration for the realism and accuracy with which God "simulates" the activities of UFOs and UFOnauts on the Earth. Since the time, when in 1972 I developed the so-called "Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems" which is shown and discussed in item #B1 from the web page named propulsion.htm (i.e. the table from which emerged the possibility of building and the principle of operation for my Magnocrafts), until 2007 - when it discovered that UFOs are temporary "simulations" of God, I believed that UFOs and UFOnauts are of a cosmic origin. Thus, the realism and precision with which God simulates UFOs and UFOnauts, and also simulates their activities on the Earth, were able to misleed me for as long as 35 years. So in order to give to the reader a flavor, how I previously looked at, and how I have seen UFOs and UFOnauts, the remainder of this web page is left in its original formulation. Of course, while reading the rest of this web page, the reader should take into account what I wrote in the previous parts of it, namely that UFOs and UFOnauts are just highly realistic "simulations" that God uses for illustrative purposes to achieve His superior goals.

Part #F: How until 2006, that is still in times when I did NOT know that UFOs and UFOnauts are "simulated" by God, I saw and understood activities of UFOs and UFOnauts on the Earth:
#F1. Introduction to the first (original) formulation of this web page:
       In the last part of 2005, UFOnauts started to utilise on Earth at a really massive scale the method of hidden assassination which previously remained unidentified by people. It depended on collapsing buildings on heads of people inside. In December 2005 in television news of the entire world a sizable epidemic of just such collapsing was reported, in which hundreds of people have died. Amongst buildings collapsed at that time the most memorable for me was the case from Moscow, which took tens of human lives because UFOnauts murderously collapsed an entire apartment block. Of course, no-one suspected UFOnauts for this series of murders. So the responsibility was charged on builders. In turn in January 2006, UFOnauts collapsed in this manner roofs of buildings in several different countries, including Switzerland, Germany, and Czech Republic. This time the responsibility was charged on overloading roofs of buildings with excessive falls of snow. Probably this murderous practice of UFOnauts would go unnoticed, if UFOnauts do not commit a strategic error and attack also Poland. On Saturday, 28 January 2006, at 5:15 pm, their invisible for human eyes UFO vehicle cunningly collapsed roof in an exhibition hall from Katowice, Poland. The collapse was done when the hall was filled with hundreds of people. In the result, as many as 66 people got killed. For Poles this attack of UFOnauts was a Polish equivalent of evaporation by UFOs of the WTC skyscrapers in New York. This time the "camel's back got broken" while the providence put in my hands the body of evidence which indicated unambiguously that behind the collapse of the roof in Katowice, as well as in many other cases before, evil UFOnauts were hiding. But in spite of being caught, UFOnauts impudently continued their frenzy of collapsing. E.g. on 23 February 2006 their invisible vehicle crushed a next roof - this time from the market hall in Moscow. This web page reports on most vital facts about the collapse of buildings carried out intentionally, although secretly, by evil UFOnauts.
       Please notice that an original, Polish language version of this web page is available to interested readers. It carries a physical name "katowice.htm". The complete internet address of this Polish web page appears in the address window of your browser, after you click on links in the text distinguished with a green colour. Send addresses of this web page to these your friends and acquaintances who know the Polish language, and thus who are able to read this web page in the original language version. After all, they may benefit even more from reading the original version of this web page, and thus from gaining an access to all these additional sources of information, blogs, and discussion arenas, currently existing on this subject in the Polish language.

#F2. Why and where UFOnauts murderously collapsed buildings on heads of people inside:
Motto: To make a slave from a free man he firstly needs to be broken, to make a slave from an enslaved person it is enough to issue a new law.
       On a number of totaliztic web pages, for example on web pages "evil", "26th day", "WTC", "Columbia", "hurricanes", "tornados", "predators", "plague", etc., a sinister campaign of tormenting our civilisation is described. This campaign is currently carried out on Earth by evil UFOnauts. Simultaneously with this campaign of tormenting people, UFOnauts carry out also another campaign, namely that of enslaving all people with the use of fear and terror. After all, people who are already so scared, that they are afraid e.g. to stand up against harassment of their bosses, come out on streets, feed ducks in a park, get into aeroplanes, or enjoy an overseas vacation, are already pre-destined slaves. They will not require prior breaking, when the time comes to issue official laws which will place chains on their hands and legs. So how UFOnauts enslave us increasingly more? Well, amongst others, they invent and implement in life, various new forms of scaring people and spreading social panic. One of such forms of spreading social panic by UFOnauts, depends on intentional collapsing of roofs and entire public buildings with the power of propulsion systems of UFO vehicles which remain invisible to human sight.
* * *
       After several roofs and buildings were spectacularly and with success collapsed by UFOnauts in Russia (December 2005), Switzerland, Germany, and Czech Republic (January 2006), UFOnauts dared to use also in Poland the trick already verified in action. For the destruction they selected an exhibition hall in Katowice, or more strictly in Chorzów near Katowice (in Upper Silesia, Poland). This hall has the surface area of around 1 hectare. A UFO vehicle collapsed the roof of it exactly at 5:15 pm on Saturday, 28 January 2006. At that time in the hall an international exhibition of homing (carrier) pigeons, visited by huge crowds of people. In the result of the collapse 66 people perished. Similarly like in WTC from New York, they also originated from several countries. (Interesting, that for strange reasons which, however, can be deduced, only sparse sources provide the true number of victims equal to 66 people. The majority of mass media does not wish to link this collapse with "devils" and provides false information that there were only 65 victims of this massacre.)
       I was very moved, when on Sunday, 29 January 2006 I learned from New Zealand TV news, that UFOnauts openly attacked also Poland in this murderous manner. After all, at that time in Poland already lived around a half of million of people who were aware of cunning methods of acting of these cosmic murderers. These people could immediately and easily identify the hidden attack of UFOnauts at their country, and immediately indicate these evidential attributes of such an attack, which disclosed to others the hidden involvement of UFOnauts in this supposed action of snow and forces of nature (onto which elements UFOnauts immediately tried to push the responsibility for this crime). But this time UFOnauts committed a strategic error by open attack on Poland. Their previously unpunished cruelty to humanity this time become disclosed.

Part #G: Mechanisms and principles used by UFOs to collapse buildings:
#G1. What is the mechanism of sinister collapsing of buildings by invisible UFO vehicles:
       The mechanism of hidden collapsing of buildings by UFO vehicles remaining invisible to human sight, is very simple. For implementing this mechanism a UFO vehicle flies above the roof of a building selected for collapsing. After positioning itself above this roof in a position of attack, the UFO vehicle changes into the repulsions, normally neutral interaction of the magnetic field which propulsors of this vehicle produce, with metallic objects from the environment. As this is explained in detail in Figure F12 from subsection F7.3 in volume 2 of monograph [1/5] (and also in Figure F12 and in descriptions from item #B1 on the web page which describes operation of the so-called oscillatory chamber), during normal flights of UFO vehicles the magnetic field they produce is so controlled that it has no force interaction with the ferromagnetic objects from the vicinity of the vehicle (i.e. the field is a neutral one - it behaves almost like this hypothetical "antigravity" described in chapter HB from monograph [1/5]). Means, normally the field of UFOs neither attracts these ferromagnetic objects, nor repels them. However, due to appropriate control change of parameters of this field, UFO vehicles are able to form either forces of magnetic repulsion, or forces of magnetic attraction. It is because of the use of such forces, that UFO vehicles are able to lift from the ground our whole cars and "abduct" them onto UFOs' decks - if they intend to abduct drives of these cars or rob their content. Also just because of the use of such forces that UFOnauts frequently destroy and shoot down our aeroplanes lately (see item #K4 below), as well as in the past they downed that way the American space shuttle "Columbia". So when a UFO vehicle wishes to collapse a building, the roof of which, floors, or ceilings, contain components made of steel, this vehicle simply places itself above the building being collapsed, switches on the powerful magnetic repulsive interaction, and then crushes the roof, subsequent levels, floors, and ceilings of cellars of this building towards the ground with an enormous force of its magnetic propelling devices. In order to spread the destruction over an entire building, during this crushing the UFO vehicle flies along the roof. Of course, there is no building which would be able to resist such enormous crushing forces. The roof of it, ceilings, and floors, which contain metal components, must give away and collapse. But because the UFO vehicle remains invisible to human sight due to the operation in state of the so-called "telekinetic flickering", people do not see that the collapse was carried out by a sinister UFO vehicle, and they place the fault on designers, snow, or any other supposedly "natural" factors.

Part #H: Callapsing of the hall in Katowice, Poland:
#H1. Which evidence confirms that the roof of exhibition hall in Katowice was collapsed intentionally by an invisible UFO vehicle:
       Fortunately for these people, who still maintain the ability to think rationally, when a roof or a building is intentionally collapsed by such an action of an invisible for human sight UFO vehicle, not e.g. by consequences of accumulation of heavy snow on the roof, the collapsing must display a whole array of unique attributes. These attributes result directly from the mechanism of crushing such building with propulsion system of a UFO vehicle, described in previous item #G1. Therefore these attributes never appear in "natural" collapses of roofs. I listed below (in this item) the most important out of these attributes. I make sure, that they represent exclusively these characteristics, which directly stem from the principle of operation of UFO vehicles. Because all the attributes of the collapse listed below were present in the hall from Katowice, they are simultaneously a proof, that this hall was collapsed intentionally by a UFO vehicle. After all, the only thing that persuades us to believe in supposedly a "natural" collapsing of this hall (supposedly because of a heavy weight of snow on the roof), are unsupported by any evidence claims of the representatives of authorities (a proportion of which almost for sure is composed of so-called "changelings" which operate on Earth on the behalf of these UFOnauts).
       So here is the list of attributes which should characterise collapses of roofs and buildings induced intentionally by UFO vehicles which remain hidden from sight of humans. Notice that every attribute listed below was reported in Katowice by eye witnesses. Many out of these attributes were also present in a whole range of other recent collapses of roofs and buildings which took place in Europe in the final part of 2005, and also at the beginning of 2006.
       (i) The collapsing magnetic force penetrates through the roof of the building and acts downward until the level of cellars. Fortunately for our research and for these people who remain open to the truth, the mechanism of collapsing of roofs and buildings by UFOs described in item #G1 has one serious drawback. Namely, the magnetic force which carries out the collapse penetrates through the roof and is directed also onto everything that lies under this roof. So if under the collapsed roof, further floors and cellars are positioned, which also contain steel bars or other ferromagnetic components, then this magnetic force crushes these floors and cellars together with the roof. At this point it should be emphasized, that eye witnesses present in the hall from Katowice clearly noticed that simultaneously with the roof, also the collapse of the floor took place, which progressed in the same direction and with the same speed as the collapse of the roof. For eye witnesses present inside of the hall, it looked as if two invisible rollers rolled one above the other over the hall, the first of which was smashing and collapsing the roof, while the second one was simultaneously crushing and pushing down the floor of the hall. The fact of this simultaneous collapsing of the roof and the floor is described, amongst others, in the article [DP1] "Trapped and freezing" from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, January 30, 2006. This collapse of the floor in Katowice, progressing simultaneously with the collapse of the roof, and clearly noticed by eye witnesses, is a conclusive evidence, that the collapse was carried out on purpose by an invisible to human sight UFO vehicle, which utilised for it the magnetic field controlled in such a manner that it repelled all ferromagnetic objects from the vehicle.
       It needs to be added here, that for rationally thinking people any other explanation for just such a collapse of the floor, which progressed simultaneously with the collapse of the roof, is nothing else but just a groundless speculation. Especially absurd sounds the claim disseminated in the Polish press, that supposedly "old coal pits exploited by the poor" which, is claimed, existed exactly under this hall (but the existence of which over there no-one proved so far) awaited patiently underground for around one hundred of years in order to collapse accidentally only in the exact moment of time when, apparently also accidentally, the roof has collapsed. To make it even more spectacular, these supposed "old coal pits" collapsed in the same direction and with the same speed of progress as the collapsing of the roof. Surely, the mathematical probability that Moon rapidly falls down on heads of these people who invented such preposterous ideas is larger than the probability of such time synchronisation of these two apparent "coincidents".
       (ii) Exclusively metal roofs, and roofs containing metal components, are collapsed. The magnetic forces discussed previously in item #G1, which are formed by UFO vehicles in order to secretly collapse roofs and entire public buildings, may only interact with metallic objects (e.g. with ferromagnetic). Therefore roofs collapsed in this manner must either be made of metal (e.g. steel), or contain metallic components inside. As it turns out, in the roof from the hall in Katowice, as well as in roofs from other public buildings which recently experienced this epidemic of collapses, numerous metal components were contained. (Actually the roof in Katowice was entirely made of steel.)
       (iii) There are no other forces which could cause the collapse. For example, in contradiction to what the delegated by UFOnauts "changelings" operating in various earthly authorities try to persuade the general public, the roof in Katowice was regularly cleared from the snow, and just by itself was unable to form the force required to collapse. This means that the collapsing was carried out with a different force - the attributes of which coincide with the magnetic force of a UFO vehicle that remained invisible to human eyes.
       (iv) The noise of like thunder which results from cracking of steel and concrete under the pressure of smashing forces from a UFO propulsion. In item #K7 of this web page, as well as in items #E1 and #L1 of a separate web pages named "landslips.htm", is explained, that when a healthy steel or concrete structure is crushed by powerful forces of a UFO propulsion system, than this crushing must cause a progressing noise like from a thunder. This noise was heard during the collapse of the hall in Katowice. About hearing it was written in the article entitled "Tragedia, która wstrząsnęła Polską" (means "The tragedy, which shaken Poland"), published in bi-weekly "Angora", no 7, date 12 February (luty) 2006. In the article interviews with numerous eye witnesses were quoted. Many eye witnesses stressed the existence of this powerful noise. They always emphasized, that it had a dynamic character, which moved fast along the roof of the hall, as if it originated from a jet airplane which slide along the roof and which produced a powerful thundering noise.
       (v) The rapid collapse which progresses along the trajectory of flight of a UFO vehicle. When a UFO vehicle is smaller from dimensions of a collapsed roof, the crushing of this roof is carried out due to the flight along the roof. In this way the collapsing is rapid and progressive, means looks as if it imitates the motion of a powerful roller. In turn, if the collapse is caused by some natural forces, e.g. by the weight of snow, then it would occur through the gradual deformation, means initially in a manner almost constant along the entire surface of the roof. It is worth to notice, that eye witnesses of last collapses of roofs, in this also witnesses from Katowice, clearly noticed that the collapse had just such a rapid and progressive character. For example, in Katowice the entire course of the collapse took the span of time of around 15 seconds (i.e. UFOnauts clearly rushed with this collapse, so that the smallest possible number of people managed to escape death inside).
       There is one vital attribute of this collapse, the existence of which was impossible for me to determine on the basis of press descriptions from Katowice. It results from the principles of operation of UFO vehicles - and thus it must be present in collapses caused by these vehicles. Namely, in order to not reveal to people the presence of the magnetic field, during the collapsing of buildings UFO vehicles must operate in the mode, which in volume 3 of monograph [1/5] is described under the name of "throbbing mode". In turn the UFO vehicle in such a mode is able to fly exclusively along directions which coincide with the direction of Earth's magnetic field force lines (i.e. along magnetic meridians). This means that the direction of collapsing of buildings, and also the arrangement of after-collapsing debris, must in Katowice be such, that it reflected the meridianal motion of the collapsing force. (The after-collapsed arrangement of debris can be established, e.g. from photographs of these debris - even if debris themselves were hurryingly removed on orders from UFO-changelings.)
       (vi) The panic which descends on people already at the time when a UFO positions itself above the collapsed roof. UFOs form magnetic forces, which are sub-conscientiously perceived by people. Furthermore, in order to increase the panic, to induce the mutual stampede of people, and thus to multiply the death and destruction, at the time of collapsing UFOnauts induce telepathically a special signal of panic (this signal is described in item #K5 below). In recent collapses of roofs, in this number also in Katowice, eye witnesses noticed the panic which paralysed them already in the first moment before the roof initiated the collapsing.
       (vii) The panic reaction of animals. Animals are very sensitive to magnetic field of UFOs. Furthermore, all signs indicate that eyes of many animals (e.g. for sure eyes of cats and sheep, while highly probable also eyes of pigeons) in fact see UFO vehicles which remain hidden from human eyes behind the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" (described in subsection LC3 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5], and also, amongst others, on the web page UFOnauts). It happened somehow, that during the collapse of the hall in Katowice, the hall was full of carrier pigeons. On Tuesday, 31 January 2006, at 21:05, in Polish television TVP channel 2, probably in the programme "Magazyn Ekspresu Reporterów", a sad documentary was broadcasted about people whose close ones perished in this hall. In this program were also included reports of people who survived. They told interesting stories. From reports of these eye witnesses it appears, that homing pigeons from the hall, already 2 hours earlier before the collapse, "looked upward" and were nervous. Most clearly they either saw, or felt, that a UFO vehicle lurks above the roof of their exhibition hall, and that it prepares something really evil for people and animals gathered inside.
       (viii) The epidemic of collapses. When UFOnauts develop for themselves a new method of extermination of people and discover that this method is successful in practice, then they use this method repetitively for long periods of time. And in fact, when they determined that their vehicles may unnoticeably collapse roofs and ceilings of public buildings, while telepathically confused people push the responsibility for this collapsing on snow or builders, UFOnauts started to utilise these collapses at a massive scale. In the result, at the end of 2005 and also at the beginning of 2006, people could notice a true epidemic of collapses of roofs and buildings. For example, roofs collapsed then in Switzerland (December 2005), Germany (on 2 January 2006 UFOnauts collapsed in Germany the roof of a skating rink - 15 humans perished), Czech Republic (the roof of a supermarket - 1 person injured), while on 29 January 2006 also in Katowice, Poland (66 people perished). All these collapses are characterised by similar attributes. Parallel with this epidemic of roof collapses, also appeared an epidemic of collapses of multiple storey apartment blocks. One of such buildings collapsed in Moscow in December 2006, taking tens of human lives. Additionally, this epidemic of collapses of roofs and houses is similar to previous "epidemic" of downing airplanes, "epidemic" of hurricanes, "epidemic" of tornados, and "epidemic" of earthquakes, which UFOnauts used previously until the time when totalizm started to disclose who really hides behind the causing these supposedly "natural" catastrophes - for details see the web page "predators".
       (ix) The after-collapse parody of justice, means "a tailor is guilty so let us hang a shoemaker". If someone reads press reports which appeared in Poland immediately after the collapse of the hall in Katowice, then can be shocked by a parody of justice which the changelings from UFOs on positions of responsibilities served to the nation in tact of hysteric attacks of highly biased mass media. While reading these reports I wonder how it happened that as evidence of sure guilt for the collapse, of designers, builders, and owners of this hall, mass media still did not use the blockages of toilet plumbing in past, which blockages periodically appear in practically every home - thus surely must take place in this hall as well (perhaps the reason for missing on plumbing in the collection of "evidence" was a lack of toilets in this building). Practically in almost no press report a constructive and objective informing can be found, which would be based on research and empirically established facts. Almost all accusations and attacks are based on speculations unsupported by facts and on "evidence" which was obviously invented, and thus which could not be any further from the truth and reality.
       As an example how absurd are accusations spread by mass media about the overloading of the roof of the hall by snow and ice, I will repeat here the constructive and objective (because based on measurements) explanation which reveal how insignificant was the actual value of the loading of the roof of the hall by snow and ice. This explanation was written into the blog of totalizm nr #57 (which has the address indicated in item #N2 below), under the date "2006/02/04 18:55:17", by a follower of totalizm having the pseudonym "czarny tygrys". Here is the text of it, quote:
       "... It so happened that I live around 15 km from the place of this event. So I tried to calculate the true layer of snow which lied on the roof. At my estimates the roof which was the most covered with snow (low roof, i.e. located only at 3-4 meters above the ground) has the layer not thicker than 20 cm. It somehow happened, that on Tuesday (i.e. 3 days after the event, while there was no snowfall in the meantime) I measured the layer of snow for my acquaintance who owns 5-storey apartment block. The height of this block is approximately 20 meters (3.5 m each level, 2m attic). The layer of snow on this roof was 6 - 10 cm. The roof was uncovered - means windy. The conclusion from it that the higher the building - the smaller layer of snow which lies on it. The unfortunate hall is 12 meters tall. The roof of it is also uncovered - means windy. Due to this information, the probable true layer of snow lying on the roof can be determined:
h = 4m - layer = 20 cm
h = 20 m - layer 8 cm
h = 12 m - layer equal to ?? cm
I draw a small diagram to the scale and it turned out ... around 14 cm. Leaving the layer of ice = 7 cm and again calculating the weight of the snow it turned out that the new loading of the roof, caused by the snow, amounted to ... 34.3 kg. ... ... "

       At this point we need to realise, that unitary weight of one square meter of many kinds of wooden roofs covered with tiles exceeds this 34.3 kg and this happens when it is not loaded with any additional weight. This means that the loading on the roof did not exceed the weight of the roof - in designs such a case is considered to be an absence of any overloading. Thus the claim, that so insignificant loading of snow could cause a rapid collapse of the steel structure of a modern hall, as an absurd and a parody of rational thinking. Earlier in his voice of discussion the same totalizt "czarny tygrys" stated that mass media provided mutually contradictive information, unsupported by data, that the weight of snow and ice on the roof amounted to 2500 tonnes, and that the roof was 6-times overloaded. Starting from these values provided by mass media, he show with his calculations that in order the information is true, one litre of water would need to weight 3 kilograms (while in reality a litre of water was announced to be a unit of weight as it weights exactly 1 kilogram).
       The above is also worth to complement with a comment written to the same blog #57 under the date "2006/02/04 17:52:04" by a follower of totalizm who uses the pseudonym "uniwersum2006", quote:
       " The snow must accumulate gradually. This means that the loading of the roof grew linearly as the snowfall progressed. If the design of the structure would be "thrifty" then the effects of overloading would need to appear earlier, as soon as the mass of snow and ice reached the level which was critical. Then in a cumulative but slow manner the structure could bend, creep, and crack. The rapid collapse without any prior signals should certify that a rapid pressing force was applied. "

#H2. Why attacking Poland was a huge strategic mistake of UFOnauts:
       By attacking Poland UFOnauts committed a significant strategic error. In fact they voluntarily "exposed" themselves to Poles. Should not Poles be "a nation clever only after a loss", then they could teach UFOnauts a lesson. After all, in rubbles of the hall from Katowice lies also further undeniable evidence of the direct responsibility of UFOnauts for the collapse of this hall. This evidence could now be brought to the daylight, documented, and disseminated throughout the world for disclosing the participation of UFOnauts in this crime on humanity. In turn, after the murderous attack of UFOnauts is finally documented and disclosed, their further secretive and unpunished destruction of humanity would become increasingly difficult.
       Let us describe briefly examples of further such evidence for the participation of UFOnauts in this crime, which almost for sure could be identified in Katowice, but which were not commented so far in mass media nor shown in TV. Here there are:
       (i) Magnetisation of steel debris. All steel objects existing in rubbles of this hall must be magnetised by the pulsating magnetic field of a UFO. This magnetisation can be currently detected by even common people who do not have any specialised measuring equipment - of course, while maintaining the required safety measures, see item # 5 below. After all, it is enough to place a needle of a compass near these objects. (Notice that the steel magnetised by magnetic field of a UFO attracts one end of such a needle, while it repels another end. In turn the steel non-magnetised, means such which arrives from the smelter to the area of montage of buildings, attracts equally both ends of the needle of compass. Also turning a piece of steel magnetised by the field of a UFO one can cause the needle of a compass to spin on principles of "magnetic gears".)
       (ii) The tendency of steel brushed with the field of a UFO for rapid rusting. Similarly as this happened to the steel magnetised during the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York by a UFO vehicle, also the steel from the hall in Katowice will rust now much faster than normally. Therefore, changelings from UFOs will try now to cause the removal of this steel and melting it in furnaces as soon as they can.
       (iii) The speed in destruction of material evidence. Changelings from UFOs which operate on Earth on behalf of UFOnauts always receive an order to destroy speedily all kinds of evidence for atrocities of UFOnauts, so that people have no access to this evidence. Therefore, as UFOnauts always make a habit of it, almost immediately after the hall in Katowice was collapsed, the speedy removal of rubbles must began, while the steel debris are subjected to melting and destruction.
       (iv) Tormenting of "escape goats". Immediately after the entire evidence from the hall is destroyed, UFOnauts will begin the tormenting and persecution of "escape goats" selected by them to accept responsibility for this atrocity. (These escape goats will not be able to defend themselves, as all evidence will disappear by then.) It is easy to predict, that these escape goats will be: designers of the hall, the builders of it, and the last owners of it. I personally would suggest them, that instead of being "Poles wise after the loss", these potential escape goats speedily pay an airline ticket to Poland for me and make me available an access to a research laboratory, before the rubbles from this hall are removed completely. In such a case I would try to gather on the spot the undeniable evidence that it was a UFO vehicle which caused the collapse of the hall. After all, before the rubbles are cleared out, this evidence still exists on the crime scene, so that we only need to bring it to the light and to the attention of people. In case when this evidence is documented and published in the Internet, UFOnauts will not be able to attack and to persecute potential escape goats. (Even if they attack these escape goats, then my research, as well as my scientific authority, will be able to easily overcome their arguments and disclose the participation of UFOnauts in this atrocity.)
       Even if Poles still turn out to be unable to utilise correctly this attack of UFOnauts on Poland, still the attack will cost UFOnauts the loss of their previous secrecy of action. This is because of the revealing due to this attack, the actual existence of a campaign of hidden persecution of humanity by UFOnauts, that the evil activities of UFOnauts on Earth become increasingly visible to every Pole. I estimate that due to this attack on Poland, the previous number of around half a million of Poles - who were already convinced of the correctness of statements of the philosophy of totalizm, will be increased by further several hundred thousands of people.

#H3. Dangers of the "shadow of devil" from the hall in Katowice:
Motto: If you find yourself in a "shadow of devil", your health and life is in a danger.
       The folklore of various nations always describes UFO vehicles (usually considered to be "devils") as a deadly threat to health and life. The folklore also used to describe the "shadow" which this "devil" casted upon earth, as being enormously dangerous for these people who accidentally find themselves in it. A bit of information on this subject is contained in the content of monograph [1/5] - for example see there a description of Chinese "chay fung" means "devil wind" described e.g. in subsections V5.1 and V6 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5]. Currently we already know that this "shadow of devil" is simply an extremely powerful magnetic field generated by propulsors of UFO vehicles.
       The problem with this "shadow of devil" is that practically no-one is researching the true impact of it onto health and life of people. We are only able to speculate about it. However, the evidence is growing which seems to suggest that this impact is deadly. Namely it appears, that the powerful magnetic field from UFO propulsors is able to kill people on several different ways. One of the most invisible ways of this killing is to e.g. accidentally enter the range of this field and later fall sick to cancer (UFOlogy knows such cases). Other way of killing with the field of UFOs depends probably on the possible ability of this field to induce an especially dangerous kind of permanent telekinetization of matter, the emission from which, radiesthesia usually describes as the "negative green". (This permanent telekinetization of matter is described in subsections H8.1 and KB1 from volumes respectively 4 and 9 of monograph [1/5].) There are premises which seem to suggest, that people who breathe dust containing particles of matter permanently telekinetized in this way, into lungs, may later become victims of still unidentified kind of illness, which cannot be healed even by Americans. Perhaps just such particles of matter permanently telekinetized with the "negative green", were this "breathed death", which later killed a noticeable proportion of Polish workers employed in the removal of rubbles from the WTC skyscrapers in New York - as this is described on the web page devoted to the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFOs.
       The hall in Katowice was destroyed in a different mode of operation of UFO's field, than were buildings of the WTC from New York. (The WTC buildings were evaporated in a highly dangerous "mode of magnetic whirl", while the hall in Katowice was collapsed in a safe "throbbing mode" of a UFO field - for details see volume 3 of monograph [1/5].) The logic seems to suggest, that for a typical "throbbing" mode of UFO operation, when generated is the field which is "neutral" and does not produce magnetic forces, this field should NOT create a dangerous telekinetization of matter. After all, if it forms it - this would be destructive even for the own planet of UFOnauts. But in Katowice parameters of this neutral field were altered so as to create a powerful repulsion of ferromagentic objects. In turn, for such a repulsion the logic is unable to suggest what are atrributes of the field. Also there is no way to check this empirically. After all, present human science is still at a too low level of advancement to be able to detect charactreristics of permanent telekinetization of matter. Therefore, even if there is only a small probability that rubbles of the hall from Katowice contain dust permanently telekinetized with any dangerous version of telekinetic vibrations, we are not sure of this fact. Thus I would still recommend a high caution when one has to deal with these rubbles. Namely I would advice to always put hermetic masks while on this hall. Especially if someone is within the range of dust originating from the hall, e.g. because he or she works on the removal of rubbles. Furthermore, if someone researches or takes samples from this hall - I would advice to firstly wash them thoroughly in running water. It is also good to avoid research which would induce dust from these samples - e.g. grinding them. If I ever have something to do with the rubbles from this hall, to be on a safe side I would treat them just in case as if they contain a mixture of asbestos and radioactive isotopes. For a peace of mind I would also avoid storing samples of this hall in the vicinity people, e.g. in homes, or in laboratory near workers.
       It is worth to add here, that the "shadow of devil" was casted not only upon these people who worked with rubbles from the hall in Katowice. Practically rubbles from all buildings and roofs which were secretly collapsed by UFOs display the same characteristics. Furthermore, without knowing this, in the "shadow of devil" remained for some time also these people who visited the hall several hours before the collapse, and also these ones who took part in the rescue operation immediately after the collapse. So for the scientific exactitude it is worth to watch now how the future fate of all these people is going to shape. After all, the murderous action of dusts from the New York WTC revealed itself only after almost 3 years (for details see item #E10 on the web page predators). This means, that the "shadow of devil" from the hall in Katowice, as well as from several other collapses of roofs in this epidemics of January 2006, may begin to take possible human victims not earlier than near the end of 2008.

Part #I: The duty of defence - means how we can defend ourselves from attacks of UFOnauts:
#I1. The best defence method is the help from God:
       Everything that exists in our universe is under the control of God. So the most effective method of defence boils down to the elimination of reasons for which God allows that we are affected by a given disaster. In turn how to implement this method of defence, it is described on a number of totaliztic web pages - for example in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm, or in items #I1 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm.

#I2. What methods of self-defence we have in our disposal to defend against the escalation of this type of crimes committed by UFOnauts on humanity:
       The only method of our self-defence against murderous attacks of UFOnauts, the physical effectiveness of which was already confirmed in action many times, is the thorough documenting, describing, publishing, and loud disclosing, the participation of UFOnauts in a given kind of crime on humanity (in this case - in the collapse of the roof of hall in Katowice). Only after the loud and convincingly documented publicity is initiated in every case of the atrocity which UFOnauts commit on people, UFOnauts begin to be afraid to commit further such atrocities. This is because if UFOnauts commit them further, they would give people additional evidence on their murderous activities on Earth. Furthermore, when the knowledge of these atrocities committed by UFOnauts finally spreads amongst people, it never will be forgotten nor forgiven. Therefore one day UFOnauts will be asked to pay back to the last cent for every atrocity that they commit today.
       There is one more method of defence against attacks of UFOnauts. It results from the research of totalizm on the mechanism of the operation of the counter-world. This method boils down to the acomplishing a moral victory. It is described in item #C4 from the web page about "karma_pl.htm".
       Another method of our self-defence, the outcomes of which cannot be physically confirmed, but about the effectiveness of which many Poles have no slightest doubts, are prayers. Below I copied a prayer concerning the matter of collapsing of the hall in Katowice by a UFO. In this prayer the murders of UFOnauts are symbolised by the atrocities of the "dragon" and the "beast" from the Biblical Book of Revelation. It was written into the blog of totalizm number #57 under the date "2006/02/04 12:32:42" by an individual who uses the pseudonym "Har_magedon". (This prayer can be found in comments to the blog of totalizm no #57, under the address of the blog indicated in item #N2 of this web page.) Here is the prayer, quote:
       " I am accusing you, the ancient Dragon and your descendants, of the enormity of crimes which you committed on all nations and people of Earth. I am accusing you, the Beast and false prophet and your descendants, of the enormity of the crimes which you committed on the nation that you selected. I accuse you - the descendants of the Beast, of the crimes committed on my Brothers and Sisters in Katowice. The Righteous God, I accuse in front of You the ancient Dragon and his descendants, and I accuse in front of You the Beast and his descendants. The Almighty and Righteous, I beg you to judge my accusation. The Almighty, I beg You - listen to Your nation, which reaches to You from an overwhelming persecution. And I beg You - help us to distinguish the atrocities of bandits, committed with a premeditation - from human sins committed from stupidity or from the instigation of Satan. I beg You, God - help us to forgive those who sinned unknowingly, while now are sorry for it and repair damage they have done. Thank You God - for the lesson, which you served to non-humble inhabitants of Earth. Amen. "
       An extremely interesting aspect in the above comment to the blog of totalizm is, that the author of it turns out to be very controversial individual. For example, from the later writings of the same individual it appears, that this "Har_Magedon" most probably in reality is a UFOnaut (in old times UFOnauts were called "devils"). Only that he intentionally impersonated a sympathiser of totalizm and a religious person, in order to be able to destroy this philosophy even more effectively. It appears that the above his prayer he invented just as a kind of propaganda move in order to induce amongst totalizts an interest in his statements and in order his later attacks on totalizm were tolerated slightly longer than they should. Of course, I have no doubt that the omni-knowledgeable God without slightest difficulty reads the true intentions of everyone who prays and then programs the course of future events appropriately to these intentions.

#I3. Independently who attacks us, we still have the moral duty of seeking and finding an effective way of defending ourselves from the attacks:
       When I read what in the matter of this collapsed roof in Katowice happened in Poland, I cannot get over it. How it is that almost 40 millions of Poles allow that a handful of changelings from UFOs dictates them so much. How it is that inhabitants of other countries, which also were harmed by UFOnauts, can silently allow that someone murders them in such an open manner. Here we have an obvious situation, which even to a blind person reveals the undeniable evidence of a massacre organised purposely for people by UFOnauts. In turn these people sit quietly like sheep before gates of a slaughter-house and allow these changelings from UFOs to claim that black is white. People, where is your common sense gone. Where is gone the courage of your ancestors. If you allow that today UFOnauts get away with this outrageous atrocity, tomorrow the same UFOnauts collapse on your heads roofs of your own houses, or even explode atomic bomb in your garden. You cannot sit in this matter quietly and believe in everything that the deceitful propaganda of UFOnauts tells you. You need to move your back sides and begin to fight actively so, that the truth on UFO subject can be stated in Poland openly, that the truth is NOT discriminated, and that governmental institutions do not force the truth to walk aside in order to give the way to absurd speculations. Do you, the reader, ever considered, that if changelings who held power over people will stubbornly pretend, that the problem of present attacks of UFOnauts on the humanity does not exist, then perhaps it turns necessary to even come out openly with banners onto streets, and begin (peacefully) demonstrate by governmental buildings and by court houses in which innocent "escape goats" are being judged.

Part #J: Other then Katowice callepses of buildings and roofs:
#J1. Next after Katowice collapses of roofs and buildings - the evidence that UFOnauts impudently continue their frenzy of collapsing:
       Let us for a moment look inside of twisted minds of UFOnauts, in order to guess what most probably they are going to do after this web page disclosed, that these are them who hides behind the recent epidemics of collapses of roofs and buildings in the entire world. We must remember, that UFOnauts are creatures evil to the bone, with unlimited pride and extremely high opinion of themselves, that they are used to cheat people for tens of thousands of years, and that so-far they never encountered the situation that someone stood up to them and charged them with the responsibility for crimes that they committed against humanity. So what such evil creatures will do when people point fingers at them and disclose their horrible actions. Well, firstly they will try to outwit the one who discloses their actions, and with the use of some other evil tricks try to frame people into a belief, that these are NOT them to be blamed - as I described this in item #J2 below. If this fails, then most probably they show tantrums and for some time will exert their revenge on innocent people - as I also described in item #J3 web page. So our present task is to notice all errors that evil UFOnauts commit during the incoming attack of rage, and consequently reveal to people attributes of every single atrocity of UFOnauts. After all, their killing frenzy should be utilised for teaching people how to distinguish atrocities of UFOnauts from the acting of forces of nature. Here is a chronological description of most important attributes manifested during further collapses of roofs and buildings carried out by UFOnauts, after their attack on the hall in Katowice:

#J2. The intentional collapse of a market hall in Moscow (23 February 2006) - means an attempt to frame a human escape goat into the collapse carried out by UFOnauts:
       This web page disclosed for all interested people the truth about murderous spree of intentional collapsing of roofs and buildings by UFO vehicles. In spite of this disclosure, UFOnauts displayed a complete impudence, and still repeated their trick of collapsing a next hall - after this web page was already published. Namely at 5:20 am, on Thursday, 23 February 2006, means slightly over three weeks after the collapsing of the Katowice exhibition hall (the description of which was the main reason for publishing this web page), UFOnauts collapsed another roof. This time it was a roof in a covered vegetable market hall from Moscow, Russia. This hall was build in 1974. So it was slightly more than 30 years old. This means that it was in the prime time from the strength and power point of view. The initial reports indicated that the collapse took at least 56 human lives (I would not be surprised, if the number of victims again turns to be 66). But because of the early time of this collapse, the victims of it were mainly poor emigrants from central Asia, who worked in this hall. (If UFOnauts would NOT design, that this collapse was to be "botched", and thus collapsed it several hours later, then there would be killed thousands of vegetable buyers from Moscow.)
       During this collapse of the vegetable market hall in Moscow, UFOnauts repeated many features which are already well know to us from their typical methods of action, and also from other crimes which they committed so-far on humanity, e.g. from collapsing of the roof in Katowice. Therefore, the evidence for a direct involvement of UFOnauts in this next crime on humanity hits our eyes instantly. Below I am going to list examples of the most important pieces of such evidence which confirm that UFOnauts were the ones who intentionally collapsed this roof of the market hall in Moscow. Here is this evidence:
       (i) The use of collapse of the roof in Moscow was a typical for UFOnauts repetition of the "botched" crime, aimed at framing the fault at a selected "escape goat". During thousands of years of constant bluffing of humanity, UFOnauts developed a range of effective methods of hiding their own crimes. For example, whenever they "botch" a crime - so that people begin to suspect the participation of UFOnauts in it, then UFOnauts speedily repeat exactly the same crime, but they do it in such a manner that from a very beginning they frame an "escape goat" onto whom they later push the entire responsibility for it. For example, exactly according to this method UFOnauts acted in case of the hurricane Katrina which on 29 August 2005 devastated New Orleans in the USA. When the totaliztic web pages predators and hurricanes begin to disclose to all people, that the hurricane Katrina was intentionally induced by UFOnauts, in around three weeks later UFOnauts created a repeated hurricane called Rita (on 24 September 2005), which they controlled so that it make an impression that both hurricanes (i.e. Katrina and Rita) had a "natural" character. In a similar manner UFOnauts acted also when on 7 July 2005 they botched the bombing of London metro, so that the totaliztic web page predators could indicate unambiguous evidence which confirmed their responsibility for this bombing. In the case of the London metro bombing, already two weeks later, means on 21 July 2005, UFOnauts repeated with hands of human escape goats the bombing of the same London metro, this second time intentionally "botching up" their attack. In the result, the fault for both bombing again was passed onto human "escape goats" - for details see totaliztic web pages predators, and changelings. Similarly UFOnauts did in case of the collapse of roof in this vegetable market hall from Moscow. UFOnauts again used the same method of diverting the human attention from themselves. Namely, the collapse of this hall from Moscow they carried out for the purpose of diverting the attention of people from the collapse of the hall in Katowice, Poland.
       (ii) The earlier choice of the "escape goat" who in advance was prepared to be responsible for this collapse from Moscow. The shocking in the matter of this collapse from Moscow is, that already in first reports from it, journalists in advance knew what exactly has happened and who is to be blamed for it. This is because already first reports from this collapse implied, that the fault for it is to be blamed on the architect of the building, Nodar Kaucheli. The reports loudly claimed, that this hall was already the second building which collapsed and which was designed by the same architect (of course, the reports did not mention that the first building of this architect most probably was also collapsed by a UFO). In 2004 collapsed was the roof of a covered swimming pool from Moscow, designed by the same architect. As many as 28 people died then. From methods of action of UFOnauts to-date we know exactly, that UFOnauts act just in this manner very frequently. Namely, when they prepare an attack, they prepare in advance who for this attack become an "escape goat" onto whom they later push the entire fault. So in order to indicate the "escape goat" immediately, this time UFOnauts chose for the collapsing the hall which was designed by the same architect whose covered swimming pool the same UFOnauts collapsed 2 years earlier. Furthermore, from the very beginning they instructed their changelings from the press (who were to report about this collapse), that they supposed to charge the architect with the responsibility for it. In this manner UFOnauts used again their old trick, to indicate the guilty in advance, and thus to disallow authorities to even research who, or what, is really responsible for this next crime from a strange epidemics of recent roof collapses. All people will probably pounce now on this "escape goat" framed in such a manner by changelings-journalists, without even making a slightest check whether this collapse is really his fault.
       (iii) The loud bang at the moment of collapsing this hall. The hall in Moscow was made of steel enforced concrete. So when a UFO vehicle collapsed it with the use of method described in item #G1 of this web page, the UFO needed to smash the concrete structure. As I explained this in item #K7 below, when large forces cause the cracking of concrete slabs or stones, a powerful bang must be heard. Therefore, when a UFO vehicle smashed with the powerful force of its propulsion system the hall in Moscow, a powerful bang needed be heard like from a cannon shot. This bang was reported later by numerous eye witnesses. For example, it was described by someone named Ukhtai Salmanov (52 years old), whose report from the collapse was repeated widely in the world by press agencies, including into this the article "Scores of corpses after market roof collapses" published on page B3 from the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Saturday, February 25, 2006. Here is how he describes this bang in the article "Phone calls from rubble fade away" from page B10 of the New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, February 25, 2006: "There was a huge groaning sound and then a bang." ... "The whole building felt as though it was shuddering and then the roof started to cave in." The actual appearance of this loud bang similar to a shot from a cannon, is another one from a whole pool of evidence stating that the market hall in Moscow was smashed intentionally by a UFO vehicle with the powerful force of the magnetic propulsion system.
       (iv) The high speed of the collapse - in the range of seconds. When UFO vehicles cause a collapse, the destructive force that they release is so huge, that the collapse takes place in seconds. And this was also the case in Moscow. Notice that any natural overloading of the hall would increase gradually, in the result causing also a gradual collapse.
       (v) Asymmetrical collapse - and in the point of the highest strength of the hall. Interesting, that UFOnauts who caused the collapse of hall from Moscow, had no idea about the action of a "torque" on structure of the building. In the result they collapsed this hall asymmetrically, near the wall, means in the area where it has the highest strength. This is also a significant evidence for the fact, that the collapse was done intentionally by a UFO vehicle which remained invisible to human sight.

#J3. The collapsing of a building in Dhaka, Bangladesh (25 February 2006) - means how UFOnauts show tantrums by killing people:
       On Saturday, 25 February 2006, UFOnauts again impudently continued their frenzy of collapsing. They collapsed six-storey building in the central Tejgaon from Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. At the time of collapsing the building was occupied by offices and shops. But just a renovation was started to transform it into a hospital. Soon after the collapse 16 bodies was recovered from the ruins.
       The building in Dhaka for sure was also collapsed by a UFO vehicle. This is certified by the presence of several attributes that characterise the collapses carried out by UFOs. Especially at the UFO are pointing:
       (i) Reports of eye witnesses that they heard a powerful bang from the crushed structure of the building. In turn, as this is explained in previous item, the bang is an evidence that the structure cracked because of a powerful and a rapid pressure from forces created by a propulsion system of a UFO.
       (ii) Strange behaviour of the dust. Eye witnesses reported very unusual behaviour of the dust after the collapse of this building. Namely the dust would not fall down and it kept suspended in mid-air for untypical long period of time - similarly as this happened after a UFO evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York. It is possible, that this untypical behaviour of the dust was caused by the fact, that an invisible for humans UFO vehicle which carried out the collapse still hovered above, because the sadistic crew of it wished to have a fun by gorging on the sight of suffering and death of people they destroyed. In turn the pulsating magnetic field of this UFO electrified the dust particles, this caused their motionless hovering in the air for an unusually long period of time.
       (iii) Speed of the collapse. Eye witnesses of the collapse from Dhaka reported, that this building collapsed "in a blink of eye". In turn such a fast collapse is one of attributes which characterise the collapses carried out by UFO vehicles.
       (iv) Secrecy imposed by UFOnauts-changelings on this collapsing. Taught by previous experience, that I will immediately disclose their participation in a given collapse, UFOnauts-changelings imposed a strict censorship on publishing anything on this subject in New Zealand. Therefore, about details of this collapse from Dhaka I needed to learn from sources published outside of borders of New Zealand.
* * *
       The impudent collapsing of roofs and buildings described above, carried out after the atrocities committed on humanity by UFOnauts were disclosed to interested people, are also a way of UFOnauts to openly scoff in face of human civilisation. It has the meaning of a spitting us in face and stating something along the lines "see people, we can torment you as we are pleased, while your leaders are so obedient to our commands that will NOT allow to accuse us of the responsibility for our murderous actions." Are you, readers, going to accept meekly this next insult of cosmic bandits spitted straight into your face, and do nothing in this matter? Do you intend to wait until UFOnauts collapse something heavy on your own head, before you awake from the present mesmerising and mobilise yourself for an action? Are you aware, that when UFOnauts smash something on your own head, for you it will be too late to begin a squeal?

Part #K: Other manifestations of UFO attacks on humans:
#K1. Other ways of secretive attacking of humanity by the superior technology of UFOnauts:
Motto: In natural events everything displays natural consistency. In events secretly organised by UFOnauts always something disturbs the natural course of things. In order to recognise them, it is enough to open our eyes and minds for the acceptance of truth.
       Independently from utilizing their advanced technical devices for collapsing buildings and roofs, UFOnauts recently developed, and implemented on a massive scale, a whole range of further manners and methods of criminal scaring and murdering people with their advanced vehicles and devices. An interesting fact about these methods is, that each one of them in a drastic manner disturbs a natural course of events. In turn this disturbing always either results from the attributes of UFO propulsion system, or from capabilities of advanced devices which in a given case UFOnauts use against people. Thus, if someone analyses closely circumstances of each such a case, then the secretive participation of UFOs becomes obvious. Here are the most significant out of these further technical methods of killing and tormenting humanity by evil UFOnauts:

#K2. The burning and sinking of ferries and ships overloaded with passengers:
       UFOnauts sink ferries and ships overloaded with passengers increasingly frequent lately. They carry out this sinking by forcefully pushing them down into the sea depths - in a similar manner as they do this with collapsing of buildings and roofs described earlier on this web page. Namely, a UFO vehicle invisible to human eyes flies over such a ferry or ship and forces it under the water. But just in case that any passengers survives this catastrophe and tell other people what really has happened, almost always just before the sinking UFOnauts arson these ships and induce rapid fires in them. Thus, human detectives declare later this fire to be the main reason for the sinking.
       Exactly in the above manner, an Egyptian sea ferry named "Al Salam 98" was sank on the Red Sea while on its way from Duba in Saudi Arabia to Safaga in Egypt, during the night from Friday to Saturday, 3/4 February 2006. The ferry was loaded with around 1400 passengers - pilgrims from Mecca (mainly of Egyptian nationality). The ferry one moment was visible on radar screens, a next moment was gone. In the result of sinking it, around 1000 passengers have perished. An article [DP2] which refers to this sinking, entitled "Survivors found as ferry anger grows", was published on page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Tuesday, February 7, 2006.
       The intentional sinking of ships and ferries by UFOs, similarly as intentional collapsing of roofs and buildings, are always accompanied by very mysterious circumstances. An example of these can be the collection of strange events which accompanied the sinking of the Egyptian ferry "Al Salam 98" described above. A part of these events was reported in the article [DP3] "Captain refused to help doomed ferry" published on page B3 in the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, February 9, 2006. Namely, firstly this ferry rapidly disappeared from radar screens, in spite that the later investigation revealed that for some time afterwards it still floated on the surface of sea. This means, that the UFO vehicle which intended to sink it, screened it with the "magnetic lens" from the radar beams. Secondly, the ferry broadcasted an SOS message, but this message could not break through the "magnetic lens" of the UFO vehicle. (Similarly happened during the evaporation of the WTC skyscrapers by UFOs, when the entire radio communication rapidly ceased.) Therefore no-one heard this SOS, apart from another Egyptian ferry named "Saint Catherine" which was passing close by. But for some reasons this other ferry did not passed the SOS message further. Finally, the captain of another ferry called "Saint Catherine", which was passing just near the sinking ferry, refused to assist it. The captain later explained, that he was afraid to expose to a danger his own ship and passengers (newspapers did not explain why the same captain would not inform anyone about the SOS message which his ship intercepted). For me this refusal to help seems like a telepathic order from a UFO which was sinking the "Al Salam 98" ferry, to not dare helping. From other sources I am aware, that whenever UFOnauts attack and try to destroy someone, then they always send such a scary telepathic command to not dare to help the attacked people. For the existence of this telepathic signal of terror and the command to escape in panic, certifies also the fact that the captain and crew of the sunk Egyptian ferry escaped first from the sinking ship, leaving behind all passengers stranded and deprived of any professional help.

#K3. Igniting murderous fires (amongst others - burning buildings with people sleeping inside and igniting gigantic fires from Australia of 2006/7)
       Near the end of 2005 there was a whole epidemic of just such fires. This epidemic lasts practically until today. Burned are apartment blocks, factories, refineries, hotels, care giving institutions, hospitals, forests, villages, etc. Practically almost every-day television news report something new is burned, while culprits who initiated the burning managed to escape. Of course, how to catch UFOnauts-arsonists who on a wish can become invisible, while from the crime scene they escape flying in the air.
       Probably one amongst the biggest bush fires which were repetitively ignited by UFOnauts continually for the duration of several months at the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, were gigantic fires from several areas of Australia. These fires displayed all attributes which documented their intentional although secretive igniting by the technology of UFOnauts. In their results burned were forests on the area much larger than the area of Poland. These fires are described in more details in item #B15.1 from the web page about destructive uses of UFO vehicles.

#K4. Downing our airplanes
       Interesting whether the reader have noticed, that lately various airplanes fall from heaven to earth like ripe pears. Circumstances which lead to this falling usually give a lot to think about. E.g. when their debris are shown in TV, around remains of these airplanes frequently visible are UFO landing sites scorched in the grass (i.e. sections of rings, in which grass has a different colour, because was magnetically scorched or telekinetically stimulated - for details see chapter V in monograph [1/5]).
       On Thursday, 9 February 2006, in New Zealand took place a next such a downing of airplanes. Namely, two teaching airplanes supposedly "collided" in the midair. They belonged to the Airspace Department of the local "Massey University". Both students-pilots got killed. A photograph of remains of one of these airplanes taken from a helicopter, and also a description of the entire tragedy, are published in the article [NZH4] "Death plane's close call with rescue helicopter", which appeared on page A1 from the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Friday, February 10, 2006. Similarly as every other action of UFOnauts, this downing of airplanes was full of evidence for the direct involvement of UFOnauts in the tragedy. For example, on the photograph from the article [NZH4], a wreckage of the airplane was clearly surrounded with almost a close ring of darkened grass, which always indicates the area where the grass was subjected to a powerful telekinetic field of a UFO. The ring discloses unambiguously that a telekinetic UFO vehicle hovered above the wreckage for a longer period of time. But even more meaningful was an event which tool place a while earlier before the collision of both airplanes. Namely, through the area where both airplanes trained, a rescue helicopter was passing. The pilot of this rescue helicopter reported later, that one of the airplanes flew straight at him and would not change the direction - as if would not see him or wanted to ram into him. The helicopter saved itself from the collision with this airplane only due a sharp dive down, to get away from the airplane. So clearly already then the control over the behaviour of this pilot was taken by an invisible telekinetic UFO. The enormously strange was also the fall down of debris after the collision. Eye witnesses stated that two main (large) pieces of both airplanes fell down as they should. But simultaneously a cloud of smaller debris looked as if it was stopped by something in midair and fell down very slowly - with its behaviour resembling a cloud of "confetti". So again, an invisible force of some sort disturbed the normal fall down of these debris. All such strange facts document together that the collision of the airplanes was arranged on purpose by UFOnauts, while the presence of invisible UFOs in midair caused the additional extraordinary effects. Of course, similar extraordinary events accompany the majority of airplanes downed lately. Only that people do not take notice of them and do not analyse them from the point of view of phenomena induced by propulsion of invisible UFOs. The above case was described here only as a further example of what happens around us, and what people stubbornly do now wish to know about. However, by denying that the problem of destruction of our airplanes by UFOs do not exist, we never get rid of this problem - but only make it bigger and more painful.

#K5. Inducing panics and stampedes in closed spaces, and in this way causing tramping numerous people to death
       UFOnauts induce these panics through emitting from their invisible UFO vehicles special telepathic signal which carries inside the feeling of huge fear. (An example of the report of personally known to me someone named Wojciech Godziszewski, who via the use of just such a telepathic signal was filled with indescribable fear after he approached a UFO vehicle hidden in the forest, is described in subsection R2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5].) In turn the signal for initiation of mutual stampede, is usually a scream "a bomb" yelled repetitively by a UFOnaut-changeling intentionally inserted into the crowd and working as a provocateur. An example of a subsequent case of just such panic initiated by UFOs, was the panic induced during a TV show on the stadium in Philippines on 4 February 2006. "Someone" initiated it with screams "a bomb". In the result of this stampede 66 people have perished. (It is puzzling, that 66 people died also in the effect of collapsing of the roof in Katowice. Interesting whether by repeating this "devil" number 66, Providence wants to tell us something discreetly.) Similar panics, also initiated with screams "a bomb", and also taking numerous human lives, are described on the web page named "predators.htm".

#K6. Collapsing of mines with miners inside:
       UFOnauts lately got enthusiastic about collapsing various mines, thus burying alive miners who work inside. I wonder whether the reader have noticed, that manner in which collapses of all mines were accomplished lately, were such that these could easily be caused by the technology of UFOnauts.

#K7. Inducing murderous landslips and mudslides:
       In subsection G11.1 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5] is explained, amongst others, the mechanism of formation of so-called "rotations" of the soil. In turn illustrations of such "rotations" are shown in Figures marked as "rys. Z_3a_B5.6" and "rys. Z_3b_B5.6" from the Polish treatise [4c]. Here is one example of such "rotations" of the soil - which was taken from a separate web page that in "Menu 2" is named "landslips":

[Bild: weka_pass.jpg]

Fig. #K1: Shown is a typical appearance of circular "rotations" of the soil, formed when magnetic circuits of UFO vehicles are submerged under the ground and then rocked sideways.
       Taken on 8 March 2006 near the New Zealand township Culverden, Weka Pass. Please notice an ideally circular shape of such "rotations" which results from the fact that they are formed when magnetic circuits of a UFO vehicle "rock" (means slightly "rotate" in a vertical plane) the soil which is enveloped by these circuits. If such a "rotation" of the soil is formed by a UFO on a slope of a mountain which is very steep or strongly saturated with water, then it initiates a landslip or a mudslide. Such technically initiated landslips or mudslides recently are used by UFOnauts for murdering and tormenting scores of people. (For more details about the formation of such landslips by UFOs, and also for more accurate descriptions of these their attributes which differentiate them from natural landslips or natural mudslides, as well as for numerous illustrations of technically formed and natural landslips or mudslides - see separate web pages named "landslips".)
       These "rotations" of the soil are formed most frequently during angular rotating of a circular disk of soil that is cut off from the rest of the ground by spinning circuits of a UFO or Magnocraft. The result looks quite similar to angular rotation of soil that surrounds roots of a tree which collapsed. The only difference is that typically no tree is going to be present in such soil rotated (rocked) by a UFO, and also that the rotated soil has a very regular shape (i.e. the shape of almost perfect circle or ellipsis). If magnetic circuits of a UFO vehicle cut off such a "rotation" on a slope of hill, then in the moment when it is curved in, a mudslide or a landslip frequently is initiated. Especially when just before this cutting UFOnauts induced intense rainfalls on the same area. In mountainous terrains such mudslides and landslips are initiated by UFOs relatively frequent just by accidents during careless landings. But recently UFOnauts begin to utilise them also for intentional murdering of people and for tormenting humanity.
       I am interested for a long time in such avalanches of mud and soil initiated by UFOs. The reason is that I intend to determine a set of attributes by which these technical formations can be distinguished from natural mudslides and landslips. One of these I managed to determine many years ago, due to observation of remains of such landslips and mudslides visible on many New Zealand mountain slopes. This first (1) attribute of technically induced mudslides and landslips is the existence of a typical circular or elliptical "rotation" in the initial point of the avalanche of soil. The second vital attribute of such avalanches of soil or mud initiated technically by UFOs I determined by an accident, when around 1996 a UFO vehicle created it in front of the city Ipoh on the "expressway south-north" which leads from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh in Malaysia. (This soil avalanche buried then around 300 meters of the expressway, killing several people - perhaps it was created on purpose to kill these people.) Eye witnesses reported then, that at the moment when the avalanche was initiated (in the middle of night), a powerful bang was heard - like blast from a large cannon or a bomb. As I believe, this bang is formed when magnetic circuits of a UFO vehicle crack forcefully fragments of stones out from the bedrock of the mountain, to form from them the initial "rotation". After all, as a Mechanical Engineer I had many opportunities in my life to watch strength-tests done on samples of stones, rocks, concrete, etc. So I remember quite well, that when such a sample of rock or concrete is forced to crack, it always generates a powerful bang. The cracking of a rock or concrete sample thick only like a human finger generates a bang that sounds like a rifle shot. So one can imagine how loud bang must be generated when a UFO vehicle forcefully cracks a piece of native rock sized like a UFO vehicle. Then I also watched many documentary films about natural soil avalanches and mudslides. But I never encountered an information, that the initiation of such natural avalanches is accompanied by any loud bang. All natural avalanches and mudslides always are initiated in silence. Only after they acquire a momentum, they begin to induce a loud rumbling. (This rumbling noise appears also in avalanches and mudslides induced technically by UFOs. Only that it can be heard after the initial laud bang, and the acoustic of it is distinctively different from this loud bang sounding like a cannon shot.) Therefore presently I am sure, that the second (2) attribute of avalanches of soil and mud formed technically by UFOs on slopes of mountains is, that at the moment when these avalanches are initiated, a loud bang sounds similar to a shot from a large cannon. Another attribute can be deduced from the second one. Namely, the third (3) attribute of avalanches of soil and mud formed technically by UFOs is that the initiation of such avalanches is always accompanied by a small earthquake the epicentre of which is located on the "rotation". The reason is, that when magnetic circuits of a UFO forcefully rotate and crack pieces of rocks from the rest of a mountain, the mountain must generate violent vibrations.
       On Friday, 17 February 2006, at 9 am local time, on the Philippines' island of Leyte (675 km on the south-east from Manila), a huge mudslide appeared which buried an entire village named Guinsaugon. On the basis of what I already know about methods of action of UFOnauts, and also what I know about characteristics of technical devices that UFOnauts use, it is absolutely sure for me, that this Philippines' mudslide was created on purpose by UFOnauts, as a part of their current campaign of scaring and tormenting humanity. Here is the most vital evidence which documents the direct involvement of UFOnauts in this next atrocity committed on humanity.
       (i) The presence in this Philippine mudslide of all attributes which characterise avalanches induced technically by UFOs. All three attributes of technically induced avalanches explained previously, were clearly confirmed by news from the crime scene of this atrocity of UFOnauts. Means, news confirmed: (1) the presence of a circular "rotation" in the initiation point of this Philippine mud avalanche, as well as (2) a loud bang - as if from a cannon shot, heard at the moment of the initiation of this mud avalanche, and (3) the location of the epicentre of an earthquake in the "rotation". And so, the circular "rotation" in the initiation point was visible on films from this mudslide, which (films) were broadcasted in television news. The loud bang was reported by numerous eye witnesses. In turn, the fact that the epicentre of a small earthquake induced by the cracking of rocks was located inside of the "rotation", was obvious from reports, that witnesses firstly heard the loud bang, then they heard rumbling of the avalanche, and only at the very end they felt how the earth was shaking. It is worth to add here, that from the point of view of the theory of probability, it is impossible that all three such untypical attributes appeared in the same mudslide just by a pure coincidence.
       (ii) Intelligently controlled rainfalls which "watered" the area of planned mudslide. In addition to all this, two weeks before the mudslide, the area of this island was drenched with powerful localised rainfall, which was persisting until the moment when the mudslide appeared. It is reported, that during 2 weeks around 680 mm of rain fell. These rains looked exactly as if they were created over there on purpose by an advanced technology of UFOnauts. For example, rained exclusively in the designated area and there was no rain in the neighbourly islands. Furthermore, immediately after the mudslide was induced, the rain rapidly stopped and sunshine appeared (after all, UFOnauts did not have a reason for further continuation of the rain).
       (iii) Evidence of the use of advanced technology of UFOnauts present on the crime scene. One such evidence is, that UFOnauts used again in Philippines their old trick with the "deleting of SMSs" (this trick is described more extensively in item #E12 from the web page predators). In a very sad article [DP5] entitled "Mudslide text messages: 'We are alive. Dig us out.' ", which was published on page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Monday, February 20, 2006, one of teachers buried alive in the local school sent just such (SMS) text message to her mother, Pamela Tiempo. Furthermore, several children also buried alive in buildings of the school, posted similar text messages to their parents. But in order to make impossible the tracking of the location of this school, and thus to make impossible saving the children, UFOnauts deleted all these messages. Furthermore, they also blocked the arrival of further messages of this type. Only UFOnauts have the technology and know-how to implement such deletions and blocking of SMSs in Philippines.
       The first description of this Philippine mudslide which got into my hands was in the article [DP6] "Mudslide kills hundreds" published on page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post Weekend", issue dated on Saturday/Sunday, February 18-19, 2006. Further reports and interviews with eye witnesses, and also pictures of it, were broadcasted in all New Zealand TV news on Saturday, 18 February 2006. In the article [DP6] was written, that in the result of it, over 500 homes were buried, in which for sure died at least 200 people, while further 1500 was considered to be missing. In turn TV news reported, that the number of victims reached around 3000 people - in this only in a local school died around 300 children. Further 300 women died in the hall of that village, where a women's conference just was held. (It is possible that UFOnauts arranged this tragedy only because they wanted to assassinate a woman which was inconvenient for them, and about which they knew that she will be present on this conference. This is because their typical way of assassinating looks just like this.) To what kind of revolting and cunning methods of murdering UFOnauts are resorting lately. It is difficult to believe that so evil creatures are close relatives of humans.

#K8. The provoking by UFOnauts of a third world war on religious grounds (i.e. between Christians and Muslims)
       This is probably the most dangerous out of all attacks of UFOnauts on humanity, which carries the potential for taking the largest number of human lives, and for practical destruction of the entire present technical civilisation on Earth. UFOnauts push with this attack from the first moment of evaporation of WTC skyscrapers with their UFO vehicles - and thus the initiating of so-called "war on terror". The method which is used by UFOnauts for this provocation, depends on the typical for these evil aliens continuous mutual instigating Muslims against Christians, while Christians against Muslims. This method of mutual instigation is extensively described on the web page about "UFOnauts-changelings". A next stadium of this provocation was initiated by UFOnauts almost at the same time when they collapsed the roof of the hall in Katowice. Namely changelings-UFOnauts firstly convinced several newspapers controlled by them (initially in Denmark, then also in several other countries, e.g. in Norway, France, Germany, and New Zealand) to collect together and to republish again caricatures which symbolically reflect current feelings in a majority of the world about the role which radical Muslims perform. Each of these caricatures earlier was already published somewhere without gaining any attention. Then other changelings-provocateurs from UFOs - this time acting within Muslim countries, instigated crowds of Muslim fanatics to "make mountains out of molehills" and to initiate a truly hysteric campaign of hostilities and persecution under the excuse of feeling offended with these caricatures. Furthermore, changelings-UFOnauts from the Muslim side come up with their own initiatives of offending feelings of Christians and Jews. For example, they caused production of an offensive film about Jesus, and spread offensive claims regarding relationship of Jesus with his mother. On 8 February 2006 newspapers from Iran announced a competition on caricatures of holocaust. In turn "al Qaeda" announced high prizes for these who murder authors of discussed caricatures (supposedly the prise was 100 pieces, or kg, of gold). Behaviours of these provocateurs-UFOnauts from the Muslim side were so offensive, that even in the reserved England (which did NOT publish caricatures that sparked all these hostilities), some banners carried out by Muslims, e.g. these ones which called for murdering and which prized bombing attacks on metro in London, were officially recognised as breaking the law. In the result of these instigations of both sides by UFOnauts - already tense relationship between Christians and Muslims got even more tense. In the middle of all this Iran started openly construct its own nuclear bomb. Knowing methods of action of UFOnauts, it is easy to predict already now what these evil UFOnauts are going to try next. Namely, changelings-UFOnauts from the countries that already have the bomb, will secretly assist Iran in building its bomb. In turn when Iran finally builds the bomb, changelings-UFOnauts working on the territory of it will cause that for sure it will be used immediately. Of course, for the magnification of the effect of this bombing, UFOnauts simultaneously detonate secretly next out of their UFO vehicles - as this is described on the web page 26th day. In turn the destruction that such an exploding will cause, provide UFOnauts-changelings from the Christian countries an excuse to erase with their own nuclear arsenal the most aggressive Muslim countries completely from the map of Earth. Unfortunately, the nuclear winter and radioactive fallouts which will follow, cause that there will be no victorious nor defeated people left on Earth. Those ones who survive the destruction will be so degenerated and mutated, that will be unable to maintain the present level of our civilisation. So if currently humanity does not maintain the peace and distance towards these provocations of UFOnauts, and in fact allow to be pulled into physical hostilities, then all this will finish for Earth enormously sad. As a king of bitter sarcasm in the whole this matter is the fact, that both religions which will stand on opposite sides during a possible third world war, in fact almost everyday warn their faithful against the evil acts of UFOnauts. Muslims receive these warnings as an information about the intentions of "Satan" whom they symbolically throw stones during every pilgrimage to Mecca. In turn Christians are warned and educated about UFOnauts in practically every mass in which these evil creatures are described as "devils". The same bitter is also the fact, that the clergy of both sides fighting presently, are only able to talk theoretically about the Satan and devils, while practically it does nothing to indicate to people the actual examples of real and deceiving actions of these evil creatures in present life of Earth. So if the clergy of both sides do not join fast our fight with UFOnauts, soon they will NOT have followers for teaching, as almost the entire population of Earth (including the clergy as well) become expedited to another world by the third world war.
* * *
       Independently from methods of murdering and scaring people with the use of advanced technical devices, as described above, UFOnauts utilise in exactly the same manner the forces of nature which they control, e.g. viruses, plagues, tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc. The discussion of the most vital forces of nature which are utilised by UFOnauts for this sinister purpose is provided on web pages "predators" and "26th day". In the light of all these vicious and multi-frontal attacks of UFOnauts on humanity, as described above, the practitioners of totalizm are still the only people and force on Earth, who know exactly what really happens around, and who hold the key to literal salvation of humanity. Knowledge is responsibility. Totalizts receive also lately a constant assistance from the universal intellect (God), which (the help) we are not allowed to waste. So we are not allowed to let down our fellow humans nor the universal intellect (God) who invested in us. We all have now the duty to explain to those who still remain blind, what actually is happening around us. The future of the entire humanity depends currently on whether we implement this our responsible task as we should.

Part #L: Consequences of UFO activities on the Earth:
#L1. Selected implications of the sinister attacking of humanity by UFOnauts:
Motto: Totalizm is like a small dog which sunk teeth in nostrils of a huge beast of UFOnauts and is about to throw this beast to the ground. But it must be extremely careful because the collapsing beast may smash it with the enormous weight.
       There is only one way to stop the present escalation of destruction of humanity by UFOnauts. Namely it is necessary to permanently remove UFOnauts from the Earth. Currently in Poland a political "party of totalizm" is being arranged (described on the web pages "party of totalizm"). The chief goal, that this party assumes for itself, is to permanently remove UFOnauts from our planet, means to clear the Earth from this cosmic vermin. Until the time when we clear the Earth from UFOnauts, this vermin is going to bite us without a break, and in every corner of the world. After all, there is no escape from its murderous bites. UFOnauts are able to find us in practically every place where we hide. So where is the courage of our ancestors and their will to fight. Why presently we allow these devilish cosmic bandits to meddle in our affairs so much.
       Recently I received a meaningful letter from Poland. The author of it is Michał R. of Gdańsk. This letter contains a description of vision of the future, that the author of it was allowed to see for the times when the "party of totalizm" will finally gain the power in Poland and begins the defence of Polish citizens from these nightmares which presently torment human societies ruled by changelings from UFOs. The vision in a significant proportion coincides with what I predict myself that will come to Earth when people awake from the present hypnosis and will support with action the intentions of the "party of totalizm", so that this party finally wins against the forces of evil and immorality. Below I took the liberty of quoting a fragment of this extraordinary letter:
       "... in Poland the government which will implement TOTALIZM in the political and social life. It will be the era of Poland in which the Magnocraft will be used by Polish militaries. The political divisions and the influences of powerful of this world will disappear. New technologies will be used in Polish industry and science. The governing become a HARMONY of scientists, clerics, and wise people. Factories will be controlled by robots and computers, without human workforce. In every home will be a super-computer which will be able to create a holographic reality and to replicate food, medicine, clothing, and objects of everyday use. Advanced magnetic devices will be used by everyone. There will be new technologies in farming, industry, and everyday life. ... rules of capitalism and communism will disappear. Governments will be based on the TOTALIZTIC SOCIALISM. New sources for energy production will come, also crude oil and gas will not be used any more. The energy industry will be based on advanced magnetic-gravitational devices. Due to this propulsion will travel boat, car, airplane. The geothermal and telekinetic energy will replace the coal, crude oil, and gas. The monopoly of gold and oil will be removed from the monetary systems. Money will the measure of worth of work and goods created by this work. ..."
       Dear reader. Just for such a world the "party of totalizm" is going to fight. Also for such a future are aimed the drastic economic, law, and social reforms which this party is going to implement in real life. So if you do not wish to suffer endlessly in the increasingly tight spiral of immorality, poverty, enslaving, and tormenting of people, join us for this fight. We need your hands, your hot heart, and your will to change the world into a better place to live. What you should do is explained on a separate web page which in "Menu 2" is marked as the "party of totalizm".

Part #M: Other information on the subject discussed here:
#M1. Where one can familiarise oneself with the newest course of events concerning collapses of buildings and other attacks of UFOnauts:
       Current news regarding events in all matters from the area of interests of the philosophy of totalizm, are currently presented in the so-called "blog of totalizm" (unfortunately, only in the Polish language). So this is the blog where one can learn the newest development of events regarding the political "party of totalizm" and all other matters concerning the philosophy of totalizm. Current addresses of the blog of totalizm are always provided on the web page FAQ - questions. At the time of preparing this web page, the "blog of totalizm" was accessible under the address totalizm.blox.pl/html (i.e. in order to view it either click here on the "green" address which links this web page with it, or write the address http://totalizm.blox.pl/html/ in the addressing window of your own browser). Notice however, that similarly like all other web pages and activities of totalizm, the blog of totalizm can be sabotaged at any time. In case it is sabotaged, the next location of it will be provided on the updated version of the web page FAQ - questions.
       Blog of totalizm has also two mirror copies. At the time of preparation of this web page these copies were available under addresses: totalizm.wordpress.com, and totalizm.blogspot.com.

Part #N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#N1. Summary of this web page:
       So here is such a small event as the collapse of a hall in Polish Katowice, that is so simply explained by official sources, and how many mysteried and thought-provoking matters in it.

#N2. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check the further development of situation in the matter of murderous collapsing of buildings by UFOnauts:
       In order to keep checking how is going to develop the matter of disclosing by the philosophy of totalizm the atrocities committed on humanity by UFOnauts, it is worth to return periodically to this web page. By the definition, this web page is going to be improved and extended further, as soon as a possible contribution from readers, and also the course of events on Earth, is going to influence the people's perception of UFOnauts, or cause a next action in matters described here. So if in the future, you wish to learn what further roofs or buildings UFOnauts collapsed, or what happened with the hall in Katowice, then visit this web page again. I am going to systematically update the content of this web page, as the development of situation brings some new events worth reporting.
       If one knows the Polish language, it is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under the address: totalizm.blox.pl/html (with two mirror copies available under addresses totalizm.republika.pl and energia.sl.pl/news). On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.
       Notice that readers can also download to their own computers a source replica of this web page, as this is explained on web pages FAQ - questions or replicate available through "Menu 1" and "Menu 2". (In order to download this replica, you just need to click in "Menu 1" on the item source replica of this page. Note however, that if after such a click the replica does NOT download, this probably means that on a given web site this replica could not be offered to interested users, e.g. because of memory limits of some sort, or because UFOnauts just sabotaged the capability to download it. In such a case it is advisable to change the server and web site by using one of the addresses listed in "Menu 4" or "Menu 3", and then try to download this replica again from a next server and next web site.)

#N3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#N4. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#N5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#N6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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Date of starting this page: 5 February 2006
Date of the latest updating of this page: 12 September 2013
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