@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

V6. Evidence of UFO activities permanently written into our culture
In subsequent parts of subsection V5 permanent evidence of UFO activities on Earth is discussed. This evidence can be touched, photographed, and subjected to conventional research methodologies. Independently from it, there is also another category of evidence, that has a more intangible character. The evidence from this intangible category also originates from either parasitic UFOnauts, or from extraterrestrials friendly towards people that try to help us in freeing ourselves from evil UFOnauts. But the extraterrestrial origin of this evidence is rarely realised by people. This subsection presents most common examples of it.
Permanent evidence of invisible activities of parasitic UFOnauts on Earth presented in previous subsections, unambiguously proved that these morally degenerated aliens for thousands of years continually exploit our planet. So now we should not have even slightest philosophical difficulties in accepting less tangible category of evidence for their constant parasiting on people. After all, their continuous activities on Earth, repetitively form and leave various proofs of their existence. Furthermore, such evidence is also left by their totaliztic competitors, means by aliens who try to help humanity. Only that people so get used to these evidence, that now completely stopped noticing it.
One of the most surprising findings which I accomplished during the course of my, by now over quarter of century long research, is that the evidence of continuous operation of various aliens on Earth is omnipresent, only that people do not take any notice of it, and also seem to be unable to accept its extraterrestrial origin. Practically this evidence extends to every aspect of our lives. The frequency of appearing of it is so significant, and it is so strongly written into the culture of our everyday routines, that there is no area of life, in which it would not be possible to find it. Let us now list and explain examples of the most commonly known such evidence written permanently into our culture:
#1. Ancient megalithic structures. Their best examples include huge structures described in books by Erich Von Däniken. But because the activities of aliens on Earth are negated by present orthodox science, these structures are attributed to ancient builders. How unrealistic is this stand, reveals the fact that many of them even the present technology would be unable to create in areas of their standing, from materials with which they are constructed, with techniques and methods that they are put together, and in the rational span of time which is attributed to their construction. It is not even worth to mention, that some of these structures, such as e.g. faces similar to Sphinx, were discovered also on Mars - see the history from subsection V3 and photographs from Figure P32.
#2. Mythology. Almost in every country in the world, multitude of folklore believes, customs, celebrations, legends, and stories can be found, which directly refer to various aspects of observation of aliens from space. Depending on the subject to which various myths are referring, they could be subdivided into following groups:
#2a. Observations of UFOnauts. These are carried out when UFOnauts use various highly advanced technical devices. This evidence includes legends and stories about various creatures that have an equipment which shows magical powers. In legends creatures that have this equipment are called wizards and witches, good ferries, sucubes and incubus, gnomes, mares, devils, etc. - for more details see subsection R4. Other frequent example from this group of evidence are childish stories about invisible people, brothers, or friends, who show themselves to these children when adults are not present.
#2b. Gifts from aliens. There are cases when aliens gave something to people in an open and noticeable manner. This means that they probably did not originate from the body of parasitic UFOnauts, but from civilisations that support us - for more details see subsection W7. The most recent example of such a gift and help is described in subsection N2.1 of this monograph, and in treatise [7B]. Several further examples were described in the introduction to treatise [7]. These cases include, amongst others, an interesting myth from Borneo about flying creatures that taught people how to plant rice and gave seeds of this important crop. However, the most representative myth from this group is the legend on "Santa Claus", and also about his female version which usually is called "Santarina". This legend supposedly originates from the country Laplandia in Finland, or more strictly from the area of Rovaniemi. Santa Claus has a lot of attributes of a light-haired alien. These attributes include, amongst others, a red suit visible from a large distance and similar to that one shown in Figure E2 - which includes also a glowing belt, boots, and a hood that covers the head. Furthermore, this alien has an ability to fly in the air. He has supernatural powers. He is able to quickly produce all required material goods. He has small helpers, "elves" or "gnomes". Etc., etc. The thrust power for his "sledge" is provided by nine magical "reindeers", which carry him in the sky. One may easily imagine an inquisitive reindeer shepherd from Laplandia, who asks the original Santa Claus, for what purpose propulsors are used in his "sledge", and receiving a reply: they carry my vehicle like your reindeers. The number of these reindeers agrees with the number of propulsors in a UFO type K3, namely a single main one, and eight side ones. The reindeers have horns. These horns are intermingled like this is done with magnetic circuits of UFOs and Magnocraft - for comparison see Figure P19 "B". On typical drawings of Santa Claus these reindeers are presented as spread almost around a complete circle in a fluent manoeuvre of turning the sledge. About these reindeers legends claim, that during the flight they create characteristic vibratory sounds like present UFOs. These sounds supposedly originate from their golden bells. The most important parts of these reindeers seem to be large glowing noses, which blow out rays of light, like outlets from UFO propulsors. If one believes in legends, the nose of the leading one amongst these reindeers, called "Rudolph", glows with a red light, while noses of remaining eight reindeers - with a blue light. So these are exactly the same colours of glow that outlets from UFO propulsors would emit, if it flies above the northern hemisphere - see Figure P15. According to legends, "Rudolph" is a lone type - always runs alone. But remaining eight reindeers prefer to run and play together. Notice that if someone interprets in a fable manner the location and colours of outlets from a K3 type UFO vehicle shown in Figure P15, then would receive exactly a legend of such reindeers.
#2c. Effects of activities of UFOnauts. These include various consequences of actions of UFOnauts, but observed without noticing the presence of these aliens. To this group belong legends and believes about blue painless bruises that appear at nights on bodies of people, or about activities of mischievous imps - the existence and content of these legends is mentioned in subsection U3.3. Other examples from this category are folk beliefs in so-called "lunatics". In the sense of state in which they are, lunatics are equivalents of our present hypnotised people, that are led by UFOnauts invisible to outside observers, onto decks of also invisible UFOs, which await nearby. However, some components of behaviour of lunatics are also known to us from behaviours of UFOnauts themselves that use magnetic personal propulsion system. Their example can be holding hands spread horizontally in front of them, or spreading hands widely to sides as if additional magnetic propulsors placed on their wrists were repelled from propulsors in their belt - for details see chapters E and R. Thus perhaps a part of folklore of lunatics takes also its origin from observations of UFOnauts that walk on roofs of houses. Similar to lunatics, although behaving differently than them, are "sleepwalkers". Their extraordinary behaviour can be explained as a memory of hypnotic commands received from UFOnauts and programmed into their subconsciousness, that is released during an ordinary sleep. Examples of other behaviours triggered by post-hypnotic memory of UFO abductions are described in subsection U3.4. For example, one attribute frequently appearing in the result of our systematic abductions to UFOs, is a rapid jumping in our beds. In more drastic cases it may finish with jumping out of bed during sleep.
#2d. Observations of UFO vehicles. To this group belong various legends about giant whales or turtles that swallow and then release people, about flying islands and palaces, about lands of lilliputs, and also about many other mythical forms that demonstrate super-natural powers and behaviour that is contradictive to laws of nature, but coinciding with behaviour of UFOs or UFOnauts.
#2e. Culture, celebrations, behaviours and knowledge passed to humans by UFOnauts. To this group belong various customs, observations and information, that do not have justification in the level of Earth's knowledge, and are directly explained by the practitioners as originating from extraterrestrials. One of the most perfect examples of it, is an unique tattoo called "moko", which is ornamenting faces of the most prominent Maori leaders. This tattoo originates from a natural pattern that exists on faces of some UFOnauts. More details on the subject of "moko" is provided in the introduction to monographs [5/3] and [5/4]. In turn the description of an UFOnaut, the face of whom had a natural pattern similar to "moko", as well as several further examples from this group of evidence, is provided in treatise [7]. Another example of a custom seen and copied from UFOnauts, are all rituals that originate from procedures of flights in a huge spaceship. These include counting down, checking, starting, ascent, and landing of huge spaceship. So these are procedures in which subsequent crew members are taking appropriate positions on the bridge, report to the captain the readiness of devices that are manned by them, and then on the order from a captain they ignite sequences of these devices and report their current state. Examples from this category of rituals are almost all religious celebrations - e.g. masses, formal parts of court procedures, fragments of academic ceremonies, traditional parts of parliaments sessions, etc. Still different examples of traditions, or the knowledge, adopted from UFOnauts, include surprising astronomical knowledge of the African tribe Dogons, and New Zealand Maoris, the knowledge of seeds and planting of corns by American Indians, planting of rice in the South-East Asia - e.g. by Dayaks from Borneo, etc.
#3. Religious traditions. Whatever religion we analyse closer, always one may find evidence of extraterrestrials in traditions of it. In the most widely known Christian religion, such evidence is spread for example throughout the entire Bible. Actually it is discussed in many books - as an example see the book [1V6] by J. F. Blumrich, "Statki Kosmiczne Ezechiela", (Title of the original: "The Spaceships of Ezekiel"), Wydawnictwo Pandora, Lodz, Poland, 1993, ISBN 83-85884-30-0. Such evidence can also be found in many other sources of a religious character. One example, of it can be the description of Eden discussed in subsection P6.1, which indicates that Eden was actually a UFO vehicle of K7 type.
Even more direct evidence of aliens is contained in religions of the East, for example in Buddhism or Taoism. In case of Buddha, old myths directly inform that amongst his disciples and closest friends, extraterrestrial beings were included. These beings furnished him with their technical devices. In turn with the use of these devices, Buddha was able to fly in the air, carry out miracles, etc.
Traditions of UFOnauts in religions are so omnipresent, universal, and vivid, that many researchers believe, that actually all religions on Earth were created in the result of direct contacts of people with aliens. For example, these traditions appear both, in ancient religions, e.g. in Greek, Roman, or Indian, as well as in various present ones, e.g. in Buddhism, Islam, or Taoism. But I would be rather cautious in forming such an opinion. After all, according to my analyses, only some religions from the very beginning contained decisive majority of dogmas of the philosophy of "parasitism", which is a trademark of UFOnauts. There are religions, which in the original form contained mainly philosophies of totaliztic type. Their best example is Christianity. Only later, currently quite noticeable pollution of these religions with dogmas of parasitism, was manipulated into them by UFOnauts. This pollution originates from practices introduced with the elapse of ages by their subsequent religious leaders. But original creators of these totaliztically oriented religions decisively could NOT be UFOnauts.
#4. Selected ideas of literature. Such ideas originating from UFOnauts are quite common in classical literature. Sometimes they are also presented in films. Many writers seem to draw inspiration from encounters with UFOnauts, or from stories of people who remembered their UFO abductions. Then they based their writings on these experiences. Examples include:
#4a. Classical literature. Many classical books show an amazing coincidence with present descriptions of people who remember their UFO abductions. A classical example is here Jonathan Swift, and his "Guliver's travels". Similar meaning have the "Journey to the centre of the earth" by Joules Verne, which almost copies information contained in the book [4V5.3.3]. Also the Polish poem "Pani Twardowska" (i.e. "Lady Twardowska") by Adam Mickiewicz, seems to describe an example of an "UFOnaut during spying expedition to Earth". His tricks are amazingly similar to performances of a TV magician David Copperfield. Further similar examples are discussed in subsection VB4.6.1.
#4b. Classical collections of fables and legends. Many their details represent folklore interpretations of various technical aspects that are still observed on present UFOs. As a first example let us consider such a detail that is repeated in fables and myths of many countries, as the fact that "huts" of witches and wizards used to stand on a "chicken feet". If one analyses the appearance of slated under angle, and radially spreading legs of UFOs of small types, then it hits the eyes that they actually do resemble configuration of claws in "chicken feet". Especially this is prominent in UFOs type K4, 3 legs of which are very similar to these shown in part (a) of Figure A1, and in Figures P7 and P20. Their appearance actually very well resembles "chicken feet" which was slightly lifted up, or boiled. Other example is the dress of witches and wizards, which obligatorily must include a hood. From principles of operation of magnetic personal propulsion, it directly stems that such a hood is absolutely necessary in order to protect a head from a powerful magnetic field - for details see part (a) in Figure E4.
#4c. Attributes of super-heroes. Various supernatural heroes of present books and films have a dress that exactly copies suits of UFOnauts. Their behaviour, especially manner of moving, also closely reflects the behaviour observed in UFOnauts. Furthermore, their "supernatural" capabilities are typical for the use of personal propulsion of UFOnauts. The most known their examples include super-heroes of American films for children, e.g. "Batman", "Spiderman", "Superman", "Great American Hero", etc.
#5. Popular expressions, sayings, idioms, and some proverbs. In my opinion, many common sayings originate from UFO observations, UFOnauts, encounters with aliens, or effects of their activities. Let us list here several examples that are commonly used in the Polish language. The Polish expression "neither a dog nor an otter" (in Polish "ni to pies ni to wydra") is used to describe something that is dissimilar to anything that we know of. In my opinion it originates from an observation of one of races of UFOnauts the bodies of which slightly resemble our seals. Examples of descriptions of these aliens are contained in subsection R2 of this monograph - see there the observation of Wojciech Godziszewski. They are also described in subsection R4 - see legends on seals over there. This expression probably was coined, when someone after observing one of these aliens tried later report about it to his sceptical countrymen. In turn a Polish expression "devil laughter" or "satanic laughter" (in Polish: "szatanski chichot") is used to describe a unique melody of laughter. It probably originates from the knowledge of melody of speech of one of races of UFOnauts. This speech of UFOnauts actually does resembles a fast mixture of squeaky sounds, similar to laughers of hyenas mixed with cooing of pigeons and something like chanting of Islamic Imams - for more details see subsection R4.1. By the way, this chanting of Islamic Imams may intentionally try to copy sounds produced by UFOnauts. Other similar Polish expression states "deuce brought him" (in Polish "licho go przynioslo"). It describes someone appearing when is least expected. In my opinion it refers to disappearance of various people and objects caused by mischievous UFOnauts. Such disappeared people or objects then appear again in the most unexpected places and moments. Still another Polish expression, "disappeared as if a devil covered it with the tail" (in Polish "zniknelo jakby diabel nakryl je swoim ogonem") refers to an object, which seconds earlier was clearly visible, but later completely disappeared and cannot be found again. It probably results from mischievous methods used by UFOnauts, for making lives of selected people miserable. These methods are described in subsection VB4.7. Another Polish expression "where the devil says good night" (in Polish "gdzie diabel mowi dobranoc") describes locations most far from everything. It probably is based on an empirical observation of our ancestors, that the most favoured areas of an open activities of UFOnauts, previously called "devils", include wildernesses located far from large cities, civilisation centres, and roads. A similar Polish expression "devil is not so bad as they paint it" (in Polish "nie taki diabel straszny jak go maluj") is used to describe something that was feared, but turns out to be not so bad in practice. It probably originates from the encounters with UFOnauts by folklore taken for religious devils. During these encounters people realised, that during personal contacts these UFOnauts are polite, relatively bearable, and aware of moral laws. So during personal meetings they slightly differ in the behaviour from what they do to people in a hidden manner and in hell.
In the context of some descriptions from this monograph, a lot to think about gives a common Polish proverb "vengeance is the delight of gods" (in Polish "zemsta jest rozkosza bogow"). This proverb most probably originates from the observation of ancient Indians described in subsection P5, who called UFOnauts "gods". These Indian gods indulged in ruling with the use of terror, fear, repression, and vengeance. This observation is confirmed by subsection V3 describing a history of our relationship with UFOnauts, and also a first part of subsection JD2.5 describing the philosophy of UFOnauts. From my personal experience to- date appears, that this expression is NOT just an allegory. It rather is a horrifying warning which must be understood absolutely literally. Only that instead of the ancient word "gods" that is used in it, we need to put the name "UFOnauts". For more details see also subsection V10.
#6. Sources of inspiration that direct research astray. UFO vehicles and material marks left by them, for centuries provided people with inspirations for various searches. Only that these searches almost always were directed into a wrong area. Here are the most popular examples of searches which lead to nowhere, that were inspired in this manner:
#6a. Searches for Yeti. There is one furry race of UFOnauts. The members of this race usually have a large height, their bodies are covered with furs, and they hate taking bath. Thus for people they smell incredibly. Observations of UFOnauts from this race, carried out far from their vehicles, inspired on Earth searches for illusive humanoids, which depending on the continent are called: "Yeti", "Snowman", or "Almas" (Asia); "Big Foot", "Sasquatch", or "Oh-mah-ah" (America), and "Maroero" (Maoris from New Zealand). That these creatures are really one of races of UFOnauts, this is indicated by numerous observations of creatures looking exactly like Yeti, but seen in the close proximity of their UFO vehicles, and sometimes even inside of UFOs. Of course, even folklore about them confirms their extraterrestrial origin. For example, according to page 106 of the book [2V6] "Mysterious Creatures", Life-Time Books (P.O. Box C-32068, Richmond, Virginia, USA), 1988, ISBN 0-8094-6632-6, Sherpas from Himalayas believe that Yeti are capable of becoming invisible on every wish. In turn, as this is described in subsection L5, the ability to become invisible is the attribute of telekinetic personal propulsion of UFOnauts. In turn Chinese religious folklore knows a supernatural creature, which really lived in historic times and which was called "Monkey God" - in the Cantonese dialect this pronounces "Saj Jaw Kay". This creature looked exactly like Yeti. Furthermore, when it acted on Earth, it displayed all supernatural powers of present UFOnauts. For example, this "Monkey God" was in the possession of a magical weapon shaped like a stick, means most probably prolonged oscillatory chamber of the second or third generation. This weapon was able to deliver various magical effects. By the way, this weapon he supposedly stole from the master of seas - means from a Chinese equivalent to our Neptune. The fact of this stealing indicates that he did not adhered to a philosophy of the totaliztic type. Furthermore, Monkey God was in the service to Buddha, and even become famous due to bringing holy Buddhist Scriptures from India to China. These scriptures are like a Buddhists equivalent to the Christian Bible.
#6b. Ghosts. A majority of observations of "ghosts" on Earth actually represents activities of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles that remain invisible for human eyes. They operate on Earth in the so-called state of telekinitic flickering described in subsection L2. Thus they are able to disappear from the view, or appear, on any their wish. They also are able to become transparent like fog, walk through walls, etc. Thus by spiritualists and occultists activities of these invisible UFOnauts are taken for activities of ghosts.
#6c. Monsters. Phenomenon of time surges that are induced by UFO vehicles of the third generation, are probably standing at sources of observation at least some real monsters that are observed in a whole range of lakes and seas on our planet. Descriptions of some of these monsters, together with explanations for the reason they appear in our times, is provided in subsection V5.3 of this monograph.
#6d. Crop circles. These are landings of UFOs in crops. The most famous of them are being found in England - for details see subsection V5.1. They inspired not only the origin of new religions, but also new branch of orthodox science which tries to explain them with the use of whirls of air. (By the way, such whirls of clear air in a majority of cases are also a phenomenon formed technically by invisible UFOs - for details see item #16b below.)
#7. Various breakthrough ideas. This includes scientific ideas, new technologies, medicine, farming, new devices and abilities, etc. It turns out that the majority of such new ideas, which introduced breakthroughs into the development and culture of our civilisation, was not created on our own planet. These ideas were simply "given" to us in a ready to use form. But as this is explained in subsections P3.2 and W7, they were given by our totaliztic allies from space, not by parasitic UFOnauts. The discussion of examples of such gifts is carried out in separate treatises [7/2] and [7B]. However, just for indication what types these are, several examples of these ideas is briefly described below. According to my research, to such ideas belong, amongst others:
#7a. Devices that are build ahead of their own times. This includes technical devices so advanced, that they are significantly ahead of the epoch in which they were build. Actually in practice their construction cannot be repeated even now. Their examples include:
- The Ark of the Covenant described in subsection S5.
- The so-called "philosopher's stone" described at the beginning of subsections S5 and S1.4.
- The alarming device from China that detects incoming earthquakes. It is described thoroughly in subsection N6.1 and mentioned also in item #5H5.3 from subsection H5.3.
- The so-called "everlasting lamps" discussed in subsection H6.1.3 and described in the book [2H6.1.3]. They represented a model for votive lamps from present churches.
- The thesta-distatica described in subsection K2.3.1. This one is the only such an alien device, still operational on Earth in present times.
#7b. The astronomical knowledge of antiquity that was ahead of the own times. For example Chinese believe that the precise Chinese calendar was given to them by "creatures from stars".
#7c. Rice and corn. According to legends described in [7], the skills of planting rice and corn, as well as probably potatoes, were given to people together with seeds of these crops by some more advanced from people creatures from cosmos.
#7d. Motivating of research. At present, spontaneous and stubborn research on several problems of our civilisation, seem to be induced and maintained by totaliztic allies of humanity. This research mainly concentrates on "free energy", which is described in subsections T4, K2, and VB5.1.1. The extraterrestrial motivating of this research is suggested by circumstances of our building of the first telekinitic influencemaschines - described in subsection K2.3.1. Similarly the telepathic pyramid described in subsection N2 also was inspired by a totaliztic alien that supports humanity - although it is intensely suppressed by UFOnauts who occupy us.
#8. Futuristic trends. Many various trends and fashionable behaviours which do not have justification in the state of our knowledge to-date, originates from UFOs. One of the best examples can be the "fashionable" lately utilisation of crystals for purposes of healing. It is described more comprehensively in subsections S1.4, S5, and T1. It originates from the frequent on UFO decks demonstrations of healing, that are carried out by oscillatory chambers of the second generation, which look like regular eight-sided crystals. Other example is a "fashionable" some time ago use of pyramids for various purposes, such as mummification, reinforcing of energy, etc. It also originates from demonstrations of the action of similar pyramids on UFO decks. An example of demonstration in a UFO of just such a pyramid is discussed in subsection T4 and U3.2.1.
#9. Selected artistic ideas. Many ideas that relate to music and to dance, seem to originate from aliens. Let us discuss here some examples:
#9a. So-called "mute chorus". It is quite common on religious music. It is combined from people who make melodic humming without opening their mouths. There is a significant probability that the tradition of this chorus come to life because of an attempt to imitate in ancient times the buzzing sounds that are produced by landing UFOs. Our ancestors considered arrivals of UFOs to be supernatural events. So they tried to imitate in their religious celebrations all circumstances connected with these arrivals. In this number they also recreated buzzing sounds that accompanied UFOs.
#9b. Keyboards for musical instruments. It turns out that many people who remember their abductions to UFOs, describe musical keyboards that they saw in there. Keyboards seen in UFOs are identical to these ones which initially were used in church organs, then in pianos and grand pianos, while currently in the majority of electronic musical instruments. This in turn means, that someone must copied these keyboards from someone. Because it is difficult to suspect that a civilisation capable of intergalactic travels would copy anything from human inventions, the above observation means that our musical keyboards actually do originate from UFOs. So they were not developed on our planet. Someone probably reconstructed them or copied, after seeing them on a UFO deck, where they were used in some musical instruments of UFOnauts. Or they were given to someone amongst our inventors by totaliztic aliens, in a manner similar to a device described in subsection N2.1. There is even a legend, which in a direct manner informs that organs originate from Greek gods. In turn these gods, as this is explained in subsections R4, P5, and P6 of this monograph, are just one of many interpretations for UFOnauts. The description of this legend I found on page 450 of the English book [3V6] by Arkady Leokum, "Tell Me Why", Odham Books, 1967. According to this legend, first organs on Earth produced and gave to people a Greek god called "Pan". It had small horns and from the waist upwards he looked like a man, while from the waist downwards he looked like a goat. So his appearance was similar to "hoofed devils" that were known in medieval times and mentioned in subsection R4.
#9c. Dance. Dance is commonly considered to be an earthly invention. But everything seems to indicate that humans were taught to dance by aliens. Initially it served for control of the flow of life energies through bodies of dancing people. After all, it depended on carrying out series of appropriately selected exercises of movement and breathing. So initially it was directed at revitalisation, relaxation, rest, inner control, and discipline. Only later people turned it into a kind of social fun. Actually until today for these purposes of self-perfecting, serves a kind of dance that is called "Tai Chi". It is practised by descendants of former Chinese warriors and their disciples. Very similar to "Tai Chi" is also a folklore dance from Southern Thailand called "The Manohra Dance of the South Folklore of Southern Thailand". A legend directly states about it, that it was given to humans by an "angel". Here is the content of this legend literally quoted from a programme leaflet for the performance by Thailand ballet troupe from the "Arts and Cultural Centre, Prince of Songkla University, Hat-Yai, Thailand". This performance took place in Kuala Lumpur, on 16 October 1995. (I personally observed this performance and the "Manohra Dance" shown on it - see also subsection R4.)
"Pra Ya Sai Far Fad, the ruler of a city state in what is now the southern Thai province of Phattalung, had one daughter - the beautiful Nuan Thong Sam Lee. One night Nuan Thong Sam Lee has a special dream. In this dream an angel appears and dances a beautiful dance with lovely bird-like movements. In this dream, Nuan Thong Sam Lee clearly sees the twelve distinctive steps to this dance, each musical instrument used, and she clearly hears the music accompanying the dance. When she awakens, she remembers each detail and takes it upon herself to recreate the dance depicted in her wondrous dream. She learns the dance to perfection and teaches it to her court ladies as well."
#10. Games and plays. An example can be the game in chess. A legend directly states that it was given to some Shah by an extraterrestrial creature similar to a "wizard". This is also confirmed by historic research which prove that chess did not go through any evolution as other games do, and from the very beginning was known in the present form. The way of paying for chess described in this legend, through giving to the wizard grains of crops, that is based on the unknown at that times to people "binary progression", also suggests an extraterrestrial origin of this game. Other examples of games and plays that originate from UFOs, include displays of human magicians. The beginning of these displays most surely originates from observations of "magic" done by UFOnauts, and then from attempts to imitate extraordinary capabilities of these UFOnauts.
#11. Components of human garments. Many components of traditional human clothing that survived until today, seems to be inspired by suits of personal propulsion of UFOnauts that supposed to hermetically protect UFOnauts from the exposure to powerful magnetic field. An example can be the garment of monks and nuns that is worn until today, or a traditional clothing of Muslim women. Almost a sarcastic paradox of fate is, that also Academic Regalia, means a traditional clothing that orthodox scientists wore during official ceremonies at Universities, actually originates from suits of UFOnauts. This happens in spite that academicians who wear this regalia so noisily deny the existence of UFOnauts from which they borrowed this symbol of knowledge. Academic Regalia copy the clothing of "wizards", means extraterrestrial beings about which the folk tradition states, that they had huge wisdom and knowledge. Thus usually such wizards fulfilled the functions of advisers and teachers for many rulers and kings. By the way, it appears that also jobs of dwarf "royal jesters" which traditionally were accredited to the majority of medieval kings, influencing significantly their decision making process, were actually performed by dwarf-sized UFOnauts.
#12. Symbols of power. Many present and historic symbols of power represents imitations of appropriate devices, clothing, or anatomic features observed in UFOnauts that utilised them for executing an absolute power over people. For example, a sceptre or verge used by present monarchs, marshals, parliaments, high priests, or chancellors of various universities, is an imitation of telekinitic oscillatory chamber described in subsections C4.1 and T1. This chamber was able to overpower, change, or displace a human pointed by it. In turn a crown worn by monarchs, "miss beauty", Buddha, and classical dancers from Thailand, is an earthly imitation for a cosmic helmet and various devices build-into this helmet for communication, detection, measurement, thermo-vision and nocto-vision, TRI, etc. Even more such requisites include traditional clothing. Practically almost everything that in old times was dressed or held on official occasions by various rulers and high priests, originated from observations of UFOnauts. Even such one would think humble element of clothing as a small cap put on heads by Jews, Muslims, pope, and Christian bishops, serves hiding of their hair. In this way it makes their heads similar to usually bold heads of UFOnauts. Intriguing example of such features that make people similar to UFOnauts, are extensions of ears in old days worn in Malaysia as insignia of power. These extensions took the shape of long, silver leaves or plates, attached slanted above ears. They make ears of their owners similar to "dogs ears" of UFOnauts. They were worn by all people in the position of power and authority. So they were worn by rulers, military commandants, high officials, etc. On a similar principle in Thailand a part of traditional clothing of people in the position of authority were "claws" mentioned in subsection R4. After they were put on fingers, they make hands of their wearer similar to clawed hands of UFOnauts. Other interesting example of such "illogical" addition are horns. They were attached to own heads by various primitive warriors. Even now they can be met attached to fronts of limousines owned by people with high aspirations. These horns took their beginning from the observation, that members of one omnipotent race of UFOnauts have horns. So in order to accent their power and induce respect, some primitive warriors and rulers also wore similar horns. In this manner they make themselves similar to these omnipotent aliens, the powers of which they so admired.
Horns were also inherited by children born from intercourse between horn-bearing male UFOnauts, and human women. An example of a man which had horns is commonly known Moses. Although this may surprise many, this Moses - one would think exactly known to us from the Bible, was a very mysterious person. For example, according to rabinistic writings discussed on page 178 of the Polish book [3V5] by Andrea Olszewski, "Paradoksy tajemnicy wszechswiata" (Warszawa, Poland 1998, ISBN 83-900944-2-8, 314 pages; consultations on distribution: Wydawnictwo A. Olszewski, 00-976 Warszawa 13, skr. pocztowa 87, Poland), Moses was one of ancient giants. He was around 4.84 meters tall. This in turn suggests, that he was one of these giants fertilised in the presence of telekinitic field by an extraterrestrial male - as this is described in subsection JE9.3. Furthermore, according to these writings, "from the hips downward he had the appearance of a man, while from the hips upward he was like a heavenly angel". He had also one anatomic detail, which in old days was described just as an attribute of angels, but currently it is considered to be an attribute of devils. This detail were ... horns. His horns are still visible on the sculpture of Moses carved by Michelangelo. The sculpture is located in the church S. Pietro in Vincoli in Rome. His sculpture show Moses in his actual size of a giant. According to the above book [3V5], out of the Biblical characters, horns supposed to also have another giant called Cain, and perhaps his gigantic brother Abel. Over six meters long sarcophagus of Abel, according to [3V5] is located in Syria. Perhaps one day it can be researched scientifically. In turn a folklore from the Middle East, and also descriptions contained in the holy book of Islam, Koran, state that horns had the perfectly known to everyone from lessons of history, Macedonian monarch called Alexander the Great, born in 356 BC and died on 13 June 323 BC. One of the best presentations of the evidence which documents the actual possession of horns by Alexander the Great, is plotted into the content of the first part of English documentary series "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great", written and produced in 1997 for BBC by a historian, Michael Wood, from "Maya Vision Production" (8 BBC MCMXCVII). According to this film, the fact of having horns by him is even recorded somewhere in Koran. Legends state, that Alexander the Great inherited his horns from his biological father. His father supposed to be the Greek god Zeus himself. Interesting whether the ancestor of Polish and Latvian Princes' family, Radziwills, who their genealogy lineage also drew directly from the god Zeus, had horns as well. In case of Alexander the Great, the actual having of horns by him one day may be identified in an objective manner. It is known that he was buried in a glass coffin somewhere in catacombs of Egyptian city Alexandria. So when this coffin is discovered one day, perhaps also horns - as not subjected to a fast decay, may still be visible in it. There are rumours that relatively recently a Russian ambassador got lost in these Alexandrian catacombs. During searches for the exit he supposedly encountered a chamber with a glass coffin and with a huge number of papyrus scrolls. There is an opinion that most probably he saw the coffin of Alexander the Great.
#13. Healing rituals and customs. Many of these only recently obtained scientific or logical justification. But on the level of knowledge, on which their introduction to our culture took place, their meaning could not be discovered. Their example can be having earrings in ears. According to old beliefs, probably passed to people by some technically advanced extraterrestrial creatures, carrying earrings helped in keeping a good sight. For this reason people whose living depended on the power of sight, for example "pirates", carried earrings in their ears. These were for them more a kind of amulets for the improvement of sight, than an ornament. Only with the elapse of time this custom of carrying of amulets was adopted by women, who turned it into a form of beautification. But it should be noted here, that in the part of human ear into which earrings are usually pinned up, there is an acupuncture point, the stimulation of which increases the power of sight. So in spite that carrying an amulet in ear one could consider to be an ancient superstition, the correct locating of this amulet actually turns it into a permanent acupuncture needle that stimulates the point responsible for the sharpness of sight. Other example from this category is the Chinese knowledge of acupuncture, which also supposed to originate from some technically advanced aliens.
#14. Religious buildings. The construction of various temples very thoroughly imitates the appearance and the design of UFO vehicles. This imitation usually extends to both, the external appearance, especially their characteristic central dome, as well as the planning and usage of the interior. The reason for such state of things is best explained on page 166 of the book [1P5] referred to in subsection P5. Here is the appropriate quotation (in my translation from Polish):
"These gods had palaces build for them, where they had servants (priests) and all comforts. These palaces in the religious terminology are called 'temples'. During constructing them they tried to imitate the flying structures of heavenly creatures, in order that gods felt here on Earth equally good as in their heavenly residencies."
Let us now discuss several examples of such temples similar to UFOs: #14a. Mosques of Islam. People who seen the largest and most important mosques in Istanbul, after the comparison of external appearance of these mosques with possible shapes of flying systems of UFOs, without difficulty recognise their imitating symbolism. For comparison it is worth to compare with them simplest examples of flying systems of UFOs, shown in Figure F12. But in other Islamic countries outside of Istanbul,
mosques look more like single UFOs then like flying systems of these vehicles. #14b. Interior of churches. It corresponds to the interior of UFOs of a large type. Typically it has a high central space covered with a hemispherical dome, which is surrounded with low galleries located in the vehicle's side flange and separated from the high
central space with a row of columns that house side propulsors. #14c. Columns inside of churches. These also thoroughly imitate columns
seen in UFO vehicles. In UFOs these columns house propulsors, which for vehicles of the first generation are square in a cross-section. Also in first Christian churches these columns were build with a square cross-section, as if inside they contained such cubical oscillatory chambers. Until today such square columns can be seen in ancient ruins of churches in Salamis in Cyprus. However, the pre-Christian tradition is known from round columns which are easier to produce and more decorative.
#14d. Altars of temples. These, especially used in older Christian churches, tried to imitate control panels in UFO vehicles.
#14e. Oscillatory chambers. Many Christian churches, including the Basilica of St. Peter in Vatican, have a strange cubicle located in their centre under the central dome.
This cubicle is usually made of a white marble with numerous veins which imitate electric sparks. It is almost identical in appearance to the central oscillatory chamber of a UFO of the first generation. In four corners of this object four black, twisted columns are placed. These are identical in appearances to four black columns of magnetic field of a UFO, observed from the inside of such a vehicle. These columns support a spherical "baldachin", with golden sparks. This baldachin also looks identical to an aerodynamic casing from the upper dome of a UFO covered with flashes of ionised air. This marble cubicle can be also seen in churches from Poland. For example, it is in the church of Mother Mary on the Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Warsaw, just by the palace of the Polish president.
Pockets made in the inner wall of the central column, in which the central oscillatory chamber is mounted, in larger UFO vehicles are used for rubbish tins. (For details see Figure P30.) In these pockets usually UFOnauts transport bodies of people killed by a given UFO. Shockingly, churches which have the marble imitations of this central oscillatory chamber, imitate also these pockets with human bodies. Therefore e.g. in Vatican, under this marble "oscillatory chamber" graves of more important popes and church officials are grouped. Some old churches do not have at all this imitation of the UFO's central "oscillatory chamber", but still exactly under the centre of their dome they have, usually well camouflaged, the entrance to the underground, in which graves of most important people are placed.
#15. Architecture. Many civilian architecture forms also were inspired by UFO observations. Buildings based on the idea of these space vehicles take a form of a saucer reversed upside down, with a characteristic dome in the centre, sometimes covered with glass. Especially striking architecture of this type is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A significant number of public buildings in there is formed in a manner that resembles shapes of UFOs.
#16. Naming. Many popular names for phenomena and substances known in our everyday life, takes their beginning from UFOs. Let us consider here several examples.
#16a. Angel's hair. A best example of such substances is the stringy Christmas trees decoration called "angel's hair". This name takes its origin from observations of jelly substance that falls down from UFOs, that is illustrated under the symbol "A" in part (b) of Figure P9, while described is in subsection V5.4. After falling to Earth, this substance decorates trees and fences with glossy, gluey strings, in a similar way as plastic strings do it to Christmas trees. Because it was observed that this jelly substance falls from UFOs, means - as in old days it was believed, from "manifestations of angels", it was called angel's hair. Then this name was probably shifted into a similar decoration of Christmas trees.
#16b. "Dust devils". Other example of such a name, are whirls of the air in English called "dust devils". These are characteristic columns of spinning air and dust that move in an "intelligent" manner along our fields. Frequently, if not all the time, they represent an effect of spinning of the air by invisible for human eyes UFOs. It should not surprise anyone that in the Polish folklore they are called "dancing devil" (in Polish "tancujący diabeł"). In English they are called "dust devils". In turn in Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language their name is "czie fung" what can be translated as "devil's wind". These names most probably were coined when someone observed that they are capable of transforming themselves into a visible UFO, means - as in old days was believed, into a "devil". According to folklore stories, one of their attribute is, that they bring a terrible illness to a not careful passer by that enters into their range. This should not surprise, if we know that inside of them a whirl of extremely powerful magnetic field prevails, that is capable of causing in a not careful person either a radiation illness, or a permanent paralyse and crump of muscles. For example, according to an old Chinese belief, in people who enter into such a whirl a permanent deformation and paralyse of face may occur.
#16c. Fairy rings. Another example of a popular name which originates from UFOs, are rings formed from mushrooms. In the Polish folklore these mushroom rings are called "devil's rings" (i.e. "czarcie kregi"). In old days it was claimed that they are caused by dwarfed supernatural creatures. From this emerged a belief that gnomes love mushrooms. Their English name is "fairy rings". In turn their German name is "Hexenringe" means "wheels of wizards". According to newest research we know that such a circular growth of mushroom is caused by the cooking action of the magnetic field of a landed UFO. This field sterilises soil allowing mushroom the unlimited growth. Descriptions of UFO landings are provided in subsections V5.1 and F11.1 of this monograph.
#17. Flying mythical monsters. These are described in legends. But according to scientific knowledge they never existed on Earth. To this group belong dragons, phoenixes, birds of fire - including into this number also the Malaysian version of these birds called "Petalawati" that god Shiva used to ride and also the equivalent of it from Bali called a heavenly bird "Garuda", Pegasuses, winged horses, griffins, sphinxes, and also merlions - means mythical creatures which from the front legs upward looked similarly to a lion while downward looked like a "sea horse". (Just such a "merlion" is amongst others a symbol of Singapore. Thus in Singapore one may meet a lot of sculptures and figurines of it.) It can be documented, that at least a significant number of these monsters originate from UFOs. Their origin can be attributed to the following sources:
#17a. Mascots of UFOnauts. These are extraordinary animals brought to Earth in UFOs - as this is described in subsection R4.2. They originate either from genetic Engineering (GE), or from other planetary systems where they evolved under different environmental conditions from ours. After they are shown to people, they are taken again into UFOs, or even onto their native planets. Therefore our present orthodox science is unable to find their remains or traces. But in order to explain the folklore descriptions of these animals, orthodox scientists invented a convenient idea of the so-called "composite animals". According to it, these extraordinarily looking mythical monsters originate from mental putting together attributes of several different animals. Of course, although this explanation is quite tidy and looking plausible, it "does not hold the water" at all. For example, it does not explain how it happens that completely different people who live on separate lands and sometimes even on islands cut out from the rest of world, "composed" together exactly the same monsters. After all, one should expect that such "composites" of people that mutually do not know each other, should look differently. It also does not explain why these "composites" have exclusively anatomical attributes that the location, functions and presence actually are observed in the animal kingdom as working in practice. After all, one could expect that inventing some new monster the creators could mix parts of fish and bird, or place eyes in the tail, tusks in ears, and jaws under the belly. Actually, observations of extraordinarily looking monsters-mascots present on UFOs are reported also in present times by people who remember their UFO abductions. Also such monsters are seen in the vicinity of UFOs - as I described this in subsection R4.2.
#17b. Masks, suits and anatomy of UFOnauts. For various reasons some UFOnauts may look different than people, e.g. they may either put their masks on, or have much different anatomic build up than people do. As this was already explained before, UFOnauts covered with fur are sources of legends on Yeti or Bigfoot. In a similar manner probably also legends were born about sirens, nymphs, harpies, satires, centauries, etc. In turn a mask with the breathing apparatus is clearly a source of appearance for Indian "god elephant", means "Lord Genesh".
#17c. Camouflage. UFOnauts used it in order to hide from people. As this is documented in subsections T4 and N3.2, UFOnauts frequently use "modifiers of appearance" which they have, and which are described in subsections N3.2 and T4. These modifiers give them appearance of any animal they wish. This allows them to hide from people. But when such animals turn into humans in sight of many observers, such a transformation becomes a beginning of a myth. Especially many of this type of animals that transformed into humans, and vice versa, are in mythologies of the South-East Asia, e.g. in India, Thailand, Laos, etc. For example in India there are legends claiming that a cow transformed in a female god, then this female god transformed back into a cow. This probably is a beginning of the tradition of holy cows in that country. In turn in Thailand there are legends about women-birds, so-called "kinarees". One of these legends is described in subsection R4. Of course Europe has also its frog turning into a prince, mice turning into horses, bats transforming into vampires, dogs turning into devils, etc.
#17d. Dragons. UFO vehicles covered with the "onion charcoal" described in subsection V5.4, look like they wear a skin of a snake which bursts with fire. Thus, in old times UFOs were called dragons, birds of fire, Pegasus, hydras, etc. Such mythical monsters show supernatural powers and behaviours, contradictive to laws of nature. In very old times people did not work out an idea of a "flying machine". Therefore everything that could move, was for them an animal. Furthermore, in some cases UFO vehicles modified their appearance with the use of inboard TRI of the second generation, described in subsection N3.2. Thus, people in past epochs interpreted encounters with such UFO vehicles as meetings with extraordinary mythical animals.
#18. Disappearances of people. One out of many plagues that trouble our civilisation so stubbornly, that it was even written permanently to cultures of many nations, are disappearances of people without leaving any trace. About such disappearances usually no- one talks openly, because they would induce numerous questions for which someone in power supposed to give an answer. But statistics of every country, if only anyone has a chance to learn them, are just shocking. Simultaneously abductees who ventured into rubbish dump areas in UFO vehicles, report about surprisingly large number of human bodies stored in there. Practically in every country people keep disappearing without a trace, in a manner that cannot be put just on an ordinary crime. So in order to somehow explain these unexplainable disappearances, every country developed an own system of apparent explanation. This explanation is a kind of modern myth. And so, in Poland and Russia in my times people put all these disappearances onto KGB that sent people to Siberia. How presently such disappearances are explained in these two countries, I am not sure. In New Zealand such disappearances are usually explained as people getting lost in dense forests that cover this country, finished with deaths of such lost people. The only detail which spoils this otherwise perfect explanation, is that no bodies or skeletons are later found. In Australia they usually are explained as being eaten by sharks, crocodiles, or dingo wild dogs. In turn in countries of the South-East Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, or Thailand, it is explained as abductions by local mafia called triads. Descriptions of examples of such disappearances can be found in practically every book that elaborates on unexplained puzzles. The most representative from these disappearances, which I encountered so-far, include: the Prime Minister of Australia - someone named Harold Holt, a pilot from Australia - someone named Frederick Valentich, and a home salesperson from Tauranga in New Zealand - whose name I am unable to establish.
Harold Holt disappeared without a trace on 17 December 1967, when on a beach in Melbourne he decided to go into water in sight of two women. Neither his body, nor any his fragment, or even a trace, never was found. People speculated that he: fall a victim of an assassination, was abducted by a submarine, committed a suicide, etc.
A clear UFO abduction was the disappearance on 21 October 1978 of the Australian, Frederick Valentich - a pilot of a small aeroplane 182 Cessna, which flew lonely through the Bass Straight in Southern Australia. The last information send by his radio was that above his aeroplane a huge object havers, whose appearance resembles present UFOs. Just before the conversation was cut off, on the tape strange metallic sounds appeared. In spite of immediate and intense searches, no traces of Valentich nor his aeroplane was ever found. In turn around an area in which he disappeared in that day, a record number of around 15 independent UFO observations were reported. More details about his disappearance can be found in the chapter "The disappearance of Frederick Valentich" from the book [6V6] by the Australian UFOlog Bill Chalker, entitled "The Oz Files", which in 1999 was accessible via the Internet address dands@magna.com.au.
Even more mysterious was the disappearance of the house salesperson from Tauranga in New Zealand. His car was found in the forest at the side of road. On the front sit a half eaten sandwich was lying, while in a cup there was half-drank tea. Apart of this, no even a trace of him.
So far facts were fabricated just to create "rational" explanations for this type of disappearances, and in this way defend governments of countries from the duty to defend their citizens from a cosmic threat. But it is about time to accept that the responsibility for a significant proportion of such unexplained disappearances, if not for all of them, lies in UFOnauts. UFOnauts are a permanent threat that hangs above heads of all of us. No matter whether we are aware of this threat or not. As long as aliens are not thrown out from our planet, in every moment of our lives we must consider a possibility, that one day we also may disappear without a trace. This usually happens when neither ourselves, not anyone around us, expects it. In turn at the time when such a disappearance gets us, it will be too late for a defence. Besides, even if then we have a possibility to call for help, probably no-one would be able to give us any help. After all, such help must be worked out in the result of long-term defence activities. Actually I read about cases, when people who rapidly disappeared from sight of onlookers, still were calling for help, but no-one could react, because no-one could establish where the voice comes from and what should done to help.
#19. UFOs causing accidents and deaths. According to my research, invisible UFO vehicles are direct reason for a huge number of various "accidents" that constantly plague Earth. A significant number of them finishes with a permanent disability, and even death of people who participate in them. But because during causing these accidents, UFO vehicles remain invisible for people, the fault for causing them usually is blamed onto fate, or is left unexplained. If there is someone to blame, most frequently for these accidents are blamed either human errors, or various forces of nature. Sometimes these forces of nature are invented purposely, just to cover the lack of our knowledge about the activities of invisible UFO vehicles - as an example see whirls of clear air described in item #1 from subsection V7. Taking under consideration a number of people, who die or are wounded in the result of any such an "accident" caused by a UFO, all these accidents can be subdivided into three categories. These categories are:
#19a. Total death and extinction. This one occurs when almost an entire civilisation dies. To provide here some examples of it, such cases of total death and destruction caused by UFOs are described in subsections V5.2, V3, and OC1. They boil down to purposeful exploding of UFO vehicles on Earth. Such exploding is aimed at shifting back the development of the entire human civilisation. In turn subsection V3 describes the murdering of an entire population of Neanderthal Man. Of course, we should not exclude that one day evil UFOnauts may repeat such total murder also on people.
#19b. Mass death and destruction. Examples of such mass death caused by invisible UFOs can be, amongst others:
- catastrophes of aeroplanes, caused by UFOs that approached them in the magnetic whirl mode of operation - as this is described in item #1 from subsection V7,
- violent shaking of our aeroplanes, if these entered the range of whirling air that surrounds an invisible UFO - as this describes the item #1 from subsection V7,
- sucking of our boats and ship into water whirlpools caused by
underwater UFOs,
- cases of sinking our boats due to collisions with UFOs - see the Titanic disaster described below,
- cases of mass sabotages described in subsection V8, such as evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York, destruction of space shuttle Columbia, etc.
#19c. Individual deaths. There are huge numbers of these. Their victims are individual people. These include for example:
- single abductions to UFOs the participants of which never return - see
item #18 above, for UFOnauts - see descriptions in subsection W4,
- purposely induced by UFOnauts assassination of people inconvenient
- victims of individual accidents caused by UFO vehicles, e.g. by accidental entering into the range of powerful magnetic field from propulsors of UFOs - their descriptions can be found in a number of UFOlogical publications,
- attacks of mascots of UFOnauts on people - described in subsection
It is worth to notice that discovering and disclosing the true reasons for such accidents is extremely difficult. It also may turn out very dangerous for the disclosing person. Reasons are: our low knowledge of UFOs, invisibility of UFO vehicles either already at the moment of an accident, or soon after the accident, and also the ability of UFOnauts to manipulate on views of human decision makers. In order to accomplish such a disclosure, one needs to apply the "principle of excluding the original explanation". It depends on excluding the stereotype explanation, about which we should always take under consideration, that it can be erroneous, and that it could be manipulated into people by UFOnauts themselves. After all Figure P29 illustrates how much official explanation sometimes miss the truth. Also the so-called "Tunguska meteor" provides another powerful example in common circulation, of an official explanation that is just a complete disinformation. In regard to this "Tunguska meteor", monographs [5/4] and [5/3] conclusively proved, that it actually was an exploding cigar-shaped UFO vehicle.
In order to explain here what this "principle of excluding the original explanation" is all about, let us consider with the use of it, a purely hypothetical case of sinking by a UFO of the transatlantic "Titanic". For this purpose we assume hypothetically, that someone attempts to prove with the use of this principle, that the reason why the Titanic sank, was the collision with glossy looking UFO, not a collision with actual iceberg - as people commonly believe. In order to prove this with the use of principle discussed here, such someone would need to conclusively prove that because of the glossy appearance, in darkness of the night the UFO vehicle was taken for an iceberg. Such someone would also need to prove, that the date of this accident was not coinciding with the time, when icebergs are common in that area. Furthermore, that e.g. visual noticing iceberg was not confirmed by saved eye witnesses. This is because after such an accident a UFO would simply disappear from the area of this crime. In turn what was considered to be rare cases of observing an iceberg, was actually unverified interpretations which at a close analysis turn out to be contradictive to known attributes of such icebergs. It would also be good to prove, that after shifting away from the area of the accident, a UFO vehicle remained nearby, all the time observing and filming what happens, but not saving people, and also that nearby lights of this UFO vehicle were noticed by almost all saved people. Furthermore, it would be good to prove, that in the course of this event numerous mysteries took place, which do not explain iceberg, but which perfectly fit into phenomena that accompany a UFO. Their example could be, e.g. unexplained shifting of the Titanic from its course, or impossible for rational explanation mutual distancing after sinking of two huge and heavy parts of the Titanic, which at the bottom of the ocean should lie one next to the other. After all these are proven, the original explanations for the reasons of sinking of Titanic would be undermined, while people would get still another after WTC reason for deep wondering.
The list of evidence of continuous UFO activities on Earth permanently written into our culture, that is provided above, does not finish on the cases discussed in this subsection. According to my research to-date, whatever aspect of human activities, culture, or history one would check more deeply, always at the beginning of it he/she finds UFOnauts. It appears that UFOnauts are so omnipresent in our culture, history, and everyday life, that nothing happens or begins on Earth without their initiative, participation, and approval. This in turn leads to shocking findings summarised in subsection OC1.
One of the most surprising phenomena that I noticed so-far, is that this tendency to "not notice" interference of UFOnauts into human matters, is increasing with the elapse of time. Since not long ago it reached such intense level, that the sole scale of it confirms it must be manipulated into people by UFOnauts themselves - as subsection OC1 postulates this.
Recently not only that we do not notice historic evidence of UFO activities discussed in this subsection, to which we already got used, but also newest evidence of the presence of these extraterrestrial vehicles on Earth. So we ignore completely the newest reports of reliable eye witnesses of UFOs, reports of people remembering their abductions to UFO vehicles, scars from implants and marks on our own bodies, etc. With various hard-core UFO sceptics amongst my friends I sometimes joke, that one day they break their noses on a UFO vehicle and still will be negating the existence of these vehicles. After all, in spite of their "scepticism", all these people are regularly and frequently abducted to UFOs, and their bodies carry marks of these abductions. As I explain this in subsection U3, each one of them is regularly subjected onto UFOs to undergo various forms of exploitation. In some cases these abductions confirm themselves, because many of my friends report finding on their bodies "ghost pinches" described in subsection U3.3. On the other hand we already know for sure that these painless bruises are caused by UFOnauts. However, the finding of such bruises does not convince these people that they are abducted to UFOs. So only thing that is left, is to hope that one of the effects of writing this monograph is going to be, that at least some of us start to take notice of these bitter facts, and start to assign to these facts the proper interpretations.
Independently from the above intangible evidence of UFO activities on Earth, there are further categories of more direct, physical, and obvious evidence, which we also seem to overlook. Therefore the discussion of this evidence is going to be continued in next subsections.

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