NK2. Reasons and evidence of God’s promotion of parasitism
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NK2. Reasons and evidence of God’s promotion of parasitism

God has numerous reasons to openly support the development of parasitism and the spread of parasitic philosophy amongst people. Let us list here at least most vital amongst these reasons:
Balancing the fear of punishments. One amongst more vital reasons of open promotion of parasitism by God, is His effort to balance fear of punishments which always in the final count get people who practice the philosophy of parasitism. The punishing of people who give out to parasitism is obvious – if someone has open eyes and carefully watches of what takes place around. These punishments are also explained by numerous folklore proverbs, for example consider ”God’s mill grinds slow but sure”, or “the pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last”, and many other similar proverbs. So in order still there were people who practice the philosophy of parasitism, God is forced to openly promote this philosophy amongst people.
Creation of common examples how parasitic behaviours look like and what they cause. Through open promotion of parasitism God probably ties also make available for inspection by everyone well-visible examples for illustrating how exactly people behave when they practice parasitism, what such people do to others, what are consequences of their actions, and also what finally happens to them.
Accumulation of empirical experiences about evilness and its consequences. The only rational justification of the open promotion of parasitism by God, is the carrying out by God experimentation on people concerning evilness and its consequences – as described in subsection NF6 of this volume. Only this justification fits both to the role of people in plans of God, as well as it simultaneously is confirmed by the existing evidence. For example, because of the “young age of God” and still low level of knowledge and perfection of God that results from this age, God probably tries to accumulate experiences and knowledge about evilness – see subsection NF6 of this volume. Furthermore, experimentation with evilness on people can be carried out only when the humanity is still relatively young and inexperienced civilization – as presently is ours. In turn the justification for an open promotion of parasitism on the Earth by God decisively cannot be for example that God did NOT developed yet other, less for people unpleasant methods of accomplishing of all what is provided to people and to God by practitioners of parasitism. After all, such ”better methods” even myself (means just a “microscopic ant” in comparison to the greatness of God) also was able to develop and even I intended to publish them here – if not events which I described in subsection NG5.1 of this volume.


An open promotion of parasitism by God is manifested on every step we take and in a

number of manners. An example of manifestation of it is social evil and injustice which in spite of thousands of years of teachings by various religions, still prevail on the Earth. In my opinion very thought-provoking example of [promotion of parasitic behaviour is described in the article “Queuing for life boats a Titanic mistake: study” from page A6 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 22, 2009. According to research of David Savage from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, described in this article, when in 1912 the “Titanic” was sinking, then Americans had 8.5% greater chance of survival from the average chance, while British had 7% less chance of surviving than average one, mainly because British politely and “fair” (i.e. totalizticaly) awaited in queues for their turn to lifeboats, while Americans used force to get to these lifeboats according to principles of the philosophy of parasitism. Other examples of imperfection of God’s methods resulting from His open promotion of parasitic behaviours are provided in item 7 from subsection NF5 of this volume.
The fruit of open promotion of parasitism by God is that in present times the Earth is overwhelmed by people with parasitic philosophy. Therefore, in the next volume 13 of this monograph the philosophy of parasitism is going to be discussed with much more thoroughness. In fact that volume 13 of this monograph is entirely devoted to the presentation of this highly destructive philosophy.

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Fig. N1.
A gigantic figure of the so-called "Monkey God" erected behind the altar of a Hindu temple. This deity (God) is the most characteristic personality of God which very frequently takes in possession bodies of people during various religious rituals of the Far East (e.g. I saw it in action during "fire walking" which was a part of the Nine Gods’ Festival in Taoism). The above "Monkey God" is worshipped in three different religions of the East, namely in Hinduism (where it is called "Hanuman"), in Buddhism (where in Cantonese dialect it is called "Si Jin Hung"), and in the Chinese Taoism (where in the Mandarin dialect it is called "Sun Wukong"). Therefore his very characteristic attributes and behaviours can be noted in behaviours of numerous people the bodies of which were possessed by this "Godly personality" during any form of religious trance that results from various rituals of these three main Eastern religions. (I.e. people possessed by the "Monkey God" really behave like monkeys.)

The above figure of "Monkey God" stands by the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was photographed in August 2008. Thus, the above representation of that particular deity (or "bodily representation of God") originates from Hinduism.

The personality or "bodily representation of God", that manifests itself via the "Monkey God" is famous from many things. For example, in Buddhist folklore it is known from 72 "magic" transformations with the use of which the Monkey God transformed itself into various other animals and objects. By the way, "simulations" described in chapter NJ under the name “UFOnauts” are also seen when they rapidly transform their appearance from human creatures into any animal, object, or fruit (e.g. into a banana). In the article “Goat held for armed robbery in Nigeria” from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday January 26, 2009, described a case when a significant group of police volunteers chased two hooded robbers (similar to monks) who were breaking onto a car. After one of them was caught, he in sight of an entire group of witnesses rapidly transformed into a goat. (The police still detained the goat and placed it in a prison.) Because our science to-date had no explanations for such transformations, the existence of them was denied so-far. However, in the light of information provided in subsections NE3 and NE4, such transformations are possible and actually occur in reality - only that so-far are scoffed at, ignored, and undocumented.

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