NG1.1. The so-called "free will" granted to people by God
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NG1.1. The so-called "free will" granted to people by God

If we consider this carefully, people have access to several indicators which allow them to deduce the intentions of God. One amongst these indicators is the so-called "free will" which people received from God. The "free will" is the right to form and to adhere to any opinion on every subject and to undertake actions that are aligned with this opinion.
It is NOT difficult to deduce, that the right to a "free will" given to people by God represents simultaneously a very serious limitation which tightens methods of God's action. After all, in order to NOT break in people this "free will", God is forced to act in a strictly defined manner. It means, that whatever God does, He is forced to do this in such a manner that every person is later able to interpret this on his or her own manner - means as he or she only wishes. (This principle of highly ambiguous acting of God is called the "canon of ambiguity" and it is discussed more comprehensively in subsection NG1.2 from this volume.) For example, if a view that is spreading amongst people is NOT in a long-term interest of God, then because of the giving to people this "free will" God cannot appear in clouds and hit with lightning bolts all people who disseminate this inconvenient view. After all, if God appear to people and act in such a manner, then all people would be so scared that they would loose the "free will" and would start to do exactly what God ordered them to do. Of course, there must exist a very important reason for which God for the good of His own interests decided to impose on Himself these additional limitations in order to give a "free will" to people. If one analyses the matter thoroughly, this reason can be deduced. Namely, people received this right to "free will" from God, because God needs the inspirational variety of human opinions on every subject. In turn this variety of different opinions can be important for God only in case when the most important goal of God is to increase His knowledge.

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