NE4. What are reasons for repetitive "simulation" of creatures by God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NE4. What are reasons for repetitive "simulation" of creatures by God - means reasons for the "temporally creation" by God creatures deprived of the "free will"

In order to stimulate and to intensify our searches for knowledge, and also in order to easier subject us to various tests (see descriptions of these "tests" in item #C6 below), God creates countless simulations which He shows to selected people and to which He assigns the form of supernatural creatures, devices which people supposed to develop soon, objects which the humanity supposed to learn about, visions, extraordinary phenomena, etc., etc. These "simulations" are creatures and objects which are non-existing in a given place and time, but which God creates temporally only to confront with them a selected person or a selected group of people. In fact it turns out that practically almost everything that present people describe as "unexplained", actually belongs to this category of "simulations" created temporally by God. In order to give here several examples of whatever God most frequently simulates, then in present times this includes: various masked individuals who at present anonymously express themselves in Internet, Satan and his devils, spirits, Yeti, UFOnauts, UFO vehicles, unexplained phenomena. In turn in past such simulations of God included: angels, devils, various supernatural creatures, airships, so-called "ghost-rockets", planets, suns, etc., etc. (Actually, these "simulated" by God "ghost-rockets", which were a kind of plague in Scandinavia of 1950s, sporadically appear even until today. For example, on Wednesday, 10 November 2010, in all evening news of New Zealand television was shown a short film of just such a "ghost-rocket" which apparently was launched from the Pacific Ocean near to the West Coast of the USA. It was silent, spectacular, it was leaving a giant trail of vapours as it climbed upwards, and it was seen and filmed by a lot of Americans. The ministry of defence of the USA claimed that it probably was an optical illusion as it was NOT visible on radars, and that for sure none of American militaries launched it.) The attribute of these simulations of God is that for humans these are undistinguishable from the reality. For example, creatures that are simulated by God (e.g. the relatively frequently met UFOnauts and Yeti) have individual personalities and characters, tones of voice, habits, can be individually recognised and met again, etc. But that these are simulations, not really existing creatures or machines, certifies the fact that they do NOT have their own so-called "free will". Means, in spite that they appear, behave, and form physical traces of their existence - as if they really existed, these simulations do exclusively whatever God wishes them to do, and in the manner in which God wishes they do it. In this way God has an absolute and personal control over consequences of their actions. In turn if these were really existing creatures or machines that have their own "free will", then God would NOT have so strict control over them. Thus they would do whatever they would wish, instead of doing what lies in the interest of God.
It is also worth to notice the consequence of the use by God of these frequent simulations which for people are indistinguishable from the reality. One such a consequence is that there are like two different levels of reality that surrounds us, namely the truly existing reality, and also the reality that is sporadically "simulated" by God.

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