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I3.5. Miracles and hoaxes - tina - 30.10.2015

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I3.5. Miracles and hoaxes

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines a "miracle" as a "phenomenon for the execution of which do not suffice the capabilities of the physical world, and therefore which needs to be caused by mechanisms of the counter-world triggered directly by the intervention of the universal intellect". Miracles in their concept definitely differ from several other supernatural phenomena, for example from magic or healing, which also utilise mechanisms of the counter world, but which are released by people - not by the universal intellect (although with the knowledge and approval from this intellect). Miracles differ also from "hoaxes", means from the fabrications. "Hoaxes" are usually accomplished with the use of advanced technical devices.
Unfortunately, as this is the case with everything that takes place in the physical world, also miracles must fulfil several requirements and constraints that are imposed on them. Let us list here the requirements of the philosophical nature:
1. The ambiguity, and non-conclusive character of miracles. According to the so-called "canon of the operation of universe" explained in subsection JB7.4, and also on the basis of the "canon of ambiguity" explained in subsection JB7.4, miracles cannot be sure and conclusively convincing. They always must include some elements which allow to make a wide range of interpretations. This is because phenomena which are perfectly unambiguous and convincing, make it impossible to have any free interpretation. In turn the lack of freedom of interpretation would strip people from the right to adhere to their own views, and thus it would destroy the free will (means the lack of freedom of interpretation would deprive people of the freedom of choice as to what to believe - see subsections JE7 and JB3.3). Therefore, in spite that the capabilities of the counter-world and the universal intellect are so unlimited, that it would be easy to plan and to carry out a miracle, which could be characterized by any level of unambiguity and convincing power, in reality only such miracles are going to take place, which provide their witnesses with a large margin of possible interpretations. Only such miracles leave people with the free will as to whether they should accept their meaning. This means that according to the "canon of ambiguity" every miracle must be arranged in such a way, that people can interpret it in any possible manner, depending on their philosophy and their free will.
2. The non-favoritism of miracles. In order to be fully consistent, as described in subsection I3.6, miracles must not favor anyone specifically. Thus they must fulfill the requirements the "canon of consistency" described in subsection JB7.4. If they would display any favoritism, they would become inconsistent, and thus contradictive to essence of the universal justice. For this reason, all true miracles must be planned and carried out in such a manner, that they do not favor any specific person, or any specific nation, or any specific region of the world, or any specific religion. If for some reason they must take a course, which could be misinterpreted as favoritism, they must be repeated soon afterwards in a place, manner, and in circumstances, which cancels the previous misinterpretation, and which reveals that they treat equally all people and all group intellects.
Several times in my life I had an honor of observing some phenomena, the character of which fulfilled the definition of miracles. The most spectacular of these took place when I was still a small boy. It was in summer of around 1954 - probably around the end of June and beginning of July - wheats on fields were already tall. I saw a "rain" of small alive fish. This rain lasted for around one hour. In Poland this species of fish is called "plotka", and this particular one which fall down with that rain was around 5 cm long. This rain took place around the house of my parents in Wszewilki near Milicz, in Poland. The house is distant by only around 3 kilometres, as crow flies, from a small church of St. Anna in Karlowo near Milicz, which in old times was famous from numerous miracles. Most probably it was a Sunday early afternoon, because the whole family was at home, including my working father. I remember that we all observed through windows this miraculous phenomena and we commented it loudly. The density of falling fish was not large, after the rain one fish was lying just every 10 to 50 meters apart. In the yard, garden, and nearby road I later picked around 20 of them, as my father asked me to pick them up and let them free in a nearby pond. The frequency of appearing of subsequent fish was rather small. In the area which we observed, one fish was appearing every around two to five minutes. It actually looked as if subsequent fish was materialised in a continuous series, one after other, each next organism being materialised after the previous one already appeared successfully in our world - only that the exact spot in which each next fish materialised was changed at random. I clearly remember observing the phenomenon through the window, and indicating to parents subsequent fish with a yell - see over there is another one. Now looking backward from the time prospective, their appearances resembled the part container of a machining automat, where in an unnoticeable for eyes manner every few minutes appears a new part. I failed to notice these fish in the air, before they appeared on the ground, although their silver colouring should be noticeable during the flight. They simply kept appearing on the ground as if they were materialised in there, and were not falling from the sky. Myself, I actually believe that they were materialised on the ground, only that this materialisation was carried out during the rain for two important reasons, namely (1) to give the required "ambiguity" to the phenomenon, so that people could interpret it accordingly to their personal philosophy, and (2) to give the fish a better chance of survival, as after the materialization some of them were washed down with water to nearby water reservoirs. The thesis about their possible materialisation on the ground is supported by the fact, that after they were released into the pond, they lived in there for a long time, and none of them died because of the internal injuries. But if someone throws down a fish from the height of several stories, then because of the impact with a hard ground or concrete, such a fish dies soon afterwards in the result of internal damages. The fish that was materialised this day, appeared not only in the area, which was in the range of my sight, but also in areas which were not seen by anyone. Their decaying carcasses I saw later during next several days spread over grass and wheats in a huge area surrounding the house of my parents. All fish were the same size and the same specie (they actually looked as identical clones). One of them "fall" into our (open) well, because still alive was fished out with a bucket of water several days later. After they appeared on the ground, they were rapidly darting, showing large freshness and energy. At the time of their appearance was raining heavily, but the wind was rather mild. Thus this wind could not be charged with the ability to bring them (to bring such fish by air there would need to be a powerful hurricane or a tornado).
It is worth adding that English people have the saying "rains dogs and cats", which probably originates from similar rains that were depositing living creatures. In various literature sources there are descriptions of large number of different living creatures that were noted to fall with the rain in various parts of the world.
The literature existing on this subject provides various "natural" explanations for such miraculous "rains" of living creatures. According to these explanations, creatures were intercepted by a powerful wind, carried through the air at large distances, and then deposited with rain. In my personal opinion these explanations fail to come even near the real events. I remember exactly the circumstances of this particular rain, and if I compare these circumstances with the explanations from books, what books say sound naďve and totally contradictive to what I saw. For example fish from Wszewilki were very strong and lively, rapidly darting for a long time, as if they are just taken from water. But if they were to be taken by a powerful wind, and then carried a far distance in the atmosphere, and finally be thrown from the hight to the ground, they should be near-dead of the exhaustion, or completely dead, not mentioning about the inflation by the flight at high altitudes, and about damages by the fall to hard ground (some of them were found on concrete and on stone pavement). The time difference between the fall of the first and the last fish was around one hour. It is almost impossible that such a phenomena as wind would continually intercept a school of fish during a whole hour - fish simply would escape from the danger zone. In turn if all fish would be intercepted at once, but some would float in the air longer than others, then the last fish should be dead - no fish can stay fresh and full of energy in the air for around an hour. Furthermore, all fish was identical size and species, looking as identical clones. But when the wind would pick a real school of fish, then they would need to be like in reality, larger mixed with small, sometimes also including other species.
I remember that when I was discussing with my parents the unusual character of this phenomenon, they took it as something completely normal, claiming that they saw it already before. According to their opinion, such materialisations are parts of repetitive activities of God or nature, aimed at filling with fish newly created ponds. In fact, around 10 years later, similar fish was again materialised in the same area around house of my parents. I did not see this second materialisation as it happened, but I noted the consequences. One day, when I was already in the final class of my Lyceum, I noted a decaying carcass of a small fish in the place where it should not be. Because this small carcass resembled identical carcasses that I saw before in the consequence of that "rain" from my childhood, to satisfy my curiosity I started to seek other ones. And in fact I discovered a large number of small fish, identical to one from my childhood, as in various stages of decay were randomly spread over a large area around house of my parents. I noted them up to 2 kilometres from the house, as crow flies. All this indicated that also they originated from the "rain" similar to the one that I saw in my childhood.
Examples of present miracles, which are known most widely, include tears which were running down from eyes of Madonna statues. They are fulfilling the philosophical requirements of ambiguity and non-favouritism. They are also enough supernatural to be inspiring for people. Probably the most well known of them is the 1995 case of Madonna from Civitavecchia, Italy - see "New Straits Times" (31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Friday, 3 March 1995, page 20, and Wednesday, 12 July 1995. Into a similar category of miracles can be included cases of drinking milk by statuettes of Hinduistic Lord Ganesha, which - because of the trunk that he has, is also called "Elephant God" (see "The Sun" (Fikiran Abadi Sdn Bhd, Lot 8, Lorong 51A/227B, Section 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), Saturday 23 September 1995, pages 8 and 44). The margin of ambiguity of these miracles was sufficiently wide for people who wished to believe otherwise, to be able to produce countless "scientific explanations" for them. Of course, these explanations usually were very naďve, and those people who were willing to accept the truth, had enough premises to be sure that actual real miracles took place. For example, the most popular "scientific" explanations for these miracles claims that they were caused by absorption of liquids by the material of statues. (I always wonder why these crudely atheistic explanations are called "scientific", as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is also a comprehensive scientific theory, and it acknowledges that they were actual miracles.) But no matter how logical it may sound, this explanation runs against basic facts. In case of Madonna statues, it does not explain the chemical composition of their tears, usually identical to the composition of human tears, and also it does not explain why tears were running down of non-porous statues (e.g. made of porcelain). In turn in case of statuettes of Lord Genesha, this "scientific" explanation: does not provide for "slurping" noises that he emitted during drinking of milk, does not explain why only milk was drank - instead of all possible liquids (in Hinduistic religion only milk is the "holly" liquid, while cows which give it are "sacred" animals), and also does not reveal why this milk is not accepted from every person, but only from devoted adherers of Hinduism. Of course, accepting that some supernatural events observed on our planet represent real miracles, should not prevent all of them from being subjected to a thorough scrutiny, and from checking if they actually fulfil requirements of true miracles. After all, we are only humans, and we can make errors of judgement, so it is important to check and to re-check everything that bears such enormous significance to our civilisation. This is because someone can always be found, who for various reasons is ready to fabricate a miracle if only no-one is watching his or her hands.
Of course, supernatural phenomena, which also fulfill the definition of miracles, appear not only in connection with God or statuettes of God, but also in connection with ordinary people. The highest number of them appears in cases of tragic death of someone innocent. For example I heard an authentic story about an Englishman, who was unjustly accused and hang, then grass never grew on his grave. In turn in New Zealand, one of tourist attractions of the cemetery on the Barbadoes Street in Christchurch, was a tombstone of the late Margaret Burke, 22 years old servant murdered on 9 January 1871. On this stone a mark of a bleeding hand appeared. After the stone was changed into another one, the bleeding mark again reappeared. Unfortunately in 1951 this tombstone was vandalized and then disappeared together with the grave on which it was placed. Until today only a colour photograph of it survived. About this stone a documentary film entitled "Epitaph" was presented in channel 1 TVNZ, which was broadcasted on Wednesday, 7 April 1999, at 20:35. It was also briefly described in an article "'Bloodied' headstone no mystery" published on page 21 of the weekly "TV Guide, April 3 to 9", issue dated March 26, 1999 (Independent News Auckland Ltd., 155 New Road, Auckland, N.Z., Ph: (09) 302-1300). Unfortunately both, on the film, and in the article, the bleeding sign of a hand was "explained scientifically" as the leak of the impurities contained in the marble from which the tombstone was made. (Actually this "scientific explanation" was just someone's wild speculation, because it was NOT accompanied with actual subjecting these "impurities" to research, it was stated without establishing whether the blood stain really represents impurities or human blood, and without subjecting the marble to research whether it actually contains any such impurities.) People who postulated this scientific "leak of impurities" would NOT even try to explain, why only this single tombstone had this mark, and also why the same mark appeared again when the tombstone was exchanged into a new one.
Unfortunately, as this is the case with everything that bears potentials for impacting deeply our whole civilization, also miracles introduce a temptation to hoax them. Especially dangerous for our civilisation are hoaxes of miracles, which are being carried according to what is described in subsections VB5.3 /?/ and A3. Fortunately for us, miracles which are hoaxed can be distinguished from real miracles, firstly because they must be accompanied by hoaxers (e.g. by a UFO spaceship), which on some occasions can actually be seen by witnesses, and secondly because they do not fulfil philosophical requirements described at the beginning of this subsection. For example, miracles which are hoaxed always favour some individual person (or a small group of people) which is easy to control, and therefore which can be later exploited by hoaxers to accomplish their hidden agendas. Also miracles hoaxed usually do not meet the philosophical requirement of "canon of ambiguity", and in the most cases their supernatural character is very evident, is confirmed by many witnesses and by physical evidence, and sometimes it even can be captured on films.
The most evident example of a "miracle", which seems to display all attributes present in hoaxes, is the report from appearance of a female believed to be Mother Mary, which took place near the village called Fatima, around 129 kilometres from Lisbon, Portugal. These appearances used to take place always on 13th of every month. In turn, as this results from the research and is described in subsection V5.4 of this series of monographs, UFOs intentionally choose either 13th of any month, or 1st April, to carry out their changes of history. This is because if they introduce any changes to history during these days, they later can distinguish effects of these changes from the natural course of events. The appearances in Fatima were carried out in six subsequent months, starting from 13 May 1917. They are also known from the fact that the female which appeared in them was hostile towards communistic Russia (such a hostility, which opposes the idea of godliness, could be explained by totaliztic elements contained in the ideology of communism, which bothered UFOnauts a lot). The events that took place in Fatima are described on pages 110 to 111 of the book [1I3.5] by Stephen Skinner, "Millennium Prophecies", Carlton Books Limited, 1994, ISBN 1-85868-034-4, 160 pages, HC. Their most evidential event, which confirms that they were hoaxed, is a silvery disk (a UFO vehicle), which in the process of appearance of the female being on 13 October 1917, was hiding from the sight of people in clouds, but which by the act of the universal intellect was disclosed to people for a short period of time. The disk was clearly visible to 70- thousand crowd below, when the cloud in which it was hiding accidentally opened. In spite of the efforts of UFOnauts to keep the spaceship concealed from people, the existence of it was exposed.
Of course, the Fatima event is not the only one which fulfils all conditions of the hoaxed "miracles". Example of other ones include all cases of stigmata. Stigmata is a perfect example of an event, which can easily be caused by invisible UFOnauts, which is saturated by favouritism, and which affects individual people - the further actions of which can be telepathically manipulated, and therefore which later can be used by these hoaxers to accomplish their own agendas. Of course, people who are affected by the stigmata do not know that they are only tools in hands of hoaxers, therefore they believe that the will of God manifests through them. Other event, which also fulfils of conditions of the hoaxed "miracle", is the growth of the white "vibudhi" powder on portraits of Sai Baba. It also promotes favouritism and allows to accomplish hidden agendas of hoaxers (not mentioning that this white powder differs from the real "vibudhi").

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