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@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

V5.4. Substances dropped from UFOs
Various substances and materials left by UFOs on our planet, represent a very valuable source of information for scientific research of these vehicles. But in order to utilise their potential properly, it is necessary that investigators and UFO observers are familiar with the existence of these substances, and also with the explanation of their origin and functions.
In order to illustrate here how the lack of knowledge of these materials may obstruct undertaking of the most correct research decisions, it is worth to mention here the known case of "angel's hair" found on one of English crop circles. This case is described on page 35 of the book [1V5.1] and [1rys.V3]. In 1985 Delgado i Andrews researched 16 meters crop circle found on the Matterly Farm, Gander Down. Near the edge of this crop circle they found glossy, transparent, jelly-like substance.
Just such a substance, similar to the jelly formed from stock left after boiling pig trotters, is well known to UFOlogists. Most frequently they call it "angel's hair", although other folklore names can also be used, such as "star jelly", "star slough", "star shot", in Welsh "pwdre ser" meaning "the rot of the stars", and more - for further descriptions see the book [1V5.4] "Mysteries of the Unexplained", Reader's Digest, 1982, ISBN 0-949819-35-2, page 188. (Note that the book [1V5.4] describes, amongst others, "angel's hair" found on 21 January 1803 near Swiebodzice on Lower Silesia, Poland, and reported in the English publication called "Report of the thirteenth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 30:62-63, 1860, page 203.) A collection of cases of actual finding "angel's hair" in this monograph is reported in subsection P2.2.
The Theory of the Magnocraft explains that the "angel's hair" is used in spherical flying complexes of UFOs, as a hydraulic neutraliser of the pressure between two main propulsors mutually attracting each other. Such application of angel's hair is illustrated in part "b" of Figure P9, and explained in subsection F3.1.1. Spherical complexes of UFOs are formed through coupling together two saucer-shaped vehicles of the same type with their bases - as this is illustrated in part #1 of Figure P9. After such coupling, concave areas in floors of both vehicles joined together, form a significant empty space that appears in the centre of such a spherical complex. On both ends of this space main propulsors of vehicles are placed, which are oriented towards each other with opposite magnetic poles, e.g. with (N) pole pointing towards (S). Because these propulsors must attract each other, they form significant forces which compress concave floors of these vehicles. In order to neutralise these forces, in the empty space between concave floors of both vehicles coupled together, this jelly substance "angel's hair" is packed - on Figure P9 (b) it is marked with the symbol "A". Due to filling up of the entire empty space between both concave floors, the non-compressible angel's hair act like white in eggs, which makes impossible to crush a thin shell of eggs with the uniform pressure of even the strongest athlete. (Readers probably know the experiment which illustrates the enormous difficulty of crushing an egg between two hands locked together.) Of course, after both UFOs which form a given spherical complex, separate from each other, their angel's hair falls down to the ground, covering grass, trees, fences, etc. The jelly and gluey consistence of this substance gives to trees that are covered with it, an appearance of Christmas trees decorated with long hair of some unearthly creatures. This is because of the strange appearance of such trees, that the name "angel's hair" most probably was coined for this jelly from UFOs. Then perhaps the same name was also given to a similar decoration of Christmas trees.
The unique attribute for this "angel's hair" originating from UFOs is their extraordinary chemical composition. This substance is formed from borosiloxane chains, which copy the chemical structure of organic albumen. But instead of atoms of carbon, they are composed from atoms of silicon - see subsection F3.3. Such "silicone albumen" present human technology is still unable to produce. Thus, if the substance found in English crop circle described at the beginning of this subsection is researched chemically, then it would provide a
weighty evidence, that this crop circle was formed by someone who uses highly advanced chemical technology of the level that is still unreachable on Earth. Unfortunately, not knowing about the meaning and uniqueness of the jelly found there, Delgado and Andrews checked only the bacterial flora in the substance, of course finding nothing unusual in it.
*** I many times met personally angel's hair in my life. Below I am describing my own
experience with this extraordinary substance. My first encounter with the angel's hair took place when I still attended a college
(Lyceum in Milicz). I remember it exactly, because it was connected with quite an extraordinary story which later puzzled me for many years. One summer morning I was walking through a small paddock near our house. I was in the company of Wincenty, whose wide folkloristic knowledge was for me a source of many inspirations and puzzles - e.g. see the legend previously described in subsection V5.3.2. Unexpectedly I noticed a large lump of glossy jelly-like substance on the ground. It looked as if someone thrown a large medusa on grass, or a bucket of jelly from boiled pigs trotters. But it was just jelly, i.e. without any solids usually present in jellies that are eaten by people. The lump of this jelly gradually turned into water on edges and evaporated. I asked Wincenty: "what is this". "Aaa", he answered, "these are impurities of a star". "In what way this forms" - I continued the asking. "When I was a young boy" - Wincenty started his another extraordinary story, "I guarded cows in mountains, that were sleeping on a slope of one hill. It was cloudless night with many stars. I noted that one star rapidly separated from the sky and started to fall down to Earth, increasing the size. It landed in the forest clearing located on the slope of an opposite hill, in the area that I knew very well. When it was sitting on the ground, it was a sphere of light, huge like a barn. It was glowing sharply with a cold white shine, similar to that given out by a full Moon. The glow of it was rhythmically intensifying and then extinguishing, in a rhythm that was slower than human breathing. Simultaneously this star was clearly enlarging and shrinking the diameter that emitted the white glow. This all looked as if it was very busy with something, that it did with a noticeable effort. For me it resembled a dog with constipation. This lasted for some time, giving me a good opportunity to notice everything well. Then the star ascended again to sky and hanged there on the previous place between other stars. A next day early morning I went to the area where this star was squatting, and I found in there a huge pile of this jelly. So now I know that this jelly is produced when stars wish to go to toilet and descend to Earth in order to leave their impurities here."
As a college student with modern scientific views, I was well aware that stars are "inanimate" cosmic bodies of sizes comparable to our Sun. So they cannot descend to Earth, when the wish to "go to toilet". Although I perfectly knew the truthfulness of stories of Wincenty and was sure that his story did not contain anything that did not happen in reality, on the basis of my knowledge of that time I was forced to discard the conclusion of his observation. Especially I could not accept the possibility that a real star descended to Earth. (In turn at that time no-one heard of UFOs.) So I needed to find out a more "rational" explanation for this observation. I knew that people with lazy thinking habits would simply suspect that Wincenty got sleepy and he just dreamed about this star. But I knew him well. Also the "pile of jelly" could not appear in the effect of a "dream". Because the matter of this jelly kept returning in my life, I decided to seek a solution for it. The vicinity of Wszewilki in which I then lived, are obviously an area of frequent flights of UFOs. This is because early mornings I was frequently finding this substance on nearby fields and paddocks, still without knowing yet where it comes from. Usually lumps of it that I encountered were small - just from around 1 litre to maximum around 10 litres. However, in case of finding it, usually I was noticing many such lumps lying in relatively close distance from each other. I remember that after each finding it, I was examining it with a significant interest, because in my mind still questions were cropping up induced by the story of Wincenty. After some time I proposed for my own use a working hypothesis, that this "jelly" probably is produced by unidentified animals of some sort, in a manner similar as frogs produce their "spawn". Evidence indicated that these animals probably could fly like birds. I believed in this hypothesis until an autumn just after the defence of my doctorate.
One nice autumn Sunday of 1974, I went mushrooming by a bus from the employer of my former father in law. We drove to forests from the vicinity of Swiebodzice in Poland. The buss parked on a forestry road in a place completely unknown to me. We all dispersed in search of mushrooms. For a better effect I left in tall forest my parents in law, while myself I went to a nearby young forest. When I arrived to a small clearing, my attention was attracted by a huge pile of glossy jelly. It was the same jelly that I already kept meeting earlier. But this time the pile was really huge. It had a shape of rounded pyramid, similar to that one which is formed when sand is poured down from a dump truck. I estimated that the initial height of this pyramid at the moment when I firstly saw it, was around 3 meters. On the surface it looked as if the jelly was melting quickly and gradually turned into water. Small streams of water were flowing from the pile in all possible directions. I got a shock. My hypothesis about producing this jelly by some sort of living animals immediately crumbled down. After all, there is no animal on Earth that would be of a size of this pyramid. Even an elephant has significantly smaller volume. So what produces this jelly? The story of Wincenty still was etched in my memory, and at that moment of time I was ready to believe in it in spite of what I was taught in schools. All the time that day I kept returning to this clearing, examining the jelly for the countless number of times. I was digging in it with a stick in order to check whether it contains any solid fragments. I squashed it in hands. I sniffed it. Etc., etc. I also observed other people mushrooming with me, who many times were passing by this pile of jelly, without actually noticing the existence of it. A known saying flashed in my head "they look but not see". Disappointed with this human lack of keenness and interest in extraordinary things, I even tried to direct someone's attention at this unusual substance. "I would not eat mushrooms from this place", he replied me. "It does not look very appetizing". After that he disappeared in the nearby young forest with his eyes pointed to the ground. Unfortunately I did not have with myself neither a photo camera, nor any dish to take samples. In turn the jelly was melting, turning into water, and evaporating very fast. At the time of our bus departure, only so little of it was left, that it would easily fit into a bathtub of a typical bathroom. So there was no sense to return again to it after I arrived to Wroclaw. Twenty years later I find out in the book [1V5.4] quoted before, that vicinity of Swiebodzice in Poland are notorious from finding this jelly. So they must lie on paths of frequent flights of spherical complexes of UFOs.
In 1980, means 6 years later, I worked out details of the design and operation of the Magnocraft. As I already mentioned this earlier, then I discovered in an analytical manner, that after coupling together into spherical flying complexes these vehicles must form powerful attractive forces that act between their main propulsors. These forces are trying to squash the dome-shaped concave shells of both vehicles. So in order to disallow this squashing, it is necessary to fill up the free space between concave floors of both vehicles with such a jelly substance similar to "white from eggs", means with "angel's hair" - see Figure P9. This substance prevents concave shells of both vehicles from crushing, similarly like the "white in eggs" makes impossible the crushing of the thin shell of eggs. A year later I developed a formal proof that "UFOs are Magnocraft already completed" - see the presentation of this proof in subsection P2. So the "star" from the story of Wincenty turned out to be a landed UFO, which during the stay on Earth lost a part of its angel's hair. In this manner the Wincenty's observation, that one would say initially "collided" with my scientific views, almost 20 years later found a perfectly rational and fully scientific explanation. It turned out to be totally agreeable with reality and with the existing scientific knowledge. This observation also provided me with a powerful life lesson, which could be expressed with following words: "if from folklore stories one eliminates the meaning of terminology, and just concentrates on the facts that they describe, then these stories provide scientifically valid information about phenomena and events that are still unknown to Earth's orthodox science". This in turn inspired me to take notice of all cases when science collides with folklore. In the final effect this led me to a development of a very vital philosophical observation, expressed in subsection JB3.1, and stating that: "whenever a collision takes place between statements of our orthodox science, and claims of folk wisdom, at the final count it always turns out that the science was at wrong". (Another example of this old truth is illustrated in subsection V5.2.) This observation directly orders us to believe folk wisdom more than we believe in current scientific views.
Of course, the above needs to be complemented with the information, that myself I am not just the only person, who seen and noticed angel's hair in Poland relatively recently. One of the more interesting cases of noticing the same substance was reported to me by Mr Arkadiusz Miazga (ul. Armii Krajowej 2/72, 39-100 Ropczyce, woj. Rzeszow). Here is how he describes his observation in the letter dated 1999-04-12, quote: "It was in 1990 or 1991. Together with my colleague we went for a walk to a nearby forest. Near a thick oak cut down and portioned, having around 200 years, we found a strange substance like jelly, from which water was flowing. This substance was on a piece of log, and also flowed down from a nearby branch. We did not know what it was. I would like to indicate that this was in a forest. There was not much of this substance, perhaps around 1 litre." The above description should be complemented with an information, that in my opinion UFOnauts were interested in the oak cut down, and come in their UFO vehicle to introduce to their computers the information that it was cut down, as well as results of research of the log. During researching of this oak, and during updating their computerised data base with information about it, probably this lump of angel's hair fell off from their vehicle. The above conclusion about the origin of this angel's hair results from my research to-date. This research suggests night arrivals of UFOs to every place where an event took place on Earth, which permanently changed the configuration of our planet. For example UFOs always arrive at nights, if someone e.g. builds a new house, road, cuts an old tree, etc. These UFOs make scientific inventories of each permanent change caused by such events. As this shows, UFOnauts treat our planet exactly like industrial farmers treat their farms. They make careful inventories and they research every change that takes place on Earth.

The decoding of many puzzles connected with UFOs and not understood earlier,
become possible due to the development of the Theory of the Magnocraft. After all, this theory led to the development of a formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" which is presented in subsection P2. The unusual attribute of the Magnocraft is, that it not only provides explanations for puzzling phenomena and findings previously observed on UFOs and well described in UFO literature, but it also indicates the existence of new phenomena and substances that previously remained unknown to UFO researchers, or were unconnected with UFOs. The "onion charcoal" that grows on UFO shells is a classical example of just such completely new substance. This substance remained so-far unknown to UFO researchers. It was firstly postulated by the Theory of the Magnocraft. Only then it was found on Earth. Below I am explaining the origin and meaning of this previously unknown form of carbon, that is illustrated in the area "C" on Figure P9 (b).
UFO landings are described in subsection V5.1. In addition to marks described in there, the Theory of the Magnocraft suggests leaving an unique substance on these landings. Namely, during forming of some UFO landings, a special form of onion charcoal can be left behind. The consistency of this charcoal should resemble a fragment of an onion. This charcoal should be formed during horizontal flights of UFOs at low heights. During such flights, the magnetic field of the vehicle is intercepting fragments of dry organic matter that are present in the air, such as pieces of dry grass, leafs, pieces of paper and old newspapers, etc. The mechanism of this intercepting of dry organic mass is explained in item #2H5.2 from subsection H5.2 of this monograph. Such fragments of organic matter mixed with dust stick then to the shell of UFO vehicles at the outlets from "N" poles of their propulsors. The most of them is glued to the outlet "N" from the most powerful main propulsor, shown as (M) in part (b) of Figure A1. After sticking to these outlets, the organic matter is subjected to the action of a very powerful pulsating magnetic field produced by a given propulsor. This field, like a huge microwave oven, fast dries out and turns the organic matter into layered carbon, that sticks to the outlet from a given propulsor. Simultaneously, it compresses this matter into cracked layers, the curvature of which reflects the shape of the UFO shell. Thus e.g. the organic matter that sticks to the dome-shaped area of upper dome of a UFO, obtains a shape of a spherical bowl. So when a UFO during a subsequent landing touches earth with these charcoal layers, especially with these thicker ones that are accumulated on concave area of the dome near the main propulsor, fragments of charred organic matter may fall down from the UFO shell. People who research UFO landing sites should be able to find these spherical and layered like an onion fragments of the charcoal near the centre of selected UFO landings. After being found, this charcoal should look like a fragment that fell off from a charred onion. It should be composed of bowl-shaped layers, that can be mutually separated from each other. After being touched, these bowls probably are going to disintegrate into individual flakes.
Before such a layer of black "onion charcoal" falls off from a UFO shell, it gives to this vehicle a very unique appearance. After all, it sticks around propulsors of the vehicle, which by themselves emit a fiery glow that rhythmically intensifies and then darkens with the frequency slightly slower than the rhythm of human breathing. Thus such black layer that rhythmically glows from the inside, resembles an appearance of irregularly cracked snake skin, or dried mud. Only that in UFOs it is additionally lightened from inside, with the fiery glow of sparks from oscillatory chambers of the vehicle, while the intensity of this lighting is waving slowly. For observers that are not familiar with such a mechanism of forming and cracking of these natural carbon residues, this black skin that glows on cracks, similar to a "snake skin", makes an impression of looking at a skin of some sort of living creature that has fire inside. No wonder that probably just because of this appearance, in old days UFOs were called "dragons", and qualified to the same category as snakes - their descriptions are contained in subsection V1. In turn various present UFO observers, perhaps also because of this appearance, suggest that UFO vehicles are raised and bred like animals, not build in factories like machines.
The most correct illustration of the appearance of this black surface of a UFO, covered with cracked black residue of the onion charcoal that glows on cracks, was shown in American film [2V6.1] of 1993 entitled "Fire in the sky". This highly documentary film shows a UFO of a large type, most probably K6, allowing rather accurate observation both the interior and exterior of it. It is based on an actual UFO abduction of someone named Travis Walton. He was a wood cutter from White Mountains, Arizona, USA. The abduction took place in 1975. In the sequence of this film, when a UFO approaches Travis Walton in the hanging position to abduct him onto the deck, the convex shell of the upper dome under the main propulsor of this UFO is well visible, as it points towards the ground. The cracked residue of the onion charcoal that covers this shell, is lightened cyclically from the inside with sparks from the main propulsor glowing blood-red. In the result, this charcoal gives to the UFO vehicle an appearance of like a belly of a monster, that is filled with blood and that is bursting with fire.
Although the above description of the layer of an onion charcoal may seem to be simple, the explanation for the mechanism of formation of it, is rather complex. It originates from the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" described in chapters H and I of this monograph. According to this concept, our universe is composed of two parallel words, that coexist in the same space. These are called "our world" and "counter-world". The first of these, our world of matter, is well known to human senses and described by present orthodox science. However, senses and orthodox science ignore the existence of another out of these two worlds. Thus, religions remained previously the only source of our information about the counter-world. But this counter-world is tangible to the same extend as our material world. Only that physical laws that govern it, are reversals of our laws. Similarly to our world, it is filled up with appropriate substances. Also every material object keep an exact duplicate in it - means has there like a kind of "spirit". For example on Kirlian photographs we can see duplicates of objects from that other counter-world. In turn a phenomenon of telekinesis depends on just ordinary grabbing such a duplicate, and shifting it to another place. This shifting of the duplicate existing in the counter-world, subsequently forces the dislocation of the material part from our world as well.
The Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicates even how to build devices, which allow to induce telekinetic dislocations in a technical manner. Already working prototypes of such devices are described in separate treatise [6] and in chapter K of this monograph.
The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains that all magnets, including also propulsors of UFO vehicles, are simply equivalents to vacuum cleaners, fans, or pumps. They pump loose particles of invisible and weightless substance that fills up this other counter-world. More exactly the pumping is described in subsection H5.2 of this monograph. This substance is sucked in at the "N" pole, means at the "Inlet" pole of every magnet, while it is blown out at the "S" pole, means at the "Outlet" pole of this magnet. The circulation of this substance in the counter-world is even reflected in visual effects produced by polar lights. For example, polar lights observed near the southern pole of Earth, sometimes make an impression that streams of light like burst upwards from Earth and ascend into the space. In turn northern polar lights appear as if waves of light are arriving from the space and fall down onto Earth. In case of powerful magnetic fields, this flow of the substance from the counter-world may cause the intercepting and carrying of particles of matter. For example, the circulation around Earth of this invisible substance, dislocates particles of ozone in the upper atmosphere. This causes an increase in density of ozone near the northern pole of Earth. Thus e.g. an "ozone hole" in the Earth's atmosphere always firstly appears near the southern pole. Also the gathering of land masses and continents at the northern hemisphere, that is not understood by the present orthodox science, can be explained by the long-term action of this circulating substance making pressure on land masses. The thrust of this substance, that acted for millions of years, caused a gradual drifting towards north of almost all land masses. In turn the extraordinary symmetry of shapes of Arctic and Antarctic, can be explained by the modelling of the configuration of continents' masses in the crust of our planet by the distribution of dynamic pressure of this substance.
In magnetic fields involving huge energies, such as fields created by UFO propulsors, the circulation of this invisible substance from the counter-world discussed here, is very intense. It can lift and carry straws of grass, pieces of newspapers, and other similar small organic objects. According to the direction of this circulation, such objects are only going to stick to the "N" pole of a given propulsor. After sticking, they form residues of an "onion charcoal" on this pole. Thus the Theory of the Magnocraft suggests the following conditions when the discussed charcoal is formed and falls off at the "N" pole of UFOs' main propulsor:
#1. A given vehicle flies horizontally at a low height, thus allowing small objects that either lie on the surface of the ground, or that already fly in the air, to be sucked in.
#2. The "N" pole of the main propulsor is located at the convex side of the UFO dome.
#3. The vehicle lands with this convex dome covered with the onion charcoal directed downwards.
#4. The convex dome of a UFO touches the soil during a given landing, thus causing that fragments of the onion charcoal which grows on it fall off.
The above conditions on one hand inform, that the finding of this type of onion charcoal is not going to occur too frequently. On the other hand, in case of actual finding it, the conditions precisely define circumstances in which this onion charcoal fell off. Of course, small amounts of this onion charcoal may stick also near side propulsors. But then their fragments that fall off are not going to be thick, while their shape will not show this regular rounding of a UFO dome.
After the theoretical working out the possibility of formation of such onion charcoal, I proceeded with searching for samples of it. In several cases these searches brought the result desired. They provided me with first samples of this previously unknown substance. In the effect of these searches I managed to establish, that in New Zealand the discussed onion charcoal can be found in only one UFO landing site per several thousands of such sites. Usually the landing that contains it can be quickly recognised by a clear, usually square or diamond shaped, scorching from the main propulsor that is visible in the centre of it. The amount of this charcoal that can be found typically is very small, usually only several small flakes.
Independently how much of this onion charcoal is found, each case of finding it is a source of very vital information. It provides data that define the circumstances of flight and landing of a given UFO vehicle, which result from the conditions of formation of this substance. For example, it confirms that a UFO which landed in a given area, previously was flying horizontally just above the surface of Earth for a long time, turning the upper dome downwards. In turn the composition of samples of this charcoal is able to provide various additional information. For example, not far from the New Zealand town called Cromwell, there are near- surface deposits of mica. In February 1991 one of the citizens of this town, Mr Ross Ritchie, then living at 2 Syndic Street, Cromwell, New Zealand, informed me about finding on his garden a scorched mark that had pieces of such a charcoal. Miniature pieces of mica were shining in his charcoal. A natural conclusion of this finding was, that a given UFO vehicle arrived to Cromwell from the area of these mica deposits.
The onion charcoal by definition must be telekinetised. Therefore it provides samples of a perfect substance for researching attributes of telekinetised carbon.
The proven presence of the onion charcoal in some crop circles, invalidates also all attempts to explain the origin of these crop circles from phenomena different than UFO landings. For example, such onion charcoal was present in a cop circle that was found on the farm of Rex & Janet Milne, Alford Forest, R.D. 1, Ashburton, New Zealand. This crop circle appeared around 1 February 1992, simultaneously with the crop circle shown in part (b) of Figure V3. Because the fact of the existence of this substance remained so-far unknown to anyone, the actual finding of it in a given crop circle reassures conclusively that this UFO landing was not fabricated by any individuals seeking public attention.
I have in my collections several samples of the charcoal discussed here, collected from UFO landings positioned in various parts of New Zealand. Therefore these readers who have the required laboratories and measuring equipment in their disposal, and are interested in personal researching this substance, may ask me for samples of it - in return for the promise of making results of their research available for me later. In turn people who find a similar onion charcoal on former UFO landing sites, are invited to let me know about their findings.

Independently from the angel's hair and onion charcoal, UFOs keep dropping to Earth
various other substances. In order to provide here further examples of these, one of such substances are droplets of liquid tin, that drips from surfaces of telekinetic UFOs of the second generation. Incidently, the formation of this tin has a close relationship with the onion charcoal described above. The mechanism of synthesising of such telekinetic tin is described in item #6 of subsection NB3.

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