Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

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I8. Commonly available evidence of the intellectual capabilities of the counter-matter

This subsection is going to summarise information about the most commonly known class of the empirical evidence for the intellectual capabilities of counter-matter, that confirms the existence of the intelligent counter-world. This class include all phenomena known under the general name of ESP - "Extra-Sensory Perception". These phenomena can appear in two versions, namely as human ESP, and as animal ESP called also "animal instinct". According to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity presented in chapters H and I of this series of monographs, "ESP simply represents various methods of retrieving useful information from the thinking counter-matter". Of course, because there is a lot of various types of ESP, also there are various ways of retrieving the information from the counter-matter. But whichever of these numerous versions of ESP someone would consider, it always confirms illustratively the shocking fact, that "counter-matter is able to think, to memorise, and to communicate with us, therefore it works as a huge natural computer". In this way ESP is one of the most popularly available empirical evidence, that the thinking counter-matter in fact does exist, and thus that gravity actually has the dipolar character - as this was formally proven in subsection H1.1.

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