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I7. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains some mysterious phenomena

Numerous people are experiencing extraordinary phenomena, such as psychic healing, spontaneous human combustion, fire walking, near-death experience, ghosts, etc. All these kinds of experiences were unexplainable in the old, one-world view of the universe. But the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity introduces another prospective to our understanding of the universe, making the explanations of these phenomena quite simple. Below some of these explanations derived from the Concept of Dipolar gravity are provided.
#1I7. The multitude of effective methods of healing. As this is explained in subsection JB8, present science and education developed in us a believe, that for every problem there is only a single correct solution. Thus, one of the facts, which later is constantly shocking people, is the discovery at some stage of their life, that there is a huge variety of drastically different methods of healing, all of which lead to the same final effect, namely to the recovery of health. In the old concept of monopolar gravity, this variety was incomprehensible, because according to it, the improvement of state of our physical body, should be only possible if the medical activities concentrate on this physical body. But the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity described in this monograph realizes, that every object - including into this also human body, has a material component contained in our physical world, a counter-material component contained in the counter-world, and a software component contained in the virtual world. Because each single one out of these three components of every object (means in case of people: a physical body, a counter-body, or registers) can be subjected independently from one another to the process of healing, and the healing of each of these components can be carried out with several different methods - physical, telekinetic, spiritual, etc., actually there is a whole range of effective methods of recovering our health. The above is additionally reinforced by the philosophy of totalizm, which (the philosophy) states that every problem has an infinitive number of solutions, and that the limitations of these solutions result only from our current level of knowledge and from our philosophy.
The most frequently used methods of effective healing, which due to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity all can now be satisfactorily explained, include: (1) a physical healing of physical bodies, (2) a telekinetic healing of physical bodies, (3) a telekinetic healing of counter- bodies, and (4) an energy healing (physical) of counter-bodies. In addition to these, there are also used sporadically various methods of spiritual healing. Here are brief descriptions of these most frequent methods of effective healing:
- A physical healing of physical bodies - sometimes also called "orthodox medicine". It is that one that is taught in present schools of medicine, and practiced by present medical doctors. It depends on achieving physical healing effects via interaction with the biological body. Examples of physical healing include: swallowing of pills, injections of antibiotic, surgeries, etc.
- A telekinetic healing of biological bodies. It interacts with our physical body, but uses telekinesis for this interaction. It includes so-called "bloodless operations" (psychic surgery) - which depend on opening physical bodies with telekinesis. Also includes some forms of "psychic dentistry" - means telekinetic growth, or filling of, teeth. For practical details see a book [1L5.1]. An example of them is discussed in item #1L5.1.
- A telekinetic healing of counter-bodies. It operates exclusively on counter-bodies (spirits) of people or animals. In turn, after these counter-bodies are healed, their new state transfers itself on the physical bodies, thus manifesting itself as the return of health. It includes such forms as: psychic surgery (e.g. operating on counter-bodies via telepathy), touch healing, etc. An example of it is presented as #2L2.
The principle of all forms of telekinetic healing corresponds closely to the principle of telekinetic motion - see subsection H6.1. In this healing, the healer's mind affects the counter- body of an ill person, thus telekinetically returning this counter-body to its original configuration.
Changes in the counter-material body, are in turn reflected to the physical body, which subsequently is restored to the health.
Notice that the effective telekinetic healing must be accompanied by the emission of an extraction glow from the healed body (see the evidence #5L2). Therefore, the photographing of the healed body should lead to the detection of this glow. (This also can be used for the distinguishing between the charlatans, and real healers).
- An energy healing of counter-bodies. It depends on such energy interaction with human body, that actually the counter-body is firstly healed. In turn the health of this counter- body is going to be transferred to the physical body. A best example of these healing techniques is acupuncture. Other examples include European "healing with colours", Japanese "reiki", Chinese "tai chi", and several others. The description of principles on which these methods are based is provided in subsection I5.6.
There is also such thing as a telepathic healing of registers. It operates on registers (souls) of people, not on bodies, or on counter-bodies. This includes such forms as: faith healing, praying over someone, etc. For practical details see book [1H2].
The principle of telepathic healing differs from that of telekinetic. In telepathic healing the healer's mind sends telepathic signals, which alter the software registers contained in the counter body. This in turn causes the healed body to display certain reactions (e.g. heal, grow new teeth, etc.). Thus, in this type of healing the spiritual processes occurs in the healed body. Telepathic healing is NOT accompanied by the emission of the extraction glow from the healed bodies, although the healers themselves may emit the dispersion glow. Therefore photographs of those healers could show a change in the colour of their skin.
#2I7. Hypnosis. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines hypnosis as a state when subject's awareness is switched into the interception of signals from the counter-body. (Normally our awareness resides in the physical body.) For this reason, during hypnosis we may access the registers contained in the counter-world, which in conscientious state are inaccessible for our perception.
Mechanism of operation of hypnosis is exactly the same one, which triggers the operation of moral laws described in subsection I4.1.1. Only that in hypnosis, instead from the counter-world, the execution commands are originating from our world. Experiments on hypnotised people reveal the manner in which our counter-material duplicates control the function of our bodies, while themselves are being controlled by execution programs from our registers.
Notice that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity time is motionless, but we move through time (see subsection M1). Therefore during hypnotic regressions (and also during dreams - see item #7I7 below) we can move to any point in time, and "re-live" again the events that took place at this point. Such free manoeuvres through time represent the main reason why hypnotic reconstruction of events can be so accurate. This is because in the hypnotic state a subject can return to events from the past and "freeze time" for the duration that is needed for noticing, examining, and describing all the necessary details. After the shift to this past point in time, these people can also carry out actions, which they did not do during the original event (e.g. ask additional question, enter the room that they previously did not see, etc.) - of course under the condition that these additional actions do not change anyone's karma.
#3I7. Spontaneous human combustion. Principle of this phenomenon is similar to telekinetic motion, only that instead of triggering the physical work, it completes the chemical reaction that generates heat. This reaction, in a way similar to telekinetic motion carried out downhill, releases huge amounts of heat, which in the final effect burn the body of a victim. The mechanism of releasing this heat is described in subsection H6.1. It is worth to notice, that in the light of theory of control, the mechanism of triggering of this phenomenon is based on the positive (means self-increasing) feedback. The initiation of this mechanism is based on a self-perpetuating loop, i.e. the mind of a person, who somehow becomes hot, begins to panic that he/she is going to burn, and this panic telekinetically escalates chemical reactions that produce more heat, thus creating more panic, etc. It is interesting, that according to an old Polish folklore, people very drunk were capable to initiate this process much easier than sober people.
It should be added to the above, that the science developed also its own physical explanation for this paranormal phenomenon. As every other today's scientific explanation, it avoids the admitting a paranormal component in this phenomenon, and explains it with the purely physical principle of the so-called "external wick". (An example of such "external wick" would be a patch of cloth that is wrapped around a candle. If one burns this cloth, the candle starts to melt and saturates the cloth, this causes the further burning, until the entire candle is burned.) According to this scientific explanation, during spontaneous human combustion initially burned is a patch of clothing of victims. In case of not being extinguished, this causes melting of bodily fat in the victim. The melted fat saturates the burning patch of clothing, and causes further burning, thus causing the gradual burning of the entire body, like a candle wrapped into an external wick. There were even carried out some experiments with corpses of fat pigs, which were wrapped into human clothes, and than ignited. They actually led to burning out of the entire corpses of these pigs on the principle of such an external wick. Unfortunately, although these experiments actually gave the effects similar to spontaneous human combustion, not all their aspects are coinciding with the knowledge, that is already accumulated about such combustion. For example they do not explain the observational evidence about the moment of initiation of such self-combustion, which according to empirical observations, and also according to folklore, firstly appears inside of a given victim. (I.e. smoke firstly bursts from the mouth of a given victim, not from the clothing.) They also do not explain the folk believe, very popular in old Poland, that almost the only way to extinguish such spontaneous human combustion, is to drink urine. (This could have something to do with the ability of salts contained in the urine to extinguish telepathically this resonating mental feedback.) Thus, it seems to appear, that independently from such a purely physical explanation with the use of phenomena of "external wick", there is also a parallel phenomenon of "psychic human combustion", which in sense of effects gives results similar to the physical one.
It is quite possible that people who fall victims of the spontaneous human combustion actually practised self-hypnosis and meditation techniques, which make them prone to a resonance hysteria/nirvana, and to other similar types of phenomena.
Folklore of old Poland used to have significant body of verbal tradition about spontaneous human combustion of the psychic type. In my childhood I heard a lot of stories about various instances of this unusual phenomenon. For example, the folklore claimed, that people who fall victims of this phenomenon, always have some extremely heavy problem on their mind, which they try to solve. Supposedly the worst thing in that situation was to try to drown this problem in alcohol, as according to this folklore tradition, under the influence of alcohol the problem started to reverberate in minds of troubled people, leading to their self- burning. An interesting information that folklore provided about the origin of this inner fire - is that supposedly it always was starting inside of people, usually from lungs, and therefore was impossible to extinguish, as there was no known means to put it down inside of the body. Therefore, usually, since once started, it always resulted in the death of the victim, even if this death took place with a lot of people around trying to stop it.
#4I7. Fire walking. In some states of trance, people are able to walk barefoot through a fire, and not burn their feet. Several times in my life I had an opportunity to observe this phenomenon. The first time I saw it in Malaysia on 13 October 1994, during Chinese holiday of 9 gods (which, according to the Chinese Moon calendar, takes place in 9th day of 9th month). In cases which I observed, tens of ordinary people, in this number many females, were walking along a footpath of charcoal that was glowing from the heat. The footpath was around 30 cm thick, around 2 metres wide, and around 30 metres long. It was formed by intensive burning of a thick layer of wood. The charcoal was so hot, that I was unable to come closer to it than at around 5 metres, because the heat that emanated from it burned my skin.
But a long column of these people walked barefoot over this red-hot footpath of glowing charcoal, without any sign of pain, as if it was an ordinary carpet. During one of such rituals, I was interested to see what happens next with these people who walked over the fire, so I accompanied them to their temple. I discovered over there, that a significant number of them, if not all, were in a kind of religious trance, very similar to hypnosis. In order to return them to a normal state they were subjected into a ritual similar to awakening from a deep hypnosis.
Various "hardware" explanations for fire walking provided by our present science were not confirmed experimentally. The conditions that these explanations impose are not met in a real fire walking. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity gives a "software" explanation based on the interpretation of time presented in subsection M1. In this explanation the mind of fire-walkers slows down the speed of time elapse for the hot surface that they walk through. Therefore the heat transfer from the ground into feet is also slowed down proportionally to this time elapse. Notice that only extreme psychic tension of the walkers leads to the successful deceleration of time and thus to not-burning their feet.
There is a possibility of experimental confirmation of the above explanation. This is because a number of experiments can be conducted which allow to detect the slowing of time elapse in the fire. The simplest one of them, is to photography the fire. If time slows down, such photographs should show almost no emission of light, thus the fire should look proportionally darker than when it is seen by naked eyes of witnesses.
#5I7. Ghosts. They belong to numerous phenomena ignored by the present science. In the Concept of Dipolar Gravity ghosts should be interpreted as the activities carried out by counter-material bodies (spirits) of dead people, or dead animals. Principles of ghost activities are exactly the same as principles of dreams. Also all characteristics of the ghost activities correspond to the those of dreams. Ghosts operate in the counter-world, but some effects of their activities, similarly like some effects of our dreams (e.g. poltergeists), may telekinetically affect the matter. Therefore ghosts may move some objects and create images made of the extraction glow. These images should be possible to observe and to photograph. According to subsection H7.3, ghosts must also induce some electromagnetic phenomena (see evidence #1H7.3). Note that ghosts usually do not have registers (souls), which part with them at the moment of death. Therefore, usually they are not able to do any intelligent activities, not to display the good knowledge of their past. However, there is a possibility that some such entities may still keep their registers. Then they can do an intelligent damage.
#6I7. Possessions. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity suggests, that the fact of being possessed must be clearly distinguished from ghosts. One is possessed when a control over a counter-body (spirit), thus also over the biological body of a living person, is taken by a register/soul of someone else. A version of being possessed are multiple personalities mentioned in subsection I5.4 and in item #6I5.4. When someone is possessed, the control over his/her body is taken by an intelligent register/soul. Thus such possessed people are having the memory, knowledge, intelligence, and personality of that entity that occupies their body. An additional knowledge that is introduced by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is that the object of possession can actually be any living creature, not just only people - of course when the register that takes over a given body does not specifically want to obtain human attributes (e.g. the ability to speak). Furthermore, the register/intellect that is possessing a given body can originate from any creature, not just only from a human. Therefore people can be possessed by registers/souls of for example monkeys, tigers, birds, snakes, dinosaurs, etc.
#7I7. Dreams. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity allows to distinguish between dreams and night visualizations. The night visualizations would originate from our physical mind. Thus they would be only non-coordinated, colour images created inside of our sleeping brains. They would occur in the physical world. Dreams would be real activities carried our by our counter-bodies and registers within the counter-world. Therefore dreams should display all properties of such activities (e.g. logic, consistency, symbolism, etc.) and also display the properties of the counter-world (e.g. colours expressed by information not by appearance, lack of physical attributes - like weight or blood, etc.).
Night visualizations are already explained by various theories of contemporary medicine. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity does not change these explanations.
Dreams would not obey the contemporary medical theories. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity would explain them differently than just pictures from our physical brains. In this explanation, dreams would be real actions and adventures carried out in the counter-world by counter-material bodies and registers of sleeping people. These adventures would be achievable through temporary separations of our counter-material bodies and registers from physical bodies. Therefore dreams should be characterized by a number of unique properties which result from their adventures' character and from placing them in the counter-world. Some of these properties include:
- "Software" attributes of dreams. These attributes include: the expressing of colours as an information, not as an appearance (i.e. in dream every object looks as having a sepia colour, but we actually are aware of different colours that various objects have and we can "read" these colours from the registers of these objects), a different structure of our dreamed bodies (e.g. counter-bodies do not contain physical, red blood), indestructibility of our counter- material bodies (i.e. in dream we never get killed or loose a part of our body, although we may frequently experience someone or something attempting to hurt us; whatever happens in dreams, our counter-material {dreamed} bodies remain unaffected), etc.
- Logic, abstraction, and prophetic nature of dreams. The counter-world is more logical and abstract than our world. It also allows us to insight registers of distant objects, and to see events that these objects will experience at any chosen instant of time, including the distant future.
- Differences in our motion capabilities (the movements in the counter-world obey a different set of principles than those movements from our world; e.g. we can fly and levitate without a movement, or remain in one place in spite of completing rapid mobile actions).
Notice that the defining dreams as "night adventures in the counter-world" provides a perfect means of verifying the correctness of the above explanations. This is because dreams so defined request all people participating in the night adventures of a particular person to also experience the same dream at some stage. Unfortunately there are two factors which make this verification difficult, i.e. (1) forgetting ratio and (2) time shift. It is proven that we remember only a small fraction of our dreams (sometimes less than 1% of what we dream). This practically means that, although all people appearing in a particular dreamed adventure, in fact participated in it, only in extremely rare occasions more than one of those people remembers this adventure. Even more obstacles to the verification of the above explanation introduces a time shift. The interpretation of time in dipolar gravity (see subsection H9.1) reveals that in the counter-world we may travel through time, thus experiencing events that happen at different times, i.e. in the distant future as well as in the past. Therefore participants who meet in a dream that occurs at a particular instant of time, may come to this instant from different starting times. This means practically that the same adventure involving time shift can be dreamed in a different year and time by each one of its participants.
In spite of the above difficulties, I managed to find a person (Suzanne Poutu of Dunedin, New Zealand) who claimed that she and her friend both experienced exactly the same dream. I would be delighted to hear from other people who also discovered that their dreams were exactly repeated by someone else.
Here is what about Chinese explanation for dreams is written in an excellent book [1I7] (and also [2J3] and [1#3L5.4]) by Frena Bloomfield, "The Book of Chinese Beliefs", Arrow Books, London 1983, ISBN 0-09-931900-4, page 151):
"When we dream, say the Chinese, the soul goes wandering about the world and all its encounters and adventures are as real as in everyday waking life, though we recall them as dreams when the soul returns and the body awakes from sleep."
#8I7. Death. We all need to die one day. So naturally we are curious how it is going to be, and what happens next. Well, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity seems to be the first scientific theory, which allows to deduct initial facts regarding this biggest mystery of life. It explains death using an analogy of both worlds that we live in, to a computer. In this analogy, our awareness is like a cursor which is able to shift forth and back, from the physical world to counter-world, and vice versa. Normally this shifting occurs during the dreams or hypnosis. Only that after they finish, the awareness is able to shift back to the physical body. So death is also one of these shifts, only that it does not allow to shift back any more. So it is like a dream or hypnosis, but deprived the possibility to wake up again. Then there are all these changes which take place, which are not occurring during dreams or hypnosis. The first of them is that our registers are separating from the counter-body. This means that we still are able to think and to reason, because our registers are still stored within the counter-matter and our awareness is in these registers, but we are not attached any more to the counter-matter of our counter-body. This separation of registers from our counter-body could be compared to shifting a given program in a computer, to totally different memory location, so that it is still in the computer, still can work (think), but is not in the normal location. When the awareness and registers separate from our body and from the counter-body, no feelings are possible any more. So we start feel this overwhelming peace, which actually is the complete lack of any feelings. Finally we need to move to the area of the counter-world, which the universal intellect prepared for storing our registers until the next life. What happens next, it needs to be researched and discovered, in the same way as we researched all other unknown worlds. The only difference is that now we have the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which is like a spaceship able to bring us there, and to let us notice whatever previously we were unable to see.
#9I7. Animal instinct. It is already explained on numerous examples in subsection I5.4 - see items #4I5.4 and #3I5.4. It is an animal equivalent to human ESP.
#10I7. Subconsciousness. This is the knowledge that is accumulated in our counter- body, and which our counter-body tries to send to our aware mind.
#11I7. Déjavu. These are flashes from the memory of the previous passage of time. They result from the systematic shifting back of time on Earth. More about this phenomenon is explained in chapter N and in subsection V5.


The explanations of mysterious phenomena provided in this subsection have one

common denominator, i.e. all of them include some attributes which enable their experimental confirmation. In this way the explanations provided here are more than just hypothesis: they pave the way for gradual finding the truth. Notice that experimental confirmation of any of the above explanations adds further confirmed facts to the large body of evidence, which already supports the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as a whole.

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