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Normale Version: I5.9. Traps of "positive thinking"
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I5.9. Traps of "positive thinking"

In previous subsections it was explained, that whenever we take a stand or an attitude towards other people, and this stand induces in them any type of feelings, the consequence is that appropriate karma is written into our "register" (means into our "soul"). This karma later causes that whatever stand or attitude we took towards other people, the same stand or attitude other people are going to take towards us.
The very nature of karma mechanism causes that if we have specific feelings and thoughts about someone, we exchange our karma with this person. As it turns out, we ourselves are not exception from this rule. If we think about ourselves in a specific manner, and attach strong feelings into this thinking, we actually exchange karma with ourselves. To be more interesting, this karma is later causing that we are affected by events, which are appropriate to the way we think about ourselves. The above leads to the realizing that "if we think positively about ourselves, and put strong feelings into this thinking, this positive thinking is going to bring positive consequences to us". But if we think about our future in a negative way, and we put strong feelings into this thinking, than this negative thinking is going to bring negative type of consequences to us. The above principle was already observed by many people, and is known under the name of "positive thinking". Some people even organise various courses which try to teach, how to carry out the process of positive thinking, and how to cause this process to bring to us positive consequences.
The idea of positive thinking is very strongly promoted on Earth. I personally believe that adherers of atheistic described in subsection VB5.3.2 /?/, are actually disseminating the use of "positive thinking" as an atheistic alternative and an atheistic replacement for totaliztic prayers. After all, atheists are vitally interested to disseminate on Earth either crude atheism, or subtle atheism (see subsection JB4). Probably because of their promotion, the idea of positive thinking is lately gaining the widespread support in all circles. It becomes a buzz word, everyone is talking about it, every book stresses it, and even various gurus are carrying educational courses, which try to teach people how to carry out a positive thinking.
For me, however, all this promotion of positive thinking looks a bit like lessons about "how to conduct surgeries", which are given by blind people. To start with, currently people do not know even what mechanisms are involved in positive thinking, and already are trying to temper with these mechanisms. For example people do not know that it generates karma, over which they later do not have any control. Then people also have no clue, that in order to be effective, every positive thinking must be accompanied with the strong positive feelings about ourselves (i.e. to have any effect, the feeling that accompanies this positive thinking must be of an "above threshold value", described in subsection JE5.2 /?/). Thus, it is not enough to just think positively, but it is also necessary to feel positively and strongly when we think positively. But this component of feelings, which makes the positive thinking effective, is quite a tricky one - see subsection I5.5. This is because it introduces two dangers. The first of these two is the action of the "Principle of Counterpolarity" described in subsection I4.1.1. According to this principle, whenever we feel positively and strongly about ourselves, we create a potential, which is going to cause that some time later we are going to feel negatively about ourselves. Thus, whatever good we introduce by the positive thinking, unless we are able to neutralize our negative feelings that arrive soon afterwards - this good will be later supplemented by an equal amount of the bad, which is going to be introduced by our negative feelings and enforced in our karma, and which must come in response. The second danger introduced by the effort of maintaining positive feelings about ourselves, is the promotion of selfishness. Totalizm teaches, that we always should think of others, and always act for others. But if we start putting effort into thinking exclusively about ourselves, and feel only about ourselves, the effect will be that we start to move towards the parasitic philosophy. Thus, such positive thinking introduces the danger of triggering parasitic sliding downhill in the moral field. For this reasons, I would strongly recommend not to rush into the idea of "positive thinking" - at least until totalizm develops some reliable systems of tools, which explain exactly how to avoid dangers and traps which it introduces. Until such time comes, in my opinion it is much better and safer to use just an old fashion prayers instead of the positive thinking. This is because the praying appeals to the universal intellect (God), and asks this intellect to introduce appropriate changes in the counter-world which would benefit us, while positive thinking depends on our own programming the counter-world. If one would compare these two, than prayers are like asking a skilled and responsible computer expert to repair our computer, while a positive thinking is like trying to repair this computer by ourselves - long before we learned any knowledge about electronics.

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