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Normale Version: I5.8. Group intellects and group karma
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I5.8. Group intellects and group karma

Explanations from subsection I5.7 revealed, that if there is some strong and long-term emotional connection between two people, then the counter-bodies of these people gradually connect with each other, forming a special link which in subsection I5.7 was called "affiliating". This affiliating cases later, that events that effect one of these people, are also affecting the other one of them. Of course, the principle of forming such affiliation must also include all these cases, which take place in any possible cases of forming the emotional links between various people. This in turn means, that they must also be formed between people, who for example work in the same institution, or live inside of the same country. After all, such people continually exchange feelings amongst themselves. Thus with the elapse of time they must form a kind of bound that affiliates them mutually. Such mutual affiliating connections, formed between people, who because of the necessity of life must exchange feelings amongst themselves, we are going to called here "group intellects". Group intellects are structures made of people, who on the level of counter-world create some kind of mutual affiliating. Because of this affiliating, the people who are creating such group intellects, then share the common fate in the area which is the subject of their affiliation. Group intellects could be compared to Internet, which is composed of individual computers, but all the components of which are mutually linked with each other, so that they can share together some aspects of the common fate.
The mechanism of the formation of group intellects described here reveals, that group intellects are not just loose crowds of people, who are not connected amongst themselves with any kind of common feeling. The condition of forming a group intellect is that all its people are mutually affiliated with some kind of uniform feelings, and that these feelings clearly indicate the borders of this intellect, i.e. they clearly indicate who belongs to a given intellect, and who does not belong to it.
From the point of view of the operation of mechanisms of the universe, every separate group intellect displays all these attributes, which are also characteristic to individual intellects. And so each group intellects accumulates its own moral energy in the counter-world. It experiences its own feelings. It has its own karma. Of course, such a group intellect also is subjected to various moral laws, which with the elapse of time we should learn and utilise. For example all moral laws that work on individual people, work also for group intellects.
In every group intellect, the most interesting aspect is the mutual connection between karma of people that compose this intellect. As this can be deduced, karma flows between all intellects that are parts of a given group intellect, are locked within the volume of a given group intellect, only in cases when the karma concerns the interactions occurring between individual intellects of the same group. In turn all karma that results from interactions between people composed into a given group intellect, and people who form another group intellects, is not locked at all inside one such group intellect. This karma which is shifted from one group intellect into another group intellect, is called a "group karma". Such a group karma indicates the future fate that a given group intellect is going to experience, and the type of events that are going to affect this group intellect in the future. For this reason, in the vital interest of all group intellects, such as families, countries, or civilisations, lies to strictly control what subsequent people belonging to these group intellects are doing to people belonging to other group intellects. In case of detecting types of interactions, which are going to bring undesirable karmatic returns to a given group intellect, this intellect should influence its own people, to not generate such undesirable karma.

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