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Normale Version: I5.7. Magic, black magic, and love
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I5.7. Magic, black magic, and love

The counter-bodies ("spirits") of all material objects, which were described in subsection I5.1, have a further unique property, which can be called the ability to "affiliate" other counter-bodies. An example of this ability, can be the identification of a map by a water diviner with a real landscape, in order to find on this map the natural resources that actually are present in this landscape. This ability to affiliate depends on making a permanent connection between the "compassion" counter-organs from these two counter-bodies. After making this link, whatever flow of the moral energy experiences one of these counter-bodies, the same flow of energy also experiences other counter-body as well. This in turn introduces enormous consequences, that are to be explained in this subsection.
The process of "affiliating" of two counter-bodies can be accomplished in a natural manner, or by conducting a special ritual. The natural affiliating takes place when there is a strong, or a long-acting mutual feeling between these people - for example when two people fall in love with each other. In turn the most common example of a ritual affiliating is when a water diviner assigns a map to a real land, so that it can later find water or mineral resources on this map (as explained in subsection I8.2).
After two counter-bodies are affiliated with each other, then whatever even affects one of them, it is also affecting another one, and vice versa. For example, if a map is affiliated with a real land, then whatever is in this land, including mineral resources, water flows, etc., it can also be detected on the map. Furthermore, whatever is done with the map, it also will happen to a real land. For example, if one drowns the affiliated map in water, and does it with appropriate level of feelings, then the real land is going to be flooded. The only requirement for an event experienced by the affiliated object, to also affect the other object, is that this event must induce a flow of moral energy which is sufficient to simultaneously circulate through both counter-bodies that affiliate each other. This means that the feeling which caused, or accompanied, this flow must have so-called "above threshold value" (see subsection JE5.2 /?/ to find out what this actually means), so that it bursts enough moral energy to cause it overflow from one counter-body into the other counter-body. The events, which firstly affect one object, and then are to be passed on the other object, in some cases occur on the other object with some time delay, because they must wait until the software from the counter-world prepares appropriate execution programs to release them.
The possibility of affiliating two counter-bodies, and then force them to experience the same events, has numerous practical applications. Most of these applications remain mystery to citizens of developed countries, although they are still well-known and exploited by inhabitants of so-called "primitive" societies. Two of them, which are most frequently practised and the best known, are "magic" and "black magic" (known also under many different names, as voodoo, bomoh, witchcraft, etc.). In my countless globetrotting I had opportunity to live also in countries, in which the use of these secret practices is still very popular, although it is carried out unofficially and with a kind of embarrassment (in secrecy). For example in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and in the neighbourhood of these countries, the practising of magic and black magic is one of recognized means of accomplishing various life aspirations, while all very important events in open are not carried out without a person who uses magic to prevent rain from falling before the event finishes. Unfortunately, in order for a stranger, like myself, is able to learn something about these secret practices, it is necessary to live in these countries for a long time, and to get to know people who practice these skills. This is because every tiny bit of information about such practices passed to other, requires a high trust.
In the sense of techniques being used, magic, and black magic, are very similar, although their goals are opposite. Magic concentrates exclusively on doing good and helping others (thus in the totaliztic sense, magic is "moral"). In turn black magic is used for immoral purposes, such as revenge, making someone to suffer, doing harm, etc. As it turns out, the most important part of both, magic and black magic, is the ritual affiliation of two objects, for example affiliation of an ordinary doll with a real person. When this affiliation is accomplished, then whatever is done to one of these objects (for example to the doll), and it is accompanied with appropriately high feelings, exactly the same is also experienced by another object (in this case by the person). For example, if with a high anger and wish to cause pain, the doll is pierced with a needle, then the real pain is also experienced by the person with whom the doll is affiliated. If the doll is suffocated, or bitten, also the person is feeling suffocated, or in the pain. Of course, magic which is supported with a high emission of feelings, can also be done for positive purposes, for example to heal someone from health problems. Note that the doll is used as an example of the object, which could be used for affiliation. But practically any object can be used for this purpose, and the selection depends on the goal that a given magic tries to accomplish. Apart from dolls, frequently affiliated objects include animals, as these can easily be tortured, suffocated, or mutilated.
After magic is finished, it would be dangerous to live both objects affiliated with each other. Therefore, in many cases a reversed ritual is then also carried out, which is to "de- affiliate" both objects.
One of the problems of practising magic or black magic, is that in order to make it work, during the "treatment" given to the affiliated object, the appropriate level of feelings must be released. This level we call here the "above threshold value" (for explanations what this mean see subsection JE5.2 /?/). Because this level is usually very high, mere mortals in normal circumstances usually are not able to produce it. Therefore people who practice magic, or black magic, use their own secret methods of lifting feelings to a required level. These methods typically either represent a "professional secret" of a given practitioner, or are build into the very procedure of realizing a given magic. However, an inquisitive outside observer sometimes succeeds in discovering how they are accomplished. In order to provide some examples of such methods, at Borneo I heard about a very popular Bidayuh healer who lived in a jungle. In order to lift the level his feelings to above threshold value, he was inserting several fish-hooks into his fingers. Therefore the intensive pain that these hooks were creating during every touch and movement, caused that his feelings were reaching the above threshold values during his healing sessions. In turn to provide an example of inducing the high feelings, which are build-in into the very procedure, I used to know a Malay who was explaining me one magic procedure. In this procedure the key element was a tombstone, which needed to be taken from a cemetery at midnight by the practitioner acting alone. Of course, just going to a cemetery alone at midnight sufficed to produce the required level of feelings. No wonder that this procedure was very effective.
An attribute of two objects, the counter-bodies of which are permanently affiliated with each other, is that with the elapse of time they start to become increasingly similar. If they are two objects which belong to two different categories, for example a portrait (a picture) and a living person, then both of them are going to age with the same speed, both are going to show similar type of damages, both are affected by similar events, etc. If in turn two people are affiliated with each other, e.g. as this is the case with a pair in love, or with twins, then both start to look increasingly similar, and are affected by similar courses of events.
The laws which are governing the objects which are affiliated, caused interesting believes to be formed by various nations. For example Chinese believe that if a pregnant woman starts to like someone very much, or dislike/hate someone very much, than some attributes of this liked or hated person are going to appear in her child. (Notice that according to descriptions from subsection I5.5 hate is the same feeling as love, only that the flow of energy is in a reversed direction.). According to their believes, the specially intensive passing of attributes occurs, when the future mother is startled, while seeing this liked or hated person.
It is also believed that the child is usually inheriting in this way mainly negative attributes. In one case which I am aware of, actually the mother of a boy was extremely friendly with her office girlfriend, and spend with her a lot of time. And in fact a lot of very characteristic attributes of this girlfriend were actually passed on the boy. The premises from my research indicate that the mechanism of such passing attributes is explainable within principles of affiliating of two objects. Because of this mechanism, the Chinese folk believes order future mothers to ignore all people which strongly act on their feelings, and also to not visit ZOO, especially to not be startled (scared) in there, so that the appearance of some animals is not passed on their children.
It is worth to add that also the folklore from Poland has a similar believe, which in Poland was called "zapatrzeniem sie" (means "mesmerising"). According to this believe the child was obtaining attributes of a person by which mother was mesmerised during the pregnancy, even if this person was just visible in a form of a picture or a photo.
Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know the laws which govern the affiliating, and de-affiliating. Therefore, there is a lot of cases, when someone does a ritual affiliating of two objects, and then lives them as such. For example, it is a common practice of European dowsers, who affiliate a map to the land, and then live it without de-affiliating. The result is that if such map cuts someone's finger, or makes someone angry in any other way, the result can be that it is thrown to water, burned, or thrown to rubbish. The result is that a given piece of land is unexpectedly plagued by a flush flood, or burnt, or getting rotten by some other means. The point which I am making is that after affiliation, and using, another ritual should be held to de-affiliate given objects. Other frequent cases of accidental affiliating include former boyfriends/girlfriends whose photograph is being admired and then forgotten, or photographs of film stars which are loved and then forgotten. If then such photographs are mistreated with a strong feelings, the result is that a person shown on them is also affected by similar mistreatment. This is probably one of reasons why many movie stars which are admired by a lot of fans, constantly have various bad accidents and their life is incredibly eventful.
The extremely interesting case of affiliating, is the process of permanent connecting of registers in two people who love or hate each other very much. In such cases, whatever later happens to one of these two people, and it induced a sufficiently high level of feelings, soon afterwards it also happens to another person, and in a very similar circumstances. Such natural affiliating of counter-bodies almost always takes place in case of twins of the same sex, which lived together for a longer period of time.
A natural affiliating is also common amongst couples who are in powerful love with each other. In case of couple in love, it is quite noticeable, because both of them are starting to be very similar to each other. In Poland there was even a folk believe which stated something along the lines "a couple which starts to look-alike is going to marry" (i.e. "kto sie upodobni ten sie i pozeni"). Simultaneously fate of this couple begins to coincide in all matters connected with releasing of strong feelings. Unfortunately, usually is goes unnoticed because it is a natural that a couple of people in love lives all important events through together, i.e. it marries each other, it has a child together, it buys a flat together, it buys a car together, etc. Even if they fall ill together, it is explained that "they infected each other". The strange events only start to be noted when something extraordinary happens to them both, e.g. when one of them has an accident far from another one, and then a few days later another one also has a similar accident, or when they do not marry each other, but they still are experiencing exactly the same strings of events. When the love finishes, also the affiliating of counter-bodies is terminated. But when the love continues, then even the death comes to both of them in a small distance of time and in similar circumstances, not mentioning that their graves are later experiencing a very similar fate.
Due to gaining an understanding of the process of "affiliating", we also gain an understanding of a mechanism behind love. This fact yields a lot of benefits. Firstly it allows to define what actually love is. According to this definition "love is the permanent connection of compassion counter-organs in two living organisms". Secondly it reveals that love is actually a form of magic, and therefore may yield results similar to magic (e.g. consider a well-known phenomenon of rejuvenation which is experienced by people in love). It also explains that love is NOT a physical phenomenon - as present psychologists are trying to tell us, therefore it has no much to do with sex, which can be a purely physical event (but which can also give another dimension to love). It reveals that love is not limited to two people of the opposite sex, but can appear between any two living creatures, or between a living creature and an object. It warns various idols of the consequences of making too many people to fall in love with them - after all, whatever then happens to any of these numerous lovers, and it is connected with a high level of feelings, it is going to also happen to a given idol (this explains why movie stars always have so dramatic life - they simply are affected by whatever happens to those who are in love with them). It explains the unusual similarities between masters and their dogs. They not only look similar, but also are affected by similar problems. For example it is well known that dogs tend to die in a manner which imitates the death of their masters. It is also noticeable that masters who have some physical disability, frequently have also dogs which have a similar disability.
Magic, black magic, as well as unintentional magic (e.g. water divining on maps), all of them are generating appropriate karma. Therefore, whatever someone does with their use, he/she later is going to pay for it. There is no difference between the moral consequences of magic, and the moral consequences of any other our actions. Even when a magic is unintended, as this is the case with a water diviner who forgets to de-affiliate a map he/she used for water diving, still karma which is going to be produced by this action is going to charge the doer. This in turn means, that similarly as in our life we need to be very cautious to not cause an accident which harms someone, we also must be cautious to not cause an accident by an unintentional magic.
At the end of this subsection I would like to direct notice of the reader at one fact which the folklore tradition is trying to tell us for centuries, but which we stubbornly refuse to accept. It is the truth that "everything that can be done with the aid of technical devices, can also be done with the natural capabilities of the human body, and vice versa". For example a bulldozer can dig a hole, so also an ordinary worker. Our heart is pumping blood, but the same does a technical device (a pump). The above fact has an important implication in relationship to magic. This is because magic can do things for which humanity has not build, as yet, appropriate devices. Perhaps this is the reason why the evil forces described in subsection A3 are so afraid the development of magic on Earth, that they are blocking the progress of our knowledge on this subject, and also are forcing practitioners of magic to work only in hiding. Because of this, the negating attitude of today scientists towards magic is not at all the expression of their scientific approach or modern thinking, but simply the expression of their cooperation with intentions of such evil forces - as described in subsection VB5.1.1 /?/.

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