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Normale Version: I5.6. Energies, meridians, acupuncture
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I5.6. Energies, meridians, acupuncture

Subsection I5.5 explained that our counter-body accumulates a unique form of energy, which we call "moral energy", and that counter-organs pump this energy to the counter-body by taking it from the physical body. However, the previous subsection did not analyse details either about the forms this energy takes in both bodies, nor about processes that accompany this "pumping". But these forms of energy, as well as processes of "pumping", are also very complex matters, and require further explanations. This subsection I5.6 is to shone an initial light on them.
As we already know from research on our physical world, energy can take countless forms. For example, it can have mechanical form - such as a fast rotation wheels in our car, can take pneumatic form - as carried by gas particles compressed in the tire of our car, or it can take electrical form - as carried by movable "valence electrons" and "holes" in semi- conductive crystals. When the moral energy is stored in our counter-body, it probably takes the form of compression of the counter-matter of this counter-body. But according to descriptions from subsection H5.1, all compressions of counter-matter actually constitute a positive electric field. Therefore, the moral energy stored in our counter-body manifests itself in the form of a positive electric field. The interesting aspect of this electric field representing moral energy is, that it must form a rather steep gradient at the border of our body, because outside of our body almost neutral field prevails, which is an equivalent of the close to zero field level of our environment.
At this point it should be explained that our counter-body (i.e. "spirit") in which our moral energy is compressed, is actually composed entirely from a single substance - in this monograph called "counter-matter". Usually this fact is a bit difficult to imagine, because we are used that our physical body is composed of countless substances, for example bones, muscles, fats, blood, skin, etc. So to understand it better, let us for a moment imagine that our counter-body is like a sculpture, which is whole casted from a single metal - let's say from "copper". But simultaneously, our counter-body is an exact copy of our physical body, with every tissue, nerve, muscle, bone perfectly reflected in it. Therefore, our imaginary sculpture we must imagine not just as a shapely log of "copper", but as intricate patterns wound out of extremely delicate copper wires, which with various densities, structures, and windings of these "fine copper wires" precisely reflect our physical body, including the most tiny details of it. Because the density and winding of this "delicate copper wires" differs for various parts of our counter-body, according to what is described in subsection H5.1 this "copper wiring" additionally produces electric field. So we could imagine this field production as if each single copper wire in our counter-body is simultaneously a part of some natural electricity generator. It forms electric field in the entire volume of each single such "delicate copper wire". Thus, if someone touches such a sculpture, he/she would get electrocuted. If someone would use measuring instruments in order to determine how the electricity would flow through this "copper" sculpture before it electrocutes the outsider, it would turn out that it would flow along very intricate paths. We call these paths with the name of energy "meridians". Energy meridians are simply channels for flows of energy that are formed by the structure of our counter-body. We could imagine them as these intricate patterns of "fine copper wires", which are passing through the structure of our "copper" sculpture, and which can conduct energy. Of course, these meridians, or "copper wires" do not follow straight lines across our sculpture, but they create very intricate circuitry, which still requires a lot of research to be fully identified and described. For example, it connects almost every internal organ, with various points on our skin (we call these points "acupuncture points"). Furthermore, they connect every single organ with every other organ- thus the entire our body is reflected in our eyes, ears, feet, hands, etc. Thus, for example our liver can electrically be connected to numerous points, some of which we find on each our ear, on each our feet, on each our hand, and also in many other places.
Of course, the energy which is stored in our physical body, must manifest itself in a physical form, before it is pumped by our counter-organs to the counter-body. The reason is that it is contained in the physical world, therefore it must be represented in a different form then it is represented in the counter-world. For example every physical energy is "stupid", while moral energy is intelligent. We so-far have not named this energy, so we give to it the name "life energy". There is a justification for this name, as from other analysis (see subsection JE9) it is obvious that this particular energy handled by our physical body is keeping this body alive. The life energy cannot be kept in the physical body in the form of a positive electric field, simply because such a field is formed only within the counter-world. But in our world negative electric charges can be put into motion, thus forming negative electric currents which flow along the meridians of the positive electric field from the counter-world. The effect is that the life energy in our physical body is stored in the form of negative electric currents (charges) that flow along meridians formed from positive electric field from our counter-body. Because the positive electric field from our counter-body, and negative electric current from our physical body, actually neutralize each other, in the electrical sense our whole system of the dual bodies together is almost neutral (i.e. almost does not show the presence of any field or charge). But actually this almost neutral state is simply a balance between the strong positive (static) field from our counter-body, and the strong negative (dynamic) charge flowing through our physical body.
The coexistence of these two forms of energy, namely the moral energy, and the life energy, causes that the counter-material body, together with the physical body, functions as an extremely important "energy storing and handling system". This system is composed of four basic components, namely: (1) the counter-body - which we could imagine as a kind of container that compresses and stored moral energy, (2) the counter-organs (e.g. chakras) - which handle the flows of energies, meaning compress it into the counter-body, or let it out back to the physical body, (3) the physical body - which stores the life energy, and (4) physical organs, which extract the fresh life energy from our food, drink, and air, and disperse the used life energy back into the environment. These four basic components maintain an unique "energy cycle" in our dual body system. This energy cycle is simply flow of energies between our two bodies. It starts on our physical organs that retrieve life energy, then goes through source meridians - which supply these life energy to the chakras and counter-organs, then it goes to the counter-body where the energy is stored in the form of moral energy, then again is involving counter-organs which release this moral energy into the biological body, then it goes through distribution meridians which supply the life energy to subsequent parts of the body, and finally it finishes on the parts of the body which consume the life energy and convert it into their correct operation. This cycle keeps our two bodies alive and operative. The correct operation if it is composed of the following stages:
1. Absorption of the life energy from the environment. The energy contained in the food that we eat, or in drinks we quench our thirst with, or in the air that we breathe, is extracted from this food, drinks, and air by our physical organs, and is directed to our physical body. In the body this energy is formed into several "source meridians" of the life energy, which take the form of flows of negative electric charges. These streams then flow through our body along several source meridians. The source meridians lead from our organs that absorbed this energy, to several points on the surface of our skin, where it is going to be dispersed. These source streams of energy, which slowly flow through our physical body, constitute our source life energy. The life energy is absolutely necessary for our survival, as it keeps our physical body alive. Unfortunately, the source meridians do not nourish the whole our body, but only concentrate on supplying the life energy to a small number our counter-organs, which shift this energy into our counter-body. Thus in order for our biological body to survive, the necessary life energy must be supplied to it not from these source meridians, but from the counter-body.
2. Shifting the life energy to our counter-body, conversion into moral energy, and storing it in there as moral energy. The source life energy which is flowing through our physical body, is then intercepted by our counter-organs. These counter-organs compress (pump) it into our counter-body and convert it into moral energy. This compression/pumping is accompanied by specific feelings, which were described in subsection I5.5. After this life energy is shifted to our counter-body and stored in there, it becomes our "moral energy".
Moral energy is also absolutely essential to our survival, as it keeps our counter-body alive and functioning properly. Moral energy is kept in our counter-body without losses, but continually various our counter-organs let it out from the counter-body back into our physical body, and transform it back into the life energy. As described in subsection I5.5, this letting the moral energy out, is accompanied by a different types of feelings. The counter-organs which let out our moral energy back into the biological body, can differ from these which were compressing our moral energy. Therefore, these counter-organs, which let out our moral energy, and convert it back into the life energy, are simultaneously kind of distributors, or supplies, of the life energy to various areas of our physical body.
3. Letting out moral energy from our counter-body, and distributing it through our physical body. This letting energy out, usually is perceived as pleasurable feelings, as this is explained in subsection I5.5. In depends on transforming the moral energy back into the life energy, and on dispersing this life energy from our counter-organs through the entire volume of our physical body. But after the return to biological body, this energy lands in a different system of meridians, which we can call the "distributary meridians". The function of distributary meridians is to distribute life energy to the volume of our biological body. Because each separate counter-organ nourishes with this life energy a different part of our physical body, and each counter-organ produces during this nourishment a different type of feeling, this practically means, that the types of feelings that we predominantly generate in ourselves, are deciding about the nourishment and health of selected parts of our physical body. Therefore, people who predominantly generate only specific types of feelings, are going to fall ill with specific types of illnesses. This means that all parasites who, because of the philosophy that they adhere to, gradually deprive themselves of the balanced feelings, are going to show types of illnesses, which are characteristic to the parasitic lifestyle. As the above illustrates, the balanced emotional life, which is generating harmoniously all possible feelings, is the primary requirement of the good physical health, as it uniformly nourishes with the life energy our entire physical body. Of course, establishing this fact, introduces countless consequences. For example, it provides the first guidelines for a development of a completely new method of healing, which we could call "healing with feelings", and which could become a basic "prevention method" used by the "medicine of the counter-world" described in subsection H8. In this method, we simply would carry out "feelings exercises", which would depend on the systematic generating a sequence of feelings, which would either nourish with the life energy the whole our body, or nourish these parts of body which are giving us troubles. Of course, before this method is developed, much more research into feelings is necessary, and the so- called "mapping" of feelings must be accomplished (such mapping determines which feelings are generated by which counter-organs, and what flow of energy these feelings actually cause to happen).
4. Dispersion of the life energy beck to the environment. After the moral energy is converted back into the life energy, it is formed into small streams of the "nourishing life energy", which flow along energy meridians washing and nourishing all parts of our physical body. Each separate part of the body is nourished by a different counter-organ. Then these streams are directed towards the surface of our skin, when they are dispersed to the environment. This dispersion is taking place along the surface of the whole our skin. It increases with the increase of pressure of the life energy in our physical body. It also increases with age, so that people very old are dispersing instantly almost the entire life energy that gets to their physical bodies.
The above "energy cycle" actually decides about everything in our lives, namely about how we feel, about the state of our health, about illnesses that overcome us, about our life and death, and about many more. Further details about subsequent stages of this energy cycle, as well as about consequences that it introduces, is contained in subsections JA6.3 /?/, JA7.1, I5.3, I5.5, and JE9.1.1 /?/.
If there is any blockage in these flows of energies through our dual body system, or if some meridians do not get the life energy they need, this blockage, or energy deficit, causes specific illness to appear. Amongst numerous methods of healing this illness, there is also acupuncture, which so-far could not be understood by contemporary medicine. But the above energy cycle explains acupuncture in a very simple manner. It reveals that "acupuncture is one of the methods of restoring of the flow of life energy through specific meridians, in which a blockage took place, or which are undernourished by our counter-organs". This restoration takes the shape of a metal needle, which is electrically connected with a given meridian (means which is inserted at the outlet from a given meridian). Such a needle intercepts electrical charges that flow through a given meridian, and disperses these charges into the environment. Thus it works as a "pump" which sucks the life energy through this particular meridian, allowing the faster and better nourishment of the ill part of the body.
Acupuncture can be carried out not only with metal needles, but also with any other objects which have conductive properties, or which supply bursts of energy that stimulate our meridians. For example, in Malaysia there is a folk belief, which actually works in practice (I tried it), and which says then when someone is caught in a rain, and wishes to avoid getting an illness from this rain, he/she should pick any nearest blade of fresh grass, and place this blade behind one of the ears. Although the folk wisdom does not explain how this works, it is easy to deduce, that the blade of grass placed behind an ear is emitting its own life energy, which is interacting with the life energy coming from acupuncture points behind the ear. Because each ear contains acupuncture points from almost all vital organs in human body, this interaction of the energy from a grass suffices to prevent any ill consequences of the rain.
Other belief which has connection with acupuncture originates the Polish folklore. It states that the fist droplets of every new rain, which fall until the ground is completely wet, always make people sick. Therefore, it is OK to get wet in a rain and stay healthy, as long as we manage to avoid the droplets which fall when the ground is still not completely wet. In order to explain how this believe works, we must remember that the first rain, which falls until the ground is wet, apart from wetting the ground, also washes out various impurities contained in the air. Therefore droplets of this first rain are heavily charged with ions of the pollution which normally is suspended in the air. When this rain falls onto our skin, the energy from this pollution blocks energy outlets on our skin, causing the illness. So such first droplets of the rain work as a kind of anti-acupuncture, which blocks our energy meridians.
The mechanism of energy flow through the dual system of our bodies explained above, is actually providing the first principle of operation of an instrument for measuring the amount of the moral energy, that someone managed to accumulate in his/her counter-body. The operation of such an instrument could be based on a principle of temporary removal of the balance between the positive electrical field created by our counter-body, and the negative electrical charges which flow through our physical body. In normal conditions these two fields mutually neutralize each other, so that our dual body system is electrically neutral. But if we somehow temporally eliminate this balance, e.g. by connecting the thumb in our right hand and the large toe in our left leg, into an electric circuit which has a specific direct voltage and a specific amperage, then the electric field created by this imbalance in our counter-body would be proportional to the level of our moral energy. Therefore, if within such a state we attach a precise measuring device to our thumb in the left hand and the large toe in our right leg, then the indications of this instrument would be proportional to the level of our moral energy. In order to explain this principle in a more illustrative manner, let us imagine to have an electric capacitor instead of our double body system. If we have this capacitor partially loaded, we actually do not know how much electricity this capacitor contains. But if we have an access to one plate of this capacitor, and we can add or remove a specific charge from this plate, or decrease/increase the voltage of this plate by a specific value, and we are able to measure how much electricity is going to flow in or out of another plate of the same capacitor, and what voltage this another plate is going to indicate, then by developing an appropriate methodology, we are able to gradually determine how much electricity this capacitor contains.
There is much more to the energy flows through our dual body system then it can be explained in such a general presentation. But any further details would need to be presented in a specialized publication, not in a general monograph like this one. Let us hope that the information provided here is going to inspire a more serious research into this important area, so that the "medicine of the counter-world" postulated in subsection H8 could soon become a reality.

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