Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

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ABSTRACT of this monograph 2 from the series [1/5E] "Advanced magnetic devices", ISBN 978-1-877458-82-8.

What the "Oscillatory Chamber" is going to be. Imagine a transparent cube of perfect form which represents a new device for producing a super-powerful magnetic field. It looks like a crystal of a regular shape made of some transparent mineral, or like a cube cut beautifully from shiny glass and showing its content through transparent walls. For dimensions not larger than those of a Rubik's cube it could produce a magnetic field exceeding the power of fields able to be produced on Earth thousands of times, including fields from the most powerful magnetic cranes and fields from the largest electromagnets in leading scientific laboratories. If we took this cube in our hands, it would demonstrate extraordinary properties. For example, in spite of its small dimensions it would be unusually "heavy" and at its full magnetic output even the strongest athlete would not be able to lift it. Its "heaviness" results from the fact that the magnetic field it produces would attract the cube in the direction of Earth's centre, thus the force of the magnetic attraction created would add to its real weight. The cube would also oppose our attempts to rotate it, and similarly like a magnetic needle it would always try to point into the same direction coinciding with the magnetic north-south meridian. However, if we somehow could manage to turn it into orientation exactly opposite to this natural alignment like a magnetic needle, then to our surprise it would take off and begin lifting us into space. In this way just on its own this crystal would be capable of propelling our space vehicles.
The Oscillatory Chamber may soon become one of the most important technical devices of our civilization. Its application could be universal. It can accumulate an unimaginably vast amount of energy (e.g. the chamber of the dimensions of a dice is capable of satisfying the energy needs of even the largest cities or factories). It can be used as a propulsion system enabling vehicles, people, furniture, and even buildings to glide into space. It can also function as any device presently used for handling or converting energy, such as engines, motors, thermal or solar cells, generators, transformers, magnets, heaters, torches, etc. The future significance of the Oscillatory Chamber to our material sphere could be likened to the present impact computers made in our intellectual sphere.
The Oscillatory Chamber was invented at night, in first hours on the 3rd January 1984. Immediately after publishing its principles of operation, a number of hobbyists in several countries initiated experiments aimed at its completion. Unfortunately it is a device rather difficult to build. So far hobbyists have produced only a model of the chamber, but they have been unable to obtain a technically useful prototype. But their undisputable achievement is independent confirmation that the principles of the chamber's operation are correct and can be technically implemented.
Independently from these attempts of practical completion, I also initiated theoretical research aimed at confirmation that the idea of this device is correct and able to be implemented. This research has re-confirmed the correctness of the chamber's idea before a program for its completion could even be started.
This monograph contains basic information regarding the Oscillatory Chamber. It describes the design, operation, and the progress to-date regarding the completion of this device. It reviews all major applications of the chamber, although it mainly concentrates on the applications for propelling purposes (which represents only a small fraction of its total application). It also reveals facts which document that this device has already been built and sometimes even used on Earth. Thus this monograph represents a resource publication for all those who wish to familiarize themselves with the Oscillatory Chamber for research and invention purposes, or simply to extend their horizons.