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Part #D: Although the Polish monograph [12], entitled "Jak działa czas w którym się starzejemy ..." (i.e. "How works the time in which we age ..."), is written and available only in the Polish language, the essence of discoveries that it presents is already published on web pages of totalizm:

      My monograph [12] is written and distributed only in the Polish language. Thus some readers, who know Polish, may wish to read it in that langauge. Also, probably it is possible to use one of these translating programs at present freely available in internet, to convert it from the Polish language, into the language that the reader uses. Click below at the underlined green link to view the PDF version of already available section of [12] in PDF and 12pt print): 

SPIS (i.e. "list of content" for Polish monograph [12] in 12pt, PDF) - click at this link to view 
Text of Polish monograph [12] - in "typical print" 12pt, PDF) - click here to view it
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Note that a good idea as to what this monograph is all about may give the reviewing of descriptions of the topic "Creation of the physical world and time ..." on web pages of totalizm. These descriptions the reader may fond on following web pages: 
Introduction and item #G4 from the totaliztic web page named dipolar_gravity.htm
Items #C3 to #C4.1 from the web page named immortality.htm
Item #J5 from the web page named petone.htm

Part #E: Essence of monograph [12] is also published on blogs of totalizm - which in turn are available in the book-like electronic publication [13] distributed via the web page named tekst_13.htm(in PDF, and two sizes of priont, i.e. 20pt and 12pt):
      The post to blogs of totalizm, that describe the most essential discoveries published in monograph [12] include, among others, these marked with numbers: ..., and #299E (adopted from #J5 of "petone.htm") - use the web page named tekst_13.htm to have a look at these posts.