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Date of starting this page: 8 May 2002 
Date of the latest updating of this page: 5 November 2020 

Almost every person uses the word "nirvana". But what this word actually means only a few people truly knows. So let us read this web page in order to learn slightly more on the subject of the extraordinary moral phenomenon called "nirvana". After all, when knowing nothing on the subject of nirvana, these individuals who deservedly experience it, may get a shock similar to mine. I was "knocked" by a long-term nirvana on the tropical island of Borneo - which island is, amongst others, the breeding ground for a multitude of illnesses still unknown to people. So when this unexpected feeling of overwhelming and continuous happiness would not leave me in there even after many days and weeks, initially I started to panic because of it. The reason was that I suspected of being bitten by some Borneo equivalent of African "tsetse fly", only that instead of sleepiness, that version of the fly caused overwhelmed feeling of happiness. Thus I started to search frantically literature to determine what really is this overwhelming feeling of continuous happiness that I experienced in there. Only in the result of these searches I discovered that I live through extremely rare moral phenomenon called "nirvana" - see also item #C3 below on this web page. Beginning from that time I initiated scientific research on this phenomenon parallel to experiencing it myself. That my research on nirvana revealed the so-called "first hand" information that I am presenting on this web page. 

The content of this web page is authorized by [b]Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature. [/b]

Part #A: Introductory information about the phenomenon of nirvana:
#A1. Nirvana - what is it:
       Dictionaries usually describe nirvana as a "state of perfect bliss achieved by the soul" that can be accomplished through practicing Buddhism or Hinduism. So if we believe in what dictionaries state, nirvana is a phenomenon unachievable for "mere mortals" because the experiencing of it requires practicing an eastern religion and dying. 
       However, my research on the development of the philosophy of totalizm, and also my experiencing nirvana in person, prove that nirvana is an unique sensation of an overwhelming happiness, which every person can earn in this physical life, and which appears when the level of so-called "[b]moral energy" accumulated in the counter-body of this person bursts from the counter-body and begins to spill into the physical body.[/b] According to my findings practically everyone can experience nirvana - if only earns for himself or herself the amount of moral energy which exceeds the threshold value which is called the "nirvana threshold". Means that in reality experiencing nirvana can be earned in a similar manner as body builders earn their impressive muscles. 
       Nirvana takes place in people because of an interesting mechanism, which I would like to summarise here briefly. This mechanism was established in the result of my private research carried out within the scope of the new so-called "totaliztic science" (means the new science founded on "a priori" philosophical approach to research and described in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm). Nirvana depends on accumulating in our system of bodies of a unique form of energy, which is called moral energy. In order to accumulate in themselves this moral energy, people need to carry out special kind of work, which has this attribute, that it lifts these people upward in an invisible type of field which we call moral field. Moral field is similar to gravity field - namely it is invisible to eyes, but it affects everything that we are doing. This field causes, that these our activities which go uphill in this moral field, require from us putting effort into them, similarly as in gravity field climbing uphill always requires from us putting effort into this climbing. But as we climb uphill in the moral field, the level of our energy increases, similarly as the level of our potential energy increases when we climb uphill in the gravity field. When the level of moral energy, that we accumulated due to this climbing uphill in the mortal field, exceeds a certain level called the nirvana threshold this moral energy reaches such a high pressure in us, that it opens kind of safety valves and starts to flow outside of our body. This escape of moral energy from us is perceived by us as the sensation of experiencing nirvana. Thus actually nirvana is an ordinary sensual experience, that everyone can earn and try. If someone still keeps climbing the moral field while experiencing nirvana, then this extraordinary feeling can be extended at any possible length of time. So there can be people who experience nirvana for months, or even years. The ultimate goal of our civilisation should be that everyone experiences nirvana for the duration of the whole life - as for the conditions of so-called everlasting happiness is described in item #H2 from the web page named immortality.htm
       The phenomenon of nirvana was experienced by myself, identified, scientifically researched, and energetically described already since the end of 1997. Thus, starting from 1998 I keep describing it in practically all my most important publications. Therefore extensive descriptions of nirvana are already published in a number of my monographs. The most recent out of these provides subsection JE1 to JE9 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5] entitled "Advanced magnetic devices". These descriptions explain in details what actually is this moral energy, how to increase in ourselves the amount of it, and how to calculate the amount of work that is required in order to induce in us the state of nirvana. This web page repeats the most vital information originally presented in my monographs. 
       In order to experience the phenomenon of nirvana, one needs to earn it through the effort of completion of a significant so-called "moral work" (described in items #C4, #D1 and #D2 of this web page). Therefore, NOT every person experiences nirvana. However, I know that there are some people who experienced it - although similarly like initially myself, they also probably were unaware that they just are experiencing a nirvana. Examples of such people are provided below in items #B3 and #B2. But independently from the nirvana which one needs to earn, practically almost every person is experiencing a number of other extraordinary and sometimes even miraculous phenomena. The reader of these words for sure also experienced a number of these. Thus, in order to assist the reader in recalling at least several amongst such miracles and extraordinary events which he or she already experienced, in item #F3 from a different web page named wszewilki_uk.htm I listed these extraordinary events and these miracles, which I myself experienced in my life to-date. I am sure, that while looking through that list, the reader also recalls similar miracles and extraordinary events, which he or she already experienced during own life.

#A2. The goal of this web page:

       Usually the only literature with scientific inclinations, which describe nirvana, are dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Therefore we all believe that this phenomenon is as mythical as ancient gods. But actually there are people on Earth who experienced in person this overwhelming phenomenon. I have the good fortune to be one of them. Therefore this web page provides the first hand personal description about this extraordinary sensual phenomenon. In addition to this, I am a scientist. Therefore while experiencing nirvana I simultaneously carried out complex scientific research of this phenomenon. This is why I am able to explain it so completely, and even subject to calculations. My descriptions of nirvana presented on this web page, and in chapter JE from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also in chapter JF from volume 9 of a slightly older version of it - means from  monograph [1/4], probably are the only scientific treatise about nirvana, which was written by someone who actually experienced it. So herewith I have the pleasure to invite to reading of this web page, and also that unique monograph. (Notice that monograph [1/5], and also its olderf version - means monograph [1/4], are downloadable free of charge via green links from the content of this web page, and also via "Menu 2" and "Menu 4" from the left margin of this web page.) 
       From the above stems the goal of this web page. This goal is to supply to interested people the basic information about the extraordinary sensual phenomenon popularly called "nirvana". Almost everyone is able to earn this phenomenon. In order to download copies of free monographs [1/5][1/4][8/2] and [8], which assumed the honourable function of dissemination of, amongst others, the unknown knowledge about nirvana, click on green coloured links to these publications provided on this web page. 
       I experienced the phenomenon of nirvana continually for around 9 months, since December 1997 until September 1998. Probably I would experience it even for much longer - if not that my Professorship in the serene island of Borneo then finished and I needed to return to the harsh reality of unemployment in economically depressed New Zealand. Since I am a professional scientist, during these 9 months of experiencing nirvana I subjected it to thorough research and to numerous experiments. Outcomes of these experiments and research are presented, amongst others, in that chapter JE from volume 8 of monograph [1/5]. In turn to make easier to access these outcomes in present age of internet, I summarised them also on this web page. 

Part #B: Descriptions and explanations of the phenomenon of nirvana:
#B1. Sensations which we experience during a totaliztic nirvana:
       It appears that I am the first person on Earth who managed to earn for himself a nirvana through a deliberate increase in the level of moral energy recommended by the philosophy of totalizm. Probably I am also one of these rare Europeans with the gift of technical thinking, who actually managed to experience such an earned nirvana and become aware that what they feel is nirvana. This in turn, apart from an honour, imposes also certain obligations (e.g. that my findings and experiences I share with other people). After all, before totalizm was formulated, old ways of accomplishing nirvana through meditations, self-improvement, or through leading a saintly life, were very difficult to fulfil, and completely without clear guidelines. Not mentioning the fact, that previously there was no popularly available knowledge which would inform people how to recognize it when the nirvana finally arrives to them. In addition to this, accomplishing a nirvana runs against present philosophies of life, which are oriented towards parasitism and which emphasize the importance of material gains more then spiritual achievements. Therefore, since I was granted the honour that as a first human I earned this extraordinary state, I believe that I have the obligation to describe how one exactly feels when accomplishes the state of nirvana. Here is my description of the totaliztic nirvana. Although this description comes from the so-called "first hand", it is still very crude and approximate. The reason is that the totaliztic nirvana is so extraordinary, so heavenly, and so indefinable, that someone needs really to experience it for himself or herself to know what it is about. 
       Starting my descriptions from the comparison of investments to results, I must certify that the success of the final accomplishing the totaliztic nirvana is definitely worth going through the tough effort of earning it. The state of the permanent happiness that one experiences after reaching such a nirvana is impossible to simulate with anything, or compare to anything. After my personal experiencing how the totaliztic nirvana feels like, now I understand why in Buddhism the accomplishing a state of "nirvana" represents a chief goal for all efforts, and also a final purpose of all activities. It is really wonderful that totalizm found the effective key, which allows normal people to accomplish nirvana in a much easier, more practical, and socially more useful manner then meditations, and that due to this key now nirvana is opened for everyone who wishes to earn it. 
       The totaliztic nirvana is experienced as an extremely intensive feeling of internal happiness, which is dynamically oozing from inside of us, to outside. It gives literally an impression, as if someone is being ripped apart by happiness - or as if somewhere inside of us there are "valves" from which some invisible happy energy is gushing out. By trying to escape from our body, this energy seems to blow and tear the body apart. If I would like to describe more accurately these "valves", then after careful "listening" into inside of me when I was experiencing my nirvana, I could clearly feel in my own body several definite points (chakras), from which this happy energy was gushing. In my own case, the most large and the most clear of these valves is located somewhere on the back, or to be more precise at the lung side of the spine, at the height of the lower ends of my shoulder blades. The feeling of happiness that is oozing from it, is literally blowing my breath from inside. It provides me with a kind of feelings which we experience when with a dry body we rapidly submerge into pleasantly heated water - although the rapid submerging into the warm water belongs to the sensation of a pleasant blocking of the breath, while the nirvana gives me the sensation of a pleasant blowing out the breath. Furthermore, the touch of pleasantly warmed water is not comparable with the pleasant flow of the happy energy of nirvana through every single cell of my body. The second large valve (chakra) in my body, is attached to my spine near the abdomen, at the height of the upper end of my hip bones. From this one, a very pleasant sensation is spreading through the whole of my body, which resembles a kind of satisfaction and contentment which is distantly similar to that one which I would feel, if after a long starvation and thirst I received a wonderful food and drink. Of course, it is not comparable with any food and drink. The next two very strong such valves, from which two very strong streams of happiness are oozing, are located like in the centres of my thigh bones (pointed to the front), between my knee and my hip. The sensation that is gushing from these two is also different, because it roughly could be compared with the pleasure that radiates from our legs when after a very long and tiring march in a hot climate, we spread our body and rest in shade on something very soft and adjustable. In addition to the above, in my body I can clearly distinguish several further such "valves", from each one of which some kind of an extremely pleasant sensation is gushing. The sensation produced by each one of these valves differs from sensation produced by other such valves, but it "melts" together with other feelings in a kind of like a symphony of happiness which is blowing apart my body. For example, I can clearly sense such valves of the gushing happiness in the inner (throat) part of my spine at the base of my neck, at the outside ends of the shoulder bones at their back parts, in the frontal side of my upper arm bones, between my elbow and shoulder, in centres of my hands at their outer side, and also in several other places. (One observation I made afterwards, is that when Christians made a cross sign during prayers, they always mechanically touch four points on their body, which represent the outlets from four such their "valves-chakras" - see also subsection I5.3 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. This in turn may mean, that the sign of cross, which Christians make during their prayers when they cross themselves, has much more significance than just being a symbol of crucifixion of Jesus.) The sensation of happiness that is gushing from all these spots is very permanent and it stays with me all the time. Practically it is oozing and blowing me apart continually, no matter what I am doing. I feel it when I am sitting, walking, working, talking with someone, shopping, driving in a bus, etc. The only time when the brain does not register it, is during my sleep. At the time when I was writing these descriptions I was already experiencing it continually for around half a year. Only sometimes for a very short period it was deafen by some rapid problems or sorrows that I experienced, but immediately when these negative stimulus diminished, the feeling of this overwhelming happiness was returning to me. The intensity of this feeling is not constant, and it changes relatively fast, depending on the temporary fluctuation of my moral energy. Therefore, when I needed to spend some time on activities which were strongly reducing my moral energy, e.g. on teaching my students, pulling something out of bureaucrats, running around, standing in queues or in offices, etc., at the end I clearly felt the significant drop down in the intensity of the sensation. In turn, if I did something that intensively increased my moral energy, then the feeling of this happiness immediately was increasing in the intensity. For example, I noted that if I personally made and post altruistically (for free) to people who waited for them, a series of around 20 copies of my monograph [1/2] (in 7 volumes), which I was distributing at that time, I was magnifying the intensity of this feeling by multiplier of 2. (Note that making and sending 20 copies of my monograph [1/2] was an enormous totaliztic effort, motivated by the will to increase moral energy of other people by stimulating their minds.) The permanent sensation of happiness after finishing this task, was twice as strong as the initial feeling of the swift river of happiness that was flowing through my body initially (I actually was experiencing this like a swift river transformed into the roaring waterfall "Niagara"). Because in present times, the life supplies us with much more occasion when our moral energy is reduced, then situations when our moral energy is generated, only the intended and purposely designed totaliztic moral work is able to induce nirvana. In my own case nirvana arrived only because I continually and purposely generated moral energy for a long time. However, my observations how fast it is diminishing immediately after for some reasons I needed to stop my generation of moral energy, indicates that it requires a continual and very devoted effort to keep it all the time. 
       Nirvana is the most wonderful reward that a person can receive for leading a moral, wise, agreeable with the laws of the universe, active, and useful life. If I would to compare it illustratively to something that yields similarly intensive and pleasant sensations, the only phenomenon which roughly could be comparable to totaliztic nirvana, are sexual experiences: totaliztic nirvana is felt approximately like a sexual orgasm which lasts infinitively long. However, there is a significant difference between the character of sensations which are bursting in an impulse during a sexual orgasm, and the permanent feeling of happiness which originates from the nirvana. An orgasm has sensual attributes, and can be defined more as a powerful pleasure, than as happiness. In turn the totaliztic nirvana has a decisively spiritual character, and definitely is a happiness. In order to provide here an illustrative comparison of the happiness and a powerful feeling of pleasure, let us consider a situation that we are deeply and secretly in love with someone, and one day the object of our dreams told us something very nice on a neutral topic, while the next time this object sensually stroked us. Both sensations that we would experience on these occasions would be very similar to themselves, and the person who would experience them, most probably would both of them describe as a feeling of happiness. However, the first one (nice words) would have the more spiritual character, and in fact would belong to the category of happiness, while the second one (stroking) - the sensual character, and it would belong more to a strong pleasure, than to a happiness (although the border between these two is rather blending). 
       At the end of this report about how one feels the totaliztic nirvana, I should answer one possible question: is it worth all the effort? Well, myself I am rather a non-typical case, as I would still live according to totalizm, even if the nirvana would not exist at all. This is because I am limitlessly convinced about the correctness of this philosophy. After all, at the time when the nirvana arrived to me, I had no idea that a nirvana can be earned with the use of totalizm. I finally recognized it, and named it, only after around a half of year since it arrived. During this first half of year, I was constantly surprised, and constantly wondering about the reasons why I am experiencing this strange feeling of permanent happiness. But if now someone asks me about my personal opinion, as to whether it is worth to undertake the effort of living according to the recommendations of totalizm, to accomplish the nirvana, I would answer: even if totalizm offers nothing else apart of nirvana, I still would not be able to live even a single day when I would not do something to earn it.

#B2. The totaliztic nirvana shows up:

       All people who are in the state of totaliztic nirvana, always telepathically and visually are radiating an unique impression of happiness. Unfortunately, because so far in our culture and philosophy there was almost nothing known on this subject, most frequently people who are just in the state of totaliztic nirvana, are not recognized conscientiously by other people (although I noted, and am going to describe here, that such recognition is perfectly carried out on the subconscious level, therefore these people who just are experiencing the totaliztic nirvana, are acting at opposite sex like powerful magnets, attracting to themselves those who in normal situation would not even take a slightest notice of them). Also themselves, these people usually do not know that the strange feelings that they are experiencing, actually represent the state of nirvana. Only after someone, like myself, experiences this state, and becomes aware what it means, only then he or she immediately starts to recognize it in others, who also experienced it. In this way, for example I am absolutely sure that the totaliztic nirvana was experienced by the late Mother Teresa, although so far I have not encountered any mention anywhere that she experienced anything other then normal. If one sees her video, or a photograph, one may notice that she radiates with a very special kind of happiness, which is very characteristic to nirvana. 

[Bild: 14_jf01.jpg]

Fig. #1 (C1 in [7/2]). Those who are experiencing nirvana look differently! 
       Nirvana changes the appearance of people. It actually can be notices on faces of those ones who experience it. This is Figure J3 from my newest monograph [1/5], and also Figure C1 from treatise [7/2] - both Figures downloadable free of charge via this web page. This illustration tries to shows an inhabitant of totaliztic civilisation from stars that practices totalizm. Members of such totaliztic civilisations maintain continuous nirvana for the duration of entire their lives. Amongst other things, the above drawing tries to illustrate also the subtle expression of happiness that is emanated from faces of those who just experience a form of nirvana. More information about the above totaliztic being in nirvana, and also about an extraordinary telepathic transmitter and receiver which this being holds in hands, is provided on a separate web pages about telepathy and about God.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to downloadeach illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#B3. Irresistibility of nirvana and my first witnessing of a nurse in the state of totaliztic nirvana:

       In 1987 I was on a course in Christchurch, which was organised for tutors of New Zealand Polytechnics. On this course was also, amongst other tutors, a young tutor of nursing (twenty something years of age) from the Polytechnic in Christchurch - I do not remember even her name. At that time she fascinated my scientific intuition and observation capabilities, because in the objective sense - i.e. from her face contour and from natural appearance, she was one of the most ugly women that I met in my life. But she was always smiling, always was full of vigour and optimism, and always was radiating from herself this very unique feeling of happiness which every person in her vicinity was unknowingly perceiving. These attributes drastically transformed her objective appearance, and subjectively were making a very special woman out of her. She was always surrounded with a crowd of male admirers who were worshipping her, and when there were any group activities, in her group always wanted to participate all male members of the course, and these men who were not allowed to her group, were always showing a great disappointment. Only after experiencing my own nirvana, I realized that these her subjective attributes were simply manifestations of the nirvana state, that this nurse was then experiencing. This nirvana was radiating from her to all people around, thus making her irresistible to every single male in our group
       From other analysis (e.g. these presented in subsection JE8 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]) by now I already learned that the profession of a nurse creates the highest chance for unintentional earning the totaliztic nirvana in a natural manner - simply by carrying out everyday job duties. (Of course, I did NOT know this in 1987 - when I watched that nurse in Christchurch.) Furthermore, because of the critical situation in which most of patients is, the totaliztic "moral work" of nurses, almost always is positively taken by the majority of patients (especially if a nurse is ugly and dresses badly - so that she does NOT induce a feeling of jealousy in female patients). This means that for nurses the product of feelings and motivation "fs" from the second segment of the equation number (2JE8) explained comprehensively in item #D2 below on this web page, usually takes the positive value. (The equation (2JE8) quantifies the increase of "moral energy" (E) in a person who carries out a "moral work" in sight of other people that may dislike a given doer.) This in turn causes a growth, not a decrease, of moral energy in a given nurse. For this reason, some appropriately motivated nurses may accomplish the state of totaliztic nirvana entirely instinctively, and just by doing their job.
* * *
       Exactly the same attraction of the opposite sex, I observed on myself when in years 1997 and 1998 I was in the state of totaliztic nirvana. For the scientific exactitude I am going to describe here thoroughly my observations, although I am aware that for some readers my scientific observations may sound as a manifestation of a non-totaliztic bragging about, or showing off (to these people I would like to say, that all the manifestations that I am describing here, disappeared immediately after my nirvana finished). 
       In times when I do not experience nirvana, when for example I am in a bus, and a pretty woman is getting inside, then because of my non-interesting appearance and conventional dressing, her eyes were passing uninterestingly through me and wondered somewhere inside of the buss. Even if it would be a honour and pleasure for me when she sits next to me, a pretty woman almost always picked a sit next to someone else. Of course, because this is happening to me all my life through, I am used to it. But after I accomplished the totaliztic nirvana, the whole situation got a drastic change. When I was in the state of nirvana, and any woman was entering a bus (she would not need to be pretty, although even the prettiest ones followed the same routine), her eyes as usually were nonchalantly scanning the faces of passengers to reach at some stage my face. After her eyes lied on me, most frequently she started to behave as if an invisible magnet was attracting her to me. She was not able to take her eyes from my face any more. So when she was walking inside, she constantly looked at me. Usually, she also sit next to me, unless there was no free sit around. Because I was just a passive observer of what happens next, and purposely I was avoiding taking any initiative that would disturb the natural development of situation, frequently it was also this woman that would initiate the talk. 
       However, when an incoming woman was not making a visual contact, i.e. when she would not look at me at the moment of getting inside of a bus, then no signs of this attraction would take place. In such cases, a woman would behave typically - i.e. as if I am non-existing in the bus. Because of my character of the born scientist, who is doing research at all times, at every place, and in every situation, I managed to make also some quantifying observations. For example, I noted that if I sit alone in an almost empty bus, and I am just being overwhelmed by my feelings of nirvana, then around two-third (i.e. around 60-70%) of women who were entering the bus, and who by a chance made a visual contact with me, would then sit on one of the nearby sits (means that even if they do not sit next to me, they would sit on any nearby sits like one on the other side of the aisle, or on a sit just in front of me or just behind of me). Simultaneously, the intense curiosity with which they were looking at me during approaching one of these sits, indicated that they selected this sit utterly on purpose. In turn, at times when I am not in the nirvana, in similar circumstances only a very small fraction of woman would choose nearby sit (much less then 6%). 
       Similar events also took place in every other situation when I was in the state of nirvana. At work, during shopping, during a walk, etc., always young women instead of continuing their chores, after a nonchalant passing their eyes thorough my face, rapidly started to show their interest in me, interrupted what they were doing, came closer, made flaunt poses, flirty grimaces, tried to direct my attention at them, start talk, etc. All these experiences were very new and unusual for me. They arrived completely unexpectedly, and they flooded me at the time when I was not used to flirty treatment by so large number of young and attractive women. Therefore, in some situations, this manifestative interest of young women in me started to even be slightly embarrassing. 
       Although a reliable scientific research still needs to be done on this matter, it is possible to conclude already that everyone who accomplished the state of totaliztic nirvana, is irresistibly attracting significant majority of the opposite sex - if there is a priory eye contact taking place. This fact is already confirmed by the case when I was irresistibly attracted by this nursing tutor from Christchurch, in spite of her physical ugliness, by the same case when I registered that the same nurse was irresistibly attracting all other male participants of that particular course, and also by the case when I experienced my own nirvana and I was attracting all young women which made an eye contact with me.

#B4. Transformations of personalities and characters of people who managed to accomplish the totaliztic nirvana:

       The totaliztic nirvana have this attribute, that all people who managed to accomplish it, undergo an amazing transformation. Let us list here and briefly explain the most vital attributes of this extraordinary transformation: 
       1. The domination of the beauty of the soul over the appearance of the body. The appearance of people who accomplished the totaliztic nirvana displays an extraordinary transformation. Namely literally they overwhelm with their inner beauty almost everyone who watches them, in spite that these ones who watch them see also all imperfections of their bodies. To express this in other words, people who just are experiencing nirvana look beautiful and attractive, even if everyone actually see that their body is average, if not ugly. 
       2. The disappearance of attributes of personality and character which typically are considered to be negative and unpleasant for others. People who just are experiencing totaliztic nirvana in some strange manner loose all attributes which for other people turn out to be negative and unpleasant to put up with. And so, such people are always very polite to everyone, pleasant in dealing with, peaceful, friendly towards everyone, helpful, smiling, enthusiastic, full of vigour, and providing an interesting company. It is almost impossible to provoke them to aggressiveness, attack, anger, revenge, jealousy, etc. Also all these attributes seem to emerge naturally from their souls - i.e. they do not need to put effort or acting to be like this. 
       3. The accomplishing of a full happiness, fulfilment, and satisfaction from whatever they already have. Another extraordinary attribute of people who just are experiencing nirvana, is that they are absolutely happy, fulfilled, and satisfied with whatever they already accomplished and have. Thus all desires and needs to gain something more disappear from them. They do not have ambitions to climb to higher positions, or to earn more money, etc. Whatever they already have and with what they accomplished their nirvana, makes them fully happy and unlimitedly satisfied with their lives.
* * *
       The fact of accomplishing a state of totaliztic nirvana turns people into ideal citizens of their country and civilisation, as well as into perfect employees of their institutions. They are happy, fulfilled, satisfied by whatever they already have, work voluntarily and efficiently, do not complain and do not regret, are not fussy about their pays, do not threaten anyone’s position nor authority, and very much wish that the situation in which they are lasted forever. These their qualities are confirmed not only by my own memory of the times when experiencing nirvana I myself was working highly effectively, quietly, and creatively, but also by findings of other researchers - as an example see the article "Happy people not too fussed about their pay", from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Tuesday, June 1, 2010. 

Part #C: Explanation of the phenomenon and mechanism of the totaliztic nirvana:
#C1. So who, or what, we humans actually are in the light of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
       Knowing how and from what we are created - as this is explained comprehensively in item #C1 of the web page soul_proof.htm, and also in item #B6 from the web page evolution, we are able to define now who, or what, we humans actually are. So here is the definition of us, humans, provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity: "the name human is assigned to a pyramid of natural programs which reside in counter-matter and which shape this counter-matter into a pyramid of structures and manifestations that we perceive as our self-awareness, conscience, history, body, and our sensual perceptions". To explain this in other words, we humans, are in fact in over 99% just kinds of natural programs - similar like these in present computers. Means over 99% of us is just information. Then less than 1% of us is this continually moving and everlasting, computer-like liquid called "counter-matter", which these natural programs shape into forms of various physical structures that constitute our physical body. The variety of these structures made of counter-matter includes miniature toroidal whirls described in subsection H4.2 of [1/5], or in item #3 of the web page about hurricanes - several of which must cling together to compose a single elementary particle, then it includes also elementary particles, atoms, molecules, tissues, etc., up until forming our entire physical body and our senses. Illustratively we could explain ourselves as a kind of computer which is formed from a specially obedient intelligent liquid, and thus which can take any shape, any color, and any operation that programs contained inside of it order it to take. 
       The above explanation realizes to us that we in fact are composites combined from as many as three separate components. The first of these components is (1) our physical body. Because of the close similarity between our own design and operation, and the design and operation of present computers, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity compares our physical body to a picture which is formed on screens of present computers - and which can be perceived by our physical senses. In fact, similarly as these pictures on screens of present computers, our physical body as such does NOT exists at all - it is just an illusion formed in a software manner and posted to us via our software senses. (This is why we can travel in time so easily, we can be brough back to life from death, we can be healed spiritually, etc. The reason is that this picture-illusion of our physical body can be shifted easily into any other time, if necessary it can be reconstructed or healed instantly, etc. - for more details see the web page about time travel.) Our second component is (2) the counter-body which is formed from the eternally existing and continually moving liquid called "counter-matter". This counter-body in fact does exist. However, it represents less than 1% of what we really are. The main task of it is to act as a liquid computer which forms the image of our body, and also act as the memory which stores programs of our soul. Finally the most vital our component is the most important natural program which stands on the very top of this pyramid of programs that is called a “human”. It is this program that religions call (3) the soul. This program contains our self-awareness and our memory. More about the natural program of "soul" is explained in subsection I5.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]
       Everything that does exist can be proven. Therefore we people are able to prove that we have these three components of ourselves listed above, i.e. that we have: (1) a physical body, (2) a counter-body, and (3) a soul. The proof for having the physical body does NOT need to be shown here - it suffices that we just "pinch" ourselves to know that our physical senses confirm the software existence of our body. The fact, however, that we also have a counter-body should be proven formally. For the appropriate proof suffices the one presented in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also in item #D3 from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn the formal scientific proof for the existence of eternal soul is presented here, on this web page (in item #C1.1 below), as well as in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]
       The above descriptions and explanations, but provided from a different point of view, are also presented in item #B6.1 from the web page evolution.htm and also in item #C1 from the web page soul_proof.htm - about formal scientific proofs for the existence of souls.

#C1.1. A formal scientific proof of totalizm which confirms that "people have eternally existing soul", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:
Motto: "The differentiation of mischievous spitting and sarcastic scoffing at an idea under the excuse that it is just a criticism of that idea, from a true constructive criticism of that idea, is simple: mischievous spitting raises points which can be raised about any possible idea and against any possible person; in turn a constructive criticism concentrates exclusively on matters which relate directly to the subject that this criticism concerns and therefore which do not apply for any other idea, person, or matter. So just by simple checking whether someone's objections can be applied to all other ideas as well, or just to this one, you immediately know whether the criticizer is just trying to be mischievous and smart, or really have valid points to make." 

       In 2007, during my professorship at a university in South Korea, I had a special honor, and simultaneously a special responsibility, to develop for the first time in the world, and subsequently to publish and disseminate a number of formal scientific proofs, each one of which is extremely important both, individually to each one of us, and collectively to the entire our civilization. A complete list of all these proofs is presented in item #G3 from the totaliztic web page named god_proof.htm. One amongst them is the formal proof presented below for the existence of eternal soul in each person. This particular proof is just a component in a set of several related formal proofs, all of which are based on different empirical evidence, although they all use a similar proving methodolgy. This set of formal proofs include, amongst others: (a) the formal proof for the existence of the "counter-world" (i.e. another world inhabited by God and by our souls) - which (the proof) is presented in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5] and also in item #D3 from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity(b) the formal scientific proof for the existence of God - presented in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] and also in item #B3 of the web page about God© the formal proof that God created the first woman and the first man - presented in item #B8 of the web page about evolution, and also in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]; as well as (d) this formal proof from here, which proves that people have eternal souls - presented below in this item, and also e.g. in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. In the descriptions that follow a full version of the formal proof, that each one of us have an eternally existing soul, is presented. But before I formulate this proof, a few more words of this introduction. 
       The formal scientific proof for the existence of eternal soul in each person, was developed in initial days of October 2007, when I was on my professorship at a university in Southern Korea. This proof was carried out with methods of mathematical logic. Differently that it was with three other proofs indicated before in this item - which are based on commonly known assertions (facts) already established by present science, the proof for the existence of eternal soul is based on findings of relatively new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Namely, it is based on the finding, that we people are composites of three separate components. These components include: (1) our physical body - which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity compares to a picture formed on a screen of present computer and perceived by our software senses; (2) our counter-body formed from eternally existing counter-matter (by religions this counter-body is called "spirit"), and (3) our "soul" which is a kind of hierarchically most superior natural program that makes us to be individual people - this program is the carrier of our self-awareness, memory, personality, etc. These three components of us were described more comprehensively in the previous item of this web page. So here it is, the entire formal proof for the existence of eternal soul in each person, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic: 

           "People have eternally existing souls." 
       Basis propositions
           (1) Phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul, can manifest themselves only if these have either the software coding (i.e. are a kind of natural program written on a carrier of some sort), or have the hardware coding (i.e. are "hardwired" in some area of human body or human brain). The fact that present medicine cannot find such special volume of human body or brain, the removal of which would cause also the removal of these attributes that represent human soul, eliminates completely the possibility that these attributes are "hardwired" permanently into some parts of our body or brain. 
           (2) The software coding which carries the human soul is either coded into the physical body - and thus this coding is destroyed together with the destruction of the physical body, or the software coding which carries the human soul is coded into the counter-body formed from the eternally existing counter-matter that resides in the counter-world - and thus this coding is surviving infinitively long after the physical death of the human's body. The existence of a whole range of phenomena observed empirically by people, such as e.g. experiencing by some people the separation of their conscience from the body and the visiting different rooms of a hospital by this conscience during difficult operations, double or triple personalities which are able to compete for one and the same body, memory recalls by some people of various details of previous incarnation, remembering events which took place a long time before our birth, near-death experience (NDE), and many other, exclude completely the possibility that attributes which represent human soul are coded into our physical body and are destroyed together with this physical body. 
(Explanation complementing this 2nd set of premises: from the operation of present computers it is know already, that software never wears nor tears and that it exists forever - to the destruction can only be subjected the carrier on which programs are stored. This fact is confirmed and emphasized already by almost every modern textbook of "Software Engineering". Because the carrier of natural programs of our souls is the eternally existing counter-matter, which itself never is subjected to a destruction, the obvious consequence of this must be, amongst others, that programs of our souls stored in this counter-matter exist forever and are never subjected to a destruction.) 
           (3) People either have eternally existing soul that is coded in a software manner in their counter-bodies formed from the counter-matter, or they do NOT have this soul. The fact that it can be proven that the software coding of this soul is stored in the eternally existing counter-matter and is able to survive the physical death of the body, eliminates completely the possibility that people do NOT have such eternally existing soul. 
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "disjunctive syllogism". This form can be written as [(p || q) && !p] => q, in which the assertion "p" says "phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul can manifest themselves if these have the hardware coding (i.e. are 'hardwired' in some area of human body or human brain)", while the assertion "q" says "phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul can manifest themselves if these have the software coding (i.e. are kinds of natural programs written on a carrier of some sort)". In turn the assertion "!p" states "the fact that present medicine cannot find such special volume of human body or brain, the removal of which would cause also the removal of these attributes that represent human soul, eliminates completely the possibility that these attributes are "hardwired" permanently into some parts of our body or brain." The transformation of these propositions leads to the conclusion that "phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul, have the software coding (i.e. are kinds of natural programs written on a carrier of some sort)." 
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "software coding which carries the human soul is coded into the counter-body formed from the eternally existing counter-matter that resides in the counter-world - and thus this coding is surviving infinitively long after the physical death of the human's body." 
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion also with the method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "people do NOT have eternally existing soul that is coded in a software manner in their counter-bodies formed from the counter-matter", while assertion "q" states "people do have eternally existing soul that is coded in a software manner in their counter-bodies formed from the counter-matter". In turn the assertion "!p" states "The fact that it can be proven that the software coding of this soul is stored in the eternally existing counter-matter and is able to survive the physical death of the body, eliminates completely the possibility that people do NOT have such eternally existing soul." Thus the final conclusion states "people do have eternally existing souls written in a software manner into their counter-body that is formed from counter-matter". 
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "people do have eternally existing souls written in a software manner into their counter-body that is formed from counter-matter".

* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "!", "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "not", "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ..."). 
       It is also worth to emphasize again the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of eternal soul in people we finally were able to develop, it introduces for us huge implications. Because of the existence of this proof, and also three further proofs mentioned at the beginning of this item, it becomes really important that everyone of us verifies his or hers attitude towards God, other world, moral life, etc., etc. After all, without the verification of this attitude, we may inflict ourselves the biggest harm that one is able to inflict on himself or on herself. 
       Especially vital in the above proof is that it is a component of several others - similar by methods used, but different by evidence that they utilize, formal proofs that coexist in monograph [1/5]. These proofs include mentioned already earlier: (1) the proof for the existence of the so-called "counter-world" (i.e. the world that is inhabited by God and by our souls) - which is presented in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of that monograph [1/5], (2) the proof for the existence of God - presented in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of that monograph [1/5], (3) the formal proof for the creation of the first woman and the first man by God - presented in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of that monograph [1/5], as well as (4) this formal proof that people have eternal souls - presented in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. These proofs in fact formulate the philosophical and scientific foundations for the entirely new so-called totaliztic science described more comprehensively amongs others in subsection #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm - namely to the new science that researches the reality from "a priori" philosophical approach and that gathers reliable scientific knowledge about "another world", God, act of creation, soul, sense of life, defining principles and ways of accomplishing happiness, etc. In order to illustratively realize here to the reader the weight of the appearance of as many as four such proofs simultaneously, it would be good to compare ourselves to old time Maoris that inhabited New Zealand and that had no idea of the existence of farm animals, such as horses or cows. (Before first Europeans arrived to New Zealand, these islands were inhabited mainly by birds and by lizards.) So when these Maoris saw the first horse, probably they suspected that it is just a mirage or a freak of nature. When they saw two horses, they started to be puzzled and convinced that some new quality is just entering their lives. When they saw three horses, they could be absolutely sure that horses do exist and that they need to take notice of them. In turn when they saw four horses, they needed to revise completely their view of the world that surrounded them. (By the way, now Maoris are biggest appreciators of horses and they cannot live without these animals.) 
       At this point I would like to appeal to other lecturers of logic. Namely, as this is suggested also in other proofs related to this one, instead of using in our lectures some examples of proofs deprived of actuality and sense, we should rather use examples of proofs selected from four extremely important proofs explained in this item. After all, these proofs are to inspire students to thinking and to searches for truth, give more sense to their lives, will be agreeable with indications of our conscience, and in a non-imposing manner are going to add our own contribution to the fight for the prevalence of truth. 
       Independently from subsections of the monograph [1/5] indicated before, and also independently of this web page, further formal scientific proofs similar to this one, are also presented on other web pages of totalizm - the complete list of which is provided in item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm. For example, the formal proof stating that God does exist - also completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #B3 of a separate web page about the secular and scientific understanding of God and also in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of the newest monograph [1/5]. The formal proof stating that the counter-world does exist is presented in item #D3 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn the formal proof stating that the first couple of people, namely the first man and the first woman, were created by God is presented in item #B8 from the web page named evolution.htm.

#C2. The mechanism which causes the arrival of totaliztic nirvana:

       By subjecting to continuous scrutiny the sensations of nirvana that I experienced, and also by careful "listening" what happens inside of myself, I arrived to an illustrative explanation what is the mechanism of causing the nirvana. Therefore, in this item I describe conclusions about this mechanism. But I would like to make a reservation that my descriptions represent only an initial step to the working out this explanation, which is based on rather sparse data, and that perhaps further research may require these explanations to be further improved. 
       According to my explanation, moral energy that is accumulated in our counter-material body, can be compared to an ideally elastic gas (i.e. the "oxygen for our spirit" - means the "oxygen for our counter-body"). Our counter-material body could be compared to a rubber tube, or an elastic rubber container, which is to store our moral energy resources. This tube or container has several "safety valves" (in Eastern religions, and in occultism, these "safety valves" usually are called "chakras", while this monograph calls them "counter-organs" - see subsection I5.3 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]), the outlets from which are placed inside of our physical body - means within the volume of our body. In turn the value of the "coefficient of moral saturation" (µ) could be illustratively compared to the "pressure" under which this perfectly elastic moral energy is compressed in that "rubber tube" of our counter-material body. If, in the effect of doing a totaliztic moral work, we accumulate moral energy in our counter-material body, the pressure "µ" of this moral energy is growing. As this pressure is growing, also the escape of moral energy back to our physical body occurring mainly because our feelings let it out back through these numerous valves (chakras), is increasing - see subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. But if we compress our moral energy much faster then it manages to decompress through these valves (chakras), the pressure "µ" of moral energy is constantly raising. When the pressure "µ" exceeds the threshold value "µ > µnirvana", then this pressure causes the opening of the internal "safety valves" ("chakras"), and moral energy starts to decompress and pour into the interior of our body. In turn this decompression and flowing of moral energy through the volume of our body, causes all these pleasurable sensations of "being blown apart by a dynamic flow of happiness". 
       The above explanations reveal, that the mechanism of this phenomenon could be defined in the following manner: "the totaliztic nirvana is a surge of moral energy, caused by the high pressure of this energy, and occurring through chakras located in our body and directed towards the volume of this body; this surge induces a whole array of extremely pleasurable sensations type happiness, which dynamically blow our body apart". 
       At this point it is worth to add, that the above mechanism of the operation of totaliztic nirvana was identified still during times when I was experiencing this nirvana. But it took me next three years of analyses, investigations, and putting facts together, before at the beginning of 2001 I realised, that exactly the same mechanism lies at the foundations of all other feelings and emotions experienced by people. All feelings which people experience, in reality are sensations which are induced when the moral energy flows from counter-body to physical body. Thus, by identifying the mechanism of nirvana in 1998, three years alter I was also able to work out and describe the mechanism of experiencing all other feelings, which (the mechanism) is presented in subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. Emphasised here should be the fact, that previously humanity remained in a complete darkness as to what actually our feelings are, and only descriptions from subsection I5.5 of monograph [1/5] (also summarised in subsection JA7.1 of [1/5]) explain exactly what causes the appearance of feelings and what is mechanism inducing feelings' sensations.

#C3. The nirvana of crowd experienced by students of the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland during the occupational strike of 1968:

       All this happened in 1968. At that time I was a student at the Technical University of Wrocław, Poland. In that historic year, mass demonstrations and occupational strike of students were held at my university, which were protesting against the despotic rules of the communistic dictator of Poland from that period - i.e. a person named Władysław Gomułka (1905-1982). Although these demonstrations and strike were squashed, and Gomułka was deprived power only two years later by another communistic dictator named Edward Gierek, still for a significant number of participants of these demonstrations, including myself, they were the source of an unforgettable experience of the "nirvana of crowd", that lasted for several hours. Of course, because there was a general lack of knowledge what it all means, most probably no participant of that demonstration and occupational strike actually had an idea that he or she is just experiencing the "nirvana of crowd". Therefore it took the development of the philosophy called "totalizm" to identify, name, and to theoretically explain the sensations of an indescribable feeling of mass happiness, which were experienced by that crowd of students. 
       That particular mass nirvana of crowd appeared in the moment, when patriotically motivated crowd of students, packed tightly into the main hall at the Technical University of Wroclaw, like sardines in a tin, was listening to representatives from various factories in Wrocław (PaFaWag, Archimedes, Fadroma, etc.). These representatives delivered financial donations to the student-leaders of the demonstration and strike to support the cause. Simultaneously, straight from their hearts, they were giving the fiery speeches full of patriotism, high-flying ideas, and ordinary human solidarity. I had a good luck to just stand at the edge of balcony, so I had an excellent view at what was starting to happen. During these speeches, the so-called "moral energy" of the crowd was resonating and growing rapidly, changing expressions on faces of people. In a certain moment of time the resonating moral energy reached the "threshold of nirvana" which in item #D2 below on this web page is defined by the value of coefficient "µnirvana" equal to 0.6. When this happened, the crowd was hit by a delirium of happiness. Some people started to cry out of happiness, others started to scream like in a hysteria, a lot of girls fainted and needed to be passed from hands to hands above heads of tightly packed crowd to be carried out from the hall, many simply were so shocked, that were petrified and unable to move, and almost everyone loosed control over what was happening. The demonstration transformed into a havoc of the patriotic nirvana. What happened then in that hall, it is difficult to describe, and it simply must be experienced to be understood. If, for example, there would be a need for a volunteer, who for the good of the crowd or the cause would need to experience an instant and torturous death, then at that particular moment of time almost everyone who reached the state of nirvana would volunteer to die without a smallest regret, and without a smallest delay. 
       The memory of that particular patriotic event, proved later to be extremely useful for working out, and describing, different mechanisms which cause various types of nirvana. (According to the philosophy of totalizm, in our life nothing happens just by a chance, and everything that we experience is carefully designed, carries a deep meaning, and has an important purpose. Therefore, I believe, this patriotic experience was a part of the comprehensive preparation to complete my mission on the Earth.) Three different mechanisms that trigger feelings with the "taste" of nirvana, which I later developed on the basis of these personal experiences from the strike in hall of the Technical University of Wrocław, are described below in item #C4. 
       The lack of popular and commonly-accessible knowledge about nirvana caused, that neither myself, nor probably any other participant of that memorable occupational strike from the main hall of the Technical University of Wrocław, had a slightest idea what we really experienced. Later, the elapse of time which thoroughly erases all feelings, caused that the majority of these students, whom experienced the nirvana of crowd in the main hall of the Technical University of Wrocław, gradually forgotten how that nirvana felt. Because nirvana is so rare phenomenon on the Earth, nothing else reminded these feelings to them again.
       I myself, similarly like all others, also probably would gradually forget about experiencing that nirvana of crowd. But in 1985 I developed the unique philosophy of life called "totalizm". In turn one amongst vital recommendations of that philosophy is, that in every life situation we should increase the level of so-called "moral energy" on all possible ways - for details see item #D4 on the web page parasitism.htm. Therefore, also in 1996 to 1998, during my professorial contract at the University of Malaysia Sarawak from the beautiful city of Kuching in the Malaysian province Sarawak on the tropical island of Borneo, I laboriously and enthusiastically increased my level of moral energy. Simultaneously it somehow happened, that in these times on the tropical island of Borneo lived people who being relatively poor, still were highly moral and intuitively totaliztic in their behaviours and habits, exceptionally close to nature, positive, and happy. For these reasons, the average level of moral energy that prevailed in the entire society from the island of Borneo, in these times was one amongst a highest in the world. (The only other country in which I encountered an equally high average level of moral energy that prevailed in the entire society, was the South Korea of 2007.) In the result, otherwise than in countries with low average levels of moral energy, on Borneo my deliberate and enthusiastic striving to attain such an increase in moral energy at any opportunity, caused that unexpectedly the level of that energy exceeded in me the "threshold value of nirvana" defined by "µnirvana". After all, because of the high average level of this energy in the entire society of Borneo of that time, this society had NOT sucked from me the energy that I earned in there, as fast as this sucking is done by inhabitants of other countries with a low average level of moral energy. Thus, the level of this energy could increase then in me much faster than in any other country. So in spite that then I did not know yet that there is such thing as "nirvana", which awaits for those people who increase their moral energy above the threshold level of µ = 0.6, still after I exceeded this threshold value, the nirvana rapidly appeared in me in December 1997. Now I recall with a laughter, that when completely unexpectedly for myself, I rapidly experienced on Borneo this overwhelming feeling of permanent happiness of nirvana for the first time, but I still did not know what it means, and also when this feeling stayed with me permanently for a long period of time, at some stage I started to panic. I began to worry that perhaps it may be a symptom of some unknown tropical illness. After all, there is plenty of strange illnesses in the tropical Island of Borneo at which I was living at that time. I knew that in Africa there is a tropical illness of sleepiness (caused by the "tsetse fly"), the symptoms of which include an uncontrollable sleepiness. Therefore, I was not able to exclude the possibility that in Borneo there could also be another tropical illness, which makes us uncontrollably happy. (Bacteria, or viruses, which would cause such an illness, would be worth of fortunes on the "black market" of narcotics!) 
       Thus, when I started to panic because of that unexpected feeling of powerful and continuous happiness, which on Borneo would NOT wish to leave me even after many days and weeks, I started to frantically search in books what actually is whatever I am experiencing. Only in the result of these literature searches I discovered that I am living through an extremely rare phenomenon called "nirvana". Therefore, starting from that moment, I initiated a scientific study of this phenomenon - along as I was experiencing it in person. I experienced this earned nirvana for around 9 months, starting from December 1997, until my return to the economically depressed New Zealand in September 1998. This my long research on the earned nirvana revealed also, that a brief version of nirvana, which I call the "resonance nirvana", was experienced by a significant proportion of students from my year of study, during the memorable "occupational strike" from the main hall of the Technical University of Wrocław in 1968. But because of the unavailability of commonly accessible information about this extraordinary phenomenon, none amongst us knew what is happening to us. Only my later personal experiencing the long-lasting "earned nirvana" from the tropical island of Borneo, allowed me to recall and to recognise the feelings that I remembered from that strike at the Technical University of Wrocław, and thus also to understand what then really happened to us. Descriptions of that unique feeling of "resonance nirvana" experienced by students from my year of study at the Technical University of Wrocław, Poland, are provided, amongst others, above in this item, in 5 from item #E1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm, and in subsection JE4 from volume 8 of my my newest monograph [1/5] (in English) available in internet free of charge. In turn photographs of colleagues from my year of study, a significant proportion of which went through that resonance nirvana, are published on the totaliztic web pages (in Polish) named rok_uk.htm and pw.htm.

#C4. Three different mechanisms of nirvana:

       Currently I know already, that a kind of nirwana which for the first time in my life I experienced together with other students of the Technical University of Wrocław, during that memorable "occupational strike" of 1968, was the "nirvana of crowd". But because of the lack of common knowledge about nirvana, at that time I did NOT know what happened to me. Only my personal experiencing in Borneo during 1997 and 1998 of a different form of nirvana, called here the "earned nirvana", allowed me to recognize well this unique feeling of happiness that nirvana is accompanied by, and to realize that at one time in my life completely different mechanisms of action also allowed me to unknowingly have the opportunity of being affected by all these happy sensations. This in turn realised to me also, that the phenomenon of nirvana can be generated NOT just by one, but by a number of different mechanisms. 
       Many years later, during the stage of theoretical analyses of the nirvana phenomenon, I also realized that a distantly similar to the powerful feeling that one experiences during nirvana, is a kind of weak feeling of happiness which appears when someone is under the powerful influence of alcohol, or drugs. Thus, to this feeling can be assigned the name of a "drug simulation of nirvana". Unfortunately, the weak and distorted feeling of happiness which is appearing after a large dose of alcohol or drugs, is a very miserable substitute for the powerful and clear feelings experienced during the nirvana. Differences between them include: (1) alcohol or drug feeling is much weaker (i.e. I would estimate it at the level of only around 10% of the feeling experienced during the initial stage of nirvana), and (2) alcohol or drug feeling is distorted by the chemical poisoning of our senses in the brain. This distortion of the feelings by poisoned senses in the brain caused that for a long time I was unable to recognize that there is some reminiscence between feelings originating from these two different sources, and therefore for a long time I was unaware that the mechanism of "feeling high" after taking alcohol or drugs, works on a similar principle as mechanism of nirvana. But shortly before writing this monograph I linked these two separate feelings together, and worked out the mechanism of a "drug simulation of nirvana" that I am describing below. This mechanism reveals that the fate and experiences of alcoholics and drug addicts are also controlled by moral energy, and are related to nirvana and to the downhill philosophical lifecycle explained in subsection OA8.2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/5]. 
       As my experience and theoretical deductions revealed it, from the point of view of the mechanism which induces a nirvana, there are three basic categories of this phenomenon. The first of these can be called an "earned nirvana". The second category of nirvana can be called a "resonance nirvana". In turn the third category can be named the "drug simulation of nirvana". Let us now explain in more details each one amongst the above three categories of nirvana.

#C4.1. Earned nirvana:
       A good example of an "earned nirvana", can be the totaliztic nirvana described before on this web page. The attributes which are characteristic for every earned nirvana include: (a) that the arrival of this nirvana is accomplished through a hard and long effort of doing numerous activities of a totaliztic moral work type, which gradually increase (pile-up) moral energy in a given person, (b) that it is very long-lasting, for example people who keep up with continuous doing totaliztic moral works, may keep experiencing such an earned nirvana continually for months, years, an even the whole life, and © that there is no limit for the maximal level of intensity of sensations that a given person in nirvana may experience - i.e. someone devoted to doing totaliztic moral works can intensify this nirvana to so high level that the sensation of happiness may literally blow him or her apart and that this sensation is able to deafen practically all other sensations, most probably including even the strongest pain and suffering. Furthermore, the feeling of happiness which is the outcome of the earned nirvana, was paid for with the huge effort and labour (and therefore morally "earned") long before the sensation appeared. Therefore this sensation is not going to be followed by various unpleasant consequences which would be required to fulfil the moral law that "everything in our life must be earned" (see subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]).

#C4.2. Resonance nirvana and nirvana of crowds:
       One of numerous examples of the second category of nirvana, i.e. a "resonance nirvana", is the "nirvana of crowd" described before in item #C3. It appears when a positively motivated crowd of people boosts its own moral energy via a principle of resonance. From the "taste" point of view, the sensations of happiness that such a resonance nirvana provides, are almost identical to sensations generated by the earned nirvana. The only differences between these two boil down to: (a) mechanism that causes this sensation of happiness to appear (this mechanism is going to be described in a next paragraph), (b) the intensity of the feeling of happiness (in a resonance nirvana, for the reasons described later, the level of happiness being reached, is limited by the mechanism itself, and therefore much lower then in the totaliztic nirvana; for example in my own case it was around 3 times lower then during the peak period of my totaliztic nirvana), and © the length of the period one experiences these feelings (because of the lack of a continuous supply of moral energy, the resonance nirvana usually ceases immediately after the crowd, which caused it, goes home). Furthermore, the resonance nirvana appears without previous earning it. Therefore according to the moral law "of earning everything" (which is described in subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]), the bill for this phenomenon is going to be given later. This practically means that living through this nirvana is connected with some negative consequences, which later are to pest a given person. 
       The mechanism of resonance nirvana, which causes it to appear, is based on a phenomenon, which amongst scientists that specialize in control systems, and also amongst automation engineers, is known under the name of a "positive feedback". Such a feedback is formed by a second segment from the equation number (2JE8) that is described in item #D2 below on this web page (while originally subsection JE8 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5]), namely from the equation: E = FS + Er (where: Er = Ση(µ/µr)fs ). An example taken from our everyday life, which illustrates this mechanism, is the feedback which appears in the electronic acoustic systems, that are composed of a microphone, which via an amplifier is connected to one, or more, loud speakers. When the microphone receives some kind of a squeaky signal, the amplifier enlarges it and forwards to loud speakers, which via the air send it back to the microphone, which after receiving and amplifying forwards it back to loud speakers, and so on. In the final result, if by some chance such an electronic acoustic system is so tuned, that the rate of amplification exceeds the dumping capabilities of the hall, then it goes into a kind of very squeaky tone of the sound feedback, which probably is very well known to every reader. The characteristic properties of this squeaky tone include: (1) it has a build-in upper limit (perhaps the reader noted that after such a vocal feedback, the intensity of the noise always stabilises on a specific level, above which a given combination of parameters is unable to go), (2) to accomplish this feedback, it is necessary that a resonance system does exist, which is composed of at least of two components (i.e. a loud speaker and a microphone), which exchange the signal in a closed circuit that uses two different channels (e.g. it is send electrically from a microphone to a speaker, and then re-send vocally from a speaker back to a microphone), and (3) that at least one of these two channels includes an amplifier, the ratio of amplifying of which is exceeding the damping capability of the whole system. 
       In exactly the same manner as this was in the above system of a microphone and a loud speaker, a resonance nirvana is formed in a crowd of people. For example, if a group of people of over critical mass (the mass of this crowd, means the number of people who are participating in it, is an equivalent to the amplifying ratio in an electronic system) gathers together in order to carry out some highly motivated act (e.g. to fight against oppression and injustice), then according to the previously mentioned equation number (2JE8), in some of these people an impulse of the product: feeling (F) multiplied by motivation (S), is generated. This in turn causes the telepathic sending this impulse to minds of other people in the crowd, who opened their counter-material bodies to the arrival of such a telepathic signal. In the result these, people generate their receiving dose of moral energy, which is resulting from the second segment of the previously mentioned equation number (2JE8), namely from the segment Er = Ση(µ/µr)fs. Then, this receiving dose of moral energy becomes the sending signal, which is forwarded to minds of other people, who then become the receivers and generate their own receiving doze of moral energy Er = Ση(µ/µr)fs, etc., etc., the signal is rapidly growing. In the final result, in such a crowd which telepathically stimulates itself, the product of feelings (F) and motivations (S) is rapidly growing, thus causing in a significant proportion of participants the fast increase of the resultant moral energy (E). Therefore, in a relatively short time (of minutes), this moral energy starts to exceed the nirvana threshold, and the telepathically open participants of a given crowd are rapidly, and almost simultaneously, achieving a state of nirvana.

#C4.3. The drug simulation of nirvana:
       The third category of a nirvana-like state, which can be called a "drug simulation of nirvana", is easy to explain on the basis of our knowledge of the mechanism which causes an "earned nirvana". To cause a drug simulated nirvana to appear, a special chemical substance needs to be used, which somehow opens one of the "valves" (chakras) that keep our moral energy inside of us. This substance is simply one of numerous known drugs ("narcotics") or alcohol. After a given "valve" is open, our moral energy compressed inside of us, is rushing out through the body, in a manner similar as this happens in an earned nirvana. However, this rush is much more limited, because a given drug opens only one amongst numerous such valves from our body, and also because the pressure of moral energy inside of us is much lower then during an earned nirvana. In turn this rush of moral energy through our body, causes a pleasurable sensation of "getting high". The much richer bouquet of this sensation is experienced during an earned nirvana. But if it is accomplished in a chemical manner, by the use of drugs, only a much poorer and distorted version of this sensation is experienced. In addition to the fact that sensations are much weaker because they originate from one chakra only and because the pressure of moral energy is lower, they are also heavily distorted by the action of chemicals at our senses. Therefore a drug simulation of nirvana is only a miserable substitute to a real, earned nirvana. Furthermore, unfortunately for the drug users, each opening of their "valves" causes the rapid depletion of their moral energy. So drug users are getting high, but simultaneously they are rapidly loosing their moral energy. Because they usually are not replenishing this energy equally fast as they are letting it out, their reserves of moral energy is disappearing rapidly, thus having two consequences: (1) they need to use increasingly larger doses of drugs to get high, and (2) they are fast approaching the level of µ=0 which causes their moral suffocation and death (proceeded by all signs of moral suffocation, such as depression, destructiveness, etc. - see descriptions from subsection OA8.6.3 in volume 13 of of my newest monograph [1/5]). A drug simulation of nirvana represents a totaliztic sin of self-destruction in the most pure form, as it rapidly, and very intensively, reduces moral energy of the sinner. Totalizm forbids even trying to accomplish the state of a drug simulation of nirvana, because this state runs sharply against all moral laws, and thus it always brings a severe moral punishment.

#C5. "Mass hysteria" - as a dynamic reversal of the "resonance nirvana":

       There is also a negative phenomenon, which represents an exact opposite to a resonance nirvana. Instead of the increase in moral energy, it causes a rapid drop of this energy in the whole crowd. It is usually known as the "mass hysteria". It quite frequently occurs amongst crowds of women of the Malay race, who seem to be especially prone to this phenomenon. It causes such enormous reduction of moral energy in the participants of a given crowd, that almost all victims of such a mass hysteria land in hospitals, while the process of pulling them out of the telepathic feedback requires a medical intervention. In Malaysia there were cases that whole factories with female crews needed to be stopped, while almost all workers needed to be taken to hospitals, because they all fell victims of such a mass hysteria, completely loosing control and rational mind. One of my acquaintances, Indian by birth, and therefore more resistant to such a mass hysteria than her Malay fellows, described to me one such an attack, which she experienced when she was a student and lived in a female hostel. She even took a part in the rescue operation. The hysteria attack initially blasted in a room located at the very end of the hostel's corridor. In the room where my acquaintance was living, it could be heard as the blast of the powerful scream of girls, which started to come from that particular room. The scream made an impression that something extremely scary affected these girls, and that it generated a fear that make them loose their senses. A few seconds later the attack was shifted to occupants of the next room. They blasted with a choir of the similar powerful scream, and joined their neighbours which were already screaming out their senses. Then, the attack started to behave as if it was a kind of a dark wave or a cloud, that was slowly floating along the corridor from a room to a room. A room after a room, the female inhabitants of that hostel started to blast with this uncontrollable scream. A large-scale rescue operation needed to be started to save the girls. Phenomena, like this mass hysteria, cannot be rationally explained in any other way apart of the telepathic passing of the extremely negative feelings. 
       A written report from another case of such a mass hysteria I encountered in the article [1#C5] by [email=]Roslina Mohamad[/email]entitled "Transfer proposal for 35 hysteria-hit students", from page N24 of the Malaysian newspaper The Saturday Star(Menara Star, 15 Jalan 16/11, Section 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), issue dated on Saturday, 9 August 2008. That article describes official actions taken by authorities to eliminate consequences of a case of such a mass hysteria, which took place in May 2008 in the Malaysian school named "SMK Tajung Lumpur". As it appears from this article, for 35 students this mass hysteria was NOT just a one off event. The students seemingly experienced repetitive spells of hysteria each time they were in that particular school. Therefore they needed to be separated and transferred to different schools. In turn in the school religious recitals and prayers needed to be held, and engaging a bomoh (shaman) was necessary to "cleanse" the school. 
       Unfortunately, for some strange reasons, about this mysterious phenomenon of mass hysteria Malaysian newspapers write very reluctantly. In turn when they write, then - as in the above article [1#C5], they state only statistics or description of action taken by authorities, instead of faithful reporting the entire incident as it happened. For example, during my vacations in that country, I accidentally heard in local television news, that another case of such mass hysteria took place in a girls' high-school from Kuantan on 27 August 2008. From what I understood in these news, the mass hysteria was experienced in there by around 50 female students. They all landed in a hospital. Then authorities spread them to different schools. One amongst these students reported in TV that the source of this attack of hysteria was a horrible looking demon in the form of a black lady, which unexpectedly appeared amongst girls. This demon supposedly "floated" through solid objects and remained visible only for girls, while it was completely invisible for adults present in that school. Means, this female demon in appearance resembled the horrible looking female UFOnaut shown in "Fig. #4a-c" from the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm. In turn behaviours of this demon corresponded to technical capabilities of present UFOnauts that use personal propulsion system which works in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering. The above mass hysteria was widely reported by local television news on 27 and 28 August 2008. But my long searches in local newspapers proved that there was NO even a single printed word on this subject. This is pity, because detailed research of such cases of mass hysteria would allow our civilisation to gather a lot of precious information about the nature of God, methods, principles, and goals of action of dark forces on the Earth, etc. 
       Mass hysteria is NOT just a phenomenon that occurs exclusively in Malaysia. In the article " 'Mass hysteria' cause of sickness at schools" from page A16 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Friday, July 6, 2012) are described cases of it that were noticed in girl-schools from Afghanistan. Female students which in there fell victims of it, displayed such symptoms, as fainting and rapid vomiting. Some amongst them also reported feeling of a terrible smell that proceeded their loss of consciousness. According to descriptions in that article, amongst others this feeling of a bad smell, was taken by authorities of Afghanistan for signs of girl schools becoming victims of poisoning organised by Muslim radicals who do not want girls from their country to get education.

#C6. Depression, means the "illness of soul", and the premises for its healing postulated by the indications of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and by results of my empirical research on the opposite to depression phenomenon of the "totaliztic nirvana" - means how to reverse the consequences of an unstoppable decline of someone's "moral energy" to the below-threshold value called the "level of depression" (amounting to around "µ=0.3", means to "E=600 [hps]") as described here and below in item #D3:

Motto: "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." (Verses 7:13-14 from Biblical "Matthew", King James Bible)

       The today's official atheistic medicine and pharmacy caring for its income, tries to convince us that well-being and health are easy to obtain - one just have to swallow a few widely advertised pills and supposedly is to be healthy and happy about his/her life. But does real life confirm this commercial propaganda? Does the symbolic "wide gate and easy and convenient broad way" of today's atheistic medicine and pharmacy, about which the Bible warns us, e.g. with the verse quoted above in the "motto", actually heals and makes us happy, instead of e.g. replacing illnesses with "side effects" even worse than these illnesses, or instead of making the rest of our lives dependent on expensive medications that bring only temporary relief? Is today's medicine and pharmacy able to replace in our lives hardships of maintaining good health and well-being with comfort and easiness of just swallowing of their pills and thus eliminating the leading to live "narrow gate and narrow way" quoted in "motto" to this item #C6 and described in the Biblical warning? I suggest to read this item #C6 and later also item #D3 below which report examples of my conclusions about the definition of "depression" and about premises of the totaliztic method of non-drug treatment of depression, that so far I have drawn from my personal experience on following the "narrow path" by completing the so-called "moral work". These conclusions resulted from research which I started to carry out when during my professorship in Borneo through increasing my "energy zwow" I empirically achieved the "totaliztic nirvana" described on this web page and lasting for about 9 months. In turn this "totaliztic nirvana" I achieved by experimentally checking a potentially promising consequences of doing "moral work" about the existence of which theoretically informed me numerous clues resulting from much earlier developed, although unfortunately still secretly blocked from dissemination, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, about which the reader can read from my publications that are best indicated due to the help of so-called "custom search" implemented by using the command:, while if this "custom search" will also be blocked, then read it for example from item #A1 of my web page named evolution.htm, or from post number #316E to blogs of totalizm. 
       In 1985, I developed and published the first and still the only in the world, the long sought by scientists from around the world the true scientific Theory of Everything. In turn this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 indicated to me the existence of "moral field" and "moral energy", the empirical experimentation with which brought me into the state of "totaliztic nirvana". In turn my research on this totaliztic nirvana postulates both the definition of depression, and methods of treating this "illness of soul". Unfortunately, since every "truth" - which according to the Polish proverb "spikes the eyes" (in Polish: "prawda w oczy kole"), this my Theory of Everything of 1985 apparently threatens interests of a number of powerful institutions and hence its dissemination under the understandable for everyone name "Theory of Everything" is secretly blocked until today - although we already have the year 2020. So in spite that I tried many times to present this theory at scientific conferences and in scientific journals, always its publication was blocked and rejected. I managed to publish it only on the Internet in a whole series of my Polish and English-language monographs and web pages. Unfortunately, even on the Internet, search engines normally do NOT link to it the people searching for Theory of Everything - cleverly instead of it showing the costly "smokescreen" probably paid by English taxpayers, visible e.g. after using the keywords Theory of Everything. This stubbornly shown "smokescreen" is an English film also entitled the Theory of Everything, but produced only in 2014, that is 29 years after the publication of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. The film well illustrates one of the methods of hiding of whatever has already become clearly visible, namely the method best expressed by the Polish proverb: "if you wish to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it". So the only way to find this my scientific Theory of Everything on the internet under its commonly known name is to use the previously indicated so-called "custom search" run by the ocommand: . Unfortunately, these people who know about the existence of such "custom search" already know also about my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. So in order to somehow avoid this blockade of dissemination of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, which blockade has already been extending for 35 years at the time when I published these descriptions in 2020, for its propagation on the Internet I use its first name, which reflects its essence, and spells the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Under this other name one can read about this theory e.g. from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. Notice, however, that although in front of its name The "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" in my publications I almost always add an explanation that it is the Theory of Everything, internet search engines notoriously delete this explanation from fragments of my publications that they quote - as I described it in e.g. the caption under "Fot. #E3c" from my Polish web page named sabotages_pl.htm
       The theoretical research on my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and also my empirical findings accomplished due to personally experienced phenomenon of the "totaliztic nirvana" described on this web page, quite clearly indicate that the quality of life and level of happiness of every person is ruled by still negated and not recognized by the "official atheistic science and medicine" kind of intelligent energy called "moral energy" (or called "zwow" from the Polish words "zasób wolnej woli" meaning "capacity of free will") - described more comprehensively in items #D3, #D2 and #D1 of this web page. Therefore, my research revealed that in order to enjoy a relatively good quality of life, and happiness, it is necessary to maintain the level of moral energy above the threshold value of "µ=0.3". (Means in people with "Emax" similar to mine, value "µ=0.3" amounts to around "E=600 [hps]" - where [hps] is a unit of "moral energy", called the "hour of physical struggle" - which "hour of drudgery" was used by me to quantitatively determine the amount of so-called "moral work" which I needed to put into the generation of moral energy through moral task that I just was completing.) Descriptions of these quantitative values "µ=0.3", "E=600" and "Emax" are provided below on this web page in items #D3 and #D2. The higher the level of this intelligent "moral energy", the better and happier is the life of its owner. 
       On the other hand, unfortunately, every person who dissipated this life-giving moral energy to the "below-threshold" level called the "level of depression", means to the value "µ<0.3" i.e. below about "E<600 [hps]" - see descriptions from items #D3 and#D2 below on this web page, falls into a state, which in fact is one of the "illnesses of soul" described more extensively in item #F11 from my web page named soul_proof.htm, while which present "official atheistic medicine" considers to be mental illness. This state of "illnesses of soul" most often is named with the word "depression", and sometimes referred to in a more atheist way as a "psychic depression", "mental depression", etc. This item #C6, as well as posts #318 and #318E to blogs of totalizm which are based on this item #C6, are aimed to: (a) provide the definition of depression that results from my research into the totaliztic nirvana earned due to increasing the amount of my moral energy, (b) explain what depression really is, and © describe how the results of my research on the opposite then depression the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana postulate that can be (and should be) this depression healed most effectively. Further information about the state of depression (and its treatment with "moral energy") is briefly provided: in item #A1 of my other web page named evolution.htm, while a wider discussion of depression treatment with "moral energy" is also provided in item #F5 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm (and in posts numbers #245 and #245E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #F5), in items #E1, #E2, #C3 and #D2 of the web page named parasitism.htm, and in items #D10, #D9, #D4 and #E5 from the web page named totalizm.htm
       Item #A1 of the web page named evolution.htm and item #A5 of the web page named totalizm.htm describe briefly the source of reasons why depression is so common nowadays (i.e. describe the official lying to people by several powerful institutions, and not allowing the truth and correct knowledge to speak out), means explains reasons why instead of healing depression for free and effectively by generating "moral energy", officially it is only made worse by generating profits through treating it with chemicals - which chemicals by opening the "chakras" of the patients dissipate the life-giving moral energy even faster. Furthermore, the source of these reasons I am trying to explain even more comprehensively on a different web page named 1985_theory_of_everything.htm. (Note here the sarcasm and karma of a repetitive historical situation, when present-day official atheistic medicine "laugh at" medieval methods of treatment consisting "blood draining" which in the Middle Ages "finished off" people weakened by illnesses, while it also "finishes off" today's depression patients by giving them profit-generating chemicals that open chakras in them, thus flushing out the life-giving "moral energy" from them.) In turn descriptions of work of human feelings, and thus, among others, also explanations of the mechanism of depression formation, are presented in subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]
       Today's "official atheistic medicine" has NO idea as to what exactly "depression" is. In fact, academics of this medicine are unable to even create and present a correct definition of depression on the basis of which they could effectively heal depression. They only suspect that, according to its atheistic name, it has something to do with the deepening degeneration (disability) of work of brain - but they reject findings which results from my experiments, research and the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 stating that the human mind deprived of the inflow of "moral energy" works just like the engine from today's car in a "tank" of which fuel is running out. (This is why today's methods of applying to patients suffering from depression present chemical drugs, the effect of which is the wider opening of "chakras" to increase the energy drainage from the soul into the body, in effects is compared above to that "flushing out the bad blood" used in the Middle Ages to supposedly improve the health of people previously sufficiently weakened by the illnesses that troubled them.) In turn by not having a correct definition of this "illness of soul" that would indicate the way of healing it (for a more comprehensive explanation and for more evident examples that it is just an "illness of soul" - see item #F11 from my web page named soul_proof.htm) - of course today's atheistic medical doctors also do NOT have in their disposal the correct knowledge indicating how to heal it. However, in contrast to this lavishly financed by taxpayers the entire discipline of medicine, which still can NOT explain what depression is, nor provide its definitions and methods of correct healing it, my "private" and supposedly only "hobby" research on the role of "moral energy" in defining our well-being and in functioning of the tandem of our soul and body, resulting from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and from the granted to me at Borneo honour of personally experiencing and researching the "totaliztic nirvana" described here, NOT only that explain what "depression" is, but even allow to develop a definition of this "illness of soul". In turn due to the formulation of this definition, my research postulates also the most efficient way how to heal this "illness of soul". So hereby I am firstly providing the totaliztic definition of depression that I developed so-far. And so: "depression" is an "illness of soul" which depends on a depletion to a below-threshold value (probably amounting to around "µ=0.3", means around "E=600 [hps]" in people with "Emax" similar to mine) the stored supply of a special kind of "moral energy" necessary for life and for the proper functioning of the body, which moral energy must continually flow from the soul (counter-body) to the physical body, while which depletion is caused by the inability of the owner of this tandem "soul-and-body" to perform actions that would meet the requirements of "moral work" and thus which would accumulate in his/her soul a reserve of "moral energy" that exceeds this threshold value of around "µ=0.3", means around "E=600 [hps]". (Symbols and concepts used in the above definition are explained in items #D1 to #D4 from this web page and in my publications linked from these items.) 
       In turn when we learned the above "totaliztic definition of depression", we can proceed to analyzing the totaliztic method of healing this "illness of soul" postulated by it, which method results from my research on nirvana and from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. This method boils down to rebuilding the person's "moral energy" reserve to a level exceeding the threshold value of around "µ=0.3" (i.e. around "E=600 [hps]" - if the soul capacity of a given patient is similar to my capacity for this energy and amounts to around "Emax=2000 [hps]"). This rebuilding must be done by performing the so-called "moral work", requirements of which unique type of work I described below in item #D2 from this web page, while at the end of that item #D2 these requirements are illustrated with a practical example called "Problem 1". The key significance in the implementation of the moral energy generation through the performing of "moral work" have the following matters: 
(1) Focusing exclusively on performing in person a hard physical work (i.e. "hours of physical struggle [hps]" or hours of grudge) - because mental work does NOT climb steeply enough uphill of the so-called "moral field" and thus generates too little moral energy. In turn e.g. giving to someone the equivalent of this "moral work" in form of the sum of our money (instead of doing in person by ourselves a hard physical work for him/her) does NOT generate for us any amount of moral energy at all. 
(2) Performing this moral work with pouring into it the highest physical effort, heart, knowledge, experience, diligence and motivation that we can afford (i.e. transforming it into an altruistic and anonymous "drudgery" for the benefit of others but specific people - the gratitude of which for the fruits of our work will form in them positive motivations that will increase our level of moral energy). 
(3) Choosing such methods of work that will keep our motivations in deep conviction that the effects of this work will anonymously, but effectively, serve towards the good of some people we know as being in need, preferably from an environment not too distant to us - so that we (also anonymously) can watch the effects which our "moral work" evokes, but carefully avoiding breaking our anonymity. Notice that even if the situation of our loved ones requires that our family members benefit from our moral work, we should also try to maintain anonymity towards them - so that they do NOT know from who the results of this work originate. Similarly, in "moral work" we should avoid breaking our anonymity even if someone else (e.g. a psychopath) begins to tell everyone that he/she did what we actually did - because maintaining anonymity also in such a situation will cause him/her to be punished by moral mechanisms over time, while we will NOT lose the moral energy that we have generated through our anonymity. 
(4) Avoiding being seen during performing this "moral work" by people hostile towards us, jealous, representing the class of so-called corporate psychopaths, etc. In other words, complying with the recommendation of almost all world religions which request that making charities always should be done anonymously - e.g. see verse 6:3 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" - I quote from the World English Bible: "But when you do merciful deeds, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does". I mean, if we can, we should work with maintaining our anonymity or away or in the absence of other people (whose level of kindness toward us and/or gratitude for our actions is NOT known to us). 
(5) Addressing the results of our "moral work" in the first instance to people about whom we know that they are morally progressive, kind, often expressing their gratitude to others, and in need of the results of our work - because even when they do NOT know whom they owe a given help, they will still strengthen intensity of our motivations with their gratitude for the good they experienced, and thus also strengthen the results of our generating of moral energy. 
(6) Doing "moral work" while motivated only by respect for God and by the good of other people. For whether given activity becomes "moral work" which generates moral energy to its performer, the motivations for its undertaking and completion can NOT be anything other than voluntary obedience to God's commandments and care for good of fellow men - as commanded by God's commandments from verses 20:3-17 of the Biblical "Book of Exodus", and by verses extending these commandments - e.g. by verses 25:35-45 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew". Thus, for example, if the motivations for undertaking any actions are e.g. to generate any profit for oneself, or e.g. only to carry out the orders of superiors or other people, then these activities cease to be "moral work" and as such they will NOT generate any moral energy, while in case when their completion is dominated by a desire for profit, or by a sense of coercion, then in many cases they will even start to scatter moral energy. This is why for a given action to become "moral work" one must do it voluntarily and only by own free will, own wish and own initiative to enrich lives of other people, as well as for love of God and love of neighbours and without any remuneration - even such as recognition in the eyes of other people, fame, being shown on TV or described in a newspaper, etc. (which means that "moral work" must be done as anonymously as it is possible). 
(7) If our knowledge and experience allow it, then physical effort put into a given "moral work" should be simultaneously expanded with a kind of mental effort that gives us pleasure. For example, if you baked rolls or bread for your neighbors, then in this baking you should put all your knowledge, experience, results of additional experiments and your research, conclusions from the opinions of other people, etc., which in total will cause that these rolls or bread will have the best possible taste, were nutritious and full-bodied, they did not contain harmful chemicals or indigestible fragments, etc. The point is that this extra mental effort will circulate our daily escape of moral energy resulting from the energy supply to body, increasing the efficiency of generating moral energy - as I explained it in item #D5 of this web page. 
In addition to generating moral energy through "moral work" it is also good to minimize your dispersion of the moral energy by:
(a) avoiding inaction and other non-essential pleasures of our lives, 
(b) complete cessation of taking any narcotics - which unnecessarily waste our moral energy by opening our chakras and fruitlessly dispersing it, 
© avoiding the long-term companionship of people about the morality of behaviour and the nature of which we are NOT sure, i.e. who are selfish, jealous, noisy, bitter, negative, malicious, unjust, morbidly sceptical, sarcastic, excitable, vindictive, NOT listening to their conscience, etc. - i.e. who most probably "vampire on moral energy" of people from their environment - as do so-called corporate psychopaths; in other words, following what the Bible recommends in verse 4:8 from "Philippians", quote: "... all that is true, worthy, just, clean, nice, and worthy of recognition: if it is praise some virtue and deed - think about it!"), and what the philosopher Confucius recommended with his famous saying which I quoted in the caption under "Fig. #A1" from my Polish web page named immortality_pl.htm
(d) such directing the circulation of "moral energy" that it rotates in a closed circuit - as this is indicated by principles of ancient Chinese knowledge of "Feng Shui" and as I explained this in item #D5 below on this web page. 
       I will broaden the definition of depression given above with additional explanations. And so, the biggest problem with this depression is that present doctors do NOT have the slightest idea that it is the result of a shortage of "moral energy", nor do they have the slightest idea that the mechanism of this "illness of soul" is based on "moral energy". To be honest, in spite that I publish the results of my research on depression starting from the time when at the end of 1998 I returned to New Zealand from my professorship in Borneo (where I earned and experienced the "totaliztic nirvana" described on this web page and where I conducted the research described here) , the results of my research and my publications are notoriously, secretly and cleverly blocked by some powerful institution from being disseminated around the world and from finding them by interested people - methods of which blocking are described for my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, among others, in item #A1 from the web page evolution.htm (exactly the same methods were, and in many cases are until today, used to block the spread of my Totalizm, the Magnocraft, Cyclic Tables, and many other research products that I accomplished), while these results which manage to get through this blockade are still ignored by the institution of official atheistic science and atheistic medicine. As a result of this blocking and ignoring, about the fact that depression is a consequence of a decrease in someone the level "moral energy" below the threshold "level of depression", or about the mechanism of the origin of this "illness of soul" based on the flow of "moral energy", have also NO a slight idea today's researchers from practically any discipline of today's "official atheistic science" - i.e. the monopolistic science about which we learn in schools and universities, and the error of philosophical foundations of which is described e.g. in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. Therefore, today's atheistic doctors do NOT know how to heal the depression effectively. On the other hand, today's lifestyles of people avoiding physical effort, spending time idly, or non-anonymously performing their professions and works being watched by negatively oriented toward them bosses, colleagues, or bystanders - increasingly more of whose watchers through their negative motivations decrease moral energy in other souls (e.g. consider the so-called corporate psychopaths), makes for these people the rebuilding of their level of moral energy almost completely impossible, and sometimes even causes a rapid dissipation of this moral energy according to the second part of equation (2JE8) provided in item #D2 below. (According to that equation, people living alone, as well as people practicing their professions in front of negatively oriented strangers, e.g.: teachers, actors, dancers, ticket issuers, tax collectors, etc.; are particularly vulnerable to rapid loss of their "moral energy".) Thus, today's lifestyle is particularly susceptible to experiencing depressions. At the same time, as a result of the lack of knowledge about the mechanism of depression, today's doctors, instead of healing it properly by rebuilding the level of "moral energy" which typically costs nothing, erroneously try to heal it by using chemicals which are profitable only for the pharmaceutical industry, but which "open the chakras more widely" - thus causing an easier and faster escape of the remaining "moral energy" from the soul. Unfortunately, although such "wider chakras opening" with chemicals can bring temporary relief when one takes these chemicals, in the long run their action cause faster and deeper escape of "moral energy" from the soul (counter-body) of a given person. So instead of healing depression, in fact chemicals only aggravate it in the long term. Therefore, people who have someone affected by depression in their surroundings, should keep in mind that taking anti-depressant medications can be extremely dangerous and too often ends tragically. (For example, from the "60 minutes" program broadcast on Sunday, December 4, 2011 from 19:30 to 20:30 on channel 3 of New Zealand television, it seems that in 4.5 million New Zealand because of depression every day as many as 2 people commit suicide - unfortunately, local publishers clearly avoid open publishing, discussing and seeking solutions for this tragic statistics, as if some "censorship of understatement" was imposed onto them - derived from the same powerful institution that blocks the spread of my research results around the world.) 
       Still composed of almost only one-person (i.e. the lonely in his research me), the new "totaliztic science" states that effective and lasting healing of "depression" occurs only if the patient learns to rebuild his "moral energy" and when he or she begins to consistently supplement daily losses of this energy - which fact is well explained by Korean folk wisdom, meaning by their proverb: "if you give a fish to someone, you feed him for one day, but if you teach him how to fish, then you feed him for lifetime." (The new "totaliztic science" is the one that is "competitive" to the erroneous, monopolistic, and old "official atheistic science" - philosophical foundations of which are described, amongst others, in items #F1 to #F3 of the totaliztic web page named god_exists.htm.) Explanations how to rebuild and supplement the level of one's "moral energy" are provided in items #D1 to #D5 (mainly in #D2) below on this web page. Thus recipes for raising the level of one's "moral energy" are useful NOT only for earning the "totaliztic nirvana", but also for healing the "illness of soul" called "depression". After all, the conclusions from research on the totaliztic nirvana described here postulate that stopping the decrease in the level of moral energy by making efforts that this energy is continually generated in oneself with systematic, and if possible also anonymous, performing the "moral work", should result in the effective elimination of states of depression in people who have already suffered from this depression or who are dangerously approaching its acquisition. Therefore, if you the reader yourself, or your loved ones, or anyone else with whom you come to live or cooperate, notice the appearance of signs of depression or signs of approaching its acquiring, then use all arguments available to you to persuade this someone to take actions generating "moral energy" which I described in the next "part #D" of this web page and in other publications to which in that "part #D" I refer my readers. In turn empirical signs that characterize the incoming, or already experiencing, the "illness of soul" by atheistic doctors called "mental depression", I described in item #C3 of my different web page named parasitism.htm, while briefly summarized at the end of item #D3 here on this web page.

#C7. The "nirvana political system" that eliminates money and forced labour while is described in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page (in English) named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm - probably the last chance of humanity to shake off the evil that suffocates our planet:

Motto: "Is anyone among our [b]human vanity of vanities or insignificant human fluff able to come up with even a better way to show our voluntary submission to the will, wisdom and guidance of our God (that is also our creator, teacher, judge and protector) than pedantic doing good "moral work" by earning for ourselves a continuous nirvana, by helping to implement the nirvana political system in our own country, and by winning of embracement of the nirvana political system by our entire civilization?"[/b]

       This item #C7 of herewith web page briefly summarizes the most important information about the most extraordinarypolitical system designed by God Himself that your country and entire our civilisation still have a chance to check, experimentally test how it works, as well as to embrace. I named this system the "nirvana political system". The humanity right now has an opportunity to research, test, and implement principles of operation of it. The uniqueness of the "nirvana political system" results from the fact that it is the first and the only political system that can be implemented by people living in our physical world and that it allows the performance of all productive work to be completely "voluntary" in it, but still does NOT lower the happiness, justice, prosperity nor quality of life of all nations and people who practice it. These superb qualities of the "nirvana political system" (resulting from its "volunteering" principle) are possible because contrary to it, all other political systems that ever existed on Earth were designed by imperfect rulers of various countries and then implemented as systems relying entirely on the "extortion" (forcing) of productive work from people through the use of "punishments" and "money". In other words, both e.g. the present-day capitalism and communism, as well as the regimes used in the past, e.g. slavery and feudalism, all of them rely on "punishments" and "money" to "force" people to perform productive work. Also all of them, contrary to statement of the Bible, base their operation on brutal and primitive methods and means to do this "forcing" - only because the rulers who implemented them found these methods acceptable and forcibly introduced them. Their brutality and primitiveness in comparison to the "nirvana political system" described here results from the fact that in order to obtain true "volunteering" it is necessary to design and then pre-program into every human body and soul some perfect reward algorithm for motivating people to perform productive work, plus an algorithm for a precise measurement of the value of this work, followed by a fair reward for the moral quality and the energy amount of what a given person has done. On the other hand, to design such algorithms and to pre-program them into human bodies and souls, both the superior knowledge of God and the creative power of God are necessary. This is because only God is able to pre-program of laws of nature as well as the operation of human bodies and souls in ways which enable the perfectly "voluntarily" operation of the "nirvana political system" described here, without the use of "money" and without the need to "force" work with "punishments". Thus, the "nirvana political system" allows each person to "voluntarily" perform a type of productive so-called "moral work" that he/she chooses, because he/she likes it or because he/she values it for the results
       So after the correct (i.e. NOT botched due to the incompetence of politicians) implementation, the perfection of this "nirvana political system" designed with God's wisdom and farsightedness: (a) eliminates from the Earth all imperfections and defects of previous political systems (including the elimination of the gigantic "pyramid" of elites supervising the "extortion" and "money" - for the maintenance of unproductive luxuries of which pyramid in wasteful previous regimes the productively working people were forced to work much harder); (b) completely eliminates "money" and all kinds of "fees" (including "taxes") from use, thus neutralizing these numerous forms of evil caused by "money" and by primitive instincts that money unleashes in people; © rewards the completed productive "moral work" with the most perfect reward in existence - i.e. with the phenomenon of the extraordinary happiness of earned nirvana; (d) because it redirects the entire gigantic "pyramid of people who previously forced and supervised labourers" to do effective productive work, it stimulates the production of such a significant surplus of food and usable material goods that every inhabitant of the Earth will NOT only receive for free everything that is needed for a prosperous and happy life and for the most effective, most comfortable and safest-possible performance of "moral work" that he/she chooses, but it will also give to this inhabitant a choice of products satisfying his/her tastes from the entire range of products available then to people on Earth; (e) makes available to everyone for free all material goods which are a kind of "by-products" of "moral work" being completed - enabling everyone to live a rich, trouble-free and happy life; (f) during all human activities the "nirvana political system" pedantically protects nature, life and people from destruction; (g) it shifts humanity from the slippery path of fatal lies, stagnation, injustice, extortion, shortcomings, poverty, etc., to the constructive path of truth, progress, absolute justice, happiness, volunteerism, wealth, prosperity, etc.; and also (h) it creates conditions, ideological self-confidence, necessary technologies and moral power to protect the nation or civilization that implement or practice the "nirvana political system" against invasion, war, or from self-destruction which in the end always inevitably annihilate all nations and civilizations practicing political systems based on "extortion" - the fast approach of which wars or self-destruction capable of annihilating today's humanity is explained, amongst others, by our film (in Polish) disseminated for free on YouTube since 2018 under the title "Zagłada Ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s"). 
       Life-giving "coconuts" considered sacred by many nations of the world, demonstrate numerous features which constitute a symbolic analogy to the features of the "nirvana political system". This is why "coconuts" are an ideal symbol for the "nirvana political system". An example of "coconuts", means "fruits" that provide us with an ideal symbol of the "nirvana political system", is shown and briefly explained below in "Fig. #C7a", while described and illustrated in item #D1 from the web page fruit.htm
       In my opinion, the tragic situation into which our civilization is rapidly slipping is a sign that the "nirvana political system"that eliminates money is probably already the last chance to save ourselves from self-destruction before we all fall down into the abyss from which there will be NO possibility of returning. (Because the "nirvana political system" is widely described in the web pages and publications linked here, e.g. in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm, in this item #C7 I will briefly summarize only its characteristics.) After all, the reader probably see how quickly the world we live in degenerates and disintegrates. We have cut ourselves off from God who created us and taught us to distinguish between good and evil. We have destroyed nature and the climate. We turned the oceans and lands into landfills. We have poisoned water, soil and food with chemicals. We have thoughtlessly trampled on old traditions, principles of moral behaviours and family ties that we could always count on in life - replacing them with the illusion of a multitude of "computer friends" and "partners", who seek benefits but who will run away from us at the slightest sign of troubles. Despite the illusion of numerous virtual friends, we are actually lonely and deprived of the support we need. Governments are introducing increasingly tougher restrictions, and we are NOT even sure that the excuses they use are true. We do NOT know what will happen tomorrow. We do NOT even know if, when we become sick or old, any of the laws that may be introduced soon, will have the power to euthanize us! After all, in times when I wrote this item #C7, NZ just joined an increasingly larger number of countries which introduced "voluntary" euthanasia for people - for details see item #C4 from my web page (in Polish) named healing_kuramina.htm. In turn the distance from "voluntary" to "forced" in our world which changes fast toward worse and constantly gives the elites all sorts of excuses, can just be a tiny step away - while prospects of being forcedly "executed" just for getting old or sick does NOT seem humanly. Did you, the reader, really dream about such life and its end for yourself and your descendants, as well as for me and for other people not blamed for this situation? Therefore, please, read carefully the explanations about the "nirvana political system", the saving power of which I have explained here, and if it speaks to your logic, conscience and understanding, the proverbially "roll up your sleeves" and start work on this cause - before our civilization comes to the end of the short period of time that the merciful God still gave to it to correct and restore the observance of His commandments and laws in everything that we do! Here is the most important information summarized in items, which explains that in the present situation of humanity probably the only thing that still is able to save it from the incoming destruction, is the power of uniquely positive and building features of the implemented "nirvana political system" designed for us by God Himself. 
       (1) Humanity has already reached the level of knowledge, technology and automation, at which "voluntary" work of even only a small group of people close to 1% of its population is already able to satisfy the material needs of all people living on Earth. If we carefully look around the present-day world, then we will notice that having the present highly automated and convenient to operate machines, one volunteer farmer is able to feed the inhabitants of a whole huge city with his crops, while one small team of professionals and volunteer workers with the required knowledge, yield the products of a highly automated factory that are able to meet the needs of the entire country and even the whole world. So if the greed and willingness to impress with one's wealth that causes the to-date "forcing" work from people with the use of "money", is replaced with understanding the benefits of doing everything "voluntarily" and compliantly with God's commandments and laws - including doing productive work, then such volunteers working in comfort and only for morally correct motivations, are able to develop both for themselves and for our entire civilization a level of prosperity and a sense of life fulfilment and happiness, the perfection of which we are unable to imagine at present. In turn if with the "voluntary moral work" we eliminate the need that incompetent and excessively numerous and greedy politicians, elites and bureaucrats must "force" people to work and "supervise" working "volunteers", then this presently gigantic pyramid of unproductive people who enrich themselves by "forcing" others to work, in the "nirvana political system" will join the "volunteers" who produce goods and thus they additionally will strengthen the growth rate of the prosperity and happiness of the entire humanity. 
       (2) Forcing work with "money" was necessary only when humanity was still primitive - but in the present situation of people, money is only the leading source of all forms of "evil" and must be quickly replaced with something much better than it. This is because it is not difficult to notice, that the "money" invented by greedy people and used for too long - became the main source and tool of causing all evil on Earth. Originally God allowed the introduction of "money" on Earth, only to make people understand that their lives are governed by certain laws and concepts, e.g. the law of the obligation to pay for work performed, the concept of value, etc. Unfortunately, as everything that was introduced supposedly only "temporarily", but then it is kept on Earth permanently and in an "irreplaceable" manner, also "money" fulfilled its original destiny a long time ago, and now it is doing more harm to humanity than good. So it is time for humanity to replace "money" with something much better than it, and just such something is the happiness of earned nirvana - discussed more extensively e.g. in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. But until people themselves understand the need to "voluntarily" change their situation and then they voluntarily start replacing "money" with the phenomenon of earned "nirvana", either automatically or "forced" such a replacement is NOT able to take place without people's participation. Therefore our defence against the source and tool of the greatest destructive evil, which is "money", is to unite ourselves in the efforts to replace it with the "earned nirvana". 
       (3) There are two basic models of motivating people to work, based on (1) "extortion" (forcing), and on (2) "volunteering". "Money" was introduced only to "extort" (force) work. We can see the operation and effects of the "extortion" (forcing) model all around us. After all, our civilization practices it from the beginning of its existence until today - regardless of whether it is currently under the system of capitalism or communism, while previously whether it was under the system of slavery or feudalism. The advantage of the "forcing" model is that it can be implemented even among the most primitive people, who are neither able to understand nor experience advantages of "volunteering". But its numerous disadvantages, which we can already perfectly see in the reality that surrounds us, include, amongst others, that the one who works because of "extortion" will never be 100% "loyal", "grateful" or full of "respect" towards the employer or the place of employment, and thus on any advantageous and acceptable opportunity, the person may even: depart, strike, take revenge for the extortion, slander, rob, leave in poverty, betray, sabotage, destroy, etc., the employer and the place of work. Moreover, the disadvantage of "forcing" is that it distorts the characters of people and leads to more and more oppression, exploitation, inequality and social injustice, people's loneliness, perversions, crime, uncertainty of tomorrow, imposed euthanasia, etc. - in order to completely destroy through self-annihilation the people, nations and civilizations stubbornly practicing it. In contrast, the "volunteering" model is devoid of these drawbacks. Volunteers are always faithful and devoted to whomever they volunteer and to the ideas they volunteer to. In turn the most perfect form of the model of "volunteering", which is devoid of the drawbacks of all other models of volunteering and which I am going to discuss below, forms the "nirvana political system" - the framework of which is explained by its proposals described in several of my publications that I indicated here. This most perfect model of "volunteering" can be introduced only in already highly aware and experienced societies - such as the majority of humanity reached only in the previous 20th century. It cannot also be reconciled with "extortion" - as I was sorry to discover during my voluntary research. Thus, the disadvantage of it is the necessity to experience and be aware of the evil caused by the "extortion" model, and the need to diligently implement it by the nation which will invest its future into it. However, its advantage becomes, that basing everything on "volunteering", it leads to the indescribable development and flourishing of civilizations, nations, and people who practice it. In turn its initiation depends on the implementation of the "nirvana political system" which I am describing, amongst others, in this item #C7 of the web page. 
       (4) Let's explain the difference between the "forcing" model and the "volunteering" model. Honestly speaking, in practice it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether someone is working because of "forcing" (extortion) or because of "volunteering". For example, if the wife of a well-earning husband "voluntarily" undertakes any money-earning employment, then should she be qualify to the model of "forced" or "voluntary" work? From my research, thinking about this matter and from my life experiences it appears that the basic difference which decides to which of both models (i.e. to "forced" or to "voluntary" work) a given job of a specific person should be qualified, is whether this person is at risk of any serious life "punishment" if he/she does NOT undertake this work or even if he/she is NOT able to find this work for himself/herself. For example, after my emigration from Poland to NZ, the only thing I was really "voluntarily" doing continuously as part of my non-professional "hobby", and what (unfortunately unsuccessfully) I also wanted to bring together with doing of my "forced" professional work, was carrying out scientific research in engineering - which would quantitatively and qualitatively increase the knowledge about the design and principles of operation of my starships called the Magnocrafts and Time Vehicles, and after developing my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) and after formulating my scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God - making also engineering-oriented scientific research, which would additionally objectively develop human knowledge about the attributes of God and about the methods of action of our God resulting from His attributes - e.g. from the existence of male and female so-called "God Drobinas" the discovery of which resulted from my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985", while the descriptions of which "God Drobinas" are provided in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named god_exists.htm. Unfortunately, these "voluntarily" carried out my "hobby" research did NOT bring any income, but on the contrary, constantly required that I invest my private earnings in carrying them out. Simultaneously, the treatment that already then emigrants from the "Eastern Bloc" received, in connection with the repetitive removal from NZ job each time when my academic superiors found out what topics I research in my spare time (means as part of my non-professional "hobby"), caused that I was losing my job on average every two and a half years. As a result, continually a terrifying threat hung over me of a harsh "punishment" in the form of NOT having enough "money" for daily bread nor for a roof over my head - which "punishment" of running of money would mean homelessness and the necessity to live under the proverbial "bridge" and the requirement to beg for a slice of bread. Thus, after emigrating from Poland, my professional work as a scientist and lecturer (NOT to confuse them with my "volunteer" research "hobby" - within which I discovered everything that I publish here) I undertook only because of being "forced" to do it by the threat of this "punishment" of homelessness and begging. Fortunately, my perfect 6-year long technical education gained, as I found out later - in one of the best universities in the world in times of my youth (which finding about the quality of my education I explained more extensively in item #E1 from my web page named rok_uk.htm), made that completely different from my "hobby" the official scientific achievements of these "forced to earn" academic jobs still allowed me to become a professor four times in four leading, well-known and widely respected universities in the world - see "Fig. #C7b" below, although at three NZ tertiary educational institutions I also occupied the lowest (and hence the lowest paid) research or teaching positions that existed in them. 
       (5) Let us also explain the requirements of human-made models of social life based on "volunteering" for work.Throughout history, mankind has experimented with many forms of offering people the opportunity to work based on a "voluntary" model. They were NOT on such a perfect level as the designed by God "nirvana political system" summarized here, but it is also worth learning about them. One of their role models was provided by the apostles of Jesus recorded in the Bible. Later, many religious communities and cults created by volunteers were based on biblical descriptions of the community of these apostles. I myself had the honour of being a guest in the Swiss version of such a voluntary religious community, called "Methernitha". In spite that my visit was short, because it lasted only a few days, it still allowed me to learn the principles on which this community worked relatively perfectly. Another form of completely secular volunteering to work was once practiced in Poland, in large land (agricultural) estates operating on the legal basis in the Polish language named "ordynacja rodowa" (in English meaning "family ordinance"). This "family ordinance" depended on the fact that only one eldest son always became the heir and the owner of the entire land property, but all his other siblings and his entire "extended family" had the right to live in the family home and to receive the lifelong maintenance - if they were ready to voluntarily perform some work or fulfil the duties for which they had predispositions, and if for the time of living in there they undertook commitment NOT to get married. (I learned about two such ordinances related to my family - see X4 and X5.1 in my Polish publication [17] available via the web page named tekst_17.htm.) Still other ways of "volunteering" depended on joining groups of pirates, robbers, gangs, mafia, etc. - which also took responsibility for the entire future of their volunteers, only that they did "evil deeds" to their neighbours on purpose, instead of the "good deeds" that God requires from us. With the above examples I try to realize, that all the forms of "volunteering to work" developed by people, always required to "belong" to a family or a "group" - in works and activities of which one participated voluntarily, while this family or group must have had some basis of material support (e.g. it had a land estate, a merchant trail to plunder, a pirate ship, etc.). So all these humanly invented models of "volunteering" made their members dependent on the "belonging" - means in a sense they all were some form of "slavery", only that deprived of "punishment" if someone was NOT able to continue to volunteer in it to work which previously his health, life, situation, or interests allowed him/her to perform. Fortunately, God pre-programmed into us the phenomenon of "nirvana", which frees us even from the obligation to "belong". After all, "nirvana" can be earned with any type of so-called "moral work" done physically anywhere in the world and for any goal which is NOT contrary to commandments and laws of God. 
       (6) Why does each of the human-made models of "extorted" and "voluntary" work have built-in numerous flaws and opportunities to become corrupt, which have brought humanity to the state we see today? For models of "extorted" work it results spontaneously from the fact that "forcing" in itself is already "evil". In turn for models of "volunteering" the reason is that they are always invented, implemented, and organized by governments of someone who is immeasurably less perfect than God. In turn such someone with the elapse of time more and more "bends" his/her/their operation toward own benefits, needs, and possible distortions. Furthermore, contrary to the "nirvana political system", practically none of these human made models imposes any moral requirements on the type of work performed "voluntarily" ("for free" or "paid") - hence my electoral proposal to introduce an "verifying office" (in Polish: "urząd weryfikujący") that would check the compliance of government decisions and laws with commandments and laws of God - which office I described in item #A3 and in the "introduction" to my web page (in Polish) named pajak_dla_prezydentury_2020.htm, in fact it was the first attempt to impose such moral requirements. (This is precisely because of the lack of moral requirements for undertaken actions, that e.g. voluntary gangs and bands of volunteer robbers, can only do "evil deeds", although they are also based on "volunteering" and their participants also benefit from many benefits and advantages of "volunteering".) 
       (7) Who symbolically is responsible for the creation and maintenance of both models: i.e. the "extortion" of work model (A) based on "money" and "punishments", and the "voluntary" work model (Z) based on nirvana. Although the educational imperfection of the old, monopolistic "official atheistic science" rarely teaches this, our "physical world" in which we live is designed and operates in a "collective" (group) manner, and its events are managed by numerous contradictions. Life is constantly trying to remind us of this. This is why even God is a set of as many as three Persons (i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit) which rule our world on the basis of a democratically deciding and functioning family, while the so-called "God Drobinas" have their male and female versions, the attributes and behaviours of which are completely opposite to each other (for details see items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named god_exists.htm). Also, each problem has many correct solutions - NOT only one solution as falsely we are being taught in schools. Also each of the solutions to a given problem differs from other solutions, among others, by the level of perfection and frequently we still do NOT know even a single solution that is able to achieve the ideally perfect level - as examples consider how many differently good design solutions for cars and airplanes have been developed for engineering problems "how to construct a car" or "how to construct an airplane": however so far we still do NOT know what a perfect car or airplane would look like. Even such a simple operation as adding two numbers can give differently excellent results depending on the method of carrying it out - which at the time when I studied about 55 years ago at one of then the best universities in the world, i.e. at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, our professors showed this to us in form of mathematical curiosities curiosities and proved this to us at lectures of mathematics. On the other hand, e.g. prosperity in the country can NOT be achieved only through multiplication of money - in what, unfortunately, nowadays, officially educated politicians mistakenly believe, but must be accomplished through improvement of many different areas, e.g. truthfulness, justice, infrastructure, inventiveness, social inequality, elimination of crime, etc. In turn, for example, in every event that takes place in today's world and which we notice because it affects us with its effects, at least three sets of evidence (while often even many more sets of such evidence) are built in - each of which, depending on the world view of the person analyzing it, confirms something completely different as the cause for this event. The easiest way of explaining these three sets of completely different categories of evidence I published in item #C2 from my web page named tornado.htm on the example of the origins of destructive tornadoes. Complementing that my explanations the evidence proving the technical origin of tornadoes and hurricanes is explained more comprehensively in item #J4 from the web page named hurricane.htm. In turn the easiest way for everyone to find out that such different categories of evidence are embedded in practically every event that affects people, is indicated in item #A2.2 of the web page named totalizm.htm. Unfortunately, the model of education distorted by the monopoly of "official atheistic science" produces increasingly more people who still mistakenly believe that there is only one responsible entity behind everything and that every problem has only one correct solution. However, because my research and experience clearly shows that for everything is always responsible a whole "collective", "community" or "group" of those who influence the final results, below I compiled a large list of potential "powers of evil" that "force" (extort) productive work from people. In this list, the same representatives of the "powers of evil" may be repeated under several different names, but there are shockingly many of them anyway (e.g. "Agharta" and "Nea" can be the same evil civilization living in the undergrounds of some planet - just like this is explained in (4) from item #A3.1 of my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm and in (C") from item #J4 from yet another web page named hurricane.htm). Of course, I also noticed evidence that every event that affects us, is the result of the "collective" action of almost all of the existing "powers of evil", or more strictly it is the result of our yielding to temptations, pressures, or putting us in forced situations by these "evil powers", i.e. yielding because of our ignorance of God's commandments and laws, or yielding because of the weakness of our character. However, the following list was formulated in such a way that, depending on the reader's worldview, everyone could identify in it "someone" or "something" that best corresponds to his/her/their worldview and also bears responsibility for pushing people into today's situation on Earth. So here is a list of potential "responsible" for the present evil causing model (A) of "forcing" people to work through the use of "money" or "punishments": 
(7a) For religious people - this "extortioner" (who forces people to do whatever they do NOT like to do and who probably invented "money") is a symbolic spiritual creature by Christianity called "Lucifer", "Satan", "Dragon", etc. (also described in different religions usually under other names). In the Bible verses indicated in (4') from item #B3 of the web page named fe_cell.htm, while quoted in item #A3.4 of the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm, this creature is presented as currently managing the Earth. I try to summarize the most eye-catching methods of its work in item #K1 from the web page named evil_pl.htm
(7b) For scientists and people who believe in official statements of science - the main "extortioner" (pusher) will be the animal instincts of people resulting from evolution, which push humans to subordinate and exploit: nature, other people and different creatures. Many disciplines of science discreetly argue that there are various components of these instincts that push e.g. the rich to infinite multiplication of their wealth at the expense of nature and future generations. In turn in the past these instincts caused colonialism, concentration camps, wars, production of nuclear bombs, etc. Of course, depending on what discipline of "official atheistic science" speaks in a given matter, these instincts are further fragmented and defined in various ways. 
(7c) For people who believe in UFOs - these "extortioners" who force people to work in order to rob them from useful resources, are the increasingly often immersed in practicing the philosophy of evil parasitism relatives of people who currently occupy and exploit the Earth, treating people as: a source of "moral energy", "sperm" and "ovule" for cultivating the so-called "biorobots", objects of sexual abuse, etc. This fact is convincingly reported to us by e.g. the report from the abduction of Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, to the planet "Nea" - recorded in the Polish treatise [3b]. Notice that for preparing this report for the good and knowledge of mankind the late Andrzej Domała was probably put to death by UFOnauts with the help of their "machine for inducing cancer" which I described, amongst others, in in item #B1 from the web page named bandits_pl.htm
(7d) For people who believe in the underground kingdom of "Agharta" - "extortioners" are technically more advanced than us dwellers of the underground kingdom managed by the "Lord of the World", which kingdom is to be located under the surface of our planet, while which I briefly describe e.g. in © from item #J4 of my web page named hurricane.htm. One of the underground tunnels starting in Poland at the mountain in Polish named "Babia Góra" (meaning "the mountain of witches"), which was supposed to have a connection with this "Agharta", is described and illustrated in item #G3 from my web page named aliens.htm
(7e) Among followers of religions and cults other than Christianity and among people who believe in the presence of creatures on Earth with supernatural powers and tendencies to do evil - guilty of this "extortion" and all evil on Earth are considered to be various creatures known under the names of "witches", "sorcerers" "succubus and incubus", "deuce", "Dracula", "Sapieha", etc. For example, one of such creatures supposedly having bats' wings and roaming at nights in the area between Polish towns of Krotoszyn and Milicz in relatively recent historical times, was used to scare naughty children still even in times of my youth. To scare them the warning "Sapieha flies" (in Polish: "Sapieha leci") was used (for more information on this subject see item #G1 from my web page named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm). 
(7f) For people who know how patterns of behaviour of well-known fictional heroes can influence the behaviour of members of society observing these heroes (i.e. for parents of adolescents, for victims of crime, teachers, judges, etc.)- the main "extortioner" of the present times will result from transferring patterns of behaviour from previous real historical figures who morally fulfil God's edifying commandments and laws, into today's fictional film and computer games heroes who, in their actions, fulfil the destructive fantasies of the authors of film and games scripts - usually contrary to God's commands. In other words, the creation of one of these "extortioners" results from the transfer of old patterns of behaviour from actually living people - the entire behaviour of whom was characterized by love for others and by acting for the good of others, to the present, completely fictional (i.e. virtual and resulting from the "whim" of various scenario creators ) patterns of behaviour, all behaviours of whom are characterized by selfishness, self-interest, destruction, killing and violence served to their "neighbours", and by complete ignorance of God's commandments, laws and requirements. As a result, an increasing percentage of today's people behave as barbarously as the protagonists of today's increasingly cruel, destructive and dead-lined films and games. No wonder that seeing the heroes of famous films spreading rape, murder, cheating others, acting in accordance with the animal principle of surviving the fittest, etc., the streets of our cities are slowly filling up with scenes similar to these films, while e.g. on YouTube now the subject of films is becoming more and more intensely narrowing down to showing weapons, army, war, fights, killing, money, getting rich and achieving your goals at any cost and by any methods, sex, etc. It is well known that, for example, since cigarettes can cause disease and death, on each of their packages warnings are placed. However, most of today's films, television programs, and computer games, the plots of which are one sequence of killing and destroying, while watching which, probably even an initially mentally healthy person, may gradually turn into a psychopath and serial killer, are still NOT provided with any warnings (probably because most of the large "cash" bringing movies would then also require such warnings). 
(7g) In turn for the majority of ordinary people "forced" to look for and undertake work which they most frequently hate- guilty of this "forcing" (extortion) of work are usually considered various "elites" who manage the life of the nation and the Earth. It is also worth noting that at the moment there is already a broad understanding of what "elites", classes, or social groups lead in keeping humanity in a state of permanent "forced" labour - to learn about the top of their list see item #D3 from my web page named god_proof.htm or in item #J4.4 from my other web page named propulsion.htm for descriptions of people who manage (e.g. for so-called corporate psychopaths) such present-day institutions with anti-progressive action, as: (a) the official atheistic science, (b) corporations selling energy, © banks and elites managing "money", (d) some politicians and governments, (e) priests, (f) institutions established to disseminate knowledge, truth and reliable information, but unfortunately already corrupted - e.g. search engines building their monopoly instead of objectively informing. Out of entire this group, the greatest responsibility for the present critical situation of our civilization is placed on "politicians" - who nowadays openly practice corruption, waste taxpayers' money, choke the country's economy, block technical and social progress, establish laws that harm people, distort the country to the wrong political system, etc., and hence which must be quickly removed, e.g. in democracies by electing other politicians to replace them, while in dictatorships they must be eliminated by coups or revolutions.
(7h) For me personally - the main "extortioner" is the distortion and degeneration of characters of people due to the action of "money" (which is why I fight "money" so hard). NOT for nothing the Bible (Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25) states - I quote from the Catholic "Millennium Bible": "It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." 
I personally believe, that such a significant number of different types of evidence for the origin of "extortion" (forcing) is intentionally presented to people's attention for several reasons. For example because it is true - after all, what is happening around us is the responsibility of a "collective", "community" or a group of "forces of evil", NOT a single one such force. Furthermore, because the multiplicity of evidence enables also the accomplishment of a whole range of superior benefits. For example, it inspires people to research and seeking the truth through efforts to identify that one from the group of the above responsible for "forcing" to work, which is the most primary source of such "forcing" (extortion). The multiplicity of the evidence also causes the effect of "self-regulation" of access to progress, because morally immature civilizations (such as ours today) instead of quickly eliminating "money" by introducing the "nirvana political system" and then focusing on building their technique and prosperity, they will rather infinitively continue to divide into the conflicting camps, the constant preoccupation into disputes between which (similar to human disputes "whether God exists", "whether UFOs exist", "evolution or creation", "whether the physical world exists 6,000 'human years' or 14 billion 'years of God and isotopes' ", etc.) will prevent them from uniting for the forging of a more perfect system and progress - which in turn will prevent them from premature implementation of technical progress that surpasses the morality of civilization which still has NOT grown up to such a higher level of technology. Unfortunately, the present humanity still does NOT understand that instead of unsuccessfully trying to improve the unrepairable bungled components of "extortion" (i.e. "democracy", roles of politicians, the best results of "economy", budgeting, taxes, "money", etc.) all people should quickly unite in eliminating all "extortion" from their lives, simply by replacing "money" with "nirvana political system". This is because in our civilization "extortion" already lasts too long and pushed us to the brink of self-destruction. 
In turn the model (Z) of "volunteering" based on the "earned nirvana" for sure was designed and intentionally pre-programmed into our bodies and souls by God Himself. After all, in order for this model to work, "moral energy" must be accumulated in people in a manner defined by the idea of "moral work", while its release through chakras must be associated with experiencing extreme pleasure and feeling of happiness - which could only be pre-programmed into human bodies and souls by God Himself, as it is described in item #A1 from my web page named evolution.htm. It is also God that from time to time allows selected people to earn for himself/herself the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" in order to check whether humanity is able to notice the advantages of this phenomenon over the disadvantages of "money" and also to test whether humanity has matured intellectually and morally to introduce for itself the "nirvana political system". 
       (8) Operation of both models. Let us now check how the present model based on "extortion" works on Earth, and how the model based on "volunteering" and "nirvana" would work. And so for the "extortion" model (A), over each productive worker one has to put a watchman, that is, a symbolic "policeman", who watches him/her and punishes for each offence, then over this symbolic "policeman" one has to put another guard - and so on up to the "elites", means the leaders of the country, whom no-one has the right to watch anymore, because humanity "rejected God" and the elites feel in the power to do whatever is necessary in order to tighten more and more the "extortion" process (no wonder that each country leader makes his/her country happy only twice and only for a short while - i.e. the first time when he/she becomes a leader, the second time when the country finally manages to get rid of him/her somehow). In turn, because everyone also has to be paid in this huge pyramid of "supervision and management" of the performed productive work, it is necessary to create another similarly huge pyramid which deals with the production of "money" and with steering and monitoring its flow. In addition, all of them need to be "educated", means we also need a huge pyramid of education suitable for the model of "forcing" (extortion) of work, and also several other pyramids, e.g. for law and justice, information flow, propaganda and keeping people in obedience, etc. 
On the other hand, in the model of "volunteering" (Z) from the "nirvana political system" all the above is NOT needed. This is because God created "moral energy" and natural mechanisms that govern its generation and flow. So everyone who performs the so-called "moral work" according to God's requirements (described in the Bible), obtains an amount of "moral energy" proportional to the characteristics of this work. In turn when the amount of this moral energy exceeds the "threshold value of nirvana" in a given person, this person receives a wonderful reward for his/her "moral work" in the form of the appearance of the unprecedented happiness of the phenomenon of nirvana. In turn, because a kind of a by-product of "moral work", is always doing something useful that serves other people, the effort of accomplishing the phenomenon of nirvana undertaken by a given group of people supplies the rest of people with everything that this group produces and that for other people is needed for living and/or work. Thus, in the model of "volunteering" based on the "nirvana political system" it is enough to allow everyone to do "moral work" which he/she chooses and which will maintain the continuous nirvana in him/her. In turn, because all people are going to do "moral work" in order to continuously experience earned nirvana, the efficiency of their production will be huge. Thus, the enormity of products of this "moral work" is enough for everyone else in the entire society to receive for free whatever they need to live a prosperous life and to carry out "moral work" effectively. 
       (9) "Money" always triggers a destructive trend, typically described by the popular saying "all chiefs no Indians"which causes that the "pyramid of extortion turns upside down with the passage of time", means that the number of people who actually carry out production is continually decreasing, while the number of people who supervise the implementation of "extortion" is growing. In times when "forcing" was necessary (and just introduced) because people were too primitive for the "volunteering" model, most of people worked in the production of consumer goods. Apart from them, there was also some nobility and knights guarding them, and at the very top of this pyramid there was a king who employed workers of his "mint" to mint coins from gold or silver. So the humanity had a very low "pyramid" structure. At that time, the tax was only the so-called "tithe" - that is, it amounted to only 10% of the value generated by producers. 
Unfortunately, "money" introduces a destructive trend which gradually turns upside down this "pyramid" of people who support our civilization. For example, because gold and silver landed in the banks and palaces of the rich, their natural value was replaced with the notional value of paper or computer signals. Hence, it was necessary to build huge institutions of banking, police, accounting, programming, etc., which started to administer the flow and distribution of this symbolic "money". The same happened with supervision. After all, also those who do NOT produce any goods want to receive earnings as well. As a result, in present times the production of consumer goods is carried out by a smaller and smaller number of working population of the world (i.e. by symbolic "Indians"), gradually approaching around 1% - e.g. we know perfectly well how many in each group of workers are ordinary "idlers". There are also areas where the number of goods' producers dropped practically to zero - e.g. consider the development of previously unknown inventions and future-oriented devices with innovative principles of operation, such as my MagnocraftsTime VehiclesOscillatory ChambersTelekinetic Cells and motors of perpetual motionTelepathic Projectors, etc. In turn, the entire rest of people NOT producing consumer goods are various "extortioners" (i.e. symbolic "chiefs") - means elites, politicians, owners, managers, accountants, bankers, lawyers, policemen, military, economists, writers, designers, artists, programmers, as well as a large proportion of lecturers and teachers who teach about money, economy, management, etc., etc. All these jobs and huge numbers of bureaucrats who perform them in the model of "forcing" work with money, now are absolutely necessary. After all, the humanity created this gigantic apparatus that administers the production and distribution of symbolic money, without which apparatus "forced" work would NOT be possible. On the other hand, if instead of the model of "forcing" we use the model of "volunteering" rewarded with the phenomenon of nirvana, then the entire giant apparatus that administers money and manages extortion ceases to be needed. After all, God created and manages moral laws and mechanisms which automatically generate "moral energy" depending on someone's contribution of "moral work". So people do NOT need to control "if" and "how" someone is rewarded with "moral energy" for their work, because laws and mechanisms established by God do it automatically. As a result, everyone either performs "moral work" in quantities and in a morally correct manner - and as a result obtains or prolongs the phenomenon of his/her earned nirvana, or breaks these qualitative and quantitative laws, and as a result nirvana does NOT appear in him/her. So all these gigantic crowds of people, who in the model of "forcing" work, administered the supervision of work and the flow of money, in the "nirvana political system" will be released from doing the "forcing" and will be redirected to the production of consumer goods by undertaking a productively useful "moral work" that to them also brings the happiness of nirvana, while to the entire humanity brings the prosperity and the fast growth of progress. Notice here also that in the model of "forcing" in the group of this numerically still growing number of "extortioners" simultaneously also grows constantly the appetite for receiving increasingly higher earnings. After all, those who distribute money, according to several disciplines of our "official atheistic science", also have an "instinct" resulting from evolution to allocate to themselves the largest proportion of funds. But because these "extortioners" do NOT produce any goods, their earnings must come from the "tax" understood very generally - i.e. from increasingly higher and completely unjustified fees for practically everything. As a result, this actual tax (NOT to be confused with fees which are called by the word "tax") grows quickly and in many countries it gradually trends to be close to 100% of the produced value. At the same time, there is an increasingly acute shortage of "money" in the state for everything that taxes should actually be spent on, i.e. for education, health care, pensions, disability benefits, road construction and public transport, inventiveness, actual scientific discoveries, etc. - so everything this either collapses, or must be kept alive by private donations and thanks to the activities of morally undistorted "volunteers", while in some cases, such as in the current care for elderly people, the "solution to the problem of old age" the ruling elites begin to see already through enacting laws such as firstly "facilitating", while in the later phase probably "enforcing" so-called euthanasia. So in total, presently the humanity in practically every aspect (i.e. NOT only production and taxes) already has the structure of a very high "pyramid" standing on its top (i.e. as if on its "head"). Thus, if those increasingly fewer people who produce consumer goods, for some reasons will NOT be able to continue their work (e.g. because: they run out of fuel, country runs out of money to pay for their work, or comes a dangerous pandemic, war, revolution, etc.) then our entire civilization may quickly collapse and cease to exist. 
       (10) "Extortion" and "money" which cause it, release also a whole range of other destructive trends with an action similar to the above "all chiefs no Indians". This destructive for humanity trend of "turning the social pyramid upside down" (usually summed up in human conversations with the above phrase "chiefs only and no Indians") for all so-called "group intellects" is NOT the only fatal trend triggered by "forcing" work with "money". Similar trends that destroy entire nations, countries and civilizations, "extortion" releases much more - let us list here the most important of them. 
(10a) Taking away civil liberties. In order for "extortion" to be more and more effective, "elites" constantly "tighten the screw". In turn, one of the first "victims" of this "tightening" are the so-called "civil liberties". So people are forbidden to tell the truth by means of various laws (e.g. the pretence of revealing "privacy", spreading hatred, racism, or the use of inappropriate language, etc.); journalists or scientists who write the truth are either fired, locked in prisons, or even killed; gatherings of larger numbers of people are prohibited and government permits are required for them; travelling is limited e.g. under the excuse of spreading diseases; sending money to anyone and having cash in banks is more and more severely limited and combated; education has to be paid for - which makes it more and more impossible for the poor to get education and get out of poverty; etc., etc. 
(10b) Hermetic blocking of progress (e.g. in present times preventing the building of "perpetual motion" engines).Today's "elites" have already drawn conclusions from history lessons that are beneficial to them. So they already know that everything that is "new" changes the operation of structures of the "old" - which in turn causes the loss of privileges by some representatives of these "elites". Therefore, today's elites hermetically block the emergence of everything new. And so the "elites" from "official atheistic science" disseminate only outdated and increasingly erroneous scientific theories, such as the "big bang theory" or "theory of evolution", effectively blocking the dissemination of new theories and discoveries - such as my scientific Theory of Everything from 1985 (called also the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), because new theories always cause "reshuffling" of the group of "luminaries of science". More examples of such strongly blocked new discoveries, findings and theories are described e.g. in items #D4 and #G4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, in item #B2 from my web page named humanity.htm, and in several other my publications linked via my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm. The energy sector hermetically blocks the implementation of new technologies of generating "clean free energy" and the construction of "perpetual motion" engines, because their dissemination would result in bankruptcy of today's fuel "magnates" and corporations producing "dirty combustion energy" - in spite that numerous prototypes of such new "free energy" devices and "perpetual motion engines" are already built and work perfectly (examples of such "perpetual motion" devices already in operation are described and illustrated with videos in item #B3 from my web page named fe_cell.htm). Etc., etc. 
(10c) Avoiding revealing the truth, while multiplying deceptive official explanations (of the "big bang theory" type instead of the truth about God). The whole idea of "extortion" must be disguised with lies. After all, it would be risky if the ruling elites would explain the truth to the people they "force" and exploit, about their true role and situation. Thus, forcing and exploiting hides under lofty ideas like the good of humanity, patriotism, economy, prosperity, etc. This chronic lying then spreads to all other areas. No wonder that nowadays NOT only in politics, but even in everyday life, one says almost only what other people want to hear, although the opposite of what was said is still being done - as an example consider saying "how beautiful you look today" - although in fact just her appearance resembles an "evil witch" and although sometimes the only reason for telling this "white lie" is the intention to include her into the "Me Too" movement. It also should NOT be surprising the escalation of legislation which serves to conceal lies - such as "privacy rights", prohibitions of the freedom to express one's views (i.e. elimination of "freedom of speech"), work on legal definition of the so-called "hate speech", etc. 
(10d) Multiplying various prohibitions. In fact, as the "forcing" to work escalates, various prohibitions naturally multiply - while the excuses for introducing them look less and less likely. 
(10e) Replacing pharmaceuticals that heal, with ones that are addictive for life. After all, curing an illness breaks the flow of "money" to producers of a given medicine - therefore it is in the "interest" of medicines’ manufacturers that they do NOT cure illnesses, but only "alleviate the symptoms": for details see items #I1 and #I2 from my web page named healing.htm. Moreover, NOT curing illnesses shortens period of time when the state needs to pay retirements pensions to its old citizens. So it is NOT surprising the information, which at 18:20 on 2020/10/21 was given in the evening news on TVNZ-1, while is discussed in item #C5 from my Polish web page named healing_kuramina.htm. This information stated that when for fear of getting infected with "covid-19" in March and April 2020, NZ patients almost completely stopped going to doctors and hospitals, suddenly, in spite of the world pandemic "raging", in NZ as much as 13% fewer people died than in the same period of the previous year - is it possible that instead of healing illnesses, methods and the pharmaceuticals of today's official medicine are actually shortening (finishing off) lives of people? Of course, the enemies of this development of pharmaceuticals are all traditional healers, herbalists, acupuncture practitioners, etc. - who are still trying to cure illnesses. Therefore, the elites started "wars" with them a long time ago, imprisoning them under all kinds of excuses, requiring licenses to conduct any medical practice, introducing government approval for the use of any new drug, removing licenses from doctors who use other than officially approved treatments, etc., etc. 
       (11) What is this intelligent "moral energy" and why the accumulation of it induces the phenomenon of nirvana happiness. "Moral energy" can be defined as a unique operation of God-prepared energy programs stored and working in "God Drobinas" and discussed in (4) from item #K2 of the web page god_exists.htm. These energy programs cause that people who perform heavy physical work that meets all the requirements of so-called "moral work", increase the amount of this energy that they have. When the level of moral energy exceeds the so-called "nirvana threshold" amounting to around E=1200 [hps], it causes that a given person begins to experience nirvana. So-far units of "moral energy" are [hps] means "hours of physical struggle". Principles of accumulating this moral energy in oneself are described in items #D1 and #D2 from this web page named nirvana.htm
       (12) "Moral energy" as an excellent replacement for "money". In the "nirvana political system", however, one receives an extremely attractive remuneration for the "moral work" that is performed. It is the "happiness of earned nirvana". In turn everything else is given to humanity for free, because the production of it is going to constitute a "by-product" of "moral work" which is voluntarily performed by people to generate "moral energy" and that induces a continuous "nirvana" in the performers. So everything material will be distributed for free, that is food, housing, transport, and everything else that anyone needs for effective work and a prosperous life. In turn, because "moral work" will be performed then by nearly 100% of the population (after all, "extortioners" will then NOT be needed anymore) while this work will take up only a small percentage of the time of each working person, all of them the remaining time free from productive "moral work" will be able to spend e.g. on travelling for free, visiting relatives and friends, researching what they are interested in, inventing, tinkering, creating, studying, exploring, getting to know, etc., etc. So for people, life will become one lane of happiness and fulfilment. 
       (13) But beware: "moral energy" can also be robbed - which always leads to "non-existent existence" and to "self-destruction". Like every other form of energy, also "moral energy" can be "acquired" and thus also "robbed" by those who need it to live, but they are too lazy to generate it with their own "moral work". The technical way of robbing it with the help of the so-called "chambers of coldness" was demonstrated on the planet calling itself "Nea" to Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała. This method is roughly described in item #A3.4 from my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm, while further details can be found in the source materials indicated in there (mainly in the Polish treatise [3b]). Fortunately, God also in this matter introduced a "protection" against human imperfections (e.g. laziness). It depends on the existence of a phenomenon called "non-existent existence". This phenomenon, after the robbing of "moral energy" starts in a civilization which developed time travel but does NOT require (strictly enough) the previous earning of "nirvana" by people who are shifted back in time, always irrevocably leads to a relatively fast "self-destruction". (For more information about the "non-existent existence" see item (17) of this summary, or see item #H5 from my other web page named immortality.htm.) 
       (14) Psychological decay of humanity caused by reluctance to perform work for which nobody pays. Since "money" caused that we were all programmed that when we do some work, then we must receive remuneration for it (i.e. "money"), so if for some reasons we cannot find a job for remuneration, then we completely stop working and spend our time on idle slackness (e.g. on watching TV - because any other activity also requires buying it for money). While remaining barren, we waste our lives and our creative potential - which in the "nirvana political system" would allow us to enjoy life and turn our enjoyment into the good of entire civilization. 
       (15) Thus "money" becomes the main cause of all forms of "extortion" and all other evil on Earth. Such today's role of money was developed because, for example: (a) putting the inverted "pyramid of extortion" on its "top" was caused by "money", or more precisely by the temptation to get rich quickly; (b) in order to effectively and safely "force" productive labour, it is necessary to have more and more human "extortionists" and ever higher taxes (understood generally - e.g. as any compulsory payments introduced by the elites); © an increase in "extortionists" reduces the number of producers of consumer goods; (d) reducing the number of producers increases the cheapness of the goods produced and the production of rubbish; (e) the production of goods of ever lower quality and the increase in taxes constantly reduce the quality of life for all; (f) the decline in people's living standards induces the emergence of social reflexes, such as rebellions, revolutions, wars, etc. - which in combination with the increasingly wider possession of nuclear arsenals with ever more powerful destructive power increase in turn the danger and probability of self-destruction of humanity, etc., etc. Truly the elimination of "money" becomes an increasingly urgent need - if the humanity wants to continue its existence while the people to whose attention I recommend this summary - wish to continue their lives! 
       (16) Benefits and incredible advancement of the civilization that practices the "nirvana political system". Finally, let us analyze how the "nirvana political system" would change our civilization. For example, the nearly 99% length of free time that the performance of "moral work" by everyone would free for each person, combined with the fact that all consumer goods, as well as transport, housing and everything else that people will need for a prosperous life and effective "moral work", would then be distributed and available for free, would cause that this almost 99% of free time would be spent on enjoying life, on family, travelling, increasing knowledge, research, creating, inventing, designing, writing, etc. This would give to our civilization so rapid pace towards the ideal of prosperity, scientific and technological advancement, a feeling of happiness, and fulfilment by all people, that is hard to even imagine today. 
       (17) An additional benefit of the phenomenon of nirvana - namely that after building [b]Time Vehicles it enables people to experience "everlasting happiness" described in item #H2 from the web page named immortality.htm.[/b] As I am explaining this on my web pages, e.g. in items #F1.3 and #J4.3 from the web page named propulsion.htm, "Time Vehicles" will be built already in the "third technical era of humanity" (notice that because of the tendency to "blocking" progress and truth by all political systems that "force" people to work, our present civilization is already stuck for good in the "second technical era" that poisons the planet with exhaust fumes - as this is illustrated in our film "Future Propulsions"). On the other hand, the building of "Time Vehicles" will enable people to lead an infinitely long life. After all, these vehicles allow every person who has already reached an old age, to repetitively shift back to his or her youth years that still exist in the "reversible software time"pre-programmed by God, in which people and other living creatures live and age. Unfortunately, the attribute of human nature is that in old age people who are NOT in the state of nirvana, begin to show tendencies to bitterness, pessimism, negativity, grumpiness, grumbling, irritating, etc. - which make life difficult for them and their surroundings. As a result, if we return such bitter old people to the years of their youth, then as again being young people they still remain so "bitter to the bone". And as the years increase, their delving into bitterness and unpleasant character will only increase. Thus, if such increasingly bitter people shift back in time several times, then the moment will come for them that they will commit suicide themselves. In turn if they then hold a leadership position, on the occasion of this killing themselves, they will also blow up their entire civilization. In turn, because subsequent generations of this civilization lived just in the state which in item #H5 of the abovementioned web page "immortality.htm" I described under the name "non-existent existence", by blowing up his entire civilization, such a bitter old man will kill and erase from existence and from time all subsequent generations that previously existed after him until the time of this blowing up. This is why "when" and "if" our civilization builds my Magnocrafts and finds in the cosmos a planet of a civilization that currently occupies and exploits us (e.g. finds "Nea"), then it will probably turn out that this civilization does NOT exist for hundreds and maybe even thousands of "human years". Fortunately, people who are shifted back in time when they are just experiencing nirvana, remain happy and in their repeated life they continue to stay in the state of nirvana. As a result, if a civilization that already has Time Vehicles at its disposal, strictly ensures that only those who definitively are in the nirvana state are returned to their youth years, then it NOT only avoids the danger of blowing itself up, but also its entire eternally living population with the elapse of time achieves ever higher level of nirvana bliss, prosperity, and civilizational perfection. 
* * *
       As a curiosity about the level of complexity of my research, it is worth adding that when I started working on this item #C7, I simultaneously finished the improvement of items #D1 and #I2 from the web page named newzealand.htm. While preparing the caption for "Fig. #D1b" in there, my eye caught the similarity of the situation with the "nirvana political system" to the situation expressed in the English proverb "one apple a day will keep the doctor away ...". So I thought, that the paraphrase of that proverb in an equally funny and "cheeky" way could serve as a "motto" to this item #C7, if it was given, for example, the following content: 
Motto: "Earn a [b]totaliztic nirvana for yourself and it will keep sadness, worries and illnesses away; help to implement the nirvana political system in your own country and it will keep lies, injustice, poverty, unemployment and stagnation away; win embracing the nirvana political system by the whole civilization and it will keep even Lucifer and his devils away!" (advice number 1 for everyone who dreams of a better tomorrow)[/b] 
But after some time I also realized that in the matter of implementing the "nirvana political system" it is important NOT only to use it for achieving our own benefits (i.e. benefits for people) such as happiness, truth, justice, prosperity, progress, etc., but also as best as we are able to accomplish on a daily basis way of expressing our obedience to the will and wisdom of God through pedantically accurate documenting with "moral work" of our voluntary acceptance of laws and commandments, which, among others, in His infinite wisdom and farsightedness God established for our good. Therefore, later I changed the wording of the "motto" from this item #C7 into the present one, which in my opinion reflects much better the essence of the above descriptions of the "nirvana political system". 

Unfortunately, all political systems that the humanity experienced so-far were based solely on "extortion" (forcing). In turn the feature of "extortion" (forcing) is to block truth and progress. So it is obvious that a lot of people and "powers" described e.g. in items (7) and (13) of the above summary will hinder the dissemination of this summary which reveals that the "nirvana political system" designed by God Himself is much more perfect than everything that they know or can now imagine. Therefore, to prevent the situation that after the passage of the incoming "[b]civilization reset" that is "The Great Purification of 2030s" (in Polish: 'Zagłady Ludzkości 2030') our civilization would again repeat the previous mistakes of returning to the model of "forcing" - it is worth helping the future generations of people through the "good deed" of encouraging today's youth to read this summary on the "nirvana political system". After all, if they read it now, they perhaps implement it after the reset passes. [/b]

Fig. #C7a: Here are the life-giving "coconuts", means "fruits" of the coconut palm that are considered sacred by many nations of the world - numerous features of which are analogous to the features of the "nirvana political system". Hence, according to e.g. the verse 7:20 in the "Gospel according to St. Matthew" from the Bible which explains that "you will know them by their fruits", coconuts are an ideal symbol of the "nirvana political system". I described coconuts in more detail and illustrated in items #D1, #D3 and #C2 from my web page named [b]fruit.htm. So in there I also recommend to readers to have a look in order to review the evidence on the subject of coconuts and to find out that in fact "coconuts are an ideal symbol of the 'nirvana political system' described here". [/b]
       Both "coconuts" as well as the "nirvana political system" belong to the group of the most perfect creative products, which could be summed up with the phrase "one fruit for solving all problems". The idea of creating such solutions has fascinated humanity for centuries. It is just for its engineering implementation in all kinds of vehicles that the "Omnibus" trend was invented (described e.g. in item B3 from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5]). It is also because of the dream about pharmaceuticals that would heal all existing illnesses, the idea of "kuramina" was propagated in Poland in the past - for details see items #F5 and #H1 from the web page named healing.htm or see the entire web page (in Polish) named healing_kuramina.htm. Today's computers and mobile phones also aim to make the same idea a reality. I have been fascinated by this idea for decades. After all, I managed to synthesize this idea into the design of my starship named the Magnocraft - the list of capabilities of the most advanced version of which (and thus the number of human problems that the Magnocraft will solve) is so long that just writing them all down would take the volume of a large book. I included the same "all-in-one" idea in the Oscillatory Chamber of my invention - which will serve the humanity NOT only as a propulsion system for Magnocrafts of the first, second and third generation (i.e. for magnetic starships, "Telekinetic Vehicles" and for "Time Vehicles"), but it will also act as a source of magnetic fields with all possible parameters, an energy accumulator with unlimited capacity, a light and electromagnetic searchlight, a telepathic telescope, a telepathic projector, a telepathyser, a telekinetic doctor, a telekinetiser, a catapult that shifts people to other times, and in countless more uses. It is also this idea that during my work at the "Wellington Institute of Technology" I tried to implement in the form of a calculator called all-in-one - unfortunately I was fired from work in there before I managed to refine this idea to the qualitative end. But as I explained this in item #A1 from my web page named cooking.htm and in the "motto" to the above item #C7 of this web page, we "human vanities over vanities" cannot match the quality of our solutions of problems that bother us with what God Himself creates. This can be briefly expressed with the words that "in social life and in politics, only the 'nirvana political system' designed by God Himself and not botched through careless human implementation will work and solve the human problems that are taken care by it, as perfectly as everything that God created for such purposes - for example as problems of tiny coral islands, deprived of almost everything, are solved by the symbols of the 'nirvana political system', means by 'fruits' known to us as coconuts"
       Similarly, as we hope in the future people will also be convinced about it by the "nirvana political system", humble coconuts are a "sacred fruit" for many nations of the world. About the circumstances of God creating "fruits" of coconut palms in order to provide solutions to numerous problems of the idea "all-in-one" type, there is a very telling legend from the Pacific islands, which I repeated in item #D1 from my web page named fruit.htm. Hence, wherever there are coconuts, life will always survive. Coconuts are the supplier of everything that people absolutely need for life. After all, they are the source of countless edible products necessary for life and survival, starting with drinking "coconut water" containing all the minerals necessary for life and therefore often called "lion's milk" (because "coconut water" is also sterile and contains everything that is needed for life, in the absence of other medical drips in difficult situations, this water is used as a life-saving medical drip), through the highly nutritious edible pulp of their kernel, as well as oil, palm sugar, and even the tasty cheering drink "toddy". In addition, they are suppliers of all materials that a person needs to survive, from utensils for cooking over a fire, through baskets, sleeping mats and strong ropes, and ending with wood for construction, instruments and even medicines. Wherever they grow, people also claim that "coconuts have eyes" because their fall never hurts a person - for example, my continuous research and checking has shown that there is NOT known even a single officially documented and confirmed case that a heavy fruit of a "coconut" falls on someone's head. On the other hand, different heavy fruits often fall indiscriminately - including on people's heads. For example, in the maturation period of Malaysian "durians" considered to be the tastiest fruits in the world, walking under their trees without wearing a protective helmet becomes very risky, because their spikes and weight often seriously injure people who are under these trees. There is also a pine with very large, heavy, spiky cones, known for frequent dropping its cones on people's heads. For this reason it is called "Widowmaker". Several of these pines grow in NZ and once I even got a pine-cone from one of them as big as a human head to be able to present it to my family in Poland as a kind of curiosity. Careless walking under this pine can result in serious injury or even death. No wonder that when "evil powers" learned from their "time couriers" (i.e. from these "time couriers" which I am discussing, among others, in the caption under "Film #I2a" from the web page named newzealand.htm), that "coconuts" are an ideal symbol of the "nirvana political system", immediately for contradiction and disgust also of these results of my research, they invented and published this absurd lie later annulled by the evidence discussed in item #D1 from the web page named "fruit.htm" that supposedly as many as 150 people a year die from the fall of coconuts (notice that this lie, amongst others, discreetly confirms the existence and the reality of both these "evil powers" and their "time couriers"). It is also worth remembering that: similarly as "coconuts" need the "warmth of nature" to be able to grow, bloom and bear life-giving fruit, also the life-giving implementation of the "nirvana political system" described here symbolically requires "warmth" of its embracing and acceptance by the required proportion of "people of good will and deed"

Fig. #C7b: Until around 2005, i.e. in times when on average every two and a half years I was "forced" to look for a new job, the process of applying for a new job lasted around a year and was carried out manually on paper. For the purposes of a possible later pre-employment interview, I always printed a copy of what I sent as "application for a new job". Here is my photo taken on the balcony of the flat in which I was living at that time, with a pile of copies of my job applications that I posted only in 1996. (Notice that around a year after taking the above photo, my experiments with everyday long hours of carrying physical "moral work" that I undertook then and that pedantically obeyed God's commandments and laws - as it is recommended to be done by the most moral in the world [b]philosophy of totalizm which I created, were rewarded with the advent of "happiness of earned nirvana" in me lasting for around 9-months, which I experienced until the end of my professorship on the close to nature tropical Island of Borneo.) And one should remember that after emigrating from Poland, I was employed 9 times to new jobs that were completely different from the previous ones that I had in tertiary education - to find and obtain which jobs, of course, I had to carry out with submitting written applications until I was successful. In turn, typically finding and obtaining a job in those times in my case required already the submission of at least a hundred applications to various universities just announcing a vacancy (almost all of which, except for one that ended my search for a new job, turned out to be fruitless). In all those job searches I was guided by the proverb "Beggars cannot be choosers" - that is why I took up each of the positions offered to me, even if it was the lowest in the hierarchy of a given institution and hence the lowest paid, then I did it academically as best as I could, building through it my academic achievements, experience and life knowledge by doing it well. In spite of this, for around 9 of those years I was still unemployed and without the right to receive an unemployment benefit - i.e. living only on rapidly diminishing previous savings. This is why I am fighting for the implementation of the "nirvana political system" described here - because I know for sure that, among others, it will also save millions of people from going through very tough life experiences similar to mine.[/b] 

Part #D: Earning for ourselves the totaliztic nirvana:
#D1. How to earn a totaliztic nirvana:
Motto: "Extraordinary outcomes cannot be accomplished without putting additional thoughts and efforts into them." 

       The amazing fact which emerges from my research on nirvana is that actually this phenomenon can be earned practically by everyone - if one wishes to experience it. After previous parts of this web page explained exactly what a nirvana is, and why this extraordinary phenomenon is worth being earned, now there is a time to describe systematically how one should earn the totaliztic nirvana for himself or herself. From the previous descriptions it starts to be obvious that there are two basic ways of earning the totaliztic nirvana. The first (A) out of these two ways, boils down to the earning a totaliztic nirvana through morally-correct doing our normal job. Unfortunately, this way is possible only in some amongst physical jobs, which are listed in items #E1 and #F1 from this web page. Reasons for this were discussed in item #B3 of this web page - on the occasion of explaining why nirvana appears frequently in people who work as nurses. For a better illustration of these reasons I am going to repeat them here for the job of a lawn-mower. About the fact that professional lawn-mowers are more happy than people from other physical jobs, is known for a long time. As this is explained in the article "Sweet smell of grass cutting mows down stress" from page A9 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Friday, August 28, 2009), the happiness and good humour of lawn-mowers attracted even the attention of scientists. Only that scientists interpret these in a pure physical manner, the entire effect assigning to chemicals which are exhausted by the mown grass. (This is why Australian neuroscientists from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, try to develop a kind of perfumes named "serenescent", which would spread in the air the same chemicals as the freshly cut grass does, and due to this would make everyone who sniffs this perfume equally happy as professional lawn-mowers are.) However, although the smell of freshly mowed grass perhaps additionally calms senses, the happiness of professional lawn-mowers originates from their jobs - which are typical for kinds of so-called "moral works" that induce nirvana. For example, almost every kind of mowing is a relatively heavy physical labour - this results in the high level of feeling (F) during the mowing. The majority of mowing takes place far from eyes of angry people - so that negative feelings (f) and motivations (s) of casual witnesses are unable to spoil the moral outcomes of the labour. In addition, practically almost every mower is aware of the need of other people for outcomes of his work - this lifts up the value of his motivation (S). Another (B) manner of earning the totaliztic nirvana boils down to the completion of an altruistic activity especially designed and carried out for this purpose. Each one out of these two methods of earning nirvana for ourselves is described in subsection JE9 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]. I suggest to download for yourself this free monograph and read the indicated subsection. 
       I should add here, that in fact I was a first person who earned a nirvana - not just experienced it by a pure accident. The earning of nirvana depends simply on doing continually for a specified period of time a selective type of work (called moral work), which has this property that it runs uphill in the invisible field called moral field. (Moral field is very similar to gravity field - means it is invisible for our senses and if one climbs uphill in this field one needs to put significant effort into such climbing, but his/her moral energy is increasing with the height accomplished in this field.) If this intentional climbing in the moral field increases someone's level of moral energy above the so-called nirvana threshold then this energy opens a kind of safety valves and starts to spontaneously dissipate to the environment from the body of this person. In turn this flow of moral energy from inside of one's body to the outside, is experienced as the overwhelming sensation of pleasure, called nirvana.

#D2. Determination of the amount of moral energy which we intentionally try to earn:

       If someone wishes to earn a totaliztic nirvana, then the extremely useful is an ability to determine the amount of moral energy that this someone is generating in the result of carrying out selected moral works. In times when I experienced the totaliztic nirvana, I managed to develop a system of units and equations, which allow to determine the amount of moral energy that someone generates. It become possible because sensations which are experienced during a nirvana are very sensitive to a current changes in the level of someone's moral energy. Therefore, at that special time I was able to research how individual my activities and works influence the level of moral energy. In this item I am going to summarise most vital out of these my findings. 
       The most important step towards acquiring the ability of determining the amount of moral energy, was when in 1998 I established and introduced to the use the unit of moral energy. This unit defines the quantity of this energy and the amount of human labour that one needs to give in order to generate that unit of energy. In order to explain here what I mean, in the first stage of the development of classical mechanics, an unit of power was introduced which was called a "horsepower" (or "horse of power"). It was used to describe a power of engines and locomotives. Therefore by stating that a given locomotive has a power of let's say 2000 "horses of power", old-timers could easily imagine how powerful this locomotive was. They simply were imagining a struggle of that locomotive, with 2000 horses, in order to establish which one of them has a higher power. When totalizm introduced a new concept of "moral energy" initially called (in Polish) "zasób wolnej woli" or "zwow", also a need appeared to introduce a kind of similarly "illustrative" unit of this energy, which would give to people a rough idea as to what it takes to accumulate the amount of moral energy which is equal to this unit. On the basis of my calculations of the labour which I needed to put in order to earn, and then to maintain my totaliztic nirvana, I was able to introduce such a unit of moral energy (zwow). I call this unit a "1 [hour of physical struggle]", and I mark it with the symbol "1 [hps]". In this unit, the word "struggle" is used on purpose instead of the word "labour" or "work". It is intended to realize, that the work that one needs to put during that 1 hour, is more than just a "heavy physical labour" - it is actually a struggle in which we give from ourselves as much effort as only our body is physically capable to give. I defined this unit of moral energy in the following manner: "one hour of physical struggle, or 1 [hps], is such an amount of moral energy, which a single person is capable to generate through a morally positive heavy physical work carried out without the visual contact with the recipients of this work, if he or she physically is going to work very hard by a whole hour, and he or she is going to put in this struggle the entire contribution of the multilevel feelings (i.e. pain, tiredness, sweat, sleepiness, boredom, etc.) that normally it is possible to withstand, and also the entire load of positive moral motivations that a typical person is capable to induce in himself or herself." Please notice, that [hps] is a unit of energy, similarly as units of energy are also [kWh] - which is used to measure electrical energy consumed in households, or [joule] - which mechanics use. Only that [hps] is used to determine amounts of moral energy, while these other units are used for electrical and mechanical energy. 
       When I established the unit of moral energy, means when I established [hps], it become possible to determine the absolute amount of moral energy "E" which at the time of experiencing nirvana I had accumulated in my counter-body. As it turned out this amount was then around E=1200 [hps]. 
       The empirical comparison research, which I carried out, revealed for me also the equation which describes the amount of moral energy "E" that we earn in the result of specific "moral work". I published this equation in subsection JE8 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5], describing it over there as the equation number (2JE8). It takes the following form:
E = FS + Ση(µ/µr)fs
Notice its similarity to the known to us from physics equation for the energy "E" as a product of force "F" and the path "S" along which this force acts. Only that in moral actions the equivalent of physical "force" are our "feelings" - means e.g. the amount of "suffering" that we experience during doing a given work. In turn the equivalent of physical "path" are our "motivations" with which we carry out a given work. The above equation (2JE8) expresses that the increase of moral energy "E" in a given person is proportional to the contribution of feelings "F" and motivations "S" which this person puts to its moral work for the good of other people, but additionally depends also on the influence of other people who watch the work of that person. This influence of other people is expressed by the second part of the above equation (i.e. the part after "+"). Its main value expresses the sum of products of feelings "f" and motivations "s" of witnesses and receivers (i.e. other people) who watch the work of a given person. Notice that if these other people watching work of a given person have negative motivations, e.g. feel antipathy to this person and to outcomes of its work, then the second part of the above equation has a negative value - means it decreases the amount of moral energy being generated. But if a given work for the good of other people is carried out anonymously - so that no-one is watching when it is completed, then the entire second part of the equation amounts to "zero", because the sum of "fs" is zero. This is why the majority of religions recommend that charities always be done anonymously - e.g. see verse 6:3 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" - I quote: "When you give alms, don't let the left hand know what the right hand does." Out of other symbols used in the above equation: "Σ" means mathematical summation, "η" means the efficiency with which a given watching person passes to us its own feelings (this in turn depends on distance and on concentration of the watching person), "µ" expresses our own so-called "relative level or moral energy" (described in the next paragraph below), while "µr" expresses the "relative level or moral energy" in a given receiver of our work who just watches what and how we are doing. 
       After determining this absolute amount of moral energy E=1200 [hps], with the accomplishing of which the nirvana appeared in me, it turned out that for many reasons it is very clumsy to operate on this absolute amount. Much more handy turns to be a quantity named the "relative level or moral energy" and marked "µ". This quantity is introduced in subsection JG6 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5], and is expressed in there by the equation number (1JG6):
The relative level of moral energy (µ) is defined as the ratio of moral energy (E) that someone managed to accumulate in a given moment of time, to the moral capacity (Emax) of this person. (This "moral capacity is the maximal amount "Emax" of moral energy that this person could possibly accumulate in circumstances that this person currently lives in.) If we would like to illustrate for ourselves what this "µ" is, then we could understand it as a kind of pressure under which we compress in ourselves this ideally elastic moral energy. If this quantity takes the value "µ=0", practically this means that the pressure of moral energy in a given person drops down to the zero level of a moral vacuum of the nature that surround us (note that according to laws that rule the behaviour of energy, such a zero-level vacuum sucks moral energy from everything that surrounds it). In turn when this quantity takes the value "µ=1", this corresponds to the accomplishing the highest pressure of moral energy that is possible to be accomplished by a human being (note that according to laws that rule the flows of energies, in case of accomplishing so high pressure of energy, moral energy will tend to escape fast to everything that surrounds such a person). As this is going to be explained in the further part of this item, for myself the moral capacity "Emax" amounts to around Emax=2000 [hps], while at the time of writing this web page (in 2006) my "µ" was at the level of around µ=0.35 (the reason is that around the time of writing this subsection I was unemployed and living permanently in harsh moral realities of New Zealand, where people are not very supportive to anyone who wishes to lead a totaliztic life, and thus where it is extremely difficult to maintain a high level of moral energy). However, in 1998, i.e. at the time when I was preparing the original descriptions of the totaliztic nirvana that are summarised on this web page I was living in serene Sarawak of Borneo, surrounded by close to nature, positive people, and thus my coefficient of moral saturation was at the level of around "µnirwany" = 0.6 (thus my moral energy "E" was then at the level of around E=1200 [hps] at that particular time). This special value of µ=0.6, at which nirvana appears, is called the "µnirvana" (i.e. "µnirvana" = 0.6). In order to accomplish nirvana, one needs firstly lift his or her "µ" to this threshold value of µ = "µnirvana" = 0.6.
* * *
       Equations and units indicated above allow to solve practical problems connected with earning a nirvana. For example, they allow to calculate roughly how may days it takes one to earn the state of nirvana, what is the efficiency of subsequent moral types of work, etc. Below I am providing one practical example of a problem, which illustrates the use of these equations and units for earning a totaliztic nirvana (for further examples see subsection JE9 from volume 8 of the monograph [1/5]). 
       Problem 1. Mrs X is accompanying her husband to a one-year contract in a poor area. Because she was going to do only her housewife's duty, and also she had no many local acquaintances, she decided to use the opportunity of the incoming year with the relative large margin of free time, to earn the totaliztic nirvana. She planned to accomplish this nirvana by baking in her own kitchen several different types of cakes that melted in mouth, for which she was famous amongst her friends. Then she intended to anonymously distribute these cakes free of charge, to be eaten by residents of a local old-folk home, orphanage, kitchen for unemployed, home for battered wives and children, and drug rehabilitation centre. Her cakes had this property that their heavenly taste was originating from a very intensive contribution of labour, skills, and motivations, while from the ingredients point of view they were relatively inexpensive. Because her kitchen in the new place of living was in a poor condition, and also because making these elaborate cakes was providing a rather high level of feeling (F), she estimated that making one such a cake with the altruistic motivation (S) that she could accomplish, should result in generating around t=6.5 [hps]. How many cakes she should bake in total in order to earn the totaliztic nirvana within the span of n=100 days, if in the initial stage her "µ" was at the level of around µ=0.4? How many cakes she should bake each day during this period of n=100 days? Knowing that the ingredients to make a single such cake cost around k=9 $, what sum of money she must spend to accomplish her totaliztic nirvana? 
       Solution to problem 1: According to the estimates provided in subsection JE8 of monograph [1/5], and assuming that her "Emax" is similar to my and equal to Emax = 2000 [hps], while her µnirvana=0.6, the total amount of moral energy (E) that Mrs X must accumulate in her counter-material body in order to accomplish the level of nirvana, will equal to E = Emax(µnirvana - µ) = 2000(0.6-0.4) = 400 [hps]. In addition to this, during n=100 days in the natural manner she will dissipate the amount of moral energy equal to Er = 5µav(n) = 5(0.5)100 = 250 [hps] (where her average µ during the span of these n=100 days was µav = (µnirvana+µ)/2=(0.6+0.4)/2=0.5). Therefore in the planned period of n=100 days Mrs X must generate the total amount of moral energy equal to E = E + Er = 400 + 250 = 650 [hps]. Because the preparation of a single her cake is generating t=6.5 [hps], therefore in order to lift her amount of moral energy to the required level, she needs to prepare around E/t=100 cakes in total. This means that during the period of these n=100 days of accomplishing the nirvana, she must bake m=(E/t)/n=1 cake a day. The total costs of accomplishing her nirvana will amount to around $ = mnk = 900.

#D3. Relationship between the level of moral energy "E" or "µ" (mi) and states (conditions) of intellects:

Motto: "All human ventures in which there is NO place for God are doomed to failure, because God does NOT support the success of human actions that are NOT carried out in His name and in compliance with His commandments and requirements, while without God's help no action has a chance to end with true success - although sometimes it may give an impression of success." (It is the warning indicated by truths determined through my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985.) 

       In this item #D3 we are going to discuss the most important moral states (conditions) that various intellects experience while their relative level of moral energy "µ" (mi) changes gradually. These states arrive because the "moral energy" is the same important for [b]our soul, as "oxygen" is for our body.[/b] (Notice, however, from the explanations of item #D4 below on this web page, that the same "energy", which for the purposes of describing nirvana and states/conditions experienced by intellects, on this web page is called the "moral energy", in other areas of life and in other situations may be named differently - e.g. in the descriptions of the functioning of our body can be called "life energy", while in the descriptions of our performance capabilities can be called the "capacity of free will (zwow)".) So, depending on the supply of the soul with moral energy (or, if anyone prefers to call it differently - e.g. with "life energy"), with the reaction of our soul to it happens similarly as with the reaction of our body depending on its supply in oxygen and in clean air. It is already well known that people who breathe clean air from yet undamaged nature, are healthy, happy and optimistic - i.e. such as I remember local people during my professorship in tropical Borneo. On the other hand, anyone who, for example, lives or finds himself in one of these giant cities filled with cars and factories, in the centres of which since around the year 2000 begins to lack oxygen and clean air, relatively quickly notices that his/her body is troubled by an increasing number of various "modern" bodily illnesses - with the treatment of which already are not able to cope pharmacies and medical clinics up to several of which today is located on almost every street of these huge cities. Similarly it is with our soul. If it receives moral energy in abundance, then it keeps us healthy, happy, joyful and optimistic. However, if the supply of our soul with moral energy begins to disappear, as I will describe it below for states/conditions with numbers from 4 to 7, then the soul begins to fall into various strange "illnesses of soul" which I described in item #F11 from my web page named soul_proof.htm. The most common example of these "illnesses of soul" is a "mental depression" described in item #C6 above - which present official atheistic medicine still cannot cure effectively - hence which increasingly more often ends tragically, i.e. with death through the "moral suffocation" (e.g. committing a suicide). 
       Within the entire range of "µ" (mi) values, that any intellects may experience, i.e. within the range from µ=1 to µ=0 - means from the range of the full saturation of the soul with moral energy (at µ=1), to the complete loss of all moral energy (at µ=0), there is several distinct moral conditions or states, that these intellects acquire when their "µ" value reaches specific level. In turn on these moral states or conditions depend how these intellects feel, what level of health their souls display, and thus how they are perceived and treated by other people, means how in the end their fate will roll out. In this item #D3 we are going to explain these states/conditions, and describe "µ" at which they prevail. Of course, we need to remember that in reality there is a smooth transformation from one condition to another, and also that the values of "µ" provided here are only approximate (let us hope that in future some totaliztic researchers will appear, who are going to measure them more exactly). 
       The most distinctive states/conditions, which are experienced by intellects who change their "µ" within the whole range of possible values, can be called: (1) nirvana, (2) adoration, (3) friendliness, (4) provocativeness (i.e. beginning of depression), (5) mental marasmus (malaise, indolence, lethargy), (6) destructiveness, (7) moral death. Let us discuss now each of these conditions separately. Here they are: 
       0. "Indescribability" (µ=1). This state/condition is NOT included in the list of states known to humanity and described below, because so-far I have neither personally met anyone nor heard or read about any person, whose level of moral energy would reach a value close to µ=1. However, remembering what happens after I reached nirvana and after my µ raised even higher than µ=0.6, I purely theoretically and speculatively suspect that a person with µ close to µ=1 will start to experience just "impossible to describe" feelings, experiences, abilities and possibilities. 
       1. Nirvana (µ=0.6). This state was experienced by myself, is known very well by me, and is extremely unusual state/condition. It is experienced by a person who accumulates in his/her soul (counter-body) as much of moral energy that the value of his/her "µ" exceeds µ=0.6. (This µ>0.6 practically means, that in the soul and counter-body of a given person was already accumulated over 60% of the entire capacity for "moral energy" which this soul and counter-body is able to store - i.e. it has already accumulated over 60% from the "Emax" of a given person.) This threshold value of µ=0.6 I even called the "barrier of permanent happiness" or the "nirvana barrier" and marked in my monograph [1/5] with the symbol "µnirvana". People in whom the value of "µ" increased to value above this particular barrier "µnirvana=0.6", begin to experience the feeling of unspeakable happiness, which dynamically bursts through their chakras from inside of them. The only other known phenomenon to which the intensity of this pleasurable feeling could be compared, is "an orgasm that would last without end". In this happiness of totaliztic nirvana there are also several different levels - in my nirvana experienced during the professorship at Borneo I managed to achieve at least the next level, i.e. at least µ=0.7 (at that time I called it "niagara" because it felt like a roaring powerful, overpowering waterfall of happiness). However, I suspect that there are at least 3 different levels of totaliztic nirvana, achieved when µ reaches values close to µ=0.6, µ=0.7, and µ=0.8. In turn between µ=0.9 and µ=1 probably appears even a more superior than nirvana state, which I classified above as "0 - indescribability" - because no- one among people has ever known it or described it. 
       In Borneo, however, I was so busy with my first in the world (tedious and highly labour-intensive) general research on the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana which I experienced in there, that I did NOT have the time nor the opportunity to study in more detail the variations of nirvana that I experienced. However, I know that for some time I managed to increase my "µ" so much (probably to the order of about µ=0.7) that I named "niagara" the variation of nirvana of the significantly increased intensity that I experienced at that time - because like the huge waterfall bursting from my chakras it was simply stunning and impossible to describe. Because of the happiness of nirvana, and also because of the high concentration of moral energy inside their souls, people with nirvana take on a very special look and on face filled with happiness, and also spread from themselves a special energy field that is telepathically and sensually received by other people. The people in nirvana most strongly attract the eyes of women (especially pregnant ones) and small children - who if once see someone just in the nirvana state, they are simply unable to take their eyes off him/her. This appearance and energy field makes people in nirvana very special. Therefore, everyone who has the honour of meeting someone in nirvana and who reads descriptions of totaliztic nirvana e.g. from subsection JF6 of volume 9 of my monograph [1/4], should not have the slightest difficulty in recognizing such people who just are experiencing nirvana. Both nirvana itself, and almost all phenomena that accompany it, in addition to this web page are also described in subsections JE1 to JE9 from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5]. 
       #2. Adoration (µ=0.5). This state is accomplished by people, whose "µ" reaches the value of around µ=0.5. It is a state, which for those who are constantly increasing their moral energy, appears shortly before the state of nirvana. People who accomplished this high level of around µ=0.5, as a rule always practice philosophy of totalizm (e.g. completely without being aware of this fact, they practice the so-called "intuitive totalizm" in which people are doing what their counter-organ called "conscience" tells them to do - as described more broadly, amongst others, in item #A1 from my other web page named evolution.htm). They are surrounded with a kind of powerful energy field, similar to the one that surrounds people in nirvana, which makes them admirable for all others who practice totalizm. Therefore they are usually worshipped by the totaliztic people from their environment. Simultaneously, they also much like everyone around them - if only he/she practices (even in completely unaware way) some form of totalizm. The only people with whom they instinctively don't like each other reciprocally, are those individuals who practice the parasitic philosophy - especially those in the advanced stadium of parasitism. Such people whose "µ" reached the level of around µ=0.5, are experiencing a mixture of very unusual and pleasurable feelings. They feel continuous satisfaction with their life, and also a kind of fulfilment. They also feel a static happiness, which is making an impression of "being compressed" in them, and just awaiting to burst towards outside. 
       #3. Friendliness (µ=0.4). This is the most common state of positive and moral people in present times. It is accomplished by people whose "µ" is at the value of around µ=0.4. People who have their "µ" at this value of around µ=0.4 are friendly, helpful to others, positive, and cheerful. They go on with their lives, contributing positively to the society and carrying out their tasks in a normal positive manner. They frequently laugh and have happy moments, and generally lead happy lives. 
       #4. Provocativeness (µ=0.3). This is the first negative level of morality, which is achieved by people who allowed their "µ" to slide down to the level of around µ=0.3, or lower. This level of µ=0.3 is the border between two inverse groups of people who do NOT love nor respect each other. Above this border are "normal people", means those who even if they sometimes act immorally or sin, still in their "free will" try to act morally and listen to the promptings of their conscience. In turn on this limit µ=0.3 and below it, are "opposite to normal people", who in accordance with their "free will" always make conscious decisions to act immorally and in whatever they do to listen only to their own whims and ignore promptings of conscience. This is why all people with µ=0.3 or even µ<0.3 are always included into a completely different category than people with µ>0.3. For example, professional literature, and often their surroundings, typically call them "psychopaths" (especially in present workplaces - where publications call them corporate psychopaths). Also the Bible gives them a different name, which in English is "wicked", while in Polish Bibles is usually written as "występny" or "niegodziwiec" - for their biblical definition see verses 10:3-11 from the biblical "Book of Psalms". This is why this below-threshold level of moral energy the philosophy of totalizm calls the "level of depression" which appearance in anyone should immediately be eliminated by totaliztic methods of healing "depression" described in item #C6 from this web page. My research shows that this "level of depression" is just "µ <0.3" (i.e. in people with "Emax" similar to mine and amounting to around "Emax = 2000 [hps]", this "level of depression" amounts to around "E<600 [hps]") - see descriptions from items #D2 and #C6 above on this web page. In typical cases, reaching such a low level of "µ" by a mature person (i.e. NOT by a teenager - who is still ready to listen to the promptings of his/her conscience, as his/her decrease in "µ" is typically caused by too-fast "growth" of programs of soul in that age, and thus also the increase in the total amount of moral energy "Emax" which his/her soul could accommodate) means, that such a mature person already adopted the opposite to totalizm philosophy of parasitism in his/her behaviour - that is, either he/she does NOT do anymore what his/her conscience and moral laws ask to do, or that does it the wrong way which violates moral laws. Thus mature people who have reached such a low level of "µ <0.3", begin to reveal a whole range of negative attributes, while if their "µ" is NOT quickly rebuilt to higher values of µ>0.3, then they begin to be known by their environment as "provocative" and difficult to interact with - although with "µ" still close to 0.3 they are able to carry out their daily activities and responsibilities. If they wish, they can still be polite, although they are easily irritated and occasionally have the habit of unexpectedly exploding with strong emotions. However, their behaviour and actions are beginning to grow in an increasing number of unpleasant habits, some of which include attempts to change others into their slaves, daily use of power games, forcing others, blackmail, putting up alternatives, demonstrating their superiority, etc. All these immoral behaviours are beginning to be supplemented by the worst of them, namely by a "vampirism of moral energy", which people with µ<0.3 are beginning to practice increasingly more frequent in order to supplement their deficiency of moral energy. The biggest problem with this condition is, that if someone slipped into it without some important random reason, then it means that this person already routinely practices the philosophy of parasitism. This in turn means, that this person does not finish his/her sliding down at the level of around µ=0.3, but he/she is going to keep slipping down even more. 
       #5. Mental marasmus (µ=0.2) which also can be called malaise, indolence, lethargy, apathy, etc. People who allow their "µ" to slip as low as around µ=0.2 start to display the very negative "state of marasmus" (marasmus = malaise, indolence, lethargy). They start to make everything incredibly complicated, and practically are unable to complete any task. They are only able to talk, but unable to act - as we see it in increasingly large number of present politicians. They start to lead unproductive, parasitic, and disturbing to others life. They actually live at the cost of others. They also experience frequent states of powerful depressions and the feeling of the lack of interest from other people in them, which in many cases lead to spectacular "pretended suicides" (i.e. to spectacular damage of own body in the sight of other people, but still aimed at not hurting themselves, but just causing as much inconveniences to other people as possible; therefore it is implemented only in circumstances when they have assurance that other people do not allow them to die). Totalizm states that such intellects, which during an adult life reached this paralysing state of "5 - malaise", are already so-called "agonal intellects", the morality of which is so bad, that they are unable to improve it by themselves. 
       #6. Destructiveness (µ=0.1). This is the last state of intellects, before the moral death. It is acquired when "µ" falls as low as to around µ=0.1. People, who acquired this state, are extremely destructive both to themselves and to their environment. For themselves, they display suicidal tendencies, which otherwise then suicides committed during the condition "5 - malaise", this time in fact are aimed at finishing their own lives. Furthermore, they fall victims of various destructive addictions, deviations, etc. Their psychology is also very unstable and deviated. They not only live in a state of a chronic depression, but also they display continuous aggressiveness and unpleasantness to other intellects. Actually they are very dangerous, as in their twisted minds they can conceive, and carry out, practically every destructive action, that lies in their physical capabilities. 
       #7. Moral death (µ=0). It is always "self-inflicted" in one or other way by victims themselves, although frequently (as this is almost every time with people of a low "µ", who by themselves are not able to accomplish almost anything), it uses other people to bring the death, or it uses "accidents". It gets every intellect which allows its "µ" to drop to the level µ=0. This is a very unpleasant way of dying, as it leaves a lot of bad memories in all these who used to know a given intellect. Especially, that before it comes, these dying immoral individuals always resort to a very unpleasant "vampirism of moral energy" in order to delay their death. The death through a moral suffocation is not a different manner of dying, but any rapid death of a random nature, e.g. dying in a car accident, falling out from a window, drowning, getting lost in a cold night, perishing in a fire, and only sometimes it takes the form of the most meaningful moral death, which is committing a suicide. 
       This item #D3 is explained using examples of states/conditions and situations of so-called "individual intellects" - means individual people. After all, individual people everyone got to know best. However, the same states, conditions and situations are also experienced by so-called "group intellects", means by entire countries, nations, institutions, organizations, religions, cities, crews, families, etc. Only that manifestations of individual states/conditions in these group intellects are named differently, and also for various reasons carefully hidden, denied, covered by disclosure bans, etc. For example, in institutions the manifestation of the state "4 - provocativeness" is most often called "musty work atmosphere", while in entire countries - e.g. "lawlessness" or "protests". Symptoms of the state of "5 - mental marasmus", in institutions may be called, for example, "economic inefficiency", while in entire countries they may most often be called, for example, "corruption" - see descriptions of "corruption" from "part #E" (e.g. from item #E3) of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm. In turn manifestations of the state "6 - destruction" in institutions may be called, e.g., "cronyism", while in entire countries, eg, "dictatorship". Finally the manifestations of the state "7 - death by moral suffocation" in institutions are called, e.g., "bankruptcy", while when they cover entire countries, they can be called, for example, "revolution", "anarchy", "taking power by organized crime", etc. Of course, the above are just examples of names that these states/conditions are assigned to when they appear in "group intellects". There are many such names in use, while their meaning and manifestations are NOT always precisely defined or publicly disclosed. However, what is worth noting from the above descriptions, is that nowadays most countries and institutions are already below the level of "5 - mental marasmus" while their politicians and decision makers continue to dissipate (instead of generating) "moral energy" of their countries and institutions. It is for this reason that the world we see around is almost NOT capable of any positive and constructive action - but only unstoppably rolls down to the state/condition and situation "7" illustrated by the Polish-language film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s"). 
       The ability to relatively accurately estimate changes in the level of moral energy in any intellect from the "3-friendliness" state, which, however, has just experienced some "reevaluating event" that initiates the process of its rolling down to increasingly lower "µ" values, is highly useful for forecasting (and possible Saving) of further fate of this intellect. To illustrate this forecasting (and saving), let us use here an example of the post-war fate of Poland and Europe (i.e. times and intellects, fates and states of which I still remember relatively well). At the end of World War II, Poland and Europe were in a "4-provocative (µ=0.3)" state and began to increase the level of their moral energy. The level of "3-friendliness (µ = 0.4)" Poland has already reached around the mid-1950s, and its peak level "2-adoration (µ = 0.5)" in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, after reaching this peak moral level, in the 1970s politicians and decision-makers overdid the situation toward loss of moral energy. At the beginning of the 1980s the moral state of Poland began to return to the level of "3-friendliness (µ = 0.4)", while on 2001/9/11 a "reevaluating event" took place which initiated the increasingly rapid loss of moral energy. In 2008, Poland and Europe reached the beginning of the "4-provocative (µ = 0.3)" state characterized by the advent of depression, while in 2019 the state of "5-marasmus (µ = 0.2)" was clearly prevailing in there. Because the loss of moral energy tend to occur increasingly faster as its value decreases, it can be predicted that even before 2030 Poland and Europe will already be in the moral state of "6-destructiveness (µ = 0.1)" which in all intellects, including entire countries, means the onset of suicide activities described e.g. on my website named 2030_uk.htm, and illustrated in the Polish video from YouTube entitled Zagłada ludzkości 2030(meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s). This in turn means that if neither Poland nor Europe voluntarily and from own unimposed free will does NOT undertake any actions to reverse this increasingly faster decline, which actions according to the proverb "God helps those who help themselves" would convince God that it is worth to "extend to them a helping hand", then shortly before the year 2040 both Poland and Europe will cease to exist. Of course, being born in Poland, I am very worried and hurt by the results of this forecast. Therefore, on the basis on my knowledge and experience, in items from #A1 to #A4 of the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm, I am indicating and explaining a simple and relatively easy to implement action, which has the power to reverse the process of such collapse. This action boils down to establishing the political "Party of Totalizm" in Poland. The party would set a democratic (bloodless) goal of changing the old and destructive political system which, because of its corruption, is no longer able to generate "moral energy" (zwow), for a new and incomparably better "nirvana political system" based on phenomenon of nirvana, the mechanism of action of which nirvana God intentionally so designed that it effectively generates moral energy. In turn the results of my research on methods of God's work suggest that by undertaking by the Party of Totalizm efforts to establish "nirvana political system" which would reverse this process of decline and the loss of moral energy, one can predict with almost a certainty that it would result in God's intervention beneficial for the continuation of existence and for the better future of Poland and Europe. (Perhaps the old Polish prophecy stating that "a spark is to come out of Poland" refers to just such a turn of the situation.) 
       The existence of conditions described above, and the fact that "µ" or "E" is the only factor that we need to change in order to change our condition, is a shocking discovery, which stands in opposition to everything that manuals of our official atheistic science claimed so far. After all, before Totalizm was developed, everything was explained by extremely complex mixture of personality, genetics, upbringing, psychology, environment, stimuli, emotions, and other factors over which individual people did NOT have any control. Only my Totalizm revealed very simple fact, that who we are , how we feel, to doing of what we are capable, etc., it mainly depends on the level of moral energy (called also "zwow" energy) that we accumulated in our soul, thus is a direct outcome of the moral content of the life that we lead everyday. In turn control over the moral content of a given life, and thus also control over the amount of moral energy that we generate and accumulate in our own soul, or in our collective soul, is wielded by both each individual person, while in relation to entire countries, institutions and other group intellects, are wielded by their rulers and decision makers. Therefore the significant discovery of the philosophy of totalizm which I am describing here restores the control over what is happening with us and what is happening around us, into the own hands of individual people and into the hands of people who manage group intellects to which we belong. Only that in order to be able to enforce this control, people first need to learn the truths which I am describing here (instead of blocking, hiding, ignoring, or even actively scoffing and disgusting these truths), then they should start acting in accordance with what these truths state. Therefore, the initial requirement for starting the "repair" and "reversing the effects" of previous rolling down, is the totaliztic message contained in the title and in the content of item #F1 from my web page named totalizm.htm, which states that "without learning the truth there is NO progress". In turn another requirement of this "repair" is to choose for our rulers and for decision makers only such people who know about these truths and who are able to make the implementation of these truths in real life. 
       The amount of moral energy that someone accumulated in his/her soul (counter-body) can be relatively accurately determined by means of indirect measurements. I made such measurements during the researching in Borneo my totaliztic nirvana that I experienced in there and the outcomes of which I described in several my publications. At the current level of our knowledge, however, these measurements are very tedious research work, requiring previous experience in scientific measurements and an engineering knowledge on measurements units and on their quantitative derivation. To be honest it would be almost impossible to make these measurements by an ordinary bread eater, and even by many so-called "scientists." Much better prospects in this matter open the field (potential) that moral energy forms around the person who accumulated it. Already at our current level, this field (potential) can be quantified by a dowsing pendulum properly scaled in the so-called vibration colours. In the future, probably totaliztic researchers will be able to even build measuring devices which by measuring quantitatively the intensity of this field (potential) allow to measure the amount of moral energy that someone has already accumulated in his/her/its soul. However, so-far without such measuring devices, for ordinary bread-eaters almost the only thing that remains is the method of estimation by comparing the manifestations of a given level of moral energy - as I described it in my publications. Estimating the level of moral energy in so-called "group intellects" is even more difficult, although roughly also possible. Apart from the fact that more sensitive people perceive the level of this energy with their senses for the first few hours after being on a territory of given group intellect (for details see (iv) from item #F2 on this web page), moral mechanisms and attributes of moral energy create several further estimation possibilities. One of them is based on an objective fact best expressed in the English proverb birds of a feather flock together - i.e. "for companions everyone chooses identically as he/she feathered", and depends on estimating which group of people (i.e. of what level of their moral energy) best feels and "blooms" together in a given group intellect. An example of yet another method boils down to estimation of the level of moral energy in the actual leader of a given group intellect. After all, God causes that the morality of a leader is always representative of the dominant morality of the group intellect which this leader leads - as I am trying to explain it more thoroughly in item #J4.2 of my web page named propulsion.htm and in the post number #317E adapted from that item #J4.2. 
       The above should be complemented with an information that the fact of slipping someone's level of moral energy dangerously close to a deadly µ=0, always is preceded with a clear warning signs. To most significant among these warnings belong: 
       A. The increase of emotional instability. 
       B. The increase of aggressiveness. 
       C. Experiencing the frequent depressions. 
       D. Appearance of suicidal tendencies. 
In turn a more complete list of symptoms that indicate practicing the parasitic philosophy in one's life, which in turn causes spiralling in ever lower levels of moral energy and thus intensifies "illnesses of the soul", is described more comprehensively in item #C3 from different my web page named parasitism.htm.) 
       Thus if these warning signals appear in someone, whom we love or wish well, it is a sure sign that the morality of this person or this group intellect is going astray and that this person or group intellect is close to a death by moral suffocation. The only salvation in such a situation is to undertake totaliztic efforts to rebuild the level of his/her/its moral energy. 
       Further information about some of states and conditions described above, are presented in subsections JD1.2, JD4.2, JA2.4, and JF2 from volumes 6 to 9 of my monograph [1/4]
       In turn based on recommended by the Bible "confirmations from two independent witnesses" that explained "why", "when" and "how" God brought to the souls and bodies of the human race various improvements, which resulted in, amongst others, the states and conditions described here and manifested already at the first "glance of someone's eye" while revealing the moral situation of a given "intellect" (e.g. a person, crew, institution, country) and the level of "moral energy" resulting from this situation, are presented in item #A1 from web page named evolution.htm. In turn these two independent "witnesses", which confirm the explanations presented in there, are: (1) the empirical evidence linked to and pointed out by my fiercely blocked scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, which evidence I extracted from various areas of reality in which we live and which surrounds us, and (2) quotes and links to Bible verses that with the "living word of God" (see verse 4:12 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews") confirm the introduction by God of subsequent among these improvements. 
       At the end of this item, I would like to remind the reader of what the "motto" above warns about. Thus, whatever positive the reader does, regardless of whether the result is to serve only to oneself or to someone else, he/she should always make sure that there is a place for God in it. (Note verse 10:31 from Biblical "1 Corinthians" - quote from NIV: "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.") This is because without God's participation and help nothing will end with true successes - although sometimes it may make an impression of a success. Therefore, every action that is undertaken in accordance with God's commandments and requirements should always be done in the name of God, with God in mind, acknowledging God's role in this, and while putting God in the foreground. It is necessary to remember that my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 formally has proven the existence of God. So although almost all atheistic scientists ignore, criticize and block statements of this theory, none of them can prove conclusively and without making embarrassing mistakes that the truths contained therein are NOT binding to people - for more information see the web page god_proof.htm with my formal scientific proofs for the existence of God in its items #G3 and #G2.

#D4. Why intelligent "moral energy" is (and can be) also called in many other ways, e.g. in totalizm can be named "life energy" or "capacity of free will" (i.e. "zwow" energy), while by the Chinese with the term "chi" energy:

(Notice that the rest of this item #D4 still awaits to be translated into English.)

       Kiedy Bóg stwarzał nasz świat fizyczny, bazując na swoich wcześniejszych doświadczeniach zdecydował iż we wszystkim będzie przestrzegał "kanon (zasadę) przeciwstawności" - nadal nieuznawaną przez dzisiejszą oficjalną naukę ateistyczną, chociaż już odkrytą i praktycznie wykorzystywaną przez moją scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 zwaną także Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji. Zasadę tę (kanon) możnaby opisać następującymi słowami: obowiązująca w naszym świecie fizycznym "zasada przeciwstawności" praktycznie oznacza, że absolutnie wszystko co Bóg stworzył, czym zarządza i czemu pozwala się zamanifestować ludziom, zawsze posiada aż kilka własnych przeciwstawności, co najmniej jedna z których jest wykrywalna dla ludzi i możliwa przez nich do zdefiniowania oraz praktycznego wykorzystania. Niestety, istnienia owej zasady dzisiejsza oficjalna nauka ateistyczna nadal NIE chce uznać - z wyraźną szkodą dla naszej cywilizacji. Stąd oficjalna nauka ateistyczna nadal uważa, że istnieją zjawiska jakie rzekomo NIE posiadają swoich przecistawności. Ich przykładem może być "zjawisko tarcia" przez oficjalną naukę ateistyczną opisywane jako NIE posiadające swej przeciwstawności - chociaż mój Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji już odkrył jego przeciwstawność jaką jest tzw. "Efekt Telekinetyczny" zdolny do umożliwienia ludziom budowy silników o działaniu "perpetuum mobile" - po szczegóły patrz punkt #J2 z mojej strony o nazwie free_energy_pl.htm lub punkt #J4.4 z mojej strony o nazwie propulsion_pl.htm. Za NIE posiadający swej przeciwstawności oficjalna nauka ateistyczna uważa też "nienawracalny czas absolutny wszechświata"(jaki to czas w naszym świecie faktycznie rządzi jedynie losami nieożywionej materii - np. atomów czy skamienielin) - chociaż i dla tego "nienawracalnego czasu" autor tej strony odkrył już i opisał jego przeciwstawność zwaną "nawracalnym czasem softwarowym" (jaki rządzi starzeniem się ludzi i wszelkich istot żywych, zaś jaki opisałem np. w punkcie #G4, a skrótowo też w punkcie #D4 i we "wstępie" do strony dipolar_gravity_pl.htm, oraz w całej poświęconej wyjaśnieniu działania czasu i wehikułów czasu monografii [12]). 
       Istnienie i działanie "zasady przeciwstawności" powoduje, między innymi, że "energia" uważana przez dzisiejszą oficjalną naukę ateistyczną za "głupią", też ma swoją "przeciwstawność" - jaka jest "inteligentna". Przeciwstawnością dla owej "głupiej energii nauk fizycznych" jest owa inteligentna "energia moralna" - pojęcie jakiej używam i wyjaśniam na niniejszej stronie. Z powodu jednak posiadania inteligencji owa "energia moralna" może być nazywana też na wiele odmiennych sposobów, np. w totaliźmie jako "zasób wolnej woli" (w skrócie "zwow"), zaś Chińczycy nazywają ją "chi". Owa "energia moralna" jest bowiem złożonym "programem" (po wyjaśnienie energii jako programu patrz punkt H9.2 z tomu 4 mojej monografii [1/5]), który to program został stworzony i jest inteligentnie zarządzany przez Boga zgodnie z zasadami jakie omówiłem w punkcie #J5 ze swej strony o nazwie petone_pl.htm. Oczywiście, Bóg NIE stworzył całego szeregu programów, każdy dla innego rodzaju "energii", a stworzył jeden złożony "program energii", który zależnie od sytuacji i poziomu wypełnienia wpisanych w niego wymagań, działa inteligentnie na cały szereg odmiennych sposobów. Dlatego ten sam "program energii" rządzi jej zachowywaniem się w określonych sytuacjach fizykalnych jako "głupia energia fizyczna". W innych sytuacjach program ten powoduje zachowanie się "energii" jako "inteligentna energia moralna". Jeszcze w innych sytuacjach zachowuje się on jako "energia życiowa". Zaś po spełnieniu warunków jakie poodkrywali i urzeczywistniają np. Chińczycy praktykujący "kung-fu", zachowuje się on jako inteligentna energia "chi". 
       Odmienne działania "programu energii" w najróżniejszych opisywanych w niniejszym punkcie sytuacjach, wyjaśniam szczegółowiej aż na szeregu swych publikacji. Tym z czytelników, których zainteresują niniejsze wyjaśnienia, rekomendują także pocztanie opracowań wskazywanych we wstępie do niniejszej "części #D" - np. podrozdziałów H9.2. I4.3, I5.5 i I5.6 z mojej monografii [1/5]).

#D5. Guidelines of ancient Chinese knowledge of Feng Shui that teach how to maximize the use of "moral energy" that a given intellect accumulated through its "moral work" by limiting the dispersion of this energy:

(Notice that the rest of this item #D5 still awaits to be translated into English.)

       W końcowej części punktu #C6 niniejszej strony wyjaśniłem, że aby korzystać z przyjemnych i wysoce pożądanych efektów utrzymywania u siebie wysokiego zasobu energii moralnej (tj. utrzymywania np. "µ>0.4" czy "E>800") absolutnie konieczne jest nieustające wykonywanie tzw. "pracy moralnej", a ponadto wskazane jest zmniejszanie do absolutnego minimum procesu rozpraszania owej energii. Sprawdzone zaś już w działaniu jako wysoce efektywne wytyczne jak zmniejszać rozpraszanie wygenerowanej dla siebie "energii moralnej" udostępnia nam starożytna chińska wiedza o tzw. Feng Shui. Wiedza ta informuje bowiem jak zarządzać następstwami cyrkulacji szerokiej mieszaniny energii przez chińczyków zwanej "chi". Tyle że z badań naukowej Teorii Wszystkiego z 1985 roku wynika, że opisywana tu "energia moralna" jest tylko jednym ze składników owego "chi" - które dodatkowo obejmuje sobą też najrózniejsze efekty działania zjawisk telepatii oraz poruszeń przeciw-materii. Niemniej spora proporcja zaleceń Feng Shui odnosi się także do zachowań "energii moralnej". Dzięki więc wiedzy "Feng Shui" nauczającej jak minimalizować rozpraszanie owej energii "chi", chińskie intelekty grupowe jakie stosują się do owej wiedzy, np. chińskie fabryki, przedsiębiorstwa, organizacje, itp., uzyskują imponujące efekty. 
       Najlepiej zasady zminimalizowania rozpraszania "energii moralnej" wypracowanej przez dany intelekt ilustrują rekomendacje owej chińskiej wiedzy "Feng Shui" dotyczące tzw. "intelektów grupowych" - tj. instytucji, fabryk, miast, budynków mieszkalnych, mieszkań, itp. W odniesieniu do nich zasady owej wiedzy "Feng Shui" stwierdzają, że jedną z bardziej efektywnych metod minimalizowania rozpraszania "chi" (w tym "energii moralnej") jest uformowanie jej przepływu w obrębie danego "intelektu grupowego" w okrężny obieg zamknięty, tj. w obieg albo litery "O", albo też liczby "8". Ja wyjaśniłem dokładniej jak to uczynić w "części #B", tj. w punktach #B1 do #B6, ze swej strony o nazwie wszewilki_jutra.htm. Tamtego wyjaśnienia dokonałem na przykładzie obecnie tkwiących w stagnacji jednak miłych mojemu sercu: mojej rodzinnej wsi Wszewilki i miasteczka Milicz. Aby bowiem przywrócić zasobność, znaczenie i szczęście ich mieszkańców, jakimi owe miejscowości cieszyły się w dawnych czasach kiedy prowadził przez nie tzw. "Bursztynowy Szlak", wystarczy aby odtworzyć w nich dawny okrężny obieg "energii moralnej" (i "chi") jaki istniał wówczas wokół Wszewilek i Milicza. Obieg ten został bowiem ucięty i zatrzymany w momencie zniszczenia pradawnego młyna wodnego istniejącego koło tamy na Baryczy, a ściślej zniszczenia mostu przez rzekę Barycz, przez jaki prowadziło odgałęzienie "Bursztynowego Szlaku" biegnące kiedyś przez wieś Wszewilki i dalej do Pomorska oraz ku Bałtykowi. Odgałęzienie to we Wszewilkach łączyło się z inną drogą docierającą tam od Milicza poprzez obecną ulicę Krotoszyńską, obie jakie to drogi razem tworzyły wówczas ów okrężny obieg "energii moralnej". Aby zaś zintensyfikować generowanie "energii moralnej" na owym odtworzonym pradawnym obiegu okrężnych drog wokół Milicza i Wszewilek, wystarczy po trasie tej uruchomić okrężny autobus miejski "O" lub "8" (tj. autobus "orbiter" lub "ósemka"). Wszewilki i Milicz paraliżowane są bowiem chroniczną stagnacją właśnie od czasów tamtego zniszczenia pradawnego młyna wodnego na Baryczy, ponieważ razem z owym młynem zniszczony został wówczas istniejący przy nim most drogowy przez rzekę Barycz, jaki od czasów "Bursztynowego Szlaku" stwarzał dla Milicza i Wszewilek ów pomniejszający utratę "energii moralnej" zamknięty obieg szlaków komunikacyjnych obu owych miejscowości. Taki zamknięty obieg wszakże powoduje, że "energia moralna" generowana "pracą moralną" usług jakie miejscowości te świadczą przejezdnym ludziom, zamiast wpadać do danych miejscowości i natychmiast z nich uciekać, zaczyna w nich krążyć zwiększając w ten sposób zasobość, jakość życia i poczucie szczęścia ich mieszkańców. NIE bez istotnego powodu, miejscowości w obrębie jakich istnieją takie okrężne szlaki komunikacyjne, jak przykładowo Wrocław z jego okrężną trasą "zerówki", cechuje wysoki poziom energii moralnej, a stąd także wysoka zamożność, prężność ekonomiczna, oraz szczęście i stopa życiowa ich mieszkańców. 
       Powyżej zilustrowane na przykładzie intelektu grupowego zasady minimalizowania strat "energii moralnej" poprzez przekierowywanie jej w cyrkulację po obiegu zamkniętym mogą oczywiście realizować także u siebie "indywidualne intelekty" - czyli pojedyńczy ludzie. Wszakże u indywidualnych ludzi współistnieją dwa odwrotne względem siebie kierunki przepływu energii moralnej. Mianowicie, poprzez działania ludzkiego cieła energia ta jest wtłaczana do duszy jeśli "praca moralna" jakie ciało to wykonuje indukuje w nim uczucia jakie typowo uważa się za nieprzyjemne (np. wysiłku, zmęczenia, pocenia się, bólu, itp.). Z kolei energia moralna jest upuszczana z duszy jeśli ciało to realizuje cokolwiek co indukuje w nim przyjemność - np. odpoczynek, bezczynność, smaczne jedzenie lub picie, itp. Natomiast praca ludzkiego umysłu powoduje przeciwstawne niż dla ciala kierunki przepływu energii moralnej, tj. przyjemne myślenie wpompowuje energię moralną do duszy, zaś nieprzyjemne myślenie powoduje jej upuszczanie z duszy (to dlatego np. zacytowany w punkcie #C6 niniejszej strony werset 4:8 z bibilijnego "Listu do Filipian" zaleca aby w swym życiu myśleć głównie o tym co przyjemne). 
       Przykładem więc jak indywidualne osoby mogą realizować takie cyrkulowanie swej energii moralnej po obwodzie zamkniętym, jest realizowanie umiejętnie wybranych dla siebie "prac moralnych", na jakich wykonywanie składa się zarówno komponent ciężkiej pracy fizycznej, jak i komponent ambitnej pracy umysłowej - przykładowo prac takich jak zawód pielęghniarki, strażaka, piekarza, sadownika, kosiarza, i kilku jeszcze innych. Przy ciężkiej bowiem pracy fizycznej "energia moralna" jest generowana jeśli wkłada się w nią trud i wysiłek jakie sprowadzają na ciało rodzaj jakby wysiłkowego cierpienia. Z kolei w pracy umysłowej "energia moralna" jest generowana jeśli jej wykonywanie sprawia nam przyjemność. Stąd jeśli wybierze się do wykonywania rodzaj "pracy moralnej", jaka będzie się cechowała zaistniałymi równocześnie zarówno składową cierpienia spowodowanego ciężką pracą fizyczną, jak i składową przyjemności wywołanej pracą umysłową wykrzystującą naszą wiedzę, pamięć, inklinacje i zdolności, wówczas taki unikalny rodzaj "pracy moralnej" uruchomi w nas okrężne cyrkulowanie "energii moralnej" właśnie po obwodzie zamkniętym, jakie znacząco pomniejszy rozpraszanie do otoczenia tej niewypowiedzianie cennej energii. Takim zaś rodzajem "pracy moralnej" mogłaby być np. praca pielęgniarki, która NIE tylko wkłada wysiłek fizyczny dla dobra swych pacjentów, ale także z przyjemnością używa swej wiedzy, doświadczenia, pamięci i zdolności umysłowych, aby zintensyfikować wygodę i szybkość leczenia pacjentów. Podobne efekty uzyska np. sadownik, który NIE tylko swą ciężką pracą fizyczną służy dobru innych ludzi poprzez dostarczanie im smacznych owoców, ale także swą wiedzą, doświadczeniem i zdolnościmi umysłowymi udoskonala smak i jakość owoców jakie jego sad dostarcza. Itd., itp. 

Part #E: The work of nirvana as a "payment" - means the more perfect equivalent of "money":
#E1. With what attributes of nirvana, the philosophy of totalizm explains the functioning of nirvana as an "ultimate reward" that represents a payment and the highest compensation for morally completed physical labour, prepared by God to perform the same social functions for which presently people use money:
Motto: "Nirvana displays attributes which prove that it cannot be developed during a natural evolution - thus it is one amongst rare phenomena which directly document unimaginable intelligence and farsightedness in the creation of people by God." 

       In the light of findings of the philosophy of totalizm this indescribable happiness and pleasure which one feels after accomplishing the phenomenon of nirvana represents the ultimate reward and the highest compensation which anyone is able to receive for his or her voluntarily labour. As such ultimate reward and compensation, the nirvana can be utilised by morally advanced civilisations for a positive motivation of people. (This positive motivation, or "positive reinforcement", is such one which allows to receive from people their contribution of heavy labour, and also allows to accomplish by a given society all its goals, but is completely deprived of forcing the labour through the use of money, enslaving, punishment, blackmailing, or suffering.) Therefore the nirvana, amongst others, provides a principle for organising totaliztic societies on basis of voluntarily work rewarded with nirvana, means deprived of forcing work from people with money - as it is explained more comprehensively in item #F1 of this web page, and also on a separate web page about the political party of totalizm. The motivating force of nirvana is much higher from that of the present money. So the only reason why the today people still do not strive to nirvana, is a complete lack of knowledge about nirvana in our present society. (In my opinion this lack of knowledge about nirvana is caused on purpose by these evil powers which push our civilisation into the darkness of parasitism.) 
       My private opinion states, although at the present stage I am not able to prove it formally, that the phenomenon of nirvanawas designed on purpose in such a manner that it allows to organise the functioning of entire totaliztic societies on the basis of nirvana. This is because the nirvana displays not only the ability to positively motivate work of people, and thus in highly moral societies it can replace not only the function of present money. In addition, the appearance of nirvana is surrounded by a whole array of moral conditions. These conditions in turn cause, that the nirvana cannot be accomplished by people who do not fulfil strict moral requirements. For these reasons in my personal opinion nirvana is a kind of ultimate heavenly reward which was perfectly thought for, and wisely protected, by God, so that it serves only to these people and to these societies, which earned it with their highly moral behaviour. 
       Nirvana displays a whole array of attributes, which give to it the character of just such an ultimate reward and the highest compensation. It is because of these attributes, that nirvana is able to eliminate on Earth the forcing of work from people with the use of money, and to replace this forced labour with the voluntary contribution of work in order to earn the ultimate reward in the form of nirvana. As such, the nirvana bears the potential for complete transformation of principles on which humanity do operates. Let us review here the most vital attributes of this heavenly reward. Here they are: 
       (1) The nirvana is a source of indescribable happiness and pleasure for people who earned it for themselves. The huge explosion of happiness and pleasure which literally blows apart the body of people who earned nirvana for themselves, cannot be described with any words. In order to learn it, one must experience it in person. The only commonly known sensual experience which is closest to the nirvana, is the described in item #B1 of this web page orgasm which lasts forever. Therefore everyone who once tested the nirvana, later is going to act in the way which allows him or her to experience it for as long as possible, or allows to earn it again. This in turn means undertaking by such someone the efforts of continuous voluntarily moral work for the good of other people. 
       (2) The nirvana in a miraculous way changes characters and personalities of people who experience it, giving to these people all attributes which are the most sought for in every society. People who just experience nirvana are extremely pleasant in relationship, nice to others, helpful, satisfied with whatever they already have, with a willingness and almost a pleasure they undertake even the most difficult and heavy work which serves to the good of other people, etc., etc. This in turn makes the society of people who experience nirvana, a kind of ideal society in which everyone would wish to live and with which everyone would like to interact on everyday basis. In fact, from my own experiences described in item #B3 below I know for sure, that all people literally are craving to companionship and for contacts with a person who just is in the state of nirvana. The attractiveness of such a person becomes irresistible. Furthermore, such a person in some miraculous manner gains all these attributes which people seek in other people. 
       (3) In an appropriate moral climate and social conditions the nirvana can be maintained for the duration of the entire someone's life. This in turn inspires for the intense effort aimed at the good of other people, maintained for the duration of the entire someone's life. Such a work in turn rewards with nirvana not only the person who voluntarily contributes this work, but it also increases the prosperity and happiness of the entire given society. 
       (4) The nirvana promotes the work which includes a significant physical component - and thus disallows the alienation of someone from a true life, prevents loosing the realism, disables the formation of classes or placing someone above others, etc. The nirvana cannot be earned just solely by a mental (office) work. Therefore it forces people to do both kinds of work, means physical and mental. As it is explained in Part #C of this web page, if one does NOT do a physical work, one also does NOT generate moral energy. In turn without moral energy there is no nirvana. This attribute of nirvana disallows that people who earn nirvana could alienate themselves from a real life and live in so-called "ivory towers". It also promotes the equality of all people and the lack of classes or subdivisions into physical labourers and mental workers - all nirvana earners must equally sweat with physical effort to earn the nirvana. Notice that in the history of Earth there were attempts to liquidate classes, of the type of forcing bureaucrats, scientists and office workers by Mao Tse Tung (and also by Pol Pot) to carry out seasonal physical labour. But because these attempts were based on forcing people, not on voluntarism, they never succeeded in practice. 
       (5) The nirvana inspires the voluntarily work with a significant component of physical labour towards good of other people, and the refraining from working for material compensation. After all, the only manner of earning nirvana is to undertake the voluntarily physical labour with a full awareness that, amongst others: (a) this work serves for the good of other people, (b) it does NOT serve for material gains of ourselves, © we are not forced in any way to carry out this work, and that (d) we carry out this work in the most effective and productive manner which we can afford in given conditions. These attributes of nirvana make it socially extremely useful, efficient, economical, etc. 
       (6) The nirvana opens a burst of unstoppable creativity. The extraordinary aspect of nirvana is, that in these people who experienced it, it opens the inexhaustible source of fully original creativity. Although I myself was originally creative a long time before I earned nirvana in 1998, after I experienced it a true explosion of creative ideas has opened for me. In fact, after the nirvana, creative ideas come to my mind much faster than I am able to write them down. And we must remember that at the moment of experiencing nirvana I was 52 years old, means I was in the age in which normal creators already exhaust all their creative ideas. In time when I am writing this item I am almost 61 years old. But in fact my creativity is still so intense, that if not the fact that my activities are strongly suppressed almost continually, while instead of having a chance for technical implementations of my inventions, I am repetitively made redundant from my jobs, in more appropriate conditions probably I would be able to build time vehicles and to reassure the immortality to people, still within my present physical life. 
       (7) In jobs of the fundamental significance for the society, nirvana can be earned in process of carrying out the professional duties. For example farmers, gardeners, lawn-mowers, millers, bakers, cooks, brick layers, nurses, etc., all these are able to earn the nirvana just only when with the required motivation they carry out their normal job duties. 
       (8) The nirvana does NOT tolerate any cheating. After all, everyone who experiences the nirvana immediately is aware of his or her extraordinary state. The nirvana is a source of such huge happiness and pleasure, that it cannot be overlooked. The experiencing of nirvana cannot also be hidden from others, nor pretended. Everyone who earned the nirvana by himself or by herself immediately recognises it in others from the unique expression on their faces - see "Fig. #1". In turn this unique expression of happiness that blasts someone apart, cannot be faked - one needs to really experience the nirvana in order to have it etched into the face. Thus, the nirvana does not tolerate any cheating - as in present times frequently it takes place with money. 
       (9) The nirvana rewards in the absolutely fair manner. The discrepancies in human system of rewarding are well known. In fact, for example the highest salaries almost always receive these people who do the least work, but the most of wind. Simultaneously, the ones who really work professionally and efficiently, in the human system of rewarding usually avoid of all prises. However, the nirvana is based on the God's justice, not on the human one. So rewarded in it are the true accomplishments in all forms attempted. Thus, the more someone works, and the wider and more beneficial influence his or her work has for the good of other people, the higher level of nirvana such someone earns for himself or for herself. 
       (10) The nirvana eliminates all forms of social evil. For example, these ones who once tasted the nirvana cannot bother anymore with drugs, or alcohol. This is because all other substitutes of happiness are very poor in comparison to nirvana. As such, they are not worth the effort. So when the society tastes the nirvana, then none previous forms of social evil are going to tempt nor trouble it. 
       (11) The nirvana motivates morality and continuous self-improvement. In order to earn and to maintain the nirvana, it is necessary to act absolutely moral. Furthermore, the nirvana has a whole range of levels. So the accomplishing these next levels for oneself, motivates people to the increasingly more devoted voluntary work towards the happiness of other people, and also inspires them to intellectually invent increasingly better manners of earning the nirvana. 
       (12) The nirvana is able to eliminate [b]UFOnauts-changelings from key positions.[/b] After all, the sharp moral requirements imposed by God on the accomplishing of nirvana, make impossible to earn this heavenly state by some immoral UFOnauts-changelings. So in order to eliminate these UFOnauts from the key positions on Earth, it suffices to impose a requirement onto all politicians and onto all leaders, that in sight of the nation they must continually maintain the state of nirvana. As such, nirvana is presently the only phenomenon which allows a definitive distinguishing between people and UFOnauts. Everyone who just experiences nirvana must definitely be a human, as an UFOnaut would never be able to earn the nirvana for himself.
* * *
       The above attributes cause, that nirvana in fact is able to replace present buying of labour with money. This in turn opens the way for the formation of societies which function perfectly without the use of money. Furthermore, nirvana is able to allow a drastic social transformations. For example, the present forcing labour with money can be replaced by voluntary labour rewarded with nirvana - as this is explained in item #F1 below. Because of the nirvana, the present class pyramid of mutual exploitation can be replaced with an equal partnership and cooperation. The present atmosphere of force, exploitation, misery, and suffering on Earth, nirvana is able to transform into the common happiness, harmony, cooperation and peace.

#E2. Why it is very important that every inhabitant of the Earth learns about nirvana:

Motto: "Nirvana is the most important out of all phenomena that people can perceive with their senses. But the humanity still knows almost nothing about it." 

       Since the beginning of time our planet was divided into various systems of the type of different ideologies, manners of governing, religions, philosophies, etc. But in spite that all these systems used different names and fought with remaining systems about various insignificant technical details, in fact all of them were based on exactly the same principle. Namely, all of them forced people to do works for other members of the society. So no matter whether a given system was called imperialism or called communism, and also no matter whether it was atheistic, neutral, or practiced a religion of some sort, always the main function of it boiled down to the forcing labour from people. Therefore for each of these systems the definition of Carl Marks was true, which stated something along the lines, that "a country is a system organised to force labour from people". (E.g. see "Marx for beginners" by Rius, Icon Books, 1994, ISBN 1-874166-14-5, page 143/9 - a little dictionary of Marxist terms: "State - political organisation of the economically dominant class, having as its aim the defence of the existing economic order (status quo) - but also the annihilation of the resistance put up against it by other classes". "The state is a machine to maintain the domination of one class over another - Lenin".) Because of this omnipresence of forcing people to do works, the human civilisation to-date can be called the civilisation of forcing. Of course, in order to have in this forcing some handy "stick" against these people who avoid working, at the moment our civilisation uses the best amongst all tools of oppression and forcing, means "money". However, in places where still slavery is practiced (e.g. sex slavery, labour camps, or concentration camps), sometimes for such forcing our civilisation still uses real "sticks" and real slave drivers. 
       However, independently from this human system to-date, which is based on the forcing of labour from people with the use of a "stick" of some sort, it is also possible to use a completely different system for the functioning of societies, based on voluntary works. In this alternative system people work voluntarily to earn a heavenly "reward" wisely designed by God himself. This reward is the phenomenon of nirvana described on this web page - for details see item #F1 below. 
       Because the phenomenon of nirvana can be used as a motivation reward which is able to replace money in the functioning of entire societies and civilisations, it is hugely vital for us to learn more about it. After all, with the use of nirvana it is possible to create a society which is working on completely different, and indescribably more happy principles, than human societies to-date. Only such principles of operation of societies which are based on the voluntary work rewarded with the nirvana, are fully moral. As such, these are the only principles for the organising of societies, which were designed and are approved by GodThus, the learning of this shocking fact, that god provided us with something much better than money, and that on the basis of this something the functioning of entire civilisations can be organised in much more happy manner from our present one, is another reason why it is really worth to read this web page. 
       For people nirvana represents only a marginal phenomenon at the moment. The reason is that evil powers which secretly operate on the Earth do not allow correct knowledge about nirvana to be disseminated amongst people. For this reason, practically almost all descriptions of nirvana in existence on the Earth, introduce more confusion than information. In the result, a huge majority of people lives so-car without any knowledge of the existence of nirvana, and without learning the taste of it. Practically even a significant proportion of these ones who actually experienced nirvana at some stage of their lives, has no idea what actually happened to them. Also as so far, a proportion of these people who never learned the taste of nirvana still believe that they live decently. After all, they have cars and fridges full of food, and also television sets which make sure that these people have not noticed that they are not happy at all. Therefore, another reason for which it is worth to read this web page is learning that there is such a thing as nirvana, and how it manifests itself, that the nirvana can be earned in our normal physical life, that in an appropriate moral atmosphere and a suitable social situation nirvana can be maintained for the duration of the entire life, and that the experiencing of nirvana demonstrates to people how it feels when someone is truly happy. 
       The above situation rapidly changes at the moment when people build so-called time vehicles. After all, at that moment instead of the living through just one life, and then dying, these people can live forever. This is because they are able to repetitively shift back in time to years of their youth. This in turn allows them to relive again and again the entire their life, and simultaneously to remember these repetitions of their lives through which they already lived. Unfortunately, such everlasting life obtained through the repetitive shifting back in time has one major drawback. Namely, sitting infinitively long in front of television sets and viewing again and again the same films, is no funny then at all. In turn when someone realises then, that is unhappy, then through repetitions of this unhappy life such a person only makes deeper and more powerful this feeling of being unhappy. In the result, if time vehicles are given to the civilisation like our present one, then instead of making people increasingly happier, they make members of this civilisation to experience the true everlasting hell. The only salvation from this "everlasting hell" is if before the first shifting back in time, people earn for themselves the "totaliztic nirvana" described on this web page. Therefore, learning about the totaliztic nirvana, and also learning how to accomplish it, is an absolutely necessary condition for saving ourselves from "everlasting hell", and for accomplishing the state of "everlasting happiness". The gaining of knowledge about the necessity of fulfilling this condition is still another vital reason to read carefully the content of this web page. 

Part #F: Consequences of the phenomenon of nirvana for the fate of a given society:
#F1. How would look like the society which learned the happiness that results from experiencing nirvana:
Motto: "Everything that people are allowed to invent, is only an imitation and a substitute for whatever God developed a long ago and uses in nature. For example money is only a miserable imitation and substitute for nirvana. Therefore now when we already discovered this, let us replace flawed money with perfect nirvana." 

       Let us assume that one day the political party of totalizm wins elections e.g. in Poland. Because the party is aware of the importance of the phenomenon of "nirvana" for the happiness and for the fulfilled life of the entire society, one of the first schema of this party after winning the election would be that the government would propose an unique kind of "contract for nirvana" to all people with moral habits, who are employed in nirvana-inclined kinds of jobs. These "nirvana-inclined jobs" are all ones which are allowing people who work in these jobs to earn nirvana just through carrying out their professional duties. (To the group of such nirvana-inclined jobs belong, amongst others, jobs of farmers, gardeners, lawn-mowers, millers, bakers, cooks, waitresses, nurses, brick layers, miners, metallurgists, machine operators, assemblers, etc. - means all jobs the major part of which is heavy physical work, although which also contain a requirement of intellectual and moral contribution, and which generate products that are sought by all people.) Namely, within the scope of this "contract for nirvana", the political party of totalizm would propose to people who have required moral inclination and who work in these nirvana-inclined jobs, that for one year they would receive from the government everything that is necessary to do their job and to lead a fulfilled life, and that during this time they will be released from all payments towards anything (means from taxes, cash purchases, etc.). But in return they will earn the nirvana for themselves during this year of time. Because earning the nirvana requires altruistic carrying out heavy physical work which is fully oriented towards the good of other people, these participants of the "contract for nirvana" would do their jobs for the duration of a year without getting any payment, means completely for free and exclusively for the good and benefit of other people. Furthermore, all products of their work would be given away, also for free, to indicated people or institutions, which would process them further also without any payment. In turn these amongst such people, who after a year of time would actually prove heaving the totaliztic nirvana, with their agreement the contract would be extended for another year. 
       Let us now consider what would be consequences of the above action. For example, these farmers and gardeners who would sign this "contract for nirvana" would work for free. In turn all products that they would harvest would be passed for free to millers who also signed this contract. These millers would produce flour for free, which would be then passed for free to bakers who also signed this contract. These bakers in turn, after getting the free flour, would bake bread - also for free. The bread would be passed for free not only to these farmers, millers and bakers who produced it, but also to miners, smelter workers, metal turners, assemblers, etc., who also signed this "contract for nirvana". In the result all these other people would produce machines, tractors, cars, and airplanes, also without the use of money - only to generate nirvana for themselves while working on their jobs. When machines, cars, and airplanes would be available for free, then everyone could use them also for free whenever he or she would wish so. In the result, starting from these nirvana-inclined jobs, after a short time everything in a given society would be for free. After all, even if for producing something components would be needed which must be bought for money, these components would be financed by the government. In turn this government would acquire its finances from export, tourism, international trade, etc. In addition, all these products generated for free would be a highest quality that is possible in given conditions. After all, having all basic components for free, and trying to put into the work as much effort and heart as possible in order to accomplish the nirvana, producers of these goods would try to generate models of best quality possible, which are most developed technically and requiring the highest contribution of human labour. What even more vital, all people would rapidly find an employment which they would like the most. After all, budgets and limits of employment would then stop to apply. The work of everyone for free would always be accepted with the highest gratitude and would serve to good of the entire society. 
       When someone earns the nirvana for once, he or she wants to maintain it forever. Furthermore, nirvana is very infectious. After all, when someone learns how magnificent influence the nirvana exerts on these ones who earned it, immediately wants to also experience it by himself or herself. So when with the schema described above the political party of totalizm introduces the tradition of earning nirvana by people, this tradition starts spreading increasingly wider until soon envelops all members of a given society. In turn when the nirvana encompasses all people, then rapidly the society discovers that is completely transformed into the society which lives on totaliztic principles. 
       The most difficult aspect of the above schema of transformation between the present system of labour forced by money, and future system of voluntary labour rewarded with nirvana, would be the cooperation between both these systems. After all, in the so-called "changeover period" both these systems would need to exists and operate in parallel within the same country. Means, there would need to exist and to operate institutions in which people would work for money, and also separate institutions and organisations in which people would work just for nirvana. Because the amount of goods generated in such a country through nirvana would increase with the elapse of time, while the amount of goods generated through paid labour would decrease, there would also need to exist a manner with the use of which the wealth and products could flow from the part of the society which was rewarded with nirvana, to a part of the society paid with money. These flow would be accomplished through specially formed for this purpose centres of goods transfer. These would include institutions the services of which would increase the wealth of both group of the society, such as public transport, hotels, restaurants, etc. For an example of principle of operation of these centres could serve the functions performed by a chain of public restaurants run by people that are rewarded with nirvana. To these restaurants goods would flow from farmers, gardeners, and bakers rewarded with nirvana. Over there these goods would be transformed by cooks rewarded with nirvana into highly tasty meals, which would be also scientifically balanced from the content point of view. Then these meals would be served to clients by waitresses - also working for nirvana. But for the use these restaurants would be invited all members of the society who would feel hungry. In this number also people who would still work for money. Because these on paid jobs would obtain food for free in such restaurants, increasingly larger proportion of their salaries they could designate into the purchase of other goods that they would need. In this way the labour rewarded with nirvana would increase the prosperity of the entire nation, not just these people who would work for nirvana. In addition it would increase the health of entire nation. After all, meals in these restaurants would be not only highly healthy and tasty, but also would eliminate fridges and preparation of meals from the private homes. In turn these are the main reason for the obesity in a significant proportion of present people. Of course, with the elapse of time the number of people working for nirvana would gradually increase, until at some stage the entire given country would work exclusively for nirvana. At this moment the "changeover period" would finish, while the society fully totaliztic would be born. 
       The totaliztic society will be organised and operate on completely different principles than the present one. Differences will NOT boil down to just a complete elimination of money and elimination of the labour forced from people with this money, nor to just replacing money with nirvana while forced labour replacing with voluntary labour. In fact vital differences appear in everything. For example, all people will rapidly gain jobs and work, will have all goods required, and will have a deep sense for their lives. There will be no unemployed people, nor benefits, nor salaries. Everything in such a country becomes available for free to everyone. Numerous "invention centres" become organised, in which every citizen will obtain professional support, materials, and prototyping power to develop over there his or her own improvements and inventions. In the result, the creative potential of the nation rapidly becomes released to benefit everyone. Furthermore, special research and development centres become created, the major goal of which will be to develop futuristic technologies of the kind of telekinetic cellstelepathic projectorsOscillatory ChambersMagnocraftstime vehicles, etc. Also all people will be equal. There will be no subdivision into e.g. office workers and physical labourers - all will be contributing both these kinds of work for the good of their society. Because the nirvana perfects human character, personality, and behaviour, people become extremely nice to each other. All social evils will disappear. So there will be no drug additions, drinking problems, crime, biting, etc. Everyone will be safe. All will help each other and will be extremely nice to each other. The jealousy and material differences will disappear, Everyone will be allowed to use whatever wishes from goods available to the entire society. Everyone will also be indescribably happy. The life in such a country becomes for all a single string of "everlasting happiness".

#F2. Abilities and conditions - means why I accomplished the totaliztic nirvana at Borneo, but I am unable to accomplish it in New Zealand:

Motto: "The fact that someone was able to accomplish something in one place, does not mean at all, that in a different place also favourable conditions are going to prevail, which are to allow him accomplish it again." 

       This is best illustrated by the situation with earning our education. The "mother nature" gives to all people the same chances to earn in their lives the highest education that is possible. But already at the stage of foetal development the majority of us is limited in our chances by the society. Firstly, when we are still foetuses we have imposed various (1) inner limitations. For example, our mother may like alcohol and this causes the underdevelopment of our mental capabilities. Or we are born in a poor family which has no funds for a proper food - and this suppresses the development of our brains. Already after our birth we have imposed on us also various (2) environmental limitations. For example, our family for generations was a family of physical labourers, in which no-one gained education other than a primary school. Or our family is too poor to be able to afford the financing of our education. Finally, when we find ourselves in the age of gaining our education, we are also subjected to various (3) social limitations. For example, we may enrol to a school in which the culture of drugs, bullying, and hooligans prevails. This directs our interest onto the path of crime, not the path of gaining an education. Or the government of the country in which we live imposes the "user paid" education system and so high payments onto these ones who try to gain education, that only youth from the richest families can afford gaining a university education - as this is explained in item #E1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm. Or we are born to the family of emigrants in the country which discretly and secretly oppresses emigrants. What the above example is trying to realise to us, is that although the nature and laws of the universe create the same chances for everyone, still deficiencies in the morality of the society in which we must live, strip us from the significant proportion of these chances
       Exactly the same happens with our chance to earn the totaliztic nirvana. Although the laws of the universe provide everyone with the same chances to earn the totaliztic nirvana, but the immorality, deficiencies, and ignorance of the society in which we live may strip us from a significant proportion of these chances. After all, in order to earn the nirvana, at least the following conditions must be met. 
       (i) Our basic needs must be firstly satisfied. For example, we cannot earn the totaliztic nirvana if we are hungry or unemployed, means when we live in a fear or uncertainty of our future. The chance for earning the nirvana for ourselves are also taken away by illnesses, bad conditions of living (e.g. living in a cold, dump, and mouldy flat), helplessness, lack of prospects for the future, persecution, etc. 
       (ii) Around us must prevail appropriately encouraging atmosphere and moral climate. For example, in order to undertake activities which are going to lead us to the earning of nirvana, we must live amongst moral, sincere, happy, friendly, close to nature people, who are also working towards the improvement of the happiness in their own lives (e.g. live amongst such people as inhabitants of the tropical Sarawak in Borneo). Furthermore, correct role models and encouragements from others must be available around us. 
       (iii) We must be in the situation which is going to encourage us to generate the required level of motivations for earning the totaliztic nirvana. For example, we cannot generate motivations for earning the nirvana, if we just are at a battlefield with some hostile enemy, and the entire our energy we must put into fighting this enemy out. We also cannot generate them, if the entire our attention is devoted to egoistic accomplishing personal gains and to earning money, because the generation of "moral energy", the excess of which causes the nirvana, is only possible if we do something that is pedantically moral - means something that serves for the good of other people. (This is why in countries in which everything is aimed at profit and everything is done exclusively for money, typically prevails a very low level of moral energy, and practically almost no-one accomplishes nirvana in there.) Or we cannot generate in ourselves the required motivations, if we see around us only drug addicts, bandits, thieves, lawlessness, robbery, moral decadence, hopelessness, destruction, etc. 
       (iv) We must live in the country, or amongst a community, which as a single "group intellect" already has a relatively high level of moral energy. For example, I had no difficulty with earning and maintaining the nirvana while working in Kuching (Sarawak) on Borneo - which in majority is populated by close to nature, non-materialistic, and clearly happy people. But after returning to New Zealand I discovered, that as a whole it has so low level of group moral energy, that just in order to prevent in myself the lowering of my personal moral energy to the level of falling into a mental depression - as this is explained in item #E1 from the web page parasitism.htm, I must contribute into this prevention the intentional effort almost equal to that one which in Borneo sufficed for accomplishing and maintaining my nirvana. This is because since the time when in 1984 the power in New Zealand lost the most moral leader under rules of which I had opportunity to live, namely Sir Robert Muldoon, his successors created in the country such an atmosphere of the chase for profits and the dependency of everything from money, that the group level of moral energy of the entire country continually keeps dropping down. For example, in 2010 the average value of "µ" induced in me a feeling, that if that country is an individual intellect (i.e. a person), then it probably would remain in a continuous mental depression. Also almost every person who just arrives to New Zealand from some other country, intuitively feels this deficit of moral energy. I myself for the first time noted it already in July and August of 1996 - as I reported this in item #68 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Other people also note this phenomenon, although because of their lack of knowledge about "moral energy" they usually are unable to pinpoint what they feel - as an example of such a noticing see the article "Nation's open arms closed for business", from page A11 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, July 17, 2009. That article describes New Zealand as a country which feels as if it is closed, shut up, padlocked, empty, abandoned, etc. Of course, because of such a significant deficit of moral energy in the entire New Zealand, I personally have no enough strength to earn for myself that additional amount of it which is necessary for accomplishing a nirvana. 
* * *
       To summarise the above, our level of happiness is proportional to the actual level of morality in the society in which we live, and depends strongly on the moral atmosphere which this society creates. (We should NOT confuse here the happiness with convenience and prosperity, as even bandits may live convenient and prosperous lives for brief moments of time - although they never are going to be truly happy.) In spite that in Borneo I personally lived through the totaliztic nirvana and I know how indescribably happy feels everyone who is just in nirvana, after leaving Borneo and returning to New Zealand I am not able to earn the nirvana again, nor even maintain the moral energy "µ" at a desirable level. Of course, I personally believe that the situation in which I found myself after leaving Borneo is for vital reasons. Probably it supposed to allow me the noticing of warnings which I have the duty to report to other people (namely that the humanity which abandons the listening to the organ of conscience and stripes itself from moral principles of behaviour, becomes also the humanity which is deprived an access to happiness). 
       Several single inhabitants of our planet just by a pure chance may find themselves in circumstances when all conditions are met to allow them to earn the nirvana for themselves. This probably happened with each person experiencing nirvana which I described in item #B3 of this web page. But if it is required that the nirvana becomes a basis for principles of operation of the entire society - as this would need to happen in situations described in items #F1 and #F3 of this web page, then people should not count just on a coincidence. In such cases it is necessary to create the appropriate moral climate and to organise systematic efforts, which are going to be unambiguously aimed just on accomplishing nirvana by every citizen of a given society. For the creation of just such a moral climate, and for the organising the required situations, it is absolutely necessary to establish political parties aimed at accomplishing the nirvana by the entire society and at complete reformation of the social system - means parties of the kind described on the separate web page named political party of totalizm.

#F3. After building time vehicles, it is nirvana which is to decide whether the humanity experiences the "everlasting happiness", or the "everlasting hell" combined with non-existent existence:

       In situations when a given civilisation is composed of mortal people, such as our present on Earth, then the accomplishing nirvana can be considered by various close minded people to be a personal matter of every citizen separately. But when a given civilisation builds time vehicles, while with the use of these time vehicles it gains the access to immortality, the situation is drastically changed. The reason for this change is the kind of immortality which is accomplished through time travel. It depends on infinitive shifting back in time to years of someone's youth. Thus, although people who practice this kind of immortality live forever, in fact they remain prisoners of their own times. Therefore on web pages about time vehicles and about God, this kind of immortality is described under the name of imprisoned immortality. It turns out, that people who use this "imprisoned immortality" without previous earning the nirvana for themselves, experience worsening of their character and becoming increasingly evil after each shifting back in time. The reason is, that after each shifting back in time, the entire their previous memory, and with it also the entire their previous life experience and the unpleasant old character, still remain with them. Means, after shifting back in time, in their majority they still remain grumpy oldies disappointed with life, only that locked in young bodies. The result of this continuous saturating the society with such oldies trapped in young bodies is, that the moral level of a given society rapidly drops down, while the evilness of the population grows. As the outcome, the use of such imprisoned immortality without previous accomplishing nirvana by all people who shift back in time, causes that the entire such a civilisation becomes increasingly more hostile towards each other, and it lives in a kind of increasingly worsening "everlasting hell". What even worse, this civilisation always finally blows itself up, while the moment of this blowing itself up is backdated in time. So practically such a civilisation leads a kind of "non-existent existence" - which is explained in more details on the above web pages about time vehicles, and about God. In such a "non-existent existence" a given civilisation exists in specific times, but when it finally blows itself up, then it turns out that it did not exist already for thousands of years. (Such a civilisation, which just now is leading this "non-existent existence", is the civilisation of evil UFOnauts who secretly occupy our Earth.) Therefore, in order to avoid the life in such an "everlasting hell", in which the life of every citizen becomes a kind of passage through the hell, a civilisation which uses time vehicles and which shifts its members back in time should rigorously stick to the requirement, that shifted back in time are only these people who managed to earn the nirvana for themselves. Of course, in order to be able to impose such a requirement, this civilisation must purposely create in itself the required moral climate and the appropriate social conditions that would make possible accomplishing the nirvana by every citizen - as it is already explained in item #F2 of this web page. Expressing the above in other words, for civilisations which developed time vehicles and which practice such an "imprisoned immortality", the accomplishing of nirvana ceases to be just a private matter of their citizens, and becomes the most vital problem and most vital task for the entire this civilisation. So if this civilisation does NOT wants to finish by blowing itself up - in the meantime existing as a kind of living hell for all its citizens, then it must rigorously require the accomplishing of nirvana from all citizens before they are shifted back in time. 
       Of course, with civilisations which earlier undertook efforts to earn the nirvana by all their members, as this is described in item #F1, the situation is completely different. Namely, if a given civilisation which has time vehicles manages earlier to prepare the members somehow, so that all of them accomplish the nirvana before they are shifted back in time, then citizens of this civilisation not only live forever, but also their lives become a kind of "everlasting happiness". After all, the nirvana drastically alters the character and personality of every citizen, so that these citizens acquire all attributes which are the most sought for in every society - as this is explained in items #E1 and #B4 of this web page. More information about such "everlasting happiness", including explanations why it works like this and what it is all about, is provided on the abovementioned web pages about time vehicles and about God

Part #G: Benefits from learning about the phenomenon of nirvana:
#G1. Benefits which the reader accomplishes from getting to know this web page on nirvana:
       If with one word we would try to describe the culture which dominates humanity to-date, then the most appropriate word would be "banditism". After all, only in a culture of bandits strongly promoted would be the philosophy of parasitism - as this happens currently on Earth. Also only in a bandit civilisation, when someone is powerful and needs something, then robs it from a weaker one - as in present world this happens e.g. with crude oil or with other natural resources. Only in a bandit culture and tradition, if someone has a support of "old bays" in positions of power, then employs himself at the top of a huge institution, robs this institution from all funds, then announces a bankruptcy. Only in a bandit civilisation exist "privacy acts" which protect bandits against fast disclosure. Also it needs to be a bandit civilisation that teaches children computer games which illustrate killing of people, that in television shows mainly rapes and murders, that "the system of justice" serve mainly injustice, that decent citizens are afraid to leave homes, that the most persecuted people are these ones who try to live morally, or that the most moral, peaceful, progressive and constructive philosophy on Earth, such as totalizm, is simultaneously the most persecuted, sabotaged, and suppressed philosophy on Earth. Only in a bands of bandits and packs of wolves leaders become these ones who bite the most painfully - as this is done by our politicians. Also only in a bandit civilisation the most poor are these pones which work the most hard and who generate the most wealth, while the richest are these ones who know the best how to steal, rob, and kill others. 
       Of course, there are secret mechanisms and valid reasons for which all on our planet supports bandit traditions and behaviours, simultaneously persecuting everything that moral, constructive, and peaceful. However, these reasons and secret mechanisms are subjects of separate web pages - e.g. see web pages about UFOnauts-changelings or about bandits in our midst
       Although people apparently do not want to know about this, there is also a possibility to set the life on Earth according to different principles than ones practiced by bandits and by packs of wolves. These other principles stem from the philosophy of totalizm - and from the so-called moral laws which prevail in the universe. According to these principles, when a country needs e.g. energy, then would build telekinetic generators of free energy (the construction of which on Earth some bandit power vigorously suppresses on Earth.) If someone needs natural resources which does not have in own soil, then would negotiate moral manners of purchasing it. For leaders would be elected only most moral people who can document real accomplishments. Everything would be transparent, open and known - after all people who act morally do not need secrets. Children would learn principles and pleasures of moral life. Justice would really be just. People would be happy, satisfied, and smiling. No-one would know fear. The harder and the more efficiently someone would work, the more fruit of the work would rip. 
       Nirvana belongs to these unique keys, which could unlock such moral, happy, constructive, and deprived of fears, word for members of the human civilisation. After all, by learning about this phenomenon, people also learn that a moral behaviour is rewarded by laws of the universe, that moral laws in fact do exist and work, that we all have spirits and souls, that God does exists, etc. Thus in order to familiarise ourselves with nirvana, it is good to start from reading this internet web page on this subject. In turn by this reading one can accomplish, amongst others, following initial benefits: 
       1. Learning that a phenomenon called "nirvana" in fact does exist and that it can be experienced with our senses.This web page is worth to read even just in order to learn that there is such thing as an earned, "totaliztic nirvana". Furthermore, in order to learn that this phenomenon has a physical character, means that we perceive it with our physical bodies. Thus every person have a chance to experience nirvana. In this way the web page about nirvana disperses erroneous myths which originate from various sources of Eastern mysticism, that in order to experience nirvana one needs firstly to die and to go to heaven, and before that must spend life on ascetic meditation and on practicing Buddhism. 
       2. Learning what exactly this nirvana is. If from the perspective of my personal experiencing a nirvana, someone asks me how I would explain nirvana, I would describe it in the following manner: nirvana is an explosion of overwhelming sensation of long-lasting happiness continually flowing through our body in the direction from inside of our body to outside, which is so powerful that it feels as if it tears our body apart. The level of sensual pleasure and happiness experienced during nirvana is so high, that the only other experience to which it can be compared is the orgasm during a sexual intercourse. (Only that orgasm is a kind burst of pleasure, while nirvana is more happiness than pleasure, and also it is long-lasting.) 
       3. Learning manners on which every person on the Earth, even a potential drug addict, obtains a chance to earn nirvana - if only finds conditions that enable one to earn nirvana. I earned the totaliztic nirvana just by a pure coincident. Simply I tried to live according to requirements of the philosophy of totalizm, and here it was, the nirvana come to me. Until today I remember the first moment when I started to feel it. It was when I interrupted for a moment a tiring task of preparation of my monograph [1/2] which I was then posting to Poland, and I sited to rest. Sweat poured onto my eyes in the tropical heat, all muscles were aching from tiredness, while my hands refused to hold tools any longer. In spite of all this, when I sit, rapidly a powerful explosion of happiness burst from my inside. It was so overwhelming, that when it appeared it shocked me. At the first moment I thought that it was an overenthusiastic satisfaction from a well completed task. But when this happiness would not leave me for entire days, then weeks, and finally months, with the elapse of time I determined what it really was. As a scientist, I also utilised this opportunity to carry out various research and experiments, which presently allow everyone to earn a nirvana similar to the mine one. Personally I am sorry for all these drug addicts, who in the chase for a poor substitute of nirvana sell their souls to devils, while send their bodies to graves. After all, if they knew that earning of nirvana is much easier than securing a long-term supply of drugs, then they would probably never fell into their devilish addiction. The earning of nirvana is much easier than continuous acquiring drugs, for the experiencing of nirvana no-one goes to prison, nirvana is moral and socially beneficial, nirvana is accessible to everyone with the same easiness, nirvana can be experienced continually for many months or even years, body does not fall in addiction because of nirvana, and also sensual experiences from nirvana are more powerful, richer, and more pleasant than "being high" after taking drugs. 
       4. Learning to recognise the moment when someone experiences the beginning of nirvana. From this web page also worth to learn the information how to recognise the moment of time when one accomplishes this nirvana, means when one arrives at the "nirvana threshold" (i.e. such a value of the "µ" coefficient, that fulfils the condition "µ > µnirvana" and that makes a given person permanently and intensely happy). After all, the science to-date is completely ignorant about this phenomenon, and the majority of all these that are specialising themselves in psychology, in behaviours of crowds, or in ethics, probably for a long time are not going to know that in order to accomplish a nirvana one does not need to know Buddhism, nor to arrive to heaven. The information about the existence of nirvana may prevent the situation in future, that a person who for the first time and completely unexpectedly experiences a totaliztic nirvana, initially panics - as this was the case with myself and is described in item #C3 above. Such a panic could stem from the lack of understanding why unexpectedly he or she is overwhelmed by such a huge tide of permanent happiness, why this happiness seems to arrive from nowhere and without any known stimuli, and why this strange happiness appears in the place, circumstances, and situation, where according to a stereotype believes we rather should be unhappy. 
       A good example how shocking can be the accomplishing of nirvana when we do NOT know anything about it, can be the funny situation described in item #C3 of this web page, when I myself experienced it. When in 1997 on the island of Borneo I was laboriously although unknowingly earning my totaliztic nirvana, I knew only that every person practicing the philosophy of totalizm should always increase his or her so-called moral energy. So I deliberately and enthusiastically strived to attain such an increase. But I did not know that there is such thing as nirvana, which awaits for those who increase their moral energy above the threshold level of µ = 0.6. Thus, when the earned nirvana completely unexpectedly appeared in myself, I simply started to panic. Only the later literature searches allowed me to recognise the nirvana and to learn mechanisms which induce it. This in turn allowed me to recall, that a short-lasting version of "resonance nirvana", experienced also in past a significant proportion of my year of study during the memorable "occupational strike" from the hall of the Technical University of Wrocław in 1968 - described in item #C3 of this web page. Thus only my later personal experiencing this long-lasting earned nirvana from the tropical island of Borneo allowed me to get to know this extraordinary phenomenon. Furthermore, it allowed me also to recall and to recognise the feelings of nirvana that I remembered from that strike at the Technical University of Wrocław, and thus allowed me to finally realise what really happened to us during that memorable strike of 1968. 
       5. Learning to recognise nirvana in other people. As this is shown by the illustration "Fig. #1" from this web page, these people who just are experiencing nirvana look differently from others. Namely, a sign of enormous happiness is imprinted over their facial expressions. In turn when one knows how this expression looks like, then without a mistake can recognise it in everyone who just experiences nirvana. I personally in my life recognised two people who experienced a long-term, earned nirvana - means a nirvana similar to mine one. One amongst these two people was this anonymous lecturer of nursing from Christchurch, about which I write on this web page. Another one was the nun which did a lot of good deeds, the late Mother Teresa. Also on the face from illustration of this small totaliztic being from "Fig. #1" of this web page, emerges this expression of immense happiness that is so characteristic for nirvana. 
       6. Learning a unit of [b]moral energy, and learning how to determine the amount of moral energy which we earned.[/b]Moral energy is this special energy, the flow of which from our counter-body to the physical body is causing all feelings of pleasure, including nirvana. This energy displays all attributes of every other form of energy. For example, it can be measured, generated, while UFOnauts rob it from people during abductions to UFOs, using for this robbery a special "chill chambers" - described in sections {3200}, {5120} and {5550} from the Polish treatise [3b]. Unfortunately for people, our science so-far did not develop a device, nor a unit of measure, for quantifying this energy. In order to make up for our lack of progress in this area, I introduced a unit of moral energy called "one [hour of physical struggle]", or "1 [hps]". This unit already now allows to estimate approximately the amount of moral energy which we earned for ourselves, on a similar principle like in old times the historic unit of [horsepower] allowed people to measure the power of first steam locomotives. 
       7. The accomplishing a proof for the fact, that we all have spirits, and that we should take precautions in our lives for the fact that human science is wrong in all matters concerning [b]God, spirit, soul, etc.[/b] The fact that during a nirvana moral energy flows from our counter-body to the physical body, has also an immense evidential value. After all, the name "counter-body" is a scientific expression for what religions call "spirit" or "phantom". Since nirvana allows us to experience in person, that after all we have this counter-body (means that we have a "spirit") - in spite that the orthodox science states otherwise, this becomes an evidence for us to not take too seriously whatever present manipulated science claims about God, spirit, soul, religious knowledge, etc. 
       8. Revealing that all members of totaliztic civilisations maintain themselves in the state of nirvana for the duration of entire their lives. Nirvana can be earned by every citizen - if only suitable role models, conditions, motivations, philosophical climate, etc., are created for him or her. Therefore every society which develops for itself moral principles of behaviour and appropriate philosophical atmosphere, is going to have all citizens continually experiencing the state of nirvana. Thus the entire population of this civilisation is going to be in the state of continuous happiness which is difficult to describe to human from the Earth. This in turn is going to cause, that the life in such a totaliztic civilisation is a continuous stream of extreme happiness and pleasure. Exactly such a thing is visible on the being from a totaliztic civilisation shown in "Fig. #1". 
       9. Indication of a simple manner of distinguishing cases when so-called "contactees" from the Earth are in touch with representatives of a friendly towards people totaliztic civilisation, from cases when they are in touch with representatives of UFOnauts who occupy the Earth. In recent years can be noted an increase in cases of so-called "contactees" - means telepathic contacts between selected people and representatives of cosmic civilisations. However, the problem with these contactees is such that the majority of people is unable to distinguish which one out of these contacts are with totaliztic civilisations which try to help tormented humanity, while which ones are with diabolic UFOnauts who try to harm humanity. After all "evil always assumes shapes of good, while devils always pretend to be angels". Therefore UFOnauts who always contact people exclusively for destructive purposes, in their contacts cunningly pretend to be helpers and protectors of humanity. An example as to how misleading and difficult to see-through are these messages to contactees from UFOnauts, is the content of web page which in November 2006 was available under the address
       As it turns out, nirvana is the key to distinguishing contacts with UFOnauts who pretend to be representatives of friendly civilisations, from true representatives of such totaliztic civilisations. Representatives of totaliztic civilisations always show themselves to people whom they contact. As an example of a contact with them see descriptions of messages from the being shown in "Fig. #1" of this web page, presented in treatise [7/2]. Thus if a given contactee knows what to take notice of, then he or she can notice nirvana in them. In turn UFOnauts always contact in such a manner, that the contacted human could not see them. This is because they know jolly well, that people are going to feel the evil, hostility, unhappiness, and this characteristic "coldness" radiating from them, which are attributes of these unhappy creatures that live from robbery and are preoccupied exclusively with harming others. Further information about contactees are provided on a separate web page named truth
       10. Tangible illustration how much humanity is loosing by deviating from the path of moral life and by entering the present path of banditism. The civilisation which follows the path of morality, with the elapse of time creates such a philosophical climate, information, rules, system of guidelines, moral recommendations, and role models, that all citizens of this civilisation maintain themselves in the state of permanent nirvana. All inhabitants of such a civilisation have also an access to knowledge, models, motivation, possibilities, and encouragement required for maintaining themselves in the state of nirvana for as long as they wish - means practically for the duration of the entire life. The evidence for this fact is the being shown on illustration "Fig. #1", which clearly experiences the state of nirvana. Through the abandoning of the path of moral behaviour and entering the path of banditism - about which I am writing at the beginning of this item, the humanity looses the chance for making every of its citizens permanently happy for the duration of the entire life. So instead of creating on Earth an oasis of happiness and nirvana, humanity just is creating for itself a hell on Earth, filled with fear, suffering, inadequacies, hunger, and everything that results from living inside of a bandit civilisation. 
       11. Explanation how our present civilisation is able to transform from the present system of the forcing labour with money, into a system of voluntary labour rewarded with nirvana. This transformation is extremely desirable. After all, it increases many fold the level of happiness, the feeling of fulfilled lives, and prosperity of all people. 
       12. Explanation why accomplishing nirvana by all citizens becomes the most vital problem and task of every civilisation which acquires the technology of time vehicles. As it is revealed on this web page, in case when a civilisation which uses time vehicles shifts back in time all its inhabitants without making sure that all of them accomplished nirvana, then the evilness of this civilisation begins to escalate very fast. This in turn causes that citizens of this civilisation are increasingly hostile towards each other, means that all inhabitants of this civilisation live in a kind of everlasting hell. In turn when a civilisation manages to create such a moral climate and such a social situation, that all members of it are able to accomplish nirvana by the moment when they are shifted back in time, then the life in this civilisation becomes a kind of everlasting happiness
       Of course, after reading this web page one accomplishes much more benefits than just these listed above. The previous list is mainly to realise, that this web page is NOT just a kind of entertainment, but it also offers something much more important. So let us read it now in order to learn what is it. 

Part #?: ... (These parts of the web page are reserved for future use) ...
#?1. ...(Items reserved for future use and writing)...

Part #Z: Final information of this web page about the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana:
#Z1. To summarize this web page about the totaliztic nirvana:
Motto: "The path of immorality onto which humanity is just directed, is the path of suffering, tragedy, and lost chances. Fortunately, there is still not too late to return to the path of morality, totalizm, and nirvana." 

       For a long time people are repeating that money do not give happiness. But in spite of this, present humanity in the chase of money and prosperity forgets about what truly makes us happy, namely about leading a moral life agreeable with so called moral laws. In the result, instead of becoming increasingly happy, we lead only more convenient life, although it is increasingly full of suffering, uncertainty, fear, tragedies, frustrations, hopelessness, etc. Are these what we really are after for our children and grandchildren in the future? 
       In His unlimited wisdom and guidance God allowed me to experience nirvana, and created for me conditions to determine how every citizen of the Earth could earn for himself or herself this state in favourable circumstances and then maintain it for the rest of his or her life. But the same God allowed me also to experience, that in order every human could earn such nirvana for himself or herself, on Earth must prevail morality and totaliztic principles of living. 
       In case of entering the path of morality a huge number of rewards awaits for humanity. The nirvana described here is only one of these. Another is immortality (means the infinitively long lives), which - as this is explained on a separate web page about time vehicles, the humanity would be able to accomplish already for the generation which is just born (but under the condition that humanity enters the path of morality). To the list can also be added the peaceful, happy and fulfilled lives, deprived of fears. But also these can be accomplished only when humanity returns to the path of morality. 
       For some time now the humanity deviates from morality onto what seems to be an easy path that in item #G1 of this web page is called the path of "banditism". But this path is just an evil illusion. The prosperity and comfortable lives can accomplish on it only sparse number of people - and only under the condition that they enter the path of evil and robbery and that they had a fortune to be born in countries which rob others instead of being robbed. But even for these few people, their prosperity and comfort are continually endangered. They can loose it in the matter of hours. Simultaneously, for the decisive majority of humanity, the further following the present path of banditism means only more suffering, tragedies, fear, uncertainty, lack of happiness, unsatisfied desires and needs, etc. After all, the phenomenon of nirvana described on this web page clearly and unambiguously reveals, that in order to become a civilization of happy people, we firstly need to become a civilization of pedantically moral people. So let us stop the further progress along the present path of banditism, and let us direct ourselves onto the path of morality. We should not await until our leaders-changelings enter firstly this path. They are already lost for the morality and progress. Rather each one of us must begin by himself or herself and start to obey moral laws as from now onward. We should not await until we receive policemen on duty who would check whether we act morally, but for every situation in our life we must find ourselves the principles of moral behaviour from the whispers of our conscience. After all, for the moral future of our civilization is not so important what laws are imposed on us by our governments, but is important how frequently we ourselves do whatever the conscience is asking us to do.

#Z2. How with the use of web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#Z3. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further improvements of this presentation of the extraordinary phenomenon of nirvana:

       In order to see how the updates of this web page is going to eventuate and progress further, it is worth to revisit it from time to time. From the definition this web page is going to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as possible new information come to my hands, or some events take place which will inspire me for carrying out the update. So if in the future you wish to learn these news, then perhaps you should revisit this web page. This is because I am going to update it periodically, as soon as the further developments give reasons for reporting any further details. 
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at addresses: (posts from #89 = 2006/11/11) (posts from #293 = 2018/2/23) (posts from #293 = 2018/3/16) 
All posts to blogs of totalizm (half of which is in English) are also available in my publication [13] disseminated free of charge through the web page tekst_13.htm
       On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#Z4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm). 
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor on 4 different universities, i.e. on 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 till 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in my professional life). 
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. 

#Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link. 
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#Z6. Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, nvention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used to say in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below). 
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