Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

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Volume 1 – „Practicing Totalizm“. Chapter A from volume 1 explains how to practice the philosophy of totalizm in our everyday lives. Volume 1 is the most important volume of the whole monograph [8e/2], as the main reason for learning totalizm is to be able to practice this philosophy in our everyday life – and in this way to be also able to reap numerous benefits that totalizm brings to these people who practice it. It is worth to notice that practicing totalizm is relatively easy, as this philosophy has only one rule, namely everything that you do you should do pedantically moral (i.e. in your deed you should avoid breaking so-called „moral laws“ and try to just obey these laws. Thus, in order to practice totalizm in an „aware“ manner, it is enough to learn the content of these „moral laws“, and then to obey them in our everyday life. However, if someone has NO mind for an aware learning these moral laws, then he or she can practice totalizm „intuitively“ – through listening to whispers of his or her own conscience – which knows all the moral laws and is always telling us what we should do in a given situation. An idea as to what approximately contains volume 1 of [8e/2], gives the internet description of the philosophy of totalizm briefly summarised on the web page totalizm.htm – about the philosophy of totalizm.
Volume 2 – „Understanding Totalizm“. Chapter B from volume 2 explains how one should understand totalizm. Chapter C realises that „knowledge is responsibility“. Chapter D from volume 1 provides interpretations of various morally controversial issues considered from the point of view of canons and moral laws that are already recognised by the philosophy of totalizm. Thus, chapter D presents also the official stand of totalizm in various controversial matters (e.g. sacrifice, corporal punishment, vegetarianism, etc.). It is worth to notice, that various issues discussed in chapters B and D of volume 2, e.g. canons of the operation of universe, the action of „moral laws“, „moral field“, „moral energy“, etc., are also discussed on the totaliztic web pages totalizm.htm – about the philosophy of totalizm, morals.htm – about operation of moral laws, bible.htm – about mysteries and curiosities of the Bible, or will.htm – about so-called „free will“.
Volume 3 – „Nirvana and other benefits from practicing totalizm“. Chapter E from volume 3 presents the extraordinary feeling of happiness that is known under the name of the „totaliztic nirvana“. Totalizm teaches how to accomplish this nirvana feeling. Chapter F presents other kinds of benefits from practicing totalizm. In turn chapter G from volume 3 presents the original version of so-called „Totaliztic Mechanics“. This Totaliztic Mechanics is simply a collection of laws and regularities which describe the operation and attributes of the „counter-world“ from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Another version of the same information is presented in volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. The phenomenon of nirvana is also briefly explained on the web page nirvana.htm – about the totaliztic nirvana.
Volume 4 – „The counter-world in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity“. Chapter H from volume 4 presents the „counter-world“ from the other end of gravitational dipole, means presents this world which remains invisible for human sight and instruments. Volume 4 is the first out of two volumes which describe the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Chapter H concentrates on presenting this part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which concerns the physical behaviours and physical attributes of the counter-matter from the counter-world – means the substance which displays attributes of a natural „liquid computer“. Notice however, that the same Concept of Dipolar Gravity is also presented in volumes 4 and 5 from monographs [1/4] and [1/5]. Furthermore, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is also explained briefly on the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm – about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Chapter HB in volume 4 explains the history of discovery why antigravity does not exist while the antigravity vehicle cannot be build (this discovery led to the formulation of firstly the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and later also the philosophy of totalizm).
Volume 5 – „The virtual word in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity“. Both volumes 4 and 5 from monograph [8e/2] describe the entire „theory of everything“ called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity“. This theory documents that the gravity field displays attributes similar to these in magnetic field – namely that gravity also have two opposite poles (i.e. „inlet“ (I) and „outlet“ (O) for the gravity field). In turn the existence of two poles of gravity field mean that our universe must be composed from two separate worlds, means from our „physical world“ – located at the „inlet“ of gravity field, and from invisible for us so-called „counter-world“ – located at the „outlet“ from the gravity field. Out „physical world“ is filled up with a „stupid“ substance called „matter“. In turn this „counter-world“ is filled with the substance called „counter-matter“ – all the attributes of which are exactly opposite to attributes of our stupid matter. For example, this counter-matter is intelligent in the natural state and behaves like a kind of a „liquid computer“. Thus in the memory of this „liquid computer“ exists also additional separate world blessed with intelligence, which is called the „virtual world“. Volume 5 presents this intelligent virtual world. Chapter I from volume 5 explains this part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which results from the intelligence of the „virtual world“. The most important matter presented in it is the existence of a huge „natural program“ that resides in this virtual-world, and that popularly is called „God“. Other matters discussed include, amongst others, the formation of human soul and spirit, work of karma and creditory karma, feelings, etc. Subsection I3.3 from volume 5 presents the formal proofs that this software God really does exist. Subsection I4.1.1 lists and explains the most important moral laws. Subsection I5.4 explains the model of the brain as an input-output device, ULT language, differences between souls and spirits, the mechanism of feelings, love, magic, black magic, traps of so-called positive thinking, and many more. Volume 5 is a version of chapter I (volume 5) from monographs [1/4] and [1/5]. The part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which relates to God is also described briefly on the totaliztic web pages god.htm – about the scientific and secular understanding of God, and evolution.htm – about intelligently controlled evolution of man. In turn various scientific evidence for the existence of God, together with a formal scientific proof for the existence of God, are presented on the web page god_proof.htm – containing compendium of scientific proofs that God really does exist.
Volume 6 – „Let us get to know God“ Volume 6 discusses a completely new topic which so-far was NOT addressed in any other monograph by the author. Namely, on the basis of findings and logical directions originating from the philosophy of totalizm, as well as from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, this volume 6 discusses a range of attributes and methods of action used by God, which so-far were identified and described. For example, it discusses the appearance of God, the personality and character of God, so-called „relative imperfection“ of God, methods of action of God, the „autobiography“ of God, the simulations to-date carried-out by God, and many other topics which religions existing in the Earth either do NOT want, or are unable, to explain. The content of volume 6 systematises, summarises, and extends information on the subject of God that previously were provided on the totaliztic web pages god.htm, god_proof.htm, evolution.htm, bible.htm, will.htm, and immortality.htm.
Volume 7 – „Parasitism and Evil Parasites“ Chapter K from volume 7 presents the philosophy of parasitism. This philosophy is an exact opposite of totalizm, and also the main enemy of totalizm. For example, the leading principle of parasitism is the rule that never obey anything to the obeying of which you were NOT forced somehow. Because when considered together, totalizm and parasitism cover the entire range of all possible behaviours of people, every person on the Earth practices either some form of totalizm or practices some form of parasitism. The philosophy of parasitism (which works on opposite principles than these utilised by totalizm) is also summarised briefly on the web page parasitism.htm – about parasitism. Chapter KB from volume 7 presents so-called „evil parasitism“ (means the most advanced version of decadent parasitism). It discusses a wide array of methods and evil tricks used by so-called „evil parasites“ to enslave and push down people. It describes numerous ways that these parasites use to hide from people both their continuous presence on the Earth as well as their massive exploitation of people. It also describes how these parasites suppress various disciplines of human knowledge so that we are technically inferior in comparison to them, how they assassinate inconvenient people who try to lift somehow humanity in the development, how they hold back our spiritual development, how they spread immorality and the model of a perfect slave on the Earth, and many more. Evil parasites themselves are described on the web page evil.htm – about origins of all evil on the Earth. In turn various methods of acting used by these parasites against people are also explained on web pages military_magnocraft.htm – about destructive capabilities of magnetically propelled vehicles, day26.htm – about tsunami on 26 December 2004, wtc.htm – about collapsing WTC, katowice_uk.htm – about collapsing the hall in Katowice, shuttle_pl.htm – about downing the space shuttle Columbia, katrina.htm – about technically induced hurricane Katrina, tornado.htm – about technically induced tornadoes, or landslips.htm – about causing destructive landslips and mudslides.
Volume 8 – „History of Totalizm“ Volume 8 contains several chapters that describe a brief history of totalizm to date. Chapter L describes major milestones in the to-date development of totalizm. Chapter M discusses various prophecies that relate to totalizm. In turn chapter N to R contain summary of monograph [8e/2], literature references, and a page „Abut the Author“.