Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

Normale Version: Monograph [1/4]
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Volume 1 on moulding the destiny
Volume 2 on the Oscillatory Chamber
Volume 3 on the discoidal Magnocraft
Volume 4 on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
Volume 5 on the Virtual World and God
Volume 6 on Totalizm
Volume 7 on morality and moral laws
Volume 8 on Parasitism
Volume 9 on Nirvana
Volume 10 on free energy, telekinesis, and time
Volume 11 on telepathic devices
Volume 12 on unexplained phenomena
Volume 13 on proof for the existence of UFOs
Volume 14 on devices of UFOnauts
Volume 15 on abductions to UFOs
Volume 16 on evidence of activities of UFOnauts
Volume 17 on methods of UFOnauts
Volume 18 on our self-defence from UFOnauts