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V5.3.1. The Deer Cave from Northern Borneo as the most spectacular example of a UFO tunnel
From the first moment of time, when around 1980 I theoretically deduced the possibility of evaporation of glossy underground tunnels by propulsion system of flying vehicles that
utilise principles of the Magnocraft, I intensely seek such tunnels. Unfortunately, all tunnels that initially I managed to identify and locate, were in areas that are unaccessible for me. Thus, I was not able to visit them and to see them in person. No wonder that in 1993, after I initiated my professorship on the Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my highest interest induced the "Deer Cave" that represents one of the major tourist attractions of the Gunung Mulu national park located in the northern part of the Island of Borneo - see parts d) and e) of Figure V6 from this monograph, and also Figure P36 from monograph [1/3]. Due to a rather unusual "coincidence", the photograph of this cave I saw for the first time already on the first day after I arrived to the Universiti Malaya, i.e. already on 2 September 1993. The large colour photograph of this cave was visible on the open page of the calendar that just was standing on the desk of a deputy Vice Chancellor for academic matters, by whom I was welcomed immediately after my arrival to this university. The round shape and the shiny walls of this cave were so meaningful, that I could not refry myself from asking my host, where is this cave that looks as if it is cut out in the rocks by a huge drill. During all three next years of lecturing at the University Malaya, I constantly make plans to visit Borneo, in order to see this cave. According to infirmation that I accumulated on it, the access to it was relatively easy, as it represents one of the most important tourist attractions of Borneo. Unfortunately, as I then noted this, by some strange "coincidents" (today I already know that these were intentional manipulations of UFOnauts which occupy our planet), in spite of working in Malaysia for three long years, and in spite of undertaking numerous attempts, I did not managed to visit the Deer Cave. But it appears that this cave was very vital for the future, because my life-fate took such a course, that starting from 1 October 1996 I initiated my next professorship just on the Island of Borneo, i.e. at the University Malaysia Sarawak located near the city of Kuching. This time I decided to make use of the first opportunity of a local holiday, and I went to investigate this cave.
In spite that the "Deer Cave" was located on Borneo in the same Malaysian Province as my University, still visiting it took me four days of inconvenience, formalities and tension, and - in spite of selecting the cheapest manners of travelling - cost me an equivalent of one- third of my monthly salary. The trip to the cave was started at 6:00 in the morning on 27 May 1997, and included: 14 hours of continuous drive by bus through the distance of almost 1000 kilometres that separate Kuching and Miri, staying for the night in Miri, running around in Miri in order to reserve for myself an accommodation in Mulu in the shelter near the cave and to get a ticket for a local aeroplane that flies from Miri to Mulu, 45 minutes of the flight from Miri to Mulu in a biplane, walking several miles through the jungle from the airport in Mulu to the headquarters of the National Park in Mulu where I reserved my accommodation, while after the arrival to the Park's headquarters getting a formal approval for entering the area of the park, and finally three kilometres of the walk through a path made in the tropical jungle (i.e. the march from the shelter in Mulu in which I had my accommodation, to the entrance to the Deer Cave). The arrival back from this four days long expedition to my flat near Kuching, was around 9 in evening on Friday, 30 May 1997. In the Deer Cave itself I was three times, i.e. immediately after I arrived to it, around six in evening on Wednesday, 28 May 1997 (when, amongst others, I also observed the departure of thousands of bats from the interior of this cave), and also around seven in the morning a next dat on Thursday 28 May and again around midday of the same Thursday. Around 4 hours that I had in my disposal between the morning visit and the midday visit to this cave I spend on visiting two other caves that are present in the vicinity of the Deer Cave in the same National Park in Mulu, namely on visiting the "Wind Cave" with its huge stalactites and stalagmites, and the "Clearwater Cave", which is considered to be the longest cave in the South-East Asia. This visiting allowed me to investigate and to compare differences that exist between the Deer Cave and other caves from the same area. These differences are so visible on the first glance, that just only seeing these three caves, without even the knowledge of technological attributes of the Deer Cave described in this subsection, should suffice for realising that this one must have a technological origin from a UFO flight.
The Deer Cave make on me an unforgettable impression. Actually during the looking, it took my breath away. It is colossal. Only the part that currently represents a clearance of it, i.e. contained between the apparent floor and the ceiling, is around 120 meters high and in some areas is around 160 meters wide. But we must remember that under the apparent floor there is a layer of rock rubles that fell down after the flight of a UFO, which I estimate at not less than 40 meters deep (i.e. deeper than the height of a 10 floor building). This layers lies on the real floor of the tunnel, and covers the lower part of it. It is on this invisible for tourists real floor of the cave, which lies around 40 meters below the apparent floor of this cave, that water accumulates which leaks down from walls of the Deer Cave and then flows out from it as a sizeable river. What a size and power must have a K8 UFO vehicle capable to evaporate such a huge cave in a solid limestone mountain.
The Deer Cave has a shape similar to letter S that runs completely horizontal between two flat sides of a limestone mountain. Its complete length amounts to around 1 kilometre. From the southern entrance to this cave, i.e. the entrance through which tourists currently enter it, this tunnel is directed towards the magnetic azimuth of 60 degrees. The cross-section of the cave by this southern entrance is resembling a side outline of a half of cigar combined from two UFOs (or Magnocraft) of K8 type - compare Figure F7 with part d) of Figure F31 and with part e) of Figure V6; means it slightly resembles a square ellipsis. This entrance shown from the inside is visible in part e) of Figure V6. Around 400 meters from the entrance, the cave changes a direction through a smooth arch. Now it runs exactly from the magnetic south towards the magnetic north (i.e. towards the magnetic azimuth of 0 degree). Simultaneously the cross-section of the cave changes from a square ellipsis into an almost precise circle. Because of the converge of thermal stress in the rock, starting from the initial point of this change of direction, collapses of the ceiling of the cave appear, which gradually increase according to the advancement of the curve. The most intense collapses appear in the final point of the arch, where not only huge volumes of the ceiling collapsed, but also both walls. Further, the cave runs along a straight line for around 300 meters in the exactly northward direction. In this area the collapses diminish fast. The cave itself assumes the shape of almost a perfect circle. Then it starts to change direction again, with a smooth arch directing itself at the magnetic azimuth 30 degrees. The cross-section again changes into the shape of a square ellipsis. Simultaneously again collapses of the ceiling and walls appear, which intensify according to the advancement of the curve. In turn the apparent floor of the cave lowers down fast, so that at the northern exit from the cave it disappears almost completely and converges with the real floor.
Quite good descriptions and illustrations of the Deer Cave are contained in many books. One of books that contains a relatively accurate description and illustrations, is [1V5.3.1] by Mike Meredith & Jerry Wooldridge with Ben Lyon, "Giant Caves of Borneo", Tropical Press Sdn Bhd (29 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur 1992, ISBN 967-73- 0070-9. This cave was also described in numerous tourist guides of Malaysia. These can be obtained from the "Sarawak Tourism Board", #3.44, Level 3, Wisma Satok, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia; Tel: +60(82)423600; Fax +60 (82)416700; E-mail: To the same institution one may turn to obtain a free map of Sarawak, on which the Deer Cave is indicated.
After I examined the Deer Cave thoroughly, and analysed the characteristic attributes of it, I come to the conclusion, that for sure it originates from the underground flight of a UFO vehicle of K8 type. I am also completely sure, that if I have an access to appropriate research equipment and research funds, then without any difficulties I would be able to conclusively proof in a scientific manner, that this particular cave was evaporated technologically by such a UFO vehicle. (After all, I proved my capabilities in action, through a formal proving that UFO vehicles do exist - see subsection P2, what previously no other researcher of UFOs was able to accomplish.) Here are attributes of the Deer Cave, which I managed to identify so-far, and which especially strongly certify for the origin of this cave from an underground flight of a UFO:
#1. Residual magnetisation still present in the native rock of the cave. Because of the resistance of the limestone to magnetisation, this residual magnetisation is too low to be detected with the use of an ordinary compass. But the existence of this magnetisation is revealed by bats during evening flights out of the cave. In the Deer Cave a huge number of small, insect eating bats lives. They have the size of European sparrows. Their number in the book [1V5.3.1] is estimated at around 600 000. Each evening they fly out from the cave for a night hunting of insects. Their departure occurs in large flocks, which most probably represent individual families of these bats. During the flight, these flocks spread into the shape of a long snake, which numerous entangled coils penetrate through some kind of invisible and always the same windy channel in the air. I observed the departure of these flocks on Wednesday, 27 May 1997 around 6:30 in evening. In every single flock so many bats were present, that the burr and whir of their wings completely drown out all other evening noises of usually very loud tropical jungle. What strike me in them the most, is that each subsequent ribbon of bats was following in the air some kind of very entangled flight path, before it decided to fly towards the west, always following exactly the same air canal as previous flocks, although it could select many different directions of flights. The most shocking aspect of this flying ritual of bats is, that at the entrance from the cave each flock follows very complicated circles, which exactly correspond to the predicted course of magnetic circuits of the UFO vehicle that evaporated this cave. This moving along circles at the entrance to the cave, combined with the later flight always along the same spiral air channel, suggests that bats leave the cave guided by the permanent magnetisation frozen in the native rock. This magnetisation was left there by a UFO vehicle which firstly flown in a horizontal motion to wards the entrance to the present cave, and then evaporated the Deer Cave. The necessity of the existence of this magnetic channel is indirectly acknowledged even by orthodox scientists who study these bats. In publications about the Deer Cave (e.g. in [1V5.3.1] indicated previously) these scientists wonder what allows these huge flocks of bats to find their cave without any error.
#2. The presence of telekinetic energy in the Deer Cave that attracts deer. The name of this cave originates from the dialect of the local tribe named Berewan, in which this cave was called "Gua Payau" what translates into English as the "Deer Cave". This tribe for centuries utilised it as a site of deer hunting. One of the last such hunts, described in the book [1V5.3.1], took place in 1951. The cave always seem to attract these poor animals, which led by some irresistible instinct always submissively entered it, in spite that almost each time were shot dead in there. The instinctive need of deer to enter the Deer Cave cannot be explained with the habit passed to them by parents, because almost every deer which was found in this cave was shot dead. So this need must originate from the telekinetic energy frozen in the cave itself. From the times when I was researching UFO landing sites in New Zealand, I remember very well that in areas of landing of these vehicles, always the form of telekinetic energy was present in the soil. (From my research to-date it appears that the residue of this energy originated from the permanent telekinetisation of the soil - for details see subsections H8.1 and NB1 of this monograph.) This energy was especially powerful in landings of the UFO configurations of the flying system or flying cigar type, which produced especially powerful magnetic field. Such telekinetic energy irresistibly attracted local animals. Most noticeably it attracted sheep and deer. I saw them frequently lying down on former UFO landings. Sometimes sick sheep lied down on UFO landings sites to die on them. Therefore old UFO landings frequently were covered with bones or with decaying remains of sheep, what make for me more difficult investigations and photographing of these sites. For example, when in 1988 I photographed a landing of a flying system of UFOs shown in part d) of Figure V2 from this monograph, it was covered with just such bones and decaying remains of a sheep. This is because of these macabre looking remains of the decaying sheep, that I did not show on this photograph the entire UFO landing, i.e. the entire outlines of the four-leafs clover, but only a fragment of this landing that was free from macabre sheep remains. (This dead sheep was still not there when I found this UFO landing in the middle of 1987, and also when the aerial photograph of it was taken shown in part c) of Figure V2.) I believe that exactly the same kind of telekinetic energy which is left on UFO landing sites from New Zealand, is also present frozen in the rocks of the Deer Cave - thus irresistibly attracting deer to it. Because many caves do exist in the world, which locally are called "deer caves" (one of them exists in Poland), it is worth to have a closer look at these caves. Perhaps some of them display attributes of underground tunnels evaporated by UFOs, as described in this subsection.
#3. Very powerful odour. Tunnels evaporated by UFOs froze in their walls the telekinetic energy which irresistibly attracts animals - in case of the Deer Cave mainly deer, bats, and swifts. Moreover, this field is very active biologically, causing a slightly different than normal rotting processes to occur. This in turn has a consequence that is easily noticeable by everyone. The consequence is a powerful smell which prevails in UFO tunnels. After all, bats, as well as all other creatures that are attracted to these tunnels, produce guano which with the elapse of time ferments and rots. Also the dead bodies rot in this unique manner with the elapse of time. In turn the fermentation and rotting of these guano and dead remains, occurring in the presence of a powerful telekinetic field, produces an extremely intense odour with a characteristic fragrancy of smell (see item 9 in subsection F10.1.1). In case of the Deer Cave, this odour resembled to me a sharp odour of ammonia in the vomiting inducing version of it present in horse urine, with a suffocating odour of "hydrogen sulphide" or rotting eggs, mixed with the smell of an old mould. Of course, all caves smell, but the smell of natural caves is different from UFO tunnels, means more bearable and not so intense. Because of the huge size of the Deer Cave, and because it has open entrances at both ends - what gives to it a character of an open pipe, quite a good ventilation does exist in this cave. Thus a part of this odour is ventilated out and even people with a very sensitive noses (like myself) still are capable of entering this cave without vomiting. But in spite of this ventilation, the odour of the Deer Cave is at least three time more intense and more unpleasant than the odour of others, natural caves located in the same area, which I then also visited. In case when a UFO tunnel has almost closed all its entrances, as this is the case now with tunnels under Babia Gora in Poland, soon after these tunnels are evaporated, their odour most probably is unbearable for humans. It must also form a smelly area near each one of its entrances still opened.
Of course, as everything in our universe, this powerful and characteristic odour which prevails in UFO tunnels, has also positive consequences. One of them is that it may be used as a major identification criterion, which in the future may help us in the initial recognition of UFO tunnels immediately after we enter one of them, and a long time before such a tunnel can be identified by the configuration and by physical attributes that sometimes are difficult to be detected. The spread of this odour in vicinity of entrances to UFO tunnels may also be a signal where this entrance should be sought. So if in some area something smells terribly for several years, and no-one has an idea where this constant odour comes from, it may mean that somewhere near this area an entrance to a UFO tunnel is hidden. For example I remember, that such an unidentified by anyone source of very unpleasant smell was placed in the sector of Kuala Lumpur called "Subang", just near an old passenger airport called "Subang Airport" for this city. Frequently driving to this airport, on the area of the road leading near the hotel "Hyatt Saujana", even myself was chocked by this smell (this smell was also a reason for commonly known, constant complains of guests to this hotel). In addition to this odour, according to local folklore, just on this "smelly" section of the road, frequently various "supernatural" events were reported, which could be interpreted as cases of encounters with UFOnauts. For example, in the night programme named "Patrick Tioh" regarding ghosts, which was broadcasted by "Radio 4" in Kuala Lumpur, once was a case reported of a car that hit a human figure which was just crossing this road. But when the driver stopped to give a first aid to the victim of this accident, it turned out that there was none on the road. (See also an identical Russian case of driving a car through an UFOnaut, described in [2T2] from item "Ad.2." in subsection T2 of this monograph.)
As time elapses, also the telekinetic energy frozen in walls of UFO tunnels must gradually diminish according to the curve of half-life. Together with this energy the biological activity of a given tunnel must diminish, so also the characteristic smell that it creates. Thus, by the intensity of the smell that prevails in a given UFO tunnel, in the future researchers more sensitive to smell most probably will be able to estimate the age of a given tunnel. UFO tunnels which were evaporated relatively recently, most probably generate such an intense smell, that without the use of a gas mask most probably will be impossible to breath in them at all.
#4. Shape and cross-section. At present, the Deer Cave on Borneo has a lot of collapses of ceilings, which occurred after it was formed, and which can easily be distinguished from the natural shapes because the collapsed blocks lie on the flat apparent floor and their top parts fit into the holes that exist above them in the ceiling. But if someone takes the correction for these collapses, i.e. in thoughts lifts them into their previous positions, then the geometry of the Deer Cave related to the direction this tunnel runs, is exactly such as it should be expected from tunnels evaporated by UFOs. A person who visits this cave may easily check this by imagining the flight of a cigar-shaped UFO composed of two vehicles K8 type with the external diameter D=140.44 meters (see Table F1 from this monograph). It is enough to reflect the outlines of such an imaginary UFO cigar onto the native rock of this cave, through passing this cigar in thoughts along the central axis of the Deer Cave, while the floor of this vehicle all the time remains perpendicular to the local course of force lines of the environmental magnetic field (i.e. the plane of this floor runs vertically, while the central axis of this floor is directed towards the magnetic north - as this is shown in Figure F31). Then it turns out, that the geometry of the tunnel received in this manner and projected into the native rock, has the original - means appearing before the collapses of the ceiling, shape and the cross- section of the Deer Cave. This means that the shape of the Deer Cave is exactly as it should be in case when this tunnel is evaporated by UFOs.
#5. The existence of apparent and real floor. Almost completely flat and aerodynamic floor of the Deer Cave, along which tourists are currently walking, is only the apparent floor, smoothed by expanding gases evaporated by UFOs. Under this apparent floor, around 40 meters below it, there is a real floor of this cave (see part c) in Figure F31). It is covered by rock rubble and thus in the majority of length of the cave inaccessible for people. Only just before the exit from the cave (which is inaccessible for tourists) the apparent floor rapidly descends down almost uncovering the real floor (still covered with rock rubble and with water that accumulates in it. Water flows along this real floor. This water originally drips from walls of the cave and accumulates on the bottom. The water later forms a small river that flows out of the Deer Cave around a hundred meter from the southern entrance of it (which now is used by tourists). This river is easily noticeable to tourists, because the final part of the walking track through the jungle that leads to the Deer Cave, runs along banks of this river, while just before the entrance to cave there is a small bridge that crosses it. Thus the Deer Cave has two levels in total - means it is very characteristic for horizontal UFO tunnels (see part c) in Figure F31). The top level is an open tunnel with a flat and relatively dry apparent floor along which tourists are walking. In turn the bottom level, located under the apparent floor, is covered with rock rubble and flooded with water which at the entrance to this tunnel form a small river that flows out of the cave.
#6. Aerodynamical rocks. The flat apparent floor of the Deer Cave is covered by countless stones and rocks that in past were subjected to the washing by the extremely hot gas plasma. They have a flowing, aerodynamical shapes, melted and rounded all sharp corners and surfaces, and look like "China stones" from New Zealand. (See photographs of these New Zealand "China stones" shown on Figure C13 from monographs [5/4] and [5/3], and also descriptions of these stones provided over there in subsection C11.) The aerodynamical rocks from the Deer Cave melted with plasma, clearly differ from the washed by water rocks which cover streams that flow through bottoms of other caves in the same region of Mulu (e.g. water washes concave cavities in weaker areas of the rock, while the plasma washes rounds sharp edges and melts the protruding convex areas). This means, that the aerodynamic character of rocks and stones from the Deer Cave does not originate in the same manner as the aerodynamic character of the river stones from other natural caves of the same region - not mentioning that aerodynamic rocks from the apparent floor of the Deer Cave are not washed by any river.
#7. Evidence of the action of high temperatures left on surface of rocks from the interior of the Deer Cave. Surfaces of rocks washed by the plasma, which can be found inside of the Deer Cave and can be examined from a close range, are flaking away and are covered with bubbles, i.e. they are exactly such as one would expect from their melting, evaporating, and cracking by the heat and blow of gas plasma.
#8. Glossy areas on walls and ceiling. In various areas of the ceiling and upper walls of the Deer Cave, which remain unaffected by the collapses that occurred only after the cave was created, and also are not affected by water that flows along them, various glossy areas still appear until today, that look as if they are cut by a drill or evaporated by hot plasma. Under a closer examination it is visible quite clearly that these areas are remains of the original surface onto which the plasma whirl of the UFO that evaporated this cave was acting.
#9. Systematic collapses that show a thermal connection with the behaviour of a UFO which evaporated this tunnel. A huge curiosity of the Deer Cave is, that there is several areas in it, where the ceiling, and even walls of this tunnel, collapsed meaningfully. But contrary to natural caves, where the appearance of the collapses results from weaknesses of the natural rock and does not show any order, the collapses in the Deer Cave have a highly systematic character. They depend on the behaviour of the UFO vehicle which evaporated this tunnel, or more strictly on the characteristics of the intensity of heating of native rocks by this UFO vehicle. In areas where the UFO heated rocks in a highly uniform manner, there are NO collapses of the ceiling. But when only for some reason a deformity in the heating of this rock appeared, immediately together with the increase in these deformities also the intensity of collapses is increased. Thus, such collapses are on both ends of the tunnel, although their character depends whether a given hole represented an entrance, or an exit, for the UFO vehicle. Furthermore, these collapses appear also in all areas where the tunnel changes the direction. In the areas of changes of the direction, such collapses always begin in the point where the UFO vehicle that evaporated the cave started to complete its turning manoeuvre. In this particular point a large amount of rock rubble starts to appear, which collapsed from the ceiling at the outward side of the turn. Then as the turn deepens, also the rocks that collapsed from the ceiling become larger, while the area of their collapsing gradually extends into an entire ceiling, in order to incorporate also both walls in the most deep part of the turn. The pieces of rock that collapsed in some areas grow to the size of large churches (or small mountains). But immediately after the turn of the UFO vehicle becomes finished, and thus the heating of walls become uniform, also the collapses diminish. The above indicates, that in areas of changes of directions by a flying UFO, the heating of the walls of the tunnel by the plasma whirl of the vehicle becomes not uniform. (This also can be easily deduced theoretically.) This in turn causes the piling up of thermal stress in the rock, and consequently collapses of the ceiling. The scientific value of the Deer Cave is additionally increased by the fact, that in this cave two such turns appear, caused by the double change of the direction of flight of this UFO (after all, this tunnel has the shape of an S letter). Thus everyone may check this regularity in the formation of deformities in the heating of walls of this tunnel, and confirm with his/her own eyes that the pattern of collapses described here was repeated exactly on both these turns.
#10. The dependency of the shape of apparent floor from the behaviour of the UFO that evaporated this tunnel. Similarly as this happens with collapses, also the surface of the apparent floor of the Deer Cave is deformed appropriately to the direction of flight of the UFO vehicle that evaporated it. And so this floor is flat and horizontal on the straight sections of the tunnel. But it forms descends and meaningful dunes on the curves of the tunnel. The shape and the course of this apparent floor is exactly corresponding to what can be deduced from the behaviour of droplets of evaporated rock that speed along the tunnel and that only awaits for an opportunity to solidify - see items 29 and 30 in subsection F10.1.1.
#11. The lack of attributes that could indicate a "natural" origin of this cave, combined with the simultaneous presence of all attributes indicating the origin of this cave from the underground flight of a UFO vehicle. The Deer Cave does not display any attribute that would be typical for natural caves - i.e. it does not have incontinuities, entangled course, rapid changes of the cross-section, a river that flows along its length, etc. Furthermore, this cave indicates the presence of all attributes that one expects from tunnels evaporated by UFOs, i.e. the same major dimensions and cross-section along the entire length of straight sections, the dependency of the shape from the magnetic azimuth into which it is directed, etc. - for details see subsection F10.1.1 of this monograph.
The Deer Cave is one of the most spectacular examples of a tunnel evaporated in rocks by a UFO that flew underground. On me it exerted an influence that took my breath away. In addition, it is present in the area that is open for tourists and that has a relatively good communication and accommodation. Furthermore, in the close proximity there are also natural limestone caves which are open for tourists (e.g. the Wind Cave or Clearwater Cave), visiting of which is not more inconvenient or more difficult than visiting the Deer Cave itself and can be accomplished during the same expedition. For scientific exactitude it is worth to compare attributes of this UFO tunnel with attributes of these natural caves. (Differences are so striking, that one needs to be blind in order to not notice them and not accept them.) Finally, as this can be deduced from photographs of other caves of this region published in the literature, but which (caves) unfortunately so far remain unopen for tourists, in the same area of Mulu, in which the Deer Cave is located, most probably also several further UFO tunnels is present, which still awaits their discovery and investigation. Unfortunately, to these other UFO tunnels one may get only if one has the required equipment and qualifications of speleologists. Thus I would warmly recommend for all these readers going into the area of Borneo, to get to the Cave National Park in Mulu near a sizable town Miri in the Malaysian Province Sarawak, and see this extraordinary UFO tunnel with their own eyes. After all, the through examination in person, and checking with our own eyes, that this tunnel originates from a technological evaporation by a huge UFO type K8, is a shocking educational experience that is able to completely revolutionise someone's views. (To Miri one may fly in an aeroplane, get by a sea boat, or drive by a bus from Kuching or from Brunai Darrusalam. In turn from Miri to Mulu presently one can only fly by an aeroplane - although local tourist brochures still contain descriptions of an old/colonial method of getting there by a motorboat, what in far past was a standard method of getting to this cave and usually took almost an entire day in only one direction, but now requires rather troublesome organising and individual hiring one of the local boat owners.) Because the UFO tunnel takes the highest significance when during visiting it one is aware of its meaning, and when one knows exactly what should be noted in it, in case of visiting Borneo it is worth to take with ourselves a text of this subsection, as well as a magnetic compass and a torch, which cannot be hired or bought in Mulu. In this way descriptions contained here can be compared with the real attributes of this extraordinary tunnel. The Deer Cave, as well as these natural caves present in vicinity of it, e.g. the spectacular Wind Cave or less interesting Clearwater Cave, are easily accessible and open for tourists. Thus neither arriving to them, or visiting them, does not require any speleological equipment or clothing, and can be done as every other tourist walk in the tropics - see part e) on Figure V6. The postal address of the headquarters of the National Park in which the Deer Cave is present, is as follows: Mulu Caves National Park, c/o Forestry Department Marudi, 98050 Marudi, Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia; Tel: -60 (85) 434561.
Of course, while reading the above enthusiastic advertisement for the Deer Cave, the reader probably wonders whether I received a round sum of money for the promotion of tourism for Malaysia, or perhaps I am paid for each tourist that visits this cave. So I would like to explain here that absolutely NOT! I promote this cave because my own belief that it is the most spectacular UFO tunnel available to ordinary tourists, and because of a powerful impression that it exerted on me - still deeply etched in my memory, as well as extraordinary experience that it provided me with. Between us, after I was thrown out of my job from the University of Otago in New Zealand, and then also pushed out of that country only because I published an extensive evidence for the UFO explosion near Tapanui, actually I would be afraid to publish anything on UFOs, if I am not convinced deeply that this is very important and really worth risking my future for it.
On the occasion of discussing the Deer Cave, there is a good opportunity to explain also a moral dilemma, who actually is the discoverer of UFO tunnels in general, and also the discoverer of the fact presented here that the Deer Cave on Borneo was evaporated technologically by two UFOs type K8 coupled together in a cigar shape. After all, this UFO tunnel in Borneo, as well as other similar caves described previously in this monograph, are known for a long time, in some cases even being a destination of numerous tourists visiting them. Do I have a right to claim, that I am their discoverer? So let us now discuss this ambiguous matter.
Let us start from the definition of the term "discovery". It states that "a discovery is to provide an explanation or to direct attention of other people to something that existed for a long time, but previously remained either unnoticed or unexplained". For example, the discovery of a law by Archimedes, which later was named with his name, does not mean that this law did not work until the year 240 B.C. when Archimedes actually discovered it. Rather opposite, the action of this law was empirically observed much earlier, while in times of Archimedes even relatively large sea boats were build the operation of which was based on the utilisation of this law. However, in spite of all this, we still state that it was Archimedes who discovered the "Archimedes Law". Exactly the same rule applies to UFO tunnels. As long as my "Theory of the Magnocraft" remained unformulated, from which unambiguously stems that there is a vehicle capable of evaporating glossy tunnels, and also until I found a first example of such tunnels, also the existence of these tunnels remained unnoticeable to people. So I am the first person on Earth, who directed the attention of other people onto the existence of such UFO tunnels. Thus, according to the definition of "discovery", actually I am the discoverer of the existence of glossy UFO tunnels on Earth. However, my discovery of the fact, that specific tunnels belong to the category of UFO tunnels, does not undermine the accomplishments of other people who participated in the discovery of the physical existence of these tunnels in a given area. Thus, for example the Deer Cave on Borneo has at least two discoverers: the first one of these is the physical discoverer of the existence of this cave in a given area, means someone who noticed and informed others, that this tunnel does exist in this particular place. This someone was a hunter presently unknown, from the local tribe of Berewan. In turn the second discoverer is myself, because I discovered that this tunnel was evaporated in the rock during an underground flight of a cigar-shaped complex formed from two UFO vehicles type K8. Of course, the contribution of any of these two discoverers cannot be considered to be more or less important from the contribution of the other one.

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